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Nov 1, 2013|

Presidential nominees; Obama care

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    Jury hear all the blue playing in the background and here's. The members of that now. We're talking again on what we're we're not going in a recess yet still area. Now because always so hard. Remains what is 164000. Dollars I don't know me. Today and welcome here we go getting underway and our number three the crush our portion 5 o'clock follies. Bonnie electric radio program great to have you here on this soggy. Thursday afternoon and as always your input into the program is invited to encourage and welcome to be a part of the conversation. Just use the angles advantaged hotline number. 80347. 1063. Text line numbers 71307. My email address bomb and WORD. 1063 dot com and if you missed it. Right before we went to the news at 5 o'clock this code word in the wind free money on word contest is dying months. DI AME. There are a lot of those in a thousand dollars so text that code word still have time to 72881. 72881. To be eligible standard message and data rates like good luck to you now but as we. We're approaching the top of the hour frank yeah I was there with me for my Greenville and I can do it to and fairness wanted to give him an opportunity and a finish his thought and and continue our conversations frank thanks are usually hanging on there. Well on its military to get out several friends that they not simply put these people given a white money or call for a while Gillette since. At least with this can't try to limit my. And please I am pleased when you're doing that. Attached it to the correct number. Early you know he Man but my major point or what it would get on your property or every day and work just like. We have all of these questions and. And him in quite how can we get an audience. With the president of the United States. So we're point blank. Q and that they were talking about on talk radio every night You know answer our questions on conducting a war and to answer our courts it's only on our. What the question we none of us can even get the area and Africa aren't. Senate the media so they're 01 in question. got some scripted answer to and we're never gets Obama that well and You know you're absolutely right Dan and when he does do. One of these town hall meetings says they elect a column. They pay cull through because they have a huge a list. Of people on there on their emails of people to get the Obama for America emails and and all the the regressive supporters. That are on the left that and they stack the audience whether it. Apparently you know and then there. Applauding NA that is lame jokes and and all the rest meet candidates just give me and it's. But just ask exactly what I want to ask if I won a straight answer. How well and there's there's the second part of the equation where we also run into trouble you would be asking questions frank. I'm a guy who told you if you like your health care plan and your doctor you can give up. I am I Eric insurance get our first scripture and everything off of record double. Your desktop Beaulieu yup it's partly happy. I'm I'm Tanya it's it's incredible and once equally frustrating. I mean that the point you made. A well taken but was equally frustrating is that we got a guy like Boehner and house and a guy like McConnell and senate. Who care who appear. Unable. To do any thing any meaning anything that has any teeth and it what are stand up to the guy. Why won't they ask straight forward question why because they are afraid of damaging their careers. So we're following all of almost out of money and they don't health care for the rest of their what out pretty much. It's it's so sad yeah it is it's pathetic. This is so senate I don't know a few years ago one of those girls from The Dixie Chicks. You know it ruined her career because she was current prayer or somewhere right something about being ashamed to be an American yeah. I'm not ashamed to be an American I am almost embarrassed. Could be. You know subject. Barack. Obama. Well and and I saying that's that's how he'll look sentenced to as subjects and and not citizens that voices anybody that voices any opposition to this guy. He's either sick sick in the IRS Sonja or whatever government agency may be more appropriate. It's it's a pretty sad situation I'm just and are I would I would bet I would love to hear on the answer of you know the answer is it you're gonna get there are many eight. Going to be OB BS here. Like Bill Clinton that aren't what they were investigating him you know what a little except Ryan had so many hours every actor he gave was nothing but to wait. Sure exactly our our and everybody knew that he had lied which of one of the charges in the impeachment. Against him here and yet you know and it so. I'm so sad artists and and frustrated hey Bob we all know one thing I don't meet and you've got a vulnerability universe we we need to to where our knees out. Get cancer that Darien. Liza resolution thanks for the Franken thanks or hang in on a bohemian. I share your your frustration. Thirteen minutes after five. I'm headed to dark corner next NRC. Joins Jazeera got him actual hello how are you today. Well I am frustrated about exactly I'm glad they it's hot spot. Public option if you get have a very big cheeseburger I they were all gonna need some just no way do to get through the next a couple years there. The opt out yet but a lot of not hero remembered. Okay first got up action external help all the lost it you don't appropriate shirt. should Greg you can shut it all which got a border direction it could have got a point. OK you know what stopped at 1130 we have a very LaRoche tomorrow but I screwed up Border Patrol. OK then got a little career while. OK real apparent to wait Cheney told all of it got for all the always struck goalie go to a couple of players ever you are locked away a large gold ridge repeat your front. And yet. You know this guy writes this big sent down time. Talking about. The these phony story that's being circulated. Two raise levels of American citizens about all the diseases that are coming into this country and yet. In California they they put out a a bolo be on the look out. For a guy that has an incurable form of TB and meantime all these votes. Now like like your relative term being exposed or knows what. OK okay my got into And Alfredo. Get a credential language our status and numbers of stable government in. Happier if you're shut down shut can. Okay initially struck fish legal straw from all to not through October or double car or the land in the that I. This August of last year to October 20 of last year's aren't. How strong published a letter from general Drupal Dalian until October reporting typical tired this year. Okay great majority of cooperation do they do expert it dictate. National kill 200. Concord, North Carolina they You your grandma will roll out a lot convert to strike export a lot of dirt under. Sure actual real shock to all they get wish wish to hear shout kill all the they soft so I'm not true under what after all on the war they do. Asia which after all I walked under a change after all have a true ordered. after a lot of water under the all the doesn't fit. So and I if my numbers are halfway actor and now is trying to keep track as you listen a mall saying these are from. These are from your relative who has with the Border Patrol down there. Trout and should be used to being out and and got a location that protein and a diminish the ocean they'll take a lock it gets a lot now. Sure they four shape. They right in the auto worked got to starting here Peoria but he should be destructive cycle lol yeah but yeah it. I don't blame had a belly full so if if the the numbers. Then you're giving me if if I was file one along here. They this this is this is roughly. What 1000. illegals that are going to be parceled out over parts of South Carolina is that about right. Fish or they more relish a modern they but encountered victory. 17150. I got it that's north and South Carolina. Georgia and o'clock not a cherished expert Georgie wants victory. Marietta Georgia fifty. I wish they ought to all get under. Chronicle portola to You're integral role up 100. Stretched real multilateral 200. Church and they also Australia do it right wished union. Great great great shot got 200 right yeah worker shot after a lot of war fifty. they shout kill our 100. Chase after walk under. And then it got all problems after under and then go small corporation can stick to a question mark elliptical portal bridge. OK so that's 2534550. 65789. Thousand for facility at its over thousand just for South Carolina. Yeah. And and these were these are people see if I understand correctly here tell me these are people. That are being processed. Now and are scheduled to be sent to these locations in the numbers that you gave me is that right. That's correct and strong wish dark and How published did not and they will beer track all but abolished and not through October reported. Unbelievable. Don't you know we need we needed we need to talk to governor haley's office and see if she's gonna do anything about us. No I don't because. You know if if it was me. I would refuse to accept them and I would tell the federal government you don't have the rights. Two Tim just. Without even a bye your leave. Send a thousand illegal people. Into my state and if you don't like it silly. What Larry is so they want to earlier lucked out a lot of this year what are your old has capital this year in this guy should. Legislation has changed a very It's got the our generation cleared area. We help and we get up and I'm Lauren and they'll legally OK true big you're big got degeneration soccer coach at work and get your whole got stopped on the proliferation are are structured that you know wants an American. Yes yes OK a little extra they're they're Kelly Shalala will please. The to operate in Vietnam while ago and she this sale of the debate treasury out so well okay. JJ if you can get out of lower ball joint ventures deli there's. trying to present castle forced figure out how. Long golf or target general economic and market for secretary of state. Al I can't borrow money it had the FCC on the Well I looked my hair out right that's right fairly normal English language scary. Well because this is only the beginning. If not forty saying any city can play a couple of eight custom property and William and right. They don't prior initiated it double lot are saying that he would go over to my house. OK we get bloody blood on mile stretch and I don't and I drier air flight checks and maybe yummy too basic right elbow problem that he would my irritation he answered still ensure which giddy today. say when he does finally Muster out and pull abandoned and not get up here sending over here in the world was sitting down in the studio and we'll talk when many can give a slowdown. Okay we're glad they got really. You probably Lamar. right down mind to RC thanks very much tell everybody there in dark corner than us and god bless actually you know I appreciate the suggestion. Of my occupying the White House. Yeah in point of fact Russ has got a better chance of being speaker of the house. Because you don't even have to be a member of the house to be speaker of the house and and he would he would turn 06 ways from Sunday I guarantee. yes sir first I can show what you listed their. Thank you Arce thank you for the information that's fascinating stuff those the first numbers that we've heard. Of the distribution of the illegals through north and South Carolina and it's good to have a source. always good to have a source. 21 after five let's check real time traffic again this afternoon. and tell us what's going on on a slippery roadway yesterday. Unfortunately. There comes and rainy day feel and again and tell me about 26 after five. I was pretty fascinating Information Minister RC from dark corner. now what's going on in Washington today. The the Boehner bill only on the border bill that I was full of all kinds of loopholes. For the Obama administration to use that's been pulled. They went into an emergency meeting. At 3 o'clock for Boehner and Kevin McCarthy and company to try and pressure Republicans into supporting the bill. When they potential vote then they say may still come later this afternoon and I haven't gone into recess yes in fact. My sources up tell me that congresswoman Kay Granger. From Texas says Boehner only needs four votes. To pass the bill. we had heard earlier he's gonna need 217218. had 215. Before the members of the Georgia. A delegation apparently pulled their support so basically what I'm saying is called and Jeff Duncan and make mold anybody else can think up. And who vote no. On now Boehner thrilled because it's it not only funds one Obama wants to do. It doesn't do anything towards them solving the problem of these loopholes in the legislation and the DA CA. Legislation to the executive order than Obama pass that is is essentially. Fueling. All of this stuff back to the phones we we on his next at peace and honey a path hello Leon and welcome to the Max yeah. They didn't do that rightly so yeah. I think I comment on the guy that was generated little right. Go Obama I believe that it actually spoke. Wouldn't it Croatia as he you ask them from on the planet was answers those questions. Like been pretty. You a little bit to claim an independent. And if you that his ego and. Leon he's the president of the United States sees the commander in chief of our military. And along our intelligence sources you really think he doesn't know what happened and then gusting. Well actually do I have to admit I'm. You know we don't know what they do not fit the and tell him. Let's just absolutely. Certain that an in order to try and get an. Well look you know you just it. Stay on top of it like you know yes. Well no not not as much as he plays golf and goes on vacation you can't You can actually can actually little sort of arms. You know uprising in this country the Second Amendment. Question. You know we can't against change and helicopters would give them the solution I've got well. There's no right to let anybody and certainly we're not you know. Trying to instigate armed insurrection. Whitney looks like you and Michigan and interest rates you know I can determine this scenario. This story for another show he's OK first leg oh. You know that's you know that that that would accomplish on okay. Thank you Leon. There's two minutes in my life I can never get back 530 is huge time ride back on the other side here on the Mac show why the logo on WORD. 16 the great. Doctor John lose. Nice trip up. It hasn't arrived place. Emotion in the brawl and brawl on time with a group. I know all about 53545. Before six Bobby show how will that keep you posted on what's going on. Out there in Washington. Gentlemen. Looks like the house may be back in session discussing this. Border security bill and CN Boehner has been able to twist enough arms to get a pass and I want keep up with what's happening out there. But back to the phones we go to Amazon his cellphone hi Jim and welcome to the program. Hey Bob enact thank you sort you do what you saying and everything like cell radio thank you I appreciate you very much I appreciate do you begin their Tim thank you. I just got a couple comments you know not this thing with the illegal immigrants and such I think. President Obama has just sit back and laughing and probably surprised at just how much. Garbage the American people are gonna take from. Yeah I think that's exactly right I think he's laughing on the sleeve and look at these morons get away with anything I want yeah. You know on American that would create their constitution especially the bill of rights. And the grievances that the people had against speaking nothing on yup. They would put up with not now that it would be on his here and so are all the other officers here and in its administration. And suddenly accidentally sent it yeah it's a it's a much different America than it was in the only part of the eighteenth century. Those people were were hardy they were. They were individualists. Who came together. Where common theme of liberty and freedom which was. Whole wholly new concept. On the planet and now. You know sad to say where were fat and lazy and spoiled. Yup I'm afraid right. I think ultimately people don't want confrontation And decade we've become complacent and what's gonna happen is as the governor company run run run roughshod right all over. What's battle saying about them all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men do nothing. Right orchard exercised principle compromise. Yeah which would be the 21 century version would yep yeah it would. Well my comment about my comment on on the whole thing going on. And and I one more thing you say that I am actually got to exercise. Principled compromise. I'm going to make a compromise based on what I believe. What my principles are and I am not voting for Lindsey Graham in the fall. Yeah I'm not going for Democrat either because I'm a principal person. There you go well then there's you know there's there's nothing wrong with writing in the name of whomever. You think would be a better qualified to Well there is there another candidate is actually they're. I'm so I just leave that up never based consider. Understood. Thank you John I appreciate very much of media Tuesday Dresser 53822. Before I guess maybe in these days out say keep your powder Tony before six go to union and bring in Bruce hi Bruce welcomed the program. Good afternoon Bob and and you know how much I appreciate your program thank you very much sir appreciate that. Are one where we're not be able to our combat the instructional illegal aliens. Is to just start arresting those people who are larger harboring fugitives. It's not illegal to do that and I think the governor gets state police saw most people. We get search warrants probable cause no problem. We have to start most people in jail you get about eight or nine governor shall do that. And you're gonna see the problem solved I think. And and here is here is how America is turned on a year. Rather than doing what you suggest. The federal government through Catholic Charities is going to pay. People who will put these people up in their homes. Up to 7000. Dollars a month. Unbelievable what it is it's it's flying on to their that. Now you might have to wait until they missed their hearing. But then they're fugitives you know and then you can go in and arrest people that have them in their home. Well let me you know probably have seen the same statistics and I have British of the vast majority of illegals who are in this country illegally. Are here because they've overstayed a visa. Now we and we invite demand. Exactly and you know it's ridiculous it really is but I think that. The best way to combat this. Problem. Is to go after it legally. And just put pressure from the federal government. Yup it's I think one way to to that it is a turning it into a states rights issue. If we will have a governor that will stand up enough only hours. Could be Bobby Jindal governor Nebraska. Mike Pence in Indiana I don't know but somebody is gonna have to draw. Any line in the sand and say look we are not going to allow people who were in this country illegally. To be housed within the borders of our state and if you don't like it. Uncle Sam then take me to court consuming over. Exactly and so it will banks like Bob I appreciate program Thank you Bruce I appreciate your being narrow more than we can say more than we do say and and we should say more often because without you guys there. We're not here. 540 it's twenty minutes now before six. You rednecks in the background sweet dreams are made best. Conversely. Nightmares. They don't always find ourselves going through these. I just got checked out a minute ago Heidi. The members of the rules committee and now. Are now while arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and whether or not they're gonna. Trying to come up with another bill since Boehner pulled the original bill that when that didn't pass Muster. Iran and up the flagpole and nobody was so. You went back into conference and now they see that he cannot win another bill. And maybe rather than not going to recess and everybody had four Reagan national airport. And head for home. They're gonna ceiling and get something to pass may be by tomorrow afternoon as the time friend they're talking about so. Well we'll say. In on the line 71307. Isn't the government funding housing for illegals through Catholic Charities a violation of separation of church and state. Guess it would be if that actually existed. And Bob if we it if we have the immigrants needing help here why not stopping foreign aid to their country to help them this year. And a About to go beyond coffee or before the news Leon sounds like he's saying the same thing Obama does which is it's not my fault is now may Bubba. And that's why not hey Bob I didn't know all Leon Panetta. Listen as a whole. And that's when Ned Kelly and then in the US military applies the same rules of engagement that seems to have been used it in news lately. A deer rifle and shotgun all you need. Bobby if I had ten minutes Obama wouldn't ask him anything I would tell him what he's doing wrong on second thought. I would need at least an hour to do that maybe even half a day. This went well Leon shows us why you don't smoke dope and college auction. Now Bobby. What was that about a gun shop owners bank account being closed because of attorney general holder That is a program camp ongoing called operation choke point. Now where they're they're trying to do shut down businesses that they don't approve. Bump up by above those 100 illegals will double the population of west union from Dan. In Pendleton. Bob I was running down main street Simpson bill Tuesday around lunchtime was passed by true. White unmarked buses. Heading through town windows blacked out but I could see as they are heading towards may that they were loaded down I nearly fell off the sidewalk. A Bobble and Woodruff do not have the resources to sustain this Simpson bill. Doesn't either 152. Woodruff where in hades are they going to be house I live there and there's no place to put them. back to the phones we go Jerry is next up and he is Lander and hello Gary and welcome to the body Max yeah. Bob it's fine and candy thank you it's. He. That gentleman that called in earlier and I must tell you about the warranties. If taken trying to how many other guys are actually doughnut Yeah that's a good question I guess he only gave him the numbers north and South Carolina because those are the ones that are. Most critical to us but I guess. We can we get up couldn't we assume from what he was saying that it's going to be between a 150 and 250. Four of what every place in America. Well I don't know what I'm got a sneaking suspicion they're just trying to load down the with a bunch of contracted people this. Just cut on our population. Well and certainly that you won't find any going to Washington BCE. Yep I'm back to write an act and I bet that they will be going to predominantly. Red states. To maybe try and outbreak can try and shift the electoral balance remained then the one of their fondest dreams. Is to turn Texas blue. Naked they can do a pretty quickly where this program. Yeah I guess what we're rebuilding their electrical power plant ignited a slow build a nourished pottery to. right where the 84 million that opaque they OPIC government agency is gonna used to to rebuild the now the power plant in Gaza India sprinklers went so so the Israelis blow up the power planning Gaza and we pay. It took to put a new went in there home league now. But it meant a great thing and it just. Her style mind did you just know birdies junkies to and coconuts and opened me up. And you know what as long as we keep taking it guess what he's got it. About it or whatever you know what are we gonna do change in the march in Washington DC here did you know the only dismay. Wasn't it amazing that nobody illegals and science and English the method that's and they were all wearing blue shirts. Bride would be great they all went to target and bought the same bullish church. No but I suspect that the SE U or or maybe Obama for America which is right down the street from the White House was there. There. They're quarter master sinister. I suspect came there was a bunch of buses somewhere hidden around they're treat a meant absolutely I absolutely they drove themselves. And and. I thought illegals according to the regressive it's that they were all in the shadows are other many shadows. On the sidewalk in front of the White House. Apparently not I guess I can't side Colin. Had not see any of the other listeners have you noticed there. these people they're saying colored church now I'm sure that was merely coincidence say they got a good deal in bulk over into Wal-Mart. Yet no illegals are out yeah. Exactly the right. Here are thanking Gary appreciate it calls 51510 minutes before six. Let's see how the a sloppy weather this afternoon is affecting Thursday commute here's any remarks. me a little laundry. And lemons. On TV newsrooms across the country 553 when John in the background 7 before 6 o'clock. Back to the phones we go being planned for the big my next destination Gaffney and rob. Is next up hello rob and welcome to yeah. Don't hurt me why. Worry we're paying for those blue shirt shirt yeah absolutely we are now. And you know they are all issues. OPEC is. Truly say practice. You know. So are well. It. It destroyed. And round out the yourself on dropped out there in the last part of what you're saying can you repeat that. Just candidate Obama. in this country you do debt and and into the country was greatest country in the world. transforming global what do people think. Well here's here's the thing I mean do you blame a leopard for having spots and it is what it is we we should in no one. From Obama's childhood when he was a red diaper baby. That he he loves of Islam. And yet people guy twice so who should we blame Obama for being what he is or the that and the people that voted for him and put him in office twice. It was up front about it he's done exactly what he said it was. It's it's pretty pathetic that we find ourselves in this position and and placed ourselves. In this position by putting a guy like him in the White House. One party yeah. I don't I don't know what mr. Compromises don't vote for you are. Right. Yeah I agree. Thank you for the call rob I appreciate it now let me get fill in here fill in alignment hello Phil and welcome to the show. Why would probably in better financial shape and then wonder where I looked like a little hard. Neither what a lot of them they 100 but now for which you should yesterday. How little input or interest play basically 500 hours all the marks the month strip this scattered on the I want marchment and advanced. So that now that government certainly 22500. Not whether you go out walk and how poorly cooked I want my yard man and I want housekeeper beautiful rehabilitate sporting enterprise and more a lot of the. And you you to give him an allowance because that's accounted for in the money that they'll listen. Obama in the special election that played not only to editorial to think. The next month. The former government count the count full government they're gonna my decision meant. now getting him those under Democrats so they can learn the votes of every indecent. Well absolutely. I'm telling. Somebody somewhere. Is gonna have to step up before. We do reach that tipping point and Obama may be hoping for. Where people do turnout in the streets. And and then he's you know freedom. And declare himself whatever. Hi in my hand you have ruler. So. I have a market for a couple of stinger missiles in Baghdad yeah. Yeah hamas' got a few other stored over UN school right now but I'm sure they can get him to your FedEx. Now EPA is going to be I'm gonna build a power plant back into their loved. Well it's knowledge it was an American know I'd be forget it they can never do it but that this is so this is in Gaza. So the other their freedom build whatever they want. It's it it's a challenging time to be an American. At least and an American that believes another constitution a bill of rights and the traditional values that made this country. The shining city on the hill while Obama tries to turn and into the trash the in the world order that generation or I yeah yeah you're right. of god help those who are left. There. Won't let alone my area. Thanks for the gulf I appreciate and I got to about ninety seconds before the news on the quickly get that to Haywood and they can sell high Haywood and welcomed the good thank you. Actually channel it only shot up a little bit out of the after all how we finally got the at all. Yes are we got a color from dark corner RC who has a relative who is about to retire from aboard a patrol. And he ran down a list of numbers I'll repeat it after the news here at 6 o'clock for all the areas in north and South Carolina. The illegals he said we're gonna be distributed to these various cities between August the ninth and October the twentieth. Of this sort sort opted not knowledgeable. No not a thing. I don't know who it would not alert oh. Yeah well welcome I'm here you know he'll have to welcome wagon now. Oh yeah do. You know and these are you know yeah I remember he's not a Democrat an man I'm telling yeah in you know that ancient Chinese curse may you live in interesting times. These these times are about as interesting as he gets. Out of step beyond that which you may be right. Appreciated also type child and the couple Yep I will I'll repeat those numbers I wasn't able to write and I've got the vast majority of and I'll share with you on the other side and just have a good evening they wouldn't stay dry appreciate your being here today. Take a break for the news of the top of the hour the bonus hour. Is still on the way so hope we can stick around for that now revisit those numbers of illegals news time 6 o'clock.

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    And that. My. now. propeller heads music. Guess I'm going in our true with the history repeats. Repeat it. Six minutes after four welcome you're just in time our numbers true. Getting underway involving Mac these electric radio program and as always. Your input. Is invited to encourage and welcome NBA part of the conversation. Just grab the phone using angles advantage chalk line number is 803471063. Text line number is 713807. And my email address is Bob. At WORD. 1063 down count all and no no think not pinch me as we get near the end of the hour here because in a less than an hour from now about 459. To be precise I will give this code word the last one for today. As a fourth and final opportunity no way we offer a thousand dollars in free money on WORD contest. Four times a day. And the one right before five the final one I will give you. They text number as we wrap up this hour and go ahead and give you that a tax number to send a code word too because apparently there's still some confusion. From some folks out there it's different. Then attacks number that we use for the studio to communicate The text number for the contest is 72881. seven to eighty wants to keep that want to go and put in the phone and Anke been handing. And the model will work her way around to that so. As we are again going here in this hour our leadoff batter is Bruce who is in Simpson hello Bruce and welcome to the Bobby shell. Soccer body back I you do today our best oh record or comet apart a question that's sure I really or deductible or I'd get work. bought that weren't seatbelts. We don't work out all right activist Tom. There some or all of our way. Talk all the Mexicans are kind of look like OPEC. Don't get but yet you know he's trying to protect safety we get through it gets hot in pop or bought out between the To at least moderate or. I suppose there in the rest already got a story you know exercise or Mexican and about the truck. Because. Who knows that I would tell you my people. Dublin you know what you reached exactly the conclusion I reached. So my alternate list that I got there legally TrueCrypt are subject. Because it's not a pocketbook I don't care about. People being directed at our meeting on. Look at our out of market me. MI LE so but anyway what that somebody would take all appropriate beaten at their legal. There respite due date. Get citation and might that they are absolutely illegal but does that tomorrow lawyer or. Yup they do that that's that's my understanding they they write him a ticket. I wish they proceed to us generously the officer's gun they proceeded terror up because it may be using an illegal ID eight even if they out. A driver's license ninety million their own name. They're never gonna show up in court they're never gonna pay the fine. Well what. A out frustrating and absolutely because that's. It's just a billion so that people heard that term upside down it's completely upside down yep that if you didn't screw up you know brought that subject you do bad you get paid. I'm just I just but I can't do that yet. I can't edit my 32 you do your. Understand not my domain right no not get it. I get it and and his you know I've had people text me and say well maybe we should not go cross the border into Mexico and then come back. It's going to be treated you know the same way the illegals now we get free medical care free education. You know all the rest. It in and that we're giving everything to the illegals and the American citizen. Is not only paying for a that is getting little or nothing in return. Yeah I don't commentary and they don't you know it and there's there's another solution if they want across the border into the United States. When we put among buses. Rather than sending him. Two pilot mountain north Carroll now or Saint Louis or Kansas City around a while he's a number of Toronto in Minneapolis out of Toronto and now Montreal. And and with the Canadian let them. Because of our proper yeah. Yeah unfortunately that's exactly right the out crowd I'm I'm Stanley races same conclusion you did bruise and a reason you got pulled over and they didn't. Is against you guys can pay the fine and they can't. I appreciate the call hubby have a good afternoon sir stay dry. One thing I wanted to mention now because we were talking during the newscast here about the ongoing. Battling. Between the Israelis and and Hamas. In in Gaza. And I notice there was some interesting language and fox newscasts and he was somebody. I don't know who was. That the UN Secretary General who was a shocking about. And the protection. Of innocent civilians protecting him from the Israeli attacks and I thought what was speaking about. They protection of innocent Israeli civilians from the missiles that are raining down from Hamas or will you win. Is not only assisting them by allowing UN sponsored schools to be used as storage bases for these rockets. The picture that continues to be painted in the media. Is more and more pro Hamas and anti Israeli case in point. This today from the Washington and consider the source here because. This is. BS NBC and NBC. Part of the way through a live interview. Israeli ambassador to the United States run termer. Asked NBC's Chuck Todd if the network. Would create or rather would correct I should say if the network would correct. A false accusation. Made by their Gaza based reporter and Hamas sympathizer. Man yield yelled. yelled and claimed on Twitter as well as NA report for NBC newest. That an Israeli drone had attacked a United Nations facility. Killing more than a dozen civilians the claim led to widespread condemnation. Of Israel yet. And investigation proved that they cause of the explosion was a rocket from the Islamic Jihad. That fell short of its targeted Israel and landed in Gaza. So the missile came from me a job base and not from the Israelis. After the ambassador asked Todd to correct the story change the subject and then ended the interview. Hey I don't hold your breath. Waiting for an apology. Meantime. At their cable. Sister's partner. BS NBC. On morning Joseph was yesterday out yesterday. They cohost Mika Brzezinski. You remember her Zbigniew Brzezinski if big foreign affairs got. I had just finished interviewing. Israel's UN ambassador. Then she Lewis throwing it into the commercial break and made a perhaps fraud in slip. Listen to how she tosses into the commercial break. Right at the end of this. In general is calling for immediate actions to stop the rise of skin cancer we'll explain right from new cause for concern to the right here on morning June draft. It. Yeah be right back to a more of morning Jew I joked. Always count I think that is what they call they out fraud insolent. Added a bit more about what's going on on the border. My my heart goes out to these guys that are with the Border Patrol that are trying. Two stem the tide. Win idea. Entire. Administration. Is. Has goals that are the exact opposite. This is from a foxnews.com. A game warden hit in the head with a rock while trying to seize a raft. Police officers wounded in an hours long standoff with a gang member wanted for murder. Criminals spewing obscenities and death threats sent local cops before asking for and receiving. Medical treatment. And I was just last week. A weekly report distributed by a Texas State agency the senior law enforcement officials paints a grim picture of the Mexican border. Where authorities regularly confront illegal immigrant gang members and draw automatic gunfire from across the Rio Grande. Where local state and federal officials fighting a never ending battle against drug smugglers the most recent border operations. Sector assessment. Compiled by the Texas department of public border security operation center. Dated on July 25. Details a local and federal authorities encountering smugglers. Carrying millions of dollars worth of marijuana. Cocaine and methamphetamine summit which was found in vehicles. Filled with biblical passages and and religious items. Federal agents being assaulted and shot that gang members brazenly approaching people in their homes. And ranch workers witnessing men crossing into the US wearing camouflage. And carrying long guns and automatic weapons. Yeah this is this is all about of course. These simple or angelic children from a Central America right. Other kids wearing camel and carrying automatic weapons. It's Paramount to get this problem under control said Chris Cabrera VP. Of the national Border Patrol union it's evident then we need more agents in the field. To address these various threats posed a law enforcement as well as to our nation. In the week of July 162 and threw 23 alone according to the report. US authorities apprehended 602080. Illegals 4152. Of whom. two thirds. Two thirds of them not for Mexico most came from Central America but. I get this this is from the official Border Patrol report. Among those not picked up where people from Russia. Morocco. China. Cuba and India. Cabrera who's the union rep for the Rio Grande Valley sector. The most heavily traveled portion of the border. Were shown a copy. Of the report by foxnews.com. He contends the increase in attacks against law enforcement and the compilation of the Dana. Including the game warden assault that occurred in his sector should have been fair share within colleagues not only higher up officials. Receive the weekly reports. Now this happens all the time said one of the agents were out here on the border often we're alone and all you hear is gunfire. Sunny Border Patrol agent working an overnight shift along the Rio Grande last week we are sitting ducks. And it's only getting worse every night. It gets worse. Sources interviewed on the border in recent weeks echoed his statement and said they believe the real situation along the border is not being told. All of the mass of their names not be revealed. Because there under strict orders not to speak with the media. Foxnews.com. Has confirmed that senior Border Patrol officials and sent out memos to employees warning them they can be fired. First speaking to reporters. I guess those senior Border Patrol officials never heard the First Amendment. On July 16 game wardens found a floating body at the Hidalgo county pump station. The body of a child was found floating in the river in the previous week to. So for those One I'm talking about humanitarian. How humanitarian is it for our government to endorse a policy encouraging. These children that we subjected to the threats the violence the impossibility they can be kidnapped. God knows what can happen. It's and it's truly incredible. Twenty minutes after four wanna tackle that about what's going on in the Middle East as well. When we come right back twenty minutes after now here on the body live and local on WORD. 106 Phil Tomlinson Genesis and smack down. That's all. 25 after 4 o'clock actions so. I mentioned the obvious. Media and we meanness towards Hamas and the other various. Terrorist groups that to have been attacking Israel. Hundreds of missiles each day. It's it's obvious then the administration in Washington the Obama administration and the media which courses. Now part and parcel of the administration really understood that the media arm. Of Obama international. Are trying to paint the Israelis in the worst light possible and I I saw destroyed it and if not can this be right. Any other day. Deep deep power plant. That provides all the energy for Gaza. Was a blown up in Israeli bombing. Well. They're going to rebuild. The power plant. In Gaza. But they're not gonna have to pay for it. You know who is. Ding Ding Ding Ding right again. We Yeah. A story from news Max my Kathy Burke day a little known federal agency. That helps US companies expand overseas. Is reportedly ready to fork over. 84 million dollars to compensate a US company whose Gaza power plant was decimated an Israeli bombing just. The federal. Overseas Private Investment Corp. which according to its web site. Aims to help solve critical development challenges and in doing so advances US foreign policy. Approved a resolution in 2004. Accepting the political risks and assuming the 84 million dollar liability. A spokesman for the OPEC told the Huffington Post earlier this week that a US investor in the power plant whose investment is covered by Political risk insurance. Notified the federal agency that facility in question has been damaged. The investor is a likely more guaranteed development LLC. Which owns a stake in the only power plant in Gaza. They report noted however that county hadn't filed a claim. With opaque as of yesterday and a representative from an affiliated company didn't respond to a request from cup for comment. The F Tuesday blast devastated the only electricity plant in the in the Gaza Strip only. In the upside down world in which we find ourselves. Would we be replacing. The power plant. There was knocked down by the Israelis. In Gaza. Pretty incredible. Meantime. I don't know if you have seen. And and and and away I hope you have. The video is that have been circulating of what this crisis. Group. Is up to this Islamic state group that's then rampaging. Through Iraq. I I saw this actually saw a separate video. Several days ago and I think I mentioned on the air the other day it was reminiscent to me what the idea the north Vietnamese dead and during the Tet offensive when they came under way. And told all the teachers and doctors and educated people to our report. Two US City Hall the next morning to begin narrow re education and then of course there They were all shot and dumped and AM mass grave and covered up line. Didn't say that another network news either by the way anyway. The same kind of stuff only worse. Is going on in the Middle East. As part of their psychological war to create a medieval style made. The Islamic state has released a new shocking video showing scenes of mass SA executions. Warning Iraqi soldiers and others who dare to resist. I says they will be rounded up and killed. The Islamic state that's how they want to be known now formerly known as I sis or I still stormed through areas of Northern Iraq last month. Building on the territory they already seized in western Iraq and Syria the 36 minute video clip. Was released for the Holiday marking the end of Ramadan. Sheds a disturbing wide on the mentality of the nicest or Islamic state extremist and the methods they used. As organization presses on with campaign of hatred and murder. The video begins with. I asked fighters sweeping through a town in quake hitting raids the ensure the insurgents. Then stand over dozens of terrified Iraqis many of whom are only teenagers one militant. Mocks a soldier for wearing civilian clothes over his uniform and then seemed yet. Other soldiers and then led to a pit in the desert and murdered one by one a jihadist. Not satisfied that there are dead. Then goes around and smile again and AK 47 most of the men appear to be deserters. From the Iraqi Army. Other sequences from the I asked propaganda video including commander firing up militants. With promises that paradise awaits them when they take the city of samarra. Hundred kilometers north of the capital Baghdad some of the prisoners were being led to the edge of a river where each one was shot in the head with a pistol and and showed him. They footage also shows the insurgents moving into town and pickup trucks. And US humvee is US humvees seized from the Iraqi Army last month. Although it's not clear if this actually is tomorrow which is reportedly in government hands so. And did these guys they are. The incarnation. Of evil. You don't wanna see the video trust me. 431 is news time right back on the other side here on the Bobby show. Why the local on WORD. 106 and. Disco it's. It's on life support right. Please share there's no out. Failing Donna Summer the queen of Disco. Bad girls. Fortunately seven tour victory before five Connie show. Money and within a caller I called her a minute ago and was asked about the source for that last story if the other story referring to it was the the fans. To give the company 84 million dollars to our replace the destroyed. Gaza power plant that's news Max when the next muse in a acts. Dot com that is that's their web address back to the phones we know bill is in Greeneville hi bill and welcome to the Bobby show. Top Alex legislation in that story about yeah. The government responding to a company that very build a power via the brackets. And and it just orchard keep the of that agency and you're alone so we can talk are you look at secure member. In the months not a literally I'll despite my insurance companies. Saying that it hit each resulting from actual war or terrorism would not be covered so that. Just just keep that currently might be needed some current and future. And and isn't it interesting that we can rush to give via they honey is 84 million dollars so they can replace their power plant. Because they of course are a foreign power. But but here at home so again it's just another it's another page from the same hymnal you know if you're anybody other than an American citizen. Boy we got your back but if you arm and citizen well forget it. Now you're out of yeah well had an outside program to get used to just passed. Israel is so I British resupply their and the nation that I promise but we give of a power play. Yeah so so sorry Steve I understand this accurately. Where essentially. Funding both sides in this is narrow it. Well yes or no it doesn't said that Israel is playing yesterday ammunition we're giving another outlet out. Now so I'm so either. Through my front door or a back door. One way or rather were right attitude it it's it's absolutely incredible. How that's qualified yes. Yes sir I was doesn't say that tried to get it couldn't. That we're talk about some perhaps or awards and you paid despite a bit. You know will go to this government come to get the monetary. To rectify and the and as always that's right and Cisco we have to fast track you know we always forget that. From this point at this port forward. And I to get money to rate to stand on the government and everything else. It they're getting it from a grand baby we're watching it ought to be in control. You know why that's an excellent point because we're we're so far in the hole already I mean this seventeen trillion dollar number everybody recognizes everybody that that is. cognizant of of the facts of the matter. Realizes that the seventeen trillion dollar number is what's above the line once what What's below the line of course is the iceberg that sank the Titanic right. Try that try. So where we're we're we're standing a little money they you know they not going to be able to stand on the grandchildren president and I have to aren't what worked and. You know that's and that's the most pathetic part of everything that's that's ongoing right now. You and I wanna know about you and I'm I'm old enough that I'm not going to be here to see all the residual effects down the road of the disaster that's been another two term Obama presidency. And and now my heart goes out to those who are because they are not going to be able to live in the same America. The that you and I have lived Trot has tried that not that. late at night they about a little plane went about trying to drink it you know. not true sad but true. Thank you for the call I appreciate it stay dry have a good Thursday. 441 it's nineteen minutes now before 5 o'clock. And door here. Riders on the storm. You kind of appropriate for big corner before 5 o'clock I hope I Mac show for this they're seeing attention the text line here. 713070. Pat Bob well all these illegals coming across the border they're all from Central American because all the Mexicans are already here. Unemployment. Advani Mac is that smoke I smell. Is that I fiddle I hear coming from the White House now I'm just a bunch of Jack asses and winding elephants. We're partying. Analog tonight here correctly they wanna bring me infected than people back to the stage. No disrespect but I think crazy bringing people and infected with a Ebola. And here. And I don't forget debt after your description of that horrific video. Where the Islamic state executed some 15100. Iraqi Army prisoners. And don't forget to remind us that Islam of course is the religion of duties. And Bob Bob with all this global warming going on am I'm sure glad we had a break today yeah me on most of this all this week. And low humidity until today when we got a 100% humanity. And now finally from that some wicked whistle. On that Donna Summer you know here. Whistles too often enough in size anymore fourteen before five as I go back to the phones bring in Parker who is in Spartanburg Parker and welcome to the program. user generated a very brief for a comment. For the Israeli armed forces responsible for damaging that follow when he got obviously. Now there's sole source of of energy governor. My boys well look at and had an 84 million dollars. And may be a cheap at twice the price. So oh it's Alex again what may have briefly revisit. What is meant going on on Capitol Hill today you know that Boehner introduced this ineffective. Border bill. On Tea Party conservatives in the house said and it's no good because it doesn't do anything to eliminate the source. Of all these illegals. And who are pouring across our border that's the at 2008. A law. That said that if they're from a non contiguous Lleyton and other words country doesn't connect with our border Mexico Canada. At from Central America than they can't be immediately sent back and deported. Boehner is building new to deal that. It also essentially. Said to President Obama. Okay here's the money want. I'm now we wanna talk about DA CA. And the and the dream part of the DREAM Act that you. Put into effect with the executive order. And Obama's gonna go along went. So. Here's the latest today and knowing that they didn't have the votes. The house leadership that's Boehner told the so called border security bill from the floor which means it will not receive a vote. Before congress goes on their August recess. Which I guess they're gonna gaveled the session now later today announced seaspan. Is still reporting the house is in recess. And we have heard to nearly two hours ago now. That the GOP members of the house were going into a conference. Now we haven't heard but we do know that Boehner pulled the spending bill from the floor. Boehner said done earlier. As the us. Walking around. In the cavity didn't say anything about pulling the delegates went ahead and did it. So that the problems with this bill were numerous. Details on what the bill would have done this is from office. Make changes to the 2008 onto expired expedite. They return an unaccompanied minors from their home countries by treating Central American children the same as us from Mexico. President Obama and members of the administration repeatedly called for such a change. Characterizing it as a bipartisan priority. But don't Obama had already said even to the bill would pass a house and senate and he did tell. Now the bill would prohibit the interior and Agriculture Secretary limiting the activities of customs and Border Patrol agents. A down the president's three point seven billion dollar request to 659. Million. And that goes on and on and on. Meantime of course they passed to have their own Democrat backed bill. In the in the senate yesterday so is there is there another alternative out there yet other news. There is another alternative out there. And I haven't talked about Vietnam chair when you went that is when we come right back after this break. Ten minutes before five rainy Thursday let's see how that's affecting the afternoon commute today any robards was real time traffic. And Alison. So the the stage and any immigration legislation apparently is up in the air right now. As house. John Boehner now unable to put together the votes that he needed because frankly the bill I didn't accomplish much of anything. In terms of a slowing down the Obama administration's efforts to or as many illegals in here as they possibly can't adults. And children. Apparently from what we had been given to understand from some of the N news reporting earlier in the day. Boehner needed 217218. Votes to get the bill passed. Any thought he had them and then Jeff Sessions. Who has been a real hero. In in this battle against the tsunami of illegals on the border Republican senator from Alabama. We understand that senator sessions met with the members of the Alabama delegation and the house Republican members obviously. And convinced That the bill was to build a Boehner was proposing was unworthy of support. And so they told Boehner now we're not gonna vote for and that point Boehner didn't have enough votes. And so rather than take into the foreign haven't fail which would be embarrassing he did the next. I guess the least embarrassing thing you can do which we just don't pull the bill from the floor so there be no vote. Now we understand and they were having AM some sort of conclave centric conference. That reportedly started about three this afternoon and that's the last we heard in the house remains in recess right now. Meantime what else can be done. Well Ted Cruz senator from Texas he's been a longtime critic of Obama. For an executive order that effectively grants amnesty to some illegals now senator cruise says he wants a lot to clarify. The president's powers. You remember we told back in ninth 2012 Obama signed an executive order stopping the deportation of some illegal immigrants. Who entered the US as children. Crew and part of the DREAM Act Cruz said that he. That sends a signal to others are looking to get into the country illegally. If granting amnesty to people who come his kids. Then other kids will come. Seems like common sense. Cruise said told Greta an ancestor and that on a Fox News channels on the record the other night. Both political parties bear some of the blame for illegal immigration Cruz said because. Neither has secured the border. Every time we get another talking about the border problems or immigration problems how many how many times have we been down this road how many times we passed legislation. That calls wore the border being secured and yet it never miss introduced a two page bill in the senate he says. The president does not have the authority to grant amnesty to any new illegal immigrants that should have been done along time ago. Quickly back to the Orleans frank is along in Greenville high Franken welcome to the body metro I'm good thank you. I'll work for your your record so far so good well that's it. You know. We have to talk radio every day in honestly it's simple it's better than equality like to thank you. Well I've done both and I agree. You know. Mean that you you know it's like. You know we obvious question airport gate we don't a year that we call and we talk and we ask all these questions and it seems we can never it. A one on one audience. With this regard that we call the president of the United States. Well and then I guess if you play golf you might run into him. I. Not just a second and if you can't hang on just a minute here because I hear area. Theme music in the background reminding me thank you money for any time for me to give me this code word in the wind free money on the word contest in this hour it is. Die in my DIA EME diet. that code word to 72881. To be eligible to win a thousand dollars again this code word is dine him. And a number to texted to 72881. Standard message and data rates apply go to It's 5 o'clock.

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Playing. Hello and bringing. Salutation. And then -- ends of the workweek it's -- you. -- yeah and our new -- You're reading program. Fully conscious today and -- there -- -- -- needed. Yeah uncertainty in the league it is you know and catches a good. Fortunately I am not the napping during the show yeah every time pointing anything. Great to have you along it is neat TG IF expedition. Into the All Star Games. So alone what ever -- you care to raise today is perfectly fine here are the -- advantage top line numbers for any -- to join me. And being part of the show today. Greeneville and vicinity 232 WORD. 2329673. Spartanburg 57 Ford WORD. Power text line numbers 71. 307. My email address Bob -- word at Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio. WORG. So PO ago they be big -- story of the day of course the -- incidents. An LA actually. These you know us and we're still waiting for some -- details. One thing that that really ticks me off though and I -- -- Fox News in new and we have a policy we don't do it. Neither bureau on here or in our news coverage of business with every time there's a shooting. The but the media. Rushing to mention there was an assault rifle. Used what is. An assault rifle. What a military style. Rifle -- its rightful. Okay. If if the herb -- used to pistol would have been an assault pistol. If -- used a baseball -- would have been an assault baseball that if he threw a brick through the end plate glass with the terminal would have been an assault brick. If they want -- slugs somebody would've have been an assault fist. But the the liberal media's. Fixation. On guns. We need them to have to use the term assault weapon as a pejorative phrase every time they can't. And it's -- -- Now they're there are conflicting reports now. There's no confirmation. That this this individual who was the shooter who we also now have unconfirmed reports that the shooter who. I was brought down in LAX. Has now died but pool of Fox News has now been able to confirm that. Was safe it is or was a a former TSA employee. And there's no confirmation on that. As yet either. It's interesting now because we talked a while back. About how while. The TSA was doing so much hiring they got a huge backlog. On running background checks and I know down at Hartsfield. In Atlanta. The -- that this there was a story on this back in April. Of this year. TSA officials say typically a new -- goes there -- a variety of background checks. The airport looking to hire a new worker submit their information to the airport association of airport and airport executives. Which processes the background check. Did the employees' information just checked against the terrorist screening database. And same time the airport conducts its own background check process well because of a back up. In the requests submitted to the airport executives association. TSA. For some unknown period of time was allowing airports to hire employees who had done not been fully vetted. Hadn't completed the background check process. They did say that ultimately everybody will have a thorough background check but I mean we don't look at -- Snowden. Now and they the information that he had access to how thoroughly vetted it was his background -- not very. Obviously. The TSA would not identify. Which airports have hired screeners without completing background checks. The agency has come under scrutiny recently this is back in spring. Four incidents on related to the regulatory relief remember the Justice Department accused him TSA agents asked. LAX. Of accepting bribes to look the other way. When drug mules were coming through with who knows what heroin or cocaine or whenever their luggage. The DOJ said there were five incidents they knew about between February and July. Of 2011. And in addition to that one man managed to sneak past -- TSA agent to a secure area of Newark Airport. Also back in the spring. So well we'll see as weak as we go along here but boy. On a mess all right to truly get to the calendar pages -- I get those and out of the way -- quickly here this afternoon. And happy birthday to you as we kick off the month of November. You share your birthday on the first with Max looked older actor who is sixteen. He's on parenthood. Penn -- is 27. Gossip girls. Matt Jones act during his 32 he played badgers. On breaking bad. Jenny McCarthy is 41 season a new addition of the view of Toni -- is 41. Season hostages. On CBS. Big -- album is fifteen country music superstar from big and rich. Magnus. Real home and he's 51 and he's a singer for our pond. Fernando Valenzuela a great pitcher with the Dodgers is at least 53 some question about this sort of birthday. Listed officially it's 1960s and maybe you. Country singer Lyle Lovett. Is 56. Dan peek of America we remember in the more. And he would have been 63. On this date America of course a ton of its course with no name a ten man Ventura highway center of center. Marcia Wallace would have been 71. Of the voice of mrs. crab apple. On the Simpsons by the way is a tribute to her. Fox's running the Emmy winning episode -- lover. This Sunday instead of American. Whispering Bill Anderson country singer. And and songwriter as well 76 today. And we remember a memorial and serve -- human Lee Dennis. Yup that Guinness guy father of Guinness sale. Born in the state and 1798. Two days to go until daylight savings time man's 27 days until Thanksgiving. 42. I'm -- 54 days rather. Until Christmas and 1176. Days remaining. Of -- -- change. Back in the day. Giuliani calendar pages back in the day. Today I get that a couple of different pages -- a number of different sources. For staff. 1512. Michelangelo's masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was finally unveiled. After he had spent more than four years working on his back painting -- bad boy. 1604. Shakespeare's Othello. Was first presented at Whitehall palace in London. 18100 the second US president John Adams and his family. Moved into the newly completed White House as Washington DC. Became the nation's capital. Moving from Philadelphia. 1894. Billboard advertising magazine first published and only cost ten cents. The weekly magazine has all the music charts now known simply as billboard. 1895 the first car magazine was published yeah 1895. It was and it was titled the horseless age. -- 1913. Notre Dame. Beat army 3513. At West Point thanks to the Irish is new secret weapon. The forward pants. Who would have thunk it. Can Knute Rockne the team captain 99 years ago today in 1914 New York debutante Mary Jacob. Decided she did wanna put on her corset. So she had her -- attached to silk handkerchiefs with some ribbon and she wore that instead. Other young women caught on to the new style of underwear. And -- was able to sell her lightweight broad patent for 151000 dollars could go. In 1936. The professional rodeo cowboys association. Was found -- It was on this date in 1950. Too radical Puerto Rican Nationalists tried to force their way into Blair house. In Washington DC to assassinate president Harry Truman the at a White House was undergoing renovations. And so our president Truman and his wife had moved down the street into Blair house and mark living there temporarily the attempt failed. One of the two men was killed as was one of my Harry Truman's security guards. 1959. The hockey mask. Was used for the first time now not by. Jason -- around Michael Myers -- It was used by Montreal Canadians goalie Jacques -- After he took a hint that knocked him unconscious and required seven stitches. He returned to the game wearing a new fiberglass face masks that he designed himself. It's now on standard equipment throughout the National Hockey League they're getting used to play with a helmets either money spending to know that -- Bump up where am -- here. -- 1979. Bob Dylan public -- -- publicly revealed that he had converted to christianity. On 1993. Or -- the European Union. Was formally established last minute they get ship right. 1994. Charges against James Brown's soul brother number one were dropped. After -- godfather of soul settled out of court with the bicycle -- -- hit with this car three months earlier in Augusta. 1999. We lost sweetness Walter Payton. The NFL's all time leading rusher at the time Emmitt Smith later broke his record in 2002. But he passed away on this date in 1999. From bile duct cancer he was only. 45 years -- 2012 Google's Gmail. Became the world's most popular. Mail service. Did you know that money at the Gmail the most popular. I don't know if I don't and I use Gmail so. I'm crazy -- go I'm not crazy about any big. Internet providers as -- all spy on honest like crazy I mentioned daylight savings time. We'll begin this weekend fall back. On for go to bed Saturday night you know we get the extra hour sleep this time around. A fuel amazing true facts. About daylight in fact they're probably call for the amazing -- -- where Syria amazing things he's. Bob McClain present. Yes thank -- -- very good voice daylight saving time ending at 2 o'clock Sunday morning. Most people's knowledge and it is the limited to spring forward fall back but there's so much more to know. And so when are. Never ending quest to keep you informed -- -- dug up some of the top things you did not know. About daylight savings time for instance did you know. DSC was originally instituted. So that in BC could fit another hour of law and order into the work with him into their broadcasts of the strike. Most of us just lose that extra hour trying to figure out how to reset our clocks. So it's kind of few -- efforts as they say. For millions of people across the funeral the fruit in Blaine -- -- moments like that extra hour you have. Will be spent waiting for the obamacare web site to load on your computer. And -- their predictions this is can -- don't want Y two KH some believe the time change on Sunday will cause. The obamacare website to completely self destruct. It would probably wouldn't be a bad thing. And I think about it. It marks the beginning of the clock on your microwave oven being wrong. For the next six months and finally. And not a moment too soon the final top fact you didn't know about DNC. The Jacksonville Jaguars. Will be well rested. For their loss on Sunday. All they do business tonight to the phones we go I think is that -- money penny or go to the most. Two and our leadoff batter here on the Friday free for all that is day of who joins us from the land of the big speech in Gaffney hello Dave and welcome to the program. They've probably got caught it looked for a little while but I. I've decided to real quick going to personal lawyers will I don't know -- you corrected it let. Let's not bow toward the end of the program of the caller called and said that. That there and he he wanted to give Alec thirty million dollars or thirty million people. Oh yeah yeah I do remember that yeah. Here it it was a little bit off he said something along the -- well we just thirty million dollars or nine dollars. And that they would actually be out thirty trillion dollar plus it. Well I just forgot about that business with moving a decimal point but it YouTube grasped. What he was saying that it would have been substantially. Cheaper to just he's stable money -- owned by an insurance -- it. I -- would the way where we're going about it. Oh definitely but it does not all about the rescue. You'd think that we're gonna end up -- up as a conservative. And I -- conservative because. Mostly Republicans nowadays are just repackaged Democrat so. Did he -- you think that would be empowered the best candidate. Our best in terms of our most conservative humane. You know like they're appealing air and you know things of that nature. I I got to invest in terms of of electability. Therefore you're talking about. I still maintaining a conservative quality that. Conservatives. Why these these things are hard to handicap. Of their you know it's rumored still that Sarah Palin. Many may may try a run she was brewer last time but that didn't end up doing mentioned I'm going to work for fox instead. So I wouldn't count her out although you know although the leftist media has done a pretty good job damaging her brand so I don't know. How effective she would be that the the hot button guys right now I guess. Would be Ted Cruz the senator from Texas Rand Paul the senator from Kentucky. And of course then the guy in in Jersey. Slam. And hell is is gonna although he doesn't belong you know as far as I'm concerned in the GOP and he's not a conservative he's for -- try for the GOP nomination as well. It's interesting to note that before up Obama. Announced his candidacy very few people knew we was so somebody made you know emerge from out of the woodwork here. And the -- that we have absolutely no knowledge of right now I've personally. I'd like to see agenda -- get into the race pretty you have somebody in mind. Well in her group co workers and I was speaking about it but I knew. -- who we don't Beatrice and if you -- I can actually get out there with his own ideas that are you know right in the group built a Mitt Romney. And I and I wonder what Paul Paul Ryan's real ideas are because I had always thought of the guy. As they pretty conservative. Individual and yet now I hear that he's working behind the scenes to come up with some. Amnesty bill that other Republicans -- interviews so. Yeah what you have David yeah it it probably I shouldn't surprise any Elvis. There are gonna go for a and all that together now and Election Day it. Well and and I think in terms of putting together an organization. He has a a mammoth head start over anybody in the field because the course he has access to all the all the of the information. That from people who supported his dad's candidacy and a couple of different races so I think that gives him a leg up we'll see. Or appreciate about we have -- I don't know about here inside appreciate it some thought. I appreciate the call very much Dave thank you and hope you have a good week answer. A couple of couple of other things that I wanted to pass along and where we're getting a little behind here in terms of where we're gonna be. In Arab commercial schedule and because of the computer has decided. There like me yesterday I just needed -- net. I'm tired soon of guys have a little -- exactly deal later. What we're all familiar of course with via the tragedy of that massacre that happened in them outside of Greenwood. Earlier this week. And I got some information today. There is a a memorial fund. The has been set up. Apparently for the family. Said. The email says I'm the contact person for the family -- from Catherine Gillis the memorial has been set up and Wells Fargo. And it is called the fields -- YE LDS slash Robinson. Memorial fund. Fields slash Robinson memorial fund Karen James Spencer. Okay. Because I know that. As if -- on top of everything else. And the they've already gone through their on the financial aspects. To be dealt with -- as well on to the -- like a let's go again let's bring in now Mike who joins us from Spartanburg hello Mike and welcome to the program. Bob. Yeah I'll leave that comment on Alaska I'll sure there's as far as ramp albeit the mayor and I think he's burnt his bridges. When they decided it would back -- McConnell. Instead. The Tea Party candidate. Into in the a race in Kentucky Maine. Yeah commentary is he's not gonna do the right saying he just do it for political. So Soviet McConnell. Can throw his weight in when he ran for president. -- he's back in McConnell. Well that's not the only reason when you're a candidate. Within a big party structure -- whether it be Democrat or Republican. You are obligated to support. And incumbent. Who is also a member of your party otherwise otherwise they'll ex communicate your from the -- Yeah but these big advocate party got running it also Republican. -- there's an incumbent there is a -- We yep which you don't wholeheartedly support of you can support -- in proper inquiry every minute and a camp language. You -- you did I. Now sailing around you could support a Tea Party candidate currently there. You know you can and give them money there's certainly nothing wrong with that well and I -- darn regular -- and and I don't know who knows he he may be -- and Everett hey Chris could never -- Mean well they're not listening to say it McConnell well this they're not in the same state and so it yeah but it. But the point being Arab -- K Christie never Europe because you want to do what's right for the country and -- -- -- everything else. Ram Powell I'm afraid because your child -- colors but saying that he that he won't see backing -- the establishment. I don't know I'm not I wouldn't use that. As I bought Macromedia and Garrett Mock Rogers about Buck Rogers -- -- strangely -- conservative. Majority sided with the establishment over the state party so that in my book in the outbreak in most Tea Party boats would say. He's -- acceptable. I don't know I don't know I don't know if if everybody in the Tea Party is gonna use that. As a litmus test I kind of looked at all would make Underwood are going to -- well like I kind of look at it as politics as usual. You know the courtroom every -- here somewhere. Yeah but in politics. It is elusive at best defined for our. Your. Thanks to the -- my gut punch in 28 after 30 hey we're back now. -- -- -- Done money penny since thumbs up computers nap time is over. So to what we'll do yeah out will will go ahead get -- The and the quick. Last break out of the way and go right into the news there will be right back -- -- will be back on sketch okay. Stay right there hang with us -- we get caught up 29 after three Bobby -- -- the Friday free for all -- -- local on WORD. 106 -- Sounding great to have you along thanks for hanging in their lonely and got them caught up on everything with the -- taken down. Christopher Cross in the background eyes like the wind at 33921. Before fourth Ankara patiently hanging on to ever. Is next up and he is enough Spartanburg hello Ed how is your Friday. I'm doing far above where you're not you should thank. Under our forest on your color some outrage Apollo and Paul -- yup brand pol when this Korean thing was going down. He made statements that we needed we needed. Be in Iraq can't what do we need to connect. We need to get rid Muslims and the Chinese. And handle some of these problems in the Middle East. And I am trying to -- while we need to deal will affect -- -- -- in Communist Chinese training. -- Iran -- talked about -- -- -- your Social Security. And it paid me -- Social Security if you got a whole -- got to thank you Carol bigger decide how much yourselves here you're gonna get so why would anybody put him at all. Well that's a valid question I mean you know if you're a conservative. Then you are by definition in favor of smaller government and not more government control. It. Who who -- you a look and hand to -- until the -- the next race which is going to be Hillary against somebody. Who do you think would be though the most viable candidate -- down the best chance. While we got to you look from strong. It went from Washington Tea Party accomplish. From their time you know they got a lot of the system. But they still haven't got any answers all these same being gutsy but imperious. Now we find out that. The United States Department of Defense is trying and there -- people saying that Christians. Our -- organization right and this just go well well well congress certainly up by doing nothing else. Beyond just like you -- you have a great. Not appreciated thanks ever not appreciate colony at Raleigh inequity Lee's been hanging on to. He is in no mauled and I -- welcomed the program. They're probably glad Pataki today pleasure. They aren't good order Virginia but once a week are once a month per week my mind stopping -- right. Right art or run towards an area there that got you you you do not believe. This originality. And McAuliffe. Race. Yeah there have an -- Their brother haven't. Got what they're they're having to death match for the governorship of Virginia right. Yeah they got the big doesn't sit up Bloomberg. They've got Soros. Got everybody. -- adult but my and so our. Dip -- beat Richard -- yup because they know that he wizards. That means that they're. Countries -- and very conservative. Well -- you're you're certainly right to the extent that a lot of people are looking at this Virginia gubernatorial race as a leading indicator. For which way the nation is gonna go and it's interesting because there was a some polling data from the Democrats. That I saw from oh what's his name a guy from Louisiana the bald headed guidance that a Democrat consultant. You know what I mean yeah. Yeah write his name as well yeah yeah exactly his name is gone out of my had a -- put out a big. They amount about how the Republican brand was so damaged but we need when you dug into that. It showed that people actually thought less of Democrats in that poll than they did -- Republicans. And then obviously in considering that it's a democratic poll. That's that's kind of unsettling news for them so. And it's going to be if I I noticed that McAuliffe was. Trying to rally the troops in the last couple days or -- or you know we really got to turnout at the polls. I could still lose this thing because he has been ahead. He had a pretty wide lead in in recent weeks it's come down to a single digits and I also -- colleges dragon out. The troops from La Raza. Too good to also. Help in the voter turnout effort so this way it's going to be interesting to watch. If there's anybody in the upstate as relatives who. Email call whatever right they live at Virginia you tell them to get out there and spoke for each ballot because. This is yet I mean this is going to be their pre requisite for a bit 2016. Elections. -- -- over there it you know hopefully what it'll restore over -- the press is not reporting nothing but she's -- -- Banned testing auto racers. Big time -- arteries. -- police say anything about. Yeah well yeah this is this is ever does come -- and Ali yeah taking note that they gonna wind. Up to win Virginia. And coach and only is a pretty darn good candidate from from what I know the guy. He seems like the -- he -- you know as as as conservative as anybody out there all right that's that's within the ranks of the GOP. You can walk correct -- posted it was the first attorney general to bring obamacare. That do you include just Obama yeah that's right dry do you mean -- that they didn't proper yeah hopefully that Democrats say this guy. Well and it's funny because Northern Virginia courses for the government employees so I don't think you know exactly set. Although it has -- -- you know that you got them. You've got to vote your paycheck government for a. You better -- certainly do that it's going to be a fascinating race to watch them -- not appreciate the Colorado I thank very much. I'll be damned good weekends or 344 now sixteen before four. -- -- Little early rock and roll. Money Ali and the cricket. -- -- 34911. Minutes now before for TGI definition on the night program and quickly get caught up on the text messages. In at 71. Three -- seven. Bob seeing that Rick Santorum. Won twelve states last Simon was second to Romney went on a shot does he have to be nominated in 2016 from nick. I don't know how he's fixed financially I know -- he's certainly trying to keep his profile. Out there I get emails from from Rick Santorum all the time so. On I think it's safe to say that he's going to be a player next time around. I'm Bonnie Mac. Trade -- is a Republican why not put him in the running I'm out of minutes or I would call from Ross thanks Ross. This one now Bob Jim dement. I think is the best conservative choice. This one on nine DST Bob DST is great because it gives you another hour to drink beer. Without feeling like you stayed up two weight yeah maybe. Okay. And now this window simply says about Allen west. Like Allen west to. But. Bobby -- held that the LAX shooter has been hearing voices in his -- don't know. Now we have heard rumors that. He I think in May now be confirmed that to the shooter was dead. -- and also -- there were reports that he was a former TSA employee. Bob how President Obama can be briefed and kept up to date on the shooting spree at LAX and not have any idea. About Ben got -- -- the IRS voter fraud. Fast and furious the NSA spying and obamacare shortcomings and policy affects. What are the American people and received a total fraud. This president and his administration car. Back to the phones we go let's bring in cliff he is in Malden high cliff and welcome to the program. I love how are you do if you were to. I am I think that guy's name was called the raging cajun what did James Carmelo. You Carville that's it yeah I DNN now are people texted that -- also his name just gone completely out of -- I heard from old school let's slow -- -- at a discounted it well. He looked like a very trustworthy guide to meet using the knowledge. He's got that looked account that I can anyone you know -- -- you cannot stand sneaky look and the other Obama countless more are Rush Limbaugh earlier he was told about. What's gonna happen. That was a weird did you go to another line on hold just as that happened. Assign a money thing -- and we've got cut off sir we we got to cut off the phones have have gone goofy. This is this is our day -- this Friday the thirteenth. Nice -- the first a 352 it's a -- before four sorry. I call us right back to mortgage back on what to finish the thought. 352 it's eight minutes now before four. Are writing here we go -- toward this -- code word. In -- wind Christmas cash on word contest and this hour it is. Order. All our DER. That's. Order now all you have to do is go to news radio WORD dot com slash cash. And enter that code word to be eligible to -- thousand dollars again. This -- code word is order. -- RD. ER and good luck to you. It's and it. Dave Matthews Band in the background. Clint was I was on the phone when -- when the phone to and to preserve go our. -- now we've got him back now -- take clips are fairly in eruption in your thought that. They'll probably try to pull up. Yeah -- Rush Limbaugh's program earlier how Obama needed not. -- -- vote the democratic demographic for the people up from eighteen to 35. Just trying not so fond obamacare right. Now my question is that. If I ain't seen. 226 year old to stay on their parents' health. Plan or why would that why would they go out. And buying insurance that is stay on the pension insurance does not eliminate. Half of the money. Comedy didn't balance that goal from eighteen to 26 golds and 26 to 35. I don't know that would eliminate half but I think you're on the right track certainly -- it's it's going to be a substantial penalty a substantial percentage. Of of that particular demographic initials now. The Democrats and then as the old expression went hoisted on their own petard because they wanted to under the SCHIP. Program. Make sure that that the young people that were still covered on their parents' insurance plans can remain there. Until 26 but you're right they they obviously didn't think that part of it through all the way either. -- because -- lately how they don't do that probably cost them less. To pay their parents to stay on the airplane and that it would be able by all no insurance what -- -- that involved about bubble that's bad pay. Almost without a doubt now this is assuming of course. That the parents are still able to keep -- promise could -- all that and boy -- -- talk about if being one of the biggest words and English language. Be out it's it's questionable whether they whether that's a valid as a valid point cliff I'm freaking Franken. Thank you -- I appreciate the call and I'm sorry for the interruption. Again take a break the news here at the top of the hour we'll get the latest on the LAX situation. And then we'll be back with our number two Friday edition Bobby -- show it's 4 o'clock.