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The Yard Pros 11-2

Nov 2, 2013|

Carolina Fresh Farms

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning upstate. Greenville Spartanburg Anderson western North Carolina and all the places that we're able to get here again we're on the players the yard -- show brought to you by Carolina fresh farms. Bringing you quality turf grass for over thirty years to the upstate. We appreciate you listening here at our wonderful new time from nine to ten. On WORD 106 point three FM. So thank you for tuning in we appreciate everybody coming into the stores over the week it's been a wonderful past few weeks here for fallen. Tying up loose ends with some fungicide in pre emergent and some of those last people put announcement to rescue seed but we really appreciate all our customers company and in the emails that we get -- indefinitely the listeners here. And speak your listeners you can call us at 232 WORD. In Greenville 2329673. Aura Spartanburg. 574. WORD. 5749673. While -- your host Ryan how firm in hereby myself for the first little bit mills is on the way. We got a -- -- a little late I don't think you plan on coming today. And these gonna come in and save me from being here all by myself and you guys have to -- to -- ramble a little bit but nevertheless were here for you the yard pros. So. Driving in this morning just absolutely and law at the colors of the leaves. I've spent the past couple days driving around a little bit -- Spartanburg check in on some yards and just looking at how the the frost is -- the Bermuda -- Other warm season grass is a little bit but mainly the army hadn't been amazing to see those someone. Some side of the road are completely dormant. And some still have a good -- agreement on just depends on the way that the house's. Upset and I guess the trees in the yarder blocking the frost or how it said it was just amazing to see the differences in some of the yards in the same neighborhood. But also just to treat color is just been phenomenal me deceive the -- glory. Of the of the leaf color we went up to the mountains couple days couple weeks ago -- into the -- that up in the mountains but. It's nice to see -- down here and what a wonderful day we have to be able to spend outside. Being in the 60s and little crisp morning 47 degrees I think this morning when I got to open. Just just beautiful outside. Great day for football. Football last night it's just just wonderful all the way around. But -- we have. Tidy up some loose ends there was some and I mean just trying to finish out a lot of the people put out pre emergent which is great but we still have a few people and as we've said a lot of -- better late than never. Because you still might catch a few weeks from terminating. And save yourself there over the winner but definitely best to put that out in late September or first part of October. For your warm season grasses which your senate leaders always. It's near Saint Augustine and Bermuda. And in a fungus sides. I had a gentleman that that hasn't dollar spot fungus in his Bermuda and it was. It was a bad case of an all all summer basically be put a number fungicides on it. And put out fungicide their towards the end of the summer but we just. You we just never had that nice. Really hot. Long dry spell for awhile. Trying to recoup from the damage that it happened from the dollar spot getting in and it really got a hold of a couple places a majority. -- rest of -- -- looks really really good but those fuse those few spots that have the dollars budgets were able to grow backing them but it's talking with mills we would both agree. That you know -- it'll come back out next spring. That it will be dormant right now we are going dormant there's not really much you can do with. With any kind of fungicide or anything like that mean it's it's basically in in. That the fungus is -- really around the temperatures have gotten too cold for that. So there was any really use of putting out anymore fungicide. Both financially and you know for for nature just -- putting out there's no need to. But we have a great. Great to. You know hope for for coming back next spring with a going dormant now and then next. Spring when it comes back Al Green. We're gonna try and checked his fertility to notice PH is in the phosphorus and potassium and trying giving some help on getting right with those numbers. And hopefully we'll have a little bit better growing summer for grass. Next year so that ought to be good for him when we -- here on the air Ramon jump right on to a phone call and he has a question about rescue good morning. Argument good morning. We help you today. Well have a good question I've got to atom -- fist you that I saw that a couple years ago. Had a couple -- were hitting -- and I puts more down but. Have heard a little bit about product. Believe it's tighten our efforts yeah there's -- we're sure opinion would be on that whether that's. If I received it if that's something appropriate to use. Well I'm Noah a few people that it used -- RX and have actually been buying it from me for the past two to three years. I'll be honest with you we we do try and push our Carolina Bluetooth. There Carolina fresh forms which is a four way blend tooth rescues to bluegrass is which is what we grow our sought out. Very happy with the results of that product so. That's one of the reasons why we know we can stand behind it because -- year going to be coming back -- happy not not being mad -- me. But I do have to customers that really like the -- RX and so I brought in four. I don't know enough about its characteristic to tell you one way or the other but I do know that from these two gentlemen. One is a landscaper and puts it out. On a bunch of his properties and is very happy with the results and one is an actual homeowner with a with a very big yard right here in Greenville Greer area. And and I see results that I've been it was house -- and it looks beautiful. So I guess it just comes down to personal preference I would say that is a good boy and from from the results and I've heard from them. It what what did you put out as your says -- -- it. Well I have to be honest with you purchased the the -- at all just to promote the Cuba ten years ago. -- -- been great and really the only reason that I had to buy some additional. So god was because because of the -- Rain we get -- after. Can watch at your nearby driveway. Sure sure and so I had about ten square feet. Really didn't do you replaced OK and so I did go to your competitor I have to admit that's. And obviously consider. Really usual. It was last week and they were -- on the study or -- we just checked into it. Sure sure so would you convince them to come back and brought them. -- -- Why it sounds great if all -- talk mean if you need to oversee we certainly have the seed but I mean if you if you're needing some side you know the ten square feet or something you're talking about -- just a few barriers. I mean we've you know we do sell the -- I don't know if they do I misrepresented that it did and that's why he once morals but we do sell that the roles as individual roles you do not have the -- -- I just want to check out your competitors in these he's a little closer to my -- stupid. Look at look at a couple of the questions if you. And I've got all the time until 10 o'clock. -- but I think in the I think this could be a great day to go through what might go to Israel and in terms and -- millions. Would you agree that. Yes it definitely if you have not already put some -- around on your shrubs I would definitely trying get some some fertilizer around on them. Because they they do need AA east a fall for a -- -- and they Springfield so if you haven't done yes or trying get out there on. What if I put -- in the spring and I knew that it stuck in my mind that I needed to do that in the polls well okay I'll leave that as well for the product finally most probable life is so important to remove these. That you're able before you deploy and you both for countries whatever. Well sometimes it really decompose as a whole lot I mean you know you do want some decomposition in the air but you know sometimes it just he gets to -- just gets builds up and builds up. If it doesn't decompose enough and and the -- could get some fungus and there with the with the end of whether via. You don't practice. -- -- of other ties order like that just the mushrooms a kind of grow up in there -- you know you know the first I'm not say every time you -- place. You know every time you replace emulsion to take you now but you know after and a number of applications you may wanna just kind of freshen it up with new Molson Yasser. Okay thanks for clarifying that go public with Ford senior -- Sound great Ron thank you very much have a -- day. All right folks what a great start the show when and I tell you what just -- my my beginning opening statements and Iran's great questions we've already come to the first part of the break. So we're gonna take a quick break and can if you wouldn't mind staying on hold they -- for your question on -- this is our short break we'll be back in just a couple minutes. Thanks for listening. -- only dream anymore. Welcome. Back. Listening to the. And triumph. On. I was in La La land here I was wondering that the music started I came -- a little bit light in -- just sitting there. Deet and follow my guests in the volume turned down here in the control room because we are senior talk and so I didn't have that addiction how -- -- it knows tournament knowing that headphones on just listening to the speak. Now he was awfully Aaron. Architectural sabbaticals. Bryant I am here and Iraq and our ideals is here mills is here and let's tell you what let's jump right on McKinney was great and stayed on hold while we took a break and then. We can jump in on some of the thoughts and -- you had in the and we had a caller that asked the question. While we are on break and we'd like to answer that question so -- and let's let's see what you had to say he's. Good morning got a hold -- it'll work this morning because up. All of a couple palaces are probably at this week and I was pleased when -- would would the process when I got it back to the job they did look like how steady. It it would came out very night. We've -- quite it would only been -- or how much water he'd win. When you go to to take care that -- educated employees. Is it. You can local watering but pat looked water. Damage that's preferably good statement their camp to camp over water a lot of things and yet typically -- will say this typical we don't see enough water you know sometimes to patiently mighty handful beaten a year -- over quarter. -- the key committee is when you -- on each side. It really doesn't matter the type year of the type of grasp it should be hand watered first and foremost as its. What's sought installed or -- and Stalin they're the die any need to pull that -- and make sure there's enough water. That and its rights through the light -- -- side in -- united soul. You know it's it's pretty simple to judge is hand water swept -- votes as soon as I install it. Set the irrigation up combat the next guy. Lift that -- once again and make sure the soul underneath is nice -- mole it's now Morse does not mean standing in water. Craft you know at the end and we did have some homeowners unfortunately in the year. And -- Davidson landscaper who don't understand that moist is not standing water because that water. We need to keep that consistency more Sterger. Pretty uniform through out the first couple weeks until -- roots. And then we'd get to a point where we let it dry now. Between your guys should advance but I -- -- -- yeah. Now -- what routes you you need to make sure arm lift Assad you know what's dies not merchant not tell homeowners and a lot. With that corner of that side wants to -- Into you can no longer lift its routed the -- checking to make sure that you have moisture underneath that sought every once you allegations will be different. You know there's no magical Tom viewed. That we can say I set that year addition time -- sentencing enhancements in your -- down. Dumb we just can't do that so what I tell people you know IP and she would York. You know an an advisor customers -- -- -- side. You know battle to detect a two week Tom Cruise the dyes that your install -- so -- They got it right order and -- I've got someone they're Everett died because you know I know it's tempting you haven't you're against Tom -- with -- Tom moment. You can use to your benefit but it can also kind of -- you to sleep comfortably and ordered in order. And and that I have seen a lot of disasters. Landscapes -- no one paid attention to -- -- just set the clock and doubt about it. Well that's what -- if they'd -- product always he's first Tom I don't that this would. We've -- company but it was say it's been a good experience. My way Patricia business which really dues so. You know hopefully. Hopefully you'll continued to do some business not taking your -- -- the level they'll. Your builder type plus I'm you build a company montella -- it can have our -- -- We rarely trichet business can and not what's hot sock did you purchase. Well it was legal Carolina -- that's cute and -- only live tiles all. And she told me -- -- -- didn't do it our and we had to go to our back up supplier and yeah it kind of you know. What it -- it turned out it's it's it's a good product it is very good product came it was well prepared. And I -- -- I have ball side before and it looked like how went out did yeah and I'm not a thought. Well we try to do our best you know unfortunately we're doing with a product of the environment. And you know some guys Cisco it's Sunday it's it's you know you do have some lessons our -- -- I don't -- on anyone it's. And we -- a lot sometimes you're gonna make mistakes and and what you might just like she got to stand behind it and make it right and you know. That's that's sport to a business book. You know we thought we have a -- -- we know we have excellent service and for you in the building business and even for homeowner Thomas valuable. And services -- all falls and we know we have excellent exceptional service and it's great to hear from a customer for Tom Tom's side. Patch on the back and -- -- And ability to give good information. In a tablet fashion it very. 88 and it certainly -- that's kind of the key to the -- -- -- our way pressure have a great -- -- are you waiting camp. So are Ryan what a great -- can't have much Japan Kim called this I slipped him attend before we came in all attend yup yup yup well. I give a free balance to bow they. Templates for Los Angeles rebounds or Kimberly pressure count words in -- prime we'll talk about a lot -- gotten to do fullest. Outside man idea if that's probably so -- that we did have a collar unit price one -- when I was. Running a little bit like from its studio this -- but the young tighten our net write you one thing I really want people stand. It is a lot of -- she blends that there's some really good ones and yes partly the columns. You know your choice -- you know -- Is kind of a personal preference you know what do you like column -- one thing that felt like Carolina blue to being to grips Kentucky bluegrass. It's is the key especially in this market yet for many many years all the professors were announced on some. All the textbook said you know you can't come into this zone of a growing in grow Kentucky bluegrass it's not war. Then we've really kind of proven a lot of them onset in essence will be wrong Kentucky bluegrass this. -- partly but calls the Iraqis have got so much better through genetics and rattle selection over the years. That they have become more -- -- a little bit more disease -- More heat tolerant. The Kentucky bluegrass too we put Bluetooth Enron and. It's in essence. It's not a warm season you know fully Rossum was very quick aggressive growing. Like -- Bermuda grass but would that amount of Kentucky bluegrass and it sounds like it's a little bit cause some 2.0 percent. But truthfully it's a lot. But calls the seat it's so small so the seat count if you take a hundred season poem titled -- a white -- -- them -- -- -- -- too bland. We have about 51 seats out of that hundred or rescued and 49. Bluegrass it's armament at the time zone at an office -- this is a deceit count in the seats Sasser some smaller in the bluegrass. We have an essence some sort of 5050 bland the Kentucky bluegrass faster. What I have seen and the reason I did this mean that was what eight years ten years ago property -- when I came up with a sad to -- let's try what we've seen. Is -- targets more resilient. End of especially from stresses. You know take some stress -- we don't get writing in August September he in my personal your this year it's more than 20% Kentucky bluegrass. And as hot trials we weren't on September. You know let's -- honest and truthful yes it turned brown and it turned straw color and it's in the -- essence of dormant -- because of heat. And lack of water as quick as -- if rescued long. However as soon as it cooled off the in the September. And I fertilized in the -- the irrigation water to guess what happened. It kind of re back straight you know and that caller who called us how you approached -- in two years ago and it's being right. Sounds to me -- he has had to oversee much in two years right. If you go on with the strikes rescue bland I don't care. What -- how -- -- Friday have much cheaper way for a strike. Tall fast Q3 white to -- it doesn't matter forward bland if it's only turf -- -- -- in our market. -- don't lose a certain amount of density every year. Would the Kentucky bluegrass billion rounds -- We have grass now that repairs itself similar to Bermuda it's not as aggressive during the debt but it repairs itself right to the point where. It's given us -- -- would grow in nieces mean more -- -- has won a crop right. -- harvest that out and spurning. And we have to wait let the bluegrass re grow -- Bermuda. From the -- -- spins right round up forward plow the field or that we have to. -- in to a -- crop immediately. Because if we don't do that. Then that bluegrass it's pretty aggressive. From that -- detects a bit long in the Bermuda or is always a but re growth from the dirt. You know because of that that our -- master -- left in the sole right so. -- Tough rescue Solomon street some power and but arsenal was stands out because of the -- Kentucky's bluegrass and once it's established. The resiliency the rebound. You know of the the improvements over rebounding union home just so much but some moto phone is -- -- this potentially. It's ideal -- money down the road if we have -- milder summer what we did this summer and -- York. I didn't have to oversee. Right but calls. -- you have enough read bluegrass stay here fertilized and watered that your daddy just was. It grows and had one spot ahead overseas because -- issues and Walton. But the rest along really. Technically didn't need that -- the -- I know him enough bluegrass standard re -- a good point I do so what we stand now. But it's not the calls are -- office skis -- on the charts with her all of a really good ones market that the tighten our next the rebels. All armor in my opinion pretty equal one might be a little better in this category and wants will be all right -- report. But in essence that the big difference comes in that Kentucky bluegrass it's a phenomenal product it's -- that we can grow it here in -- -- perform extremely well that. That we had one question I don't like I rambled on long enough -- -- him enough time had -- -- about senate seat and so what you. You got a minute so -- -- and opinions always oh yeah we got twenty seconds to. Facilities Georgia hat off for -- assigned Reich -- -- -- -- time -- hear what Lance Madison's were comeback from the bright you're listening to your pros. Give us call this morning at 2329673. In Greenville are 5749673. In Spartanburg. -- include morning good morning upstate Greenville Spartanburg Anderson in western North Carolina. Where the yard -- show I'm Brian enough. And -- -- -- hey I pushed my button this time and say hey I'm excited to be here. I had that the knob turned up I heard the music and I pushed the button man I'm all about it all about it. Or glad to have you back here for the second half of the show and we have a lady on hold here about some over -- -- -- -- one answer that question about the senate Pete and the as -- ways that we didn't get to answer. Asked thick from from what I understand -- she called and it couldn't I guess headed off somewhere and could hold him down and asked questions for losses you know how I have gets some of the also hassles or Asia -- sounds like mixing home right arm we're assuming a lot of things correct. Arm but sounds like to mix long and I cannot fertile us. These laws of this home with two different grasses. These two varieties with the same ratio at the sang Tom you both long and intrigue at one in the science. -- ultimate crime but do. You know if they're separate it it takes it a different. Token but if it if they're kind of a mixed bag there like we're talking and assuming it's gone out assumption these these senate peed. It does take less fertilization then the then there's always. They also take -- they have a little bit different of tolerance on PH but for the majority. The pre emergent in the fall and the spring has the same -- no problems there. The big thing you get into and the fungicide in early in the definitely if I call on evidence the biggest thing is is the main. During the summer that the senate pages doesn't like as much. Nitrogen. During the -- that is always is do so I guess the biggest thing you have to come across as which one do you wanna try and promote because they're both gonna grow in the same conditions of sun. Where there's always is gonna take over a little bit more in the shade which would do better for you anyway. So India you almost have to pick which one you want to be dominant in your in your environmental factors because they do take a little bit different of -- fertilization. So it's kind of a few -- more for the -- In the case of this always just. For the senate he launch might kind of pushing a little bit too much and not do as well. Kenny yet to make a decision on which when he wants them. Well -- -- when -- thing for you know maybe at some point massive a lot of customers who don't wanna make that decision and I have got grass growing. I say you've. It in essence my opinion is she pretty much follow us on the DF file the program. The one that's a little less -- more intolerant right of differences. -- that would be some of the you know it can't tolerate is much nitrogen deer in the growing season. It's what kind of follow him anymore for traditional some of the program in the situation. -- -- -- -- It may not grow its best -- because it might lack a little bit nitrogen in the year. But it's certainly I don't think it's Cadillac two point -- detrimental to health -- of the so would you. So I'm kind of follow some of the program ethnic would be much column that -- to I already we answered our fair question how you aren't -- The collar Zoho collars on hole to get right -- -- all right good morning you're on the air with -- Susie Jones. Migrate. Good morning good morning how are you today. I'm doing well I have a question about it overstating. Last year we have our our blog completely renovated. It was that with that fifty. Did beautifully. And Kelly had a lot of run out this summer from the property back out there are and you're washed out a lot of air as. That bit -- core area that preceded it and it's coming along. That the backyard had not. But next year we get scorer gated backyard and then I overstated. Questionnaires every time you overstate the hacked out -- core area expect to be expected. Not necessarily. John this is mills here in the -- be honest with Vietnam. I have a confession Mike. I haven't corner five -- front lawn and about six years. I'm. -- -- and I tell you why haven't air -- it. Com a yes if the -- -- to pack in which a lot of walls rant here or just the coast people had neglected them over years. And our backlight certainly compacts if you have kids -- -- tech football. It becomes compact. A bomb is if it's not impacted its non SS and and one easy way to touch are testing this is -- screwdriver. You know don't choose the smallest one in the toolbox oracle is an M what do we do -- tell -- husband you're using -- screwdriver. I -- screwdriver go -- in the long after your donation the typical year's edition of the or like ninth and try to insert that screwdriver in -- Certainly it's gonna resist bomb but you shouldn't have to feel like you need to go get a hammer at the toolbox to beat in the and rack and the screw driver. You know we need that soul and the tunnel loosened hobbled -- forward five to six inches so we need to act nearly probable pretty. If it's pretty -- fly that's the soul at net compact and you can forgo the quarter -- catch them up. -- -- -- Our store where you do what part of town doing Greenville spark her hair your angrier I got far from the store -- Duncan. Witches on highway 29. And I don't GPS front still pulls up it's what 2004. To users are contemptible of the port. Our cash or you'll go out so why can't Campbell aboard both for from Greer I'm sure your -- the -- Hampton. If it if you argue go -- -- -- boulevard hang right no go towards Duncan. -- and here yet and just before he comes to traffic like -- and lomb and you will see that interception on the right hand side you'll see rhinestone. On and they are open until -- to die at and so. Didn't deny that it started as a parent my yard credit shared and share a lot of fresh forms. Fresh arm. Yes -- and there's a lot of trailers out there and you'll see some big mulch billions but we are out until noon today and Monday through Friday store will be open from eight fast. It would so -- out there. Yankees three I don't know enough about it. Well that was Covert stuff -- like the concessions confessions and it's it's like a Booth right and yes my son and her -- confession and it's true -- just -- -- -- the points right they're fine. You know -- -- to go through the headaches if that doesn't need that's correct it it's kind of like you know I'm going to give him another confession -- in the growing time of the year I say it all the time -- customs. Our programs or have insecticide right on the program as a general rule from -- I plop a law. Grubbs -- -- our other insects right then for creepy what I call the creepy cross -- that's at least six things that match. I don't use insecticides that often them you know wanna I don't need to -- Mean let's think about it's one that's being good Stewart's correct more importantly its second -- -- and the same thing when they -- for cash and Monica ram air from. You know if I can -- six inch long screwdriver and bottoms out. In my home. While I go run and they're far that's it doesn't make sense why not delay overseas for three weeks the coast air -- at the local. You know rents to work and this book because everybody else is fine but there's not always and necessity to -- -- now I do like -- -- -- -- York. Every 56 years I will hear from one Tom because it does help kind of maintain. The porosity of the soul that the movement of water -- to -- from the becoming compact but this air filtration thing you know. Every year. It's if you don't need you don't -- You know you can get by our about it now I know I've got some some -- to contractors. Colin if the show were -- with sort of put -- -- found out what that's fun because when you running a Wainscott company. You don't know -- I mean you know the condition of the -- but she kind of treat everyone on the side so you know half of the York's needed anyway. That's why you get in this month's and that's why you see every although the landscape contractors here frying everything the coast. It's that process. It makes it easy for their crews say all right I got one got -- to run around a quarter found -- of the crew this come the seed in their company from other crew discomfort lots. So it it does make sense in in their world to continue to do that certainly there's some benefits from. But it's not -- It's not something if you doing yourself and you're sitting home this weekend thank him. Hmm should I Arafat well they're fast -- Arkansas -- what next week Maceda note don't like next week. It's November it's time to get seed for almost soul it's that important to get seed in the sole entity grow. Yeah of the testing -- mode that long close. And blow everything. Time now about. Agree that tiger talk. It sounds right. They were awaiting a phone calls -- yes we are awaiting a phone since written -- 673 in green -- 574. Not 673 in Spartanburg. We would love to hear from you this morning. This is brought to you Baja. But he say it. Carolina fresh phone and half I found this they can finest. On the Internet at Carolina fresh farms dot com or are we have a store in Duncan on highway 29. In the store for Scott in Anderson on 810 let me read my better in this climate to Thomas on the Internet that's right and we have to -- -- whose stores in the upstate. Well in those world travelers of South Carolina we have four others. He had paid for those two may have a big chance yes you can call in and non. -- -- -- -- We'll be glad to occupy you know when you're not tired theft from those who may have perhaps we know we do its customers have a house and the Charleston here -- We have a storm Charleston restaurant com for those and I can hear him maybe. They have friends or maybe. Yeah who knows maybe they handle cabin and like I mean I don't -- worst form. We have store and I can mean we have -- rock you we do and for those who. Like to go to Columbia. Our State Capitol. We have a store -- -- we did was so we have six stores across. The -- front that's right just make sure we -- haven't started new and yet. Have ST sure unless you -- the war and are really give -- we have the Boiling Springs she wants to yes she just a minute and a my visual element. I don't know maybe it has something that would -- yeah I think that's -- but it's. So really we have a web site right and all that website you can find. The store clothes she absolutely says the cheek and then email you washed -- and if I have a question and rhetoric you know contact. We're driving directions correct and also list or restaurant and then we have six stores and stuff that's correct how we haven't covered we have -- covered. And I still like that key code thing and and the the occupying of the houses that we talked about a long term with a high overnight chimney rock linking work. Well you're talking about taking care usual large. In return for being able to have his house sold so any of those beach house listeners yet we've we've got that -- Charleston -- little security are so we can come. Until that debt -- how I'm sure what is volunteer -- -- right here. No way yum we do product sells you know we do -- study a lot of laws that Islam. But it's good it gives us a good inside of of what's happening all over now we'll size him up -- it's funny because store managers and Columbia Charleston. They always -- -- call when the seasons change and they start column in the upstart. What was going on out there. Because we're always 234 weeks of of those areas that they get a good judge. Off of what's going now so long. It's it's really fun and we do have the six retail locations all of camera open Monday through Friday -- and Saturdays at least from -- the twelve -- -- and what rock feel these open -- and hours Saturday. Problem Scott sometimes of the Internet and you do that now -- -- certain peak season special sparring in the year but it's you know it's it's it's it's -- -- It's for a huge you know our columns can build. It you know he made the comment hey Manuel was Johnny on the spot and end. Giving me the information that and the and that's what would it. Is an infamous source Slobodan knowledge so give us accomplishment of what looked like a quick break keep Thomas 2329673. People. 5749673. In Spartanburg. You're listening to your -- show will be right back. It. Ole welcome back to you are -- show -- -- scrap. And I'm Ryan up and I am delighted to be here is a beautiful beautiful. Fall Saturday morning it is that's for sure -- -- that would make the Saturday morning will be better Iran knows if they're little frost on the pumpkins I know what was chip yet but it was frogs know the young last week in thousand tablets yes me too I woke up Saturday morning. It's 27 degrees Campbell and -- All Mike but it's. You know one love of the cold weather camping in. Actually headed out sometime after launch today the Oden -- -- forced. Contemporaries. It -- wrong. Spend them on them might be to echo -- it's I think tonight's on what 3032 degrees some commitment and up in the mountains and I think here in town probably -- -- By simple frost and that's a big interest in city in. Out of town definitely been Indian town to Wellesley. By the -- I'd follow the -- beautiful a lot. You know it's two weeks ago I was up one of friends that are about Turkmen sodden and on a -- in the opposite way stop by counsel and and was Mike comment genetic lived there and -- bills that you know at least she's honest I -- front would not have been spectacular collar. -- -- You guys were two days ago -- in the cliffs communities up that way. Michaels calls some of the golf courses and beliefs. Have more color of the relentless but not the prettiest phone products and -- about. Certainly the -- rarely come out and last. Seven it and now my fear is it's not gonna last in its shortly six to highlight the issue. It is -- you all's been on the strange in my opinion not. Not not cold Nadal you know religion and October -- was -- -- -- So long Khatami yen to a lot of stuff New York. Which still have a lot of people calling a special -- asking me eyes to light that -- -- York typically. In November outside how he must -- you know if you give me a hundred dollar bills you know that would be cheaper than. You have an -- certainly better than you. Losing a lot of -- and think it's -- issue and not Germany -- York but I thought -- temperatures are still the still fairly -- this time year. And there's still some opportunities seeking out but it needs to -- on nine. You know some point we're going coming Saturday morning -- -- It's too like -- York you mr. windows. Maybe you should learn about its right title via. Couple of voice doubts that. You know you always tellem. How to prepare -- went camping -- -- -- and it told the sweeten even though you tell on the -- -- -- you know stood by those who don't to. And at some point we're gonna get to that point where. You know we have a caller says and Rodham -- SC did now you publisher. Tom just because it's -- to echo but right now assaults. Still moderate for the stomp your instead of its seeds germinate. Com you know make sure that we keep consistently win and that's one thing to them room with a strong appeal maintaining consistent -- temperature if you are a little bit late seating. Make sure you have -- year edition running about it advertise not compute. Armed not to keep saturated way but we need to keep in the fortunate soul water shall help moderate that sold temperature. Instead of keeping it coal. Oh Cairo -- called back called back which describe what I like to -- this time now that we should just like to let him hold. -- -- They are sorry -- I apologize we get along wind of the -- -- foresight of natural product. Absolutely and you guys are experts were warned German -- question relative to try out at a time bomb planted a couple of law. When a Pinocchio or try and strengthen -- I'm fairly large size. Eight. All -- Cyprus pretty large -- about a year ago it's they've been doing really well. All the sudden. They're starting crew are appeared that kind. And I'm usually fairly good with the identification. But unseen no insect related stuff. There's been no rule change. In the water and technique or amount of water. Armed fertilization that and there are. And it's not really sure what to their. -- What other turning colors like on one side are you losing one branch and Tom is around whole plant that has the science and. It's so -- the boulevard speaker through different locations don't party leaders is actually start to get back at the top. It's still got life should that you do little scratch and still got like throughout most of the little structural wire. -- like the -- -- -- church to be completely dead you know this let's try to look like the you know they're trying to -- -- at a little bit brown out on the inside you know this was a little more of terror than just normal. I am back at the Nokia started doing the same thing just a little bit more prouder now than normal. And how recently has started. -- more. Supported recent Europe. Well I'm no expert on -- for so outgoing and tell you that Tom. By any stretch of imagination I -- -- call last week for our friends from off -- tree care now Scott Carlson because. You know he's the one always go to. Earlier -- when we have a question about. You know -- for some what's going on our and that discomfort but in the -- just because. You know yes I studied ornamental -- -- -- man that was many many years ago -- -- -- You know one thing that I can think of off topic in my hand and the confusion thing is set historic about a month ago that started. Two months three months ago they're now certain aside how we need to look at the dryness of the soul ram that -- Africa's most conferences not all content for. Yesterday. We -- account for scrolling in Oregon where we have the system more -- Tom. But they don't like really really wet feet you know but right now atmosphere of the be humid day that market from the top but when you store -- writing those roots is when you run into problems. As far as fungus. I don't. Can't really think of anything off topic might hit it would be fungus related at this point Tom. On number one thing that would be a little bit concerned -- a it is it is some type of -- borne pathogens meaning some -- the -- fungus. Due to the -- of the extra -- the excessive amount more that we can't -- summer. -- -- may have exacerbated some issues in the plant and maybe it's begin and show -- now. You know two months after the point on and a lot of times at -- borne fungus -- not an -- UNC a symptom own plant. But you're not gonna seed actual calls Elijah and you're not -- and insect you know seats spotting -- leaves you off the top the root rot as one that comes to mind its. Pretty much native and our souls -- this when it reaches a certain threshold. Is when they're becomes an issue with plants. And that's one thing I'm thinking that it it sounds to me if you're not seeing that calls like agent that it could be some -- the sole pathogens. -- and that's on -- that starts I can if you want to losing hopefully you don't maybe they'll rebound. It may be what's your wound if you have all the conference in landscape too tight -- plan that out of the -- Certainly you'll lose -- -- But you might want -- portion Odyssey chanting give it to Clemson and let them send it to the plant problem climate I think they charge ten or fifteen dollars now to diagnose a plan. But -- Nam vet and diagnosed and they'll actually wrong and a Petri dish. The -- test to see what type both. Soul pathogens that can -- off the roots. So there's all right imagine get a part of the roots structure all the warmest plants. And get it immediately over to the hymns when their liking to client's right to drive it clutching university yourself. The plan. What they're also what did only one problem that these started out his birdie yellow contain him a big points. Big forums and not really don't want to replace them at all functional. Yeah I tell you that and not just 100 there I mean if you guys don't have the option you would you recommend that are also order. That's what I would do out of society it you know you've got a lot of money invested in that time our outlook calls nighter Monday morning. And seeking get in touch was Scott Carlson. And and didn't touch Carl's job Scott and having command to consolation. Ball out to me that -- get -- professional out there to give constellation and certainly they have experts in that field. All right also represented our charter which thank you -- barrier or. Well Ryan. We finished with a stop mills question Eunice yeah we get those rumors and thought I don't know when we get the proper information a tight let's call the proper. That's scientists not improper professional. And like the look this. It's been a great shot region what a beautiful sat. You've been listening to your approach show brought to you by Carolina fresh farms will talk to -- next week.