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Conservative Voice 11-02-13

Nov 2, 2013|

Harry discusses the proposed 1% sales tax increase in Greenville County

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did you know that Greenville county council wants to raise your taxes. This sales tax will hurt the -- in the middle class call your county councilman and tell them to vote no on this unfair tax night. First get the facts at www. New tax hike at C dot com second sign the petition. Third contact your county councilman. Tell them to stop the largest tax hike in Greenville county's history. Good evening folks welcome to conservative voice. -- your coach carry -- I would like to welcome you into tonight's show. And we have got to move our information for you that concludes. We'll challenge you enough that you. Picked up the phone and give -- call. And add your voice too conservative voice quote you wanna do that you're gonna need some phone numbers so here they are if you're in agreeing goal listening area. Give us call 2329673. -- 2322. 2329673. -- Spartanburg area it's 5749673. You know -- I don't know what what does it take. To get -- the couch. What does it take to get choose to defend. What is your own. Those are some questions I really want some interest to tonight. If if the thief if you look -- your back door in your soul a thief breaking into your your utility -- and you know stealing your lawnmower or whatever. Which you just go back in and sit down on the couch. The -- that's at the -- the thief. Is is that your back door as far as I'm concerned what in the world has got me all worked up this evening well -- Greenville county council. We talked a little bit about this last week Arafat we talked a lot about it last week but there -- some updates that you need to be aware of and there's some new things and in some some things that are going on that that just big to to to be explored. But before we get into any of that on one with -- a little bit about tonight sponsor. At times examiner. You know roughly two weeks ago times examiner broke the story. On what Greenville county council is attempting to do. With the largest tax increase in county history 65. Million dollars the first year. And expected to go up to 72 million I believe it is the second year. This this is without a doubt the largest tax increase. We some of us would not have known about this if it were not for the times examiner. And the work that Bob deal blows over there with the paper and and the others that work with him. I highly highly encourage you give them a call become a subscriber. Folks its not that expensive. Put it this way it's a lot less expensive than what county council is getting ready to do to us. How do you get in touch with Bob Dylan the times examiner well he got two ways to choose from. If you wanna get in touch with them through the Internet give them a call at the -- argument it doesn't check them out on the Internet at times examiner dot com. Or you can give him a call at 2680576. -- how much you appreciate them sponsoring. Conservative voice. Welcome folks here we are and I've got a guest in studio with me again tonight my good friend. Josh cook with the Pringle coached and also. A recent new chapter of the Republican liberty caucus hearing -- And enough folks we we need more. Grassroots conservative. Folks that'll be out there working in in in laboring with us so Josh. Not only welcome back to the show. Thank you for doing what -- -- doing both with agreeable coached. Website as well as congratulations on the new chapter of Republican liberty caucus. -- series. The industry is denied and you know we're both committed to. Really. Do you do the right thing definitely feel like with this is trying to stop the largest tax tied in Greenville county's history. -- really have the moral authority. Yes you go out and it was dry and hold our elected politicians accountable you know and this or Dylan and I'm really excited about you know the website we laws. No tax hike SE dot com yes and overwhelming. Response of people that. Are very concerned they do not want. This tax high via our top two a single moms that are working two jobs are talked to retail. Small business owners that's you know if passed this will devastate their business and home builders that the cost of materials will go out. It's. You know and India -- bill from from the Greenville news. Said in this eight years this will be 520 million dollars. You know that will cost agreeable. Taxpayer you know and but the truth of matter is. This has nothing to do with road maintenance. And we -- but you know I'll read -- regal post talked to DOT officials. They said this has nothing to do. With road maintenance for the -- rose for a stay erodes this has everything into. With. Pushing this penny tax to get a pass. So that the increase. Will will basically amount to giving federal matching funds so if you agree the -- can raise and say let's say a million dollars up. Then the federal grand depend on the grant Paul gays in the Graham I mean they're looking to have -- 41 match yeah. And and and basically what it is -- escorted DOT official autopsy this week. Is that this is. Has everything to do with the new projects. You know when new projects get enterprises are fine right but if we cannot maintain the roads that we already have. How are we gonna maintain brand new -- but should imagine thirty -- for these taxis. Forte you know we're paying we get fifty dollar. -- we pay for a county roads this main SC -- tax yeah we went -- -- My tank via the eighty dollars and invitation to -- -- issue via. Part of -- state were to pay for state records. -- And you know there's so much involved in this of the bottom line is. Is that we're being in this land you know. And Obama is which can afford it you know working middle class families are struggling right now you know and and and I'll say this. You know. Bomb wanted to cancel councilman meadows said that you know bottom line is for families to. -- this is this tax rule will cost and 300 dollars a year now for for some people. It may not be a lot of money mean for me is a lot -- a lot of people don't understand there's opportunity costs and so honestly -- dollars a month and so without dollars a month I can put in a growth -- mutual fund yeah. And in twenty years. That that -- -- will turn into 25000 dollars you can and you put yourself in college with a desk right in twenty years my little boys and well. He'll be home and it'll be 24 years old bill. So that out today cost is just not 25 dollars a month right this equates to. My son's future right and that's why I'm involved -- and -- Thousands of of citizens are are. The wake and an off hoping come out Tuesday to stop this is Obama we will stop Tuesday you know special as if he gets a ballot a special special interest know how to get this -- done in other counties they know how to get past perfected it. Right -- allies urge everybody yeah. To get the go out Tuesday and and demand this to be stopped. Yeah well you know we talk about the you know well it's it's just 1%. Tax increase. We we've phrase it in ways like you did -- 25 dollars a month for a family of two. I know that there's people out there that are listening and will hear the show but they clip coupons. To save a few bucks. What if if you're concerned enough with taking fifty cent off on all out on a box of cereal or of some cans of soup. You that you already understand the value of that -- pounding of a few pennies here and a few pennies they're. And when you get up to the register you saved. You know ups six bucks on today's purchases. Well folks you just as well quit through your scissors away and don't be concerned about this tax hike. If if that's how you feel old but that yeah it's just 1%. Note this is 65. Million dollars a year that's going to come out of the local economy. How will that affect us you know Josh you've mentioned that that there are others single parents and stuff. What we were out today as as some people already know we -- out on wade Hampton boulevard. Close to the intersection of pleasant hour drive. And while we were out there today waving signs letting people know what's going on all lingering accounting I happened to meet a young lady today. -- mysteries. She's got a little boy eight years old as -- Micah. And a promise honest and give him shout out so lump matter of fact I -- dedicate the show to the single mother with an eight year old little boy. Who wish trying to -- -- canyon to make ends meet. And she know she told me Josh she said I cannot afford. More money coming out of -- check mark my bank account. It takes literally. Every nickel this woman makes. To try to supporter kids. And I'm I'm I'm just to you know I'm convinced. That government I don't care that city government county government state government federal government. They're not gonna be satisfied until they get just about every last nickel and put every one of us on welfare. Well folks out don't want that. -- you don't want that. I'm only encourage and give us a call 2329673. And 5749673. Let us have your concerns about this tell us what you think. Because we need to -- county council know what these things. We're -- right go to break when we get back we're gonna give you some nitty gritty nasty dirty details. Mature elected county councilman. Doesn't want you to know about so stay tuned. Give us a call and we'll be right. Did you know that from Eagle County council wants to race in Georgia taxes. This sales tax will hurt the -- in the middle class collier county councilman. And tell them to vote no on this unfair tax time. First get the facts at www. New tax hike at cnet.com. Second sign the petition. Third contact your county councilman. Tell them to stop the largest tax -- in Greenville county's history. There you have it folks the largest. -- increased sixty. Million dollars a year communities -- local economy vehicles. From Greenville county council thinks but you need to pay them more in taxes. Let's talk a little bit about some time frames here. In 1993. Greenville county council. They passed. A new fees and -- -- whatever they want -- but its revenue that comes into the county Greenville whether you call of the attacks nonetheless its revenue. In 1993. Greenville county council passed. The fifteen dollar per year vehicle registration fee that was to fund. Road maintenance now Josh prior to 1993. Prior to this. This -- going into took the play. Did Greenville -- maintain the roads. Absolutely. What how how -- they maintaining our roads in 1992. -- obviously they they they didn't they couldn't maintain roads without this mandatory fifteen dollar increase in what we're paying them. But but somehow I remember being here in in 1992. As matter of fact my daughter was born in 91. In when I drove my wife to a hospital for for that delivery. We didn't go on the back of a wagon with a horse in front we actually drove her car there. And I don't remember the roads being in the terrible terrible shape. But in my point is in 1992. Greenville county was able to maintain its roads. In 93 they implemented a fifteen dollar registration thing. Josh do you think there may be more cars on the road today in registered in Greenville county than what it wasn't in 1993. Absolutely well if if there's more hours on the road pain that they -- than they have already. Received. Increased revenue each year since 93. Just in the fact that we have growth in Greenville county. Then. In in roughly 2011. -- county implemented the but the largest. Tax. Property tax reassessment. Allowed by state law which was 15%. Most may -- at all. But most. Property owners in Greenville county solve their property taxes go well with this with this property tax reassessment. And guess what Josh. I got my property tax bill in the mail today. 25 dollars more this year than it was last year. So. There's there's revenues that is constantly increasing -- throw another question. Josh do you think maybe there are more homes in Greenville county and in 2013. And the was back in 1993. Well if there is then that the base. Of of properties that are paying tax. -- folks I understand that we didn't invent new line and since 1993 it's the same amount -- dour and Greenville county. But -- that door has now been developed the first there -- so businesses that murkier. There is a residential properties that were here industry that wasn't here back then so the base. For how many properties are paying tax has increased as well as the amount of money that they or pay. So you know here we had. Double dipping if you will. And and now. Today folks we find out. And confirmed by multiple. Multiple county councilman that Greenville county council is sitting all on. Over twenty million dollars in surplus revenue. Now. The the exact amount is somewhere around 58 million dollars of our tax money. But they've got sitting in an interest bearing account. In very name. And -- their name I'm talking about in Greenville county government night. Now roughly thirty million dollars of that. Surplus is being kept as what's called a rainy day fund. And what that fund does is it it keeps our credit rating. At -- at the best credit rating which means that we can have the lowest possible interest rates on the money that Greenville county has borrowed. I get that. I'd actually understand that we want to have a good credit rating and that we want to to to -- the least amount to Ian in interest. But folks sentinel over forty million dollars of surplus. So Josh not only. Not only do -- want people in Greenville county. Listening to the show to -- on the Internet and go to no tax hike SE dot com. Click the button that says contact your your county council members send them an email call them all those things not only do we want to kill this tax. I want my Dag -- money back absolutely you know I'm sick and tired. You know these people. They they look at buses that were cash cow and I just walked by milk this whenever they want to. Well guess what I grabbed hold of a bull. Now now the Harry. This is this really unbelievable you're saying and if that's all mouse 58. And thirties for rainy day fund decreasing 128. Million. Cash on hand so. Desk very insulting did they have this surplus. Basically they have overcharged. The Greenville S taxpayer for years over assessed the property yes. That's why have the surplus. Yet plus they laid people off during the recession gave gave itself a raise pay raise. And yet they want. Yet they want to increase our taxes. How insulting. How absolutely insulting what today after we did our are sine wave their own white Hampton boulevard. I was contacted. By one of the county councilman and you heard the conversation. All right. What we were doing today in his opinion was immoral. Folks what that's sinking and the fact that you've got concerned citizens who want to keep their money. Understanding how alongside wade Hampton boulevard making other people who are not necessarily paying attention making them aware of what county council was doing. This county council members says that that is in moral. I'll tell you what it is immoral is taking more money from the taxpayers. And what absolutely. Must be paid in order to to manage and pay for our government. That's immoral. You know Josh. People in in Greenville county. Are -- Spiritual. They they have a set of spiritual beliefs that that they are passionate about. Looked up in an end and found some -- There is more references. To money. In the Bible. And there is about salvation. There's more references about money in the Bible than what there is about see him. And there's more references in the Bible about money than there is about hell or heaven. Here's just a couple verses that talks about money and -- chapter ten verse seven. The labor. Is worthy of his higher. In other words you know if a person works. They should get what they agreed for venal -- -- they should get to keep it. To Greenville county council apparently doesn't necessarily believe that the labor is worthy of -- higher they believe that the labor. Is subject to county council to coming and whenever they want and just saying we need more we want more. You know. Also first Timothy chapter 61 him. This is the one that deals with it for the love of money. And we already know the Greenville county loves to take our money folks that music that you hear. Is our bottom of the hour break the show was almost half -- if you wanna be part of 2329673. Or 5749673. Come on back with us on the other side of the break with my friend Josh who I am very -- -- your host of conservative voice. Did you know that Greenville county council wants to raise your taxes. This sales tax will hurt the -- in the middle class call your county councilman you tell them to vote no on this unfair tax night. First get the facts at www. New tax hike SE dot com second to sign the petition. Third contact your county councilman tell them to stop the largest tax hike in Greenville county's History. Channel. Home to putting their hand. Welcome back folks I'm here -- I'm your host of conservative voice of the friend Joshua cook. Josh has got the gringo post dot com website which I guarantee you you'll get more news there than you'll ever get from the English news. And Josh is also recently started the brand new chapter hearing Greeneville the Republican liberty caucus Greenville chapter so congratulations and welcome back into the show Josh. Folks I'd like to just quickly remind you that tonight show is being brought to you by the times examiner. -- McCall become a subscriber to 680576. Or check them out on line at. Times examiner dot com you know Josh. Why at this past Monday at the -- county council meeting. I heard councilman Fred pain. Give a a very passionate. Speech. To the other council members how badly this is needed because he apparently was riding along. And the roads were so bad. That. He busted two tires blew two tires. Driving his car. And the first thing that came to my mind as well that's that's -- You know the the first tire blew when he ran over a random hunter and the second tire blew when he ran over a Republican liberty caucus members. So you know Fred may be a little better driving technique could say beyond some tires and by the way Fred. Lift partially in the in in the district well I used to live in your district but you know YouTube redistrict me out when I challenge you for county council. Three years ago she didn't want competition. Now you wanna compete for my money so. -- do a little better driving in maybe you won't have any problems with -- tires. And I would love to see the receipts from the the purchase of those new -- that you got and maybe they were just flat wore out. Like your time on county council. If you wanna be part of tonight show about given us call 2329673. Or -- Spartanburg area 5749673. Josh you know this this past week. A obviously -- dug in and started doing some research on this issue. And one of the things that I found was that. On I believe it was October the seventeenth. Just a few weeks ago. The South Carolina Supreme Court came out with a very. Dramatic. Ruling. Dealing with the 1% sales tax. And here most set the case up for everybody -- quick. Roughly six years ago Florence county. They wanted to to have a 1% sales tax for some road projects. If I'm not mistaken I think they called -- pennies for progress. And with you know maybe they could have called it pennies for poverty because they're gonna keep taken to -- and poverty but nevertheless. They they they eat they followed state ball. -- -- The county council voted to form a citizen commission. And instructed the citizen commission. To go out and to determine what road projects they would do we have the sales tax that would be brought EM. The second part of that commission was to prioritize. The ocean road projects. Then that commission came back with I believe it was five recommendations. Of projects that needed to be done or they wanted to be done. And then the county council put those projects on the ballot to allow the voters to make up their mind whether or not they wanted. To fund these projects. Well that the the the sales tax is is about to expire. But where's there's a problem. And here's the problem according to the attorney general's office of South Carolina. And why say it that way is the attorney general of South Carolina filed a lawsuit against forks county and here's why. This is what the the state to alleged the state acknowledged that the county had followed the proper procedures to put this sales tax on the -- -- They had told the voters that if you approve this these are the projects that were going to complete. However six years later almost six years later they've only completed one project. Those other projects have either never been started. Or they certainly have never been completed and the county is sitting on a whopping -- of money in an interest bearing bank account. And now that the tax is about to expire. They want to -- knew the sales tax. The attorney general's office had a problem with the fact that they wanted to say that this was a renewal of the tax and here's why because now the county of Florence has completely changed the the list of projects. It's no longer the original list it's a completely different list of projects. And the county is not using the money that was already collected to do the projects that they told the voters but that's what they were gonna do. So the attorney general's office basically said hey if you guys want to call this a new tax for these new purposes we don't have a problem with that. Butcher telling the people that this is they renewal of the same tax when the the prompt vote vote of the projects that your going to to use the money for it's completely changed. -- -- South Carolina Supreme Court made a ruling. That. In one hand is absolutely bizarre. But on the other hand shouldn't shock -- because this is the same Supreme Court that took a 250 some. Challengers off the ballot in protected the incumbents. Here's the Supreme Court ruling in a nutshell. Once accounting collects attacks. It doesn't matter what they do with. That's that's what set part of the matter. And the Supreme Court elaborated on Matt and I believe it was Chief Justice Jean told that basically wrote in her opinion that. There is nothing existing in state wall that says that -- county must complete the projects that were committed to the voters. All it says is this is what we intend to do with the money this is not what they must do with the money so folks wanna ask you. Hearing Greenville county are you ready to give Greenville county council. Another. What was -- Josh over a period of eight years of 500 and something million dollar yes half -- forty knowing how are you ready to turn over 540 million dollars of your money. On a promise that this is what we're going to do where there is no -- legality to match or that it gets done. Before we go any further in by the weight that's on top of the twenty million dollar twenty plus million dollar surplus. By yet Harry and you the ball line is and it was -- plain to me. About what other counties are going from one of the officials that one and her -- her name. I'm not anonymous from DOT bottom line is they want to get these grants from federal government to get their matching you -- They don't really have put all their money into these roads right rumor has is they actually want a uses money these millions and millions of dollars and they get -- from federal matching. To shoot eight paid the new office complex yeah bubbly it's an eight story. -- of office county. Office complex yes exactly I mean of course that's a rumor but. Actually some people want to cancel says this what their plans are -- but you know. Debt NASA to AME you know. It's a list taxpayers agree evil can only stand up and say enough is enough we're not gonna take this this is a thing. I asked that a lot -- talking people. It in my district. The residents this people actually have two jobs they do not want this tactic can afford it now I talked to small business owners. They tell me. This is don't put me out of business I can afford to so the question is are these elected officials are they going into their district are they listening to the people. Or are they listening. To these special interest groups that the contractors that are going to be making millions on these contracts or org or the the people that want. Us to pay for bike trails up wolf Philip. I know we got -- on hold in the -- I'm coming straight to you don't want to make this one last point before we go to -- up. Maybe it's time you we've we've been talking on the show about state legislators. Actually Landis in the South Carolina policy council. Calling for income source disclosure. Maybe it's time that we find out. Are people on Greenville county council financially benefiting from from these types of projects. Maybe it's time that we really do start pushing for income source disclosure from -- twelve members of Greenville county council. Now we note that -- county council recently voted to do away with an ethics requirements. For boards and commissions. Because you know they don't they just don't like ethics is all that important -- mechanic so we're gonna go right now to fill up. Welcome to conservative voice what's on your mind. I just want to say her. Great look at the picture and have lived in Greenville Spartanburg and Palestinian. And my taxes like property taxes in the union janitors went from 11413. Hundred. And this year another point two dollar increase. I heard your. Person -- there talking to say that there's one point five dollars or it's not just a great apparently that is. Probably state was written protests felt that it was. Federalism well. And I'll hang out what are you comment on that. -- third before you before you hang up. Or are you in favor of a foot of an additional 1% to a sales tax lingering accounting. Well I'm not informed about what it would be used for. Well if that we used to give Santa calls on new slight. I know what I would site. -- taxed enough already. You know -- safari to inspect. It's been near the unity candidate people are listening I'm gonna have to sell my house and -- it and counting. -- or have my house foreclosed on because it's just becoming too much. Yeah there you go well Phillip thank you for being analyst I hope you continue and not tell your friends about us. Thank you so much well there you have it folks there's one more person that is taxed enough already. And you know gonna have to give up some property pretty soon -- calls he can't afford to pay for all the taxes. So we're coming back after the break. Give us a call 232967345749673. I can assure you. The next segment of the show was gonna -- quit so if you wanna be part of the show. -- -- -- Did you know that Greenville county council wants to raise your taxes. This sales tax will hurt the ports in the middle class call -- county councilman in tell them to vote no on this unfair tax -- First get the facts at www. New tax hike SE dot com second sign the petition. Third contact your county councilman tell them to stop the largest tax hike in Greenville county's history. Not one dime. Not 1000. Moment do I want you to government I don't care -- -- to the school I don't care if -- to the counties the state -- the federal government only. Only. Harry Reid. And Greenville county council believe that you want to pay more. Texas folks welcome back to conservative voice I'm your host Terry Keebler in studio with me as my friend Josh will cooked. And we welcome your calls at 2329673. Or 574. 9673. With Josh you know throughout this week. I created a list of questions. And -- contacted as many of the Greenville county legislative delegation as I could get in touch will now what is the delegation for those listeners that may not be aware. That is the senators and a state senators and state representatives from Greenville county. I was able to get in touch with a total of nine state senators and representatives. And actually represent. The people. The people of Greenville county. And I ask them a series of questions I ask everyone on the same exact question question number one. Are you aware of Greenville county council's intent to seek an additional 1% sales tax for road maintenance. All of them were aware of it. Do you think this is an absolute necessity to and an additional sales tax for road maintenance the answer was overwhelmingly. No. Do you support the proposal. Couldn't find one. State representative or state senator from -- county that said yes they oppose this folks. Then I ask him up a kind of a set up question. As -- county. Counsel them. Are telling their constituents the taxpayers of Randall county but hey whoa whoa whoa we're not necessarily in favor of this tax we don't want. We don't wanna get blamed for warming this tax. Like you know we just we just want to let the people decide whether they want to to tax themselves more. So. Guess what folks. We've got a couple of Greenville county councilman. That are committed to testing this theory. To testing. Whether or not those members of -- mechanic counsel or serious whether they're going to be consistent. In allowing the voters to decide on. Taxes in remote county. Come Tuesday night to the county council meeting and you will see some things that you may never see again and ideas. A couple of council members proposing a a referendum. Allowing the voters of Greenville county to decide upon -- two middle. Property tax decrease. Yeah out you know for -- let the people decide whether or not they want a property are want a a sales tax increase. Let's let them decide about a property tax decrease guess what I think all nine members of the Greenville county legislative delegation that I spoke to. Thought that was a really good test. Should Greenville county government have to pay for state to state road repairs. Overwhelmingly. Every -- it was just flat out -- County government should not have to pay first for state road repairs do you -- next question to you beliefs that the state. Has adequate funding for road maintenance. Now there were a couple of of legislators that wanted to qualify. Their response to that Josh. Overwhelmingly. The legislators said yes the state has enough money for road maintenance some of a woman to be very very clear. That not necessarily is the state spending the money properly. But the the state is in fact collecting enough money to take care of our roads. The next question do you believe. That that loses state funding for road maintenance is being distributed fairly. Every single one of them said no. Last question do you believe the state infrastructure bank you know that that pesky little. Pet project of a speaker carols and the -- McCall's and futile other men's. Do you think that that should be abolished they've already taken nearly five billion dollars of our tax money. Diverted it away from DOT. And put it into this infrastructure bank in the overwhelming majority of it has went to. Charleston County Horry county and Forrest county hey guess where the leadership of the South Carolina State Legislature -- spokes. The overwhelming. Majority of these -- legislators said yes they believed that the of funding for the state infrastructure bank. Should be abolished. And let the DOT -- fully responsible. So folks here is what it boils down to in 1993. Greenville county demanded more of your tax money for fixing roads. The fact is and cannot be denied that there are more vehicles registered in Greenville county there for the amount of revenue collected has steadily increased since 1993. The number of miles of road Greenville county is responsible for taking care of has no where near increase to. The amount that the percentage of of the increase in revenue. They also took more of your money in the largest property tax reassessment. That was allowed by state wall. They gave themselves a pay raise while many people were losing their jobs and struggling like our caller was struggling to keep his home up there. They gave themselves a pay rates. And then we find out today. That their city on. Over twenty million dollars of surplus above and beyond what it takes to maintain. Our credit rating in -- count. Are you taxed enough already. I am taxed enough already. Josh before I forget. Not only do we have the new tax hike SC dot com website. But there're business people out there that are listening to the showed tonight there's -- business owners that'll be listening to podcast. We set up a special page where you've set up a special page. All of our web -- it's no tax hike SE dot com forward slash business. If you're a business owner in Greenville county. And you. Stand opposed. To having -- two to collect additional taxes from your customer. Because you understand that the more they have to pay in tax the list. Of a profit margin you're gonna end up with because you're gonna have to reduce sure prices to stay competitive all those types of things if you're willing to stand with us. Go to that no tax hike SC dot com forward slash business. Stand with us what would you get out of this first ball I think you're gonna get a really good feeling because you know you're doing the right thing secondly. No tax hike SE dot com will give you advertising on our website we will let. Conservatives. Not necessarily Republicans because Greenville county council is made up of twelve members. Ten of which are Republicans. So wish we could say that we would like Republicans know where they can shop where they can spend money. But let's just say that will let people that wanna keep more of their money because folks are saying a Democrat problem this isn't a Republican problem. This isn't a white person problem or a black person problem. This isn't a educated people problem sources uneducated people problem. I think this is a spiritual problem they're they they're they're not gonna believe us a one and two -- forced them to stop. So you're willing to stand with us give -- sure information on the web site. Let us know -- your name the name of your business. Will give you advertising. Will let. Conservative spokespeople that have have are taxed enough already won't let them know. Where they should send their money when they're when they're out shopping in the -- stuff done all those things stand with us. And we'll stand with you. We'll also give you a free. No tax hike SCO. A sticker that you can put on your work two to lecture customers know will even give you a yard sand. To to to to mark your territory distances to passing customers. Folks it's time that we stand together. I want every person who whoever it doesn't matter who you war. If you're taxed enough already. You know Josh this is how the Tea Party got started. Was people recognize that worked text we can't afford. Folks this is in your own backyard. And in if you're not gonna stand with us on this up. I'm just gonna -- don't call yourself Tea Party person don't call yourself a patriot because you're not willing to defend what's in your backyard here. How tough and big -- applaud you talk about. They -- bad Barack Obama and Harry Reid Nancy Pelosi. You're never gonna run into them people. Quit talking tough. Stand up do it right here where it counts in our own backyard Josh we've got about a minute and a half percent -- -- give it to you have been run in my mouth. Well I just want things to be clear you know taunted Jones deal council until today. And this is isn't quote anyone who thinks the county is hurting financially it's draining. The taxpayers of Greenville county are the ones who need relief now say this rumor has it that Bob Taylor council chairman Taylor. Is is thinking about. Retiring. Yeah so that -- my question is did he can be real hero in this you know he get a legacy and to fight against Colombia two to demand. Restraint Downey to get their fair share from the money from the infrastructure bank. To fight for the citizens you know instead of being the one that wants to push this forward to -- for the largest tax hike in Greenville history that is not a legacy to leave. Yup absolutely what Josh another thing too is the the state of South Carolina when they go back the legislature. A boy that was a representative Tommy stringer. Who happens to be from Greenville county he introduced a bill last year. Two to increase the the tax on gasoline. That bill is going to be voted appalled when they get back pay county council -- she's. Pull back on the -- a little bit let's see what the State's gonna tax us more on before you start doing it can't this wait another year. Come -- be reasonable. Well folks were wrapping up another night on conservative voice. I want to thank caller I want to thank Josh and want to thank those who. Almost 500 folks over 500 folks now. Signing the petition contacting Greenville county council and wanna thank the times example into my sponsor give them -- call 2680576. Visit them at times examiner dot com folks we love it. We want to get involved give us a call next week. Tell your friends and neighbors and get out to three mechanic council Tuesday night. Tellem within taxed enough already.