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Nov 5, 2013|

Sales tax increase; Obama care

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    enjoy your list. And I noticed. Last night watching the evening news and a brief sound like. But one the one that there waiting for president Barack Hussein Obama. Speaking to me like The American Legion Angeles convention in Charlotte. And I noticed they've shown precedent finish. His sentence they immediately dropped out. Now without you know typically they wait for the applause. And now we're. Now I know why they drop down that quick. And I'll I'll play this sound like and you'll hear for yourself. Hello how they greetings welcome salutation then midweek Wednesday how low on this to you you're just in time where just getting started. Quickly. day edition of me Bobby electric radio program in the air chair genial host. Rabbit shock jock did president. Of. In the sensitivity university. Where we specialize. In non politically correct steps. Analog to point out to people that under the constitution of the United States know. You don't have a right to not be offended. Great to have you along and as always your input into the program is invited. Encouraged and welcomed here is valued join me today NBA part of the conversation. Just grabbed the phone. Usually Ingles advantage talk line number it is told free from anywhere. And now the number is 80347. 1063. If you prefer to send me a text message. That's perfectly fine as well. That number is 71307. And my email address Bob and WORD. 1063 dot com what that ahead. Put mania. Papers from the body Max stack of 1 o'clock. A busy what time it. Does anybody really know Chicago and nine minutes after three to the calendar pages Leo the. Happy birthday to you if you're celebrating. Guess what maybe 27 day of August put enough money back suggests. And I you share your birthday with Daryl dragon. It was 72. C is the captain. Of the captain Antonio then I think there are getting a divorce. And I thought man who knows. Peewee Herman. Also known as Paul Rubens. Is six feet two years old and a few weeks play out so messed up. I'm Paul. Accurate is 35 picked up his third Emmy for his role as Jesse. On breaking bad that happened on Monday night series is gone now because you awards. Still here and I'm sure got a charitable Actress Chandra Wilson. Is 45 doctor Miranda Bailey. On Grey's Anatomy. Caesar Milan is 45. Ace ace struck him dog Downtown Julie Brown. Is 51 anybody remember you ever downtown Julie a money thing. Remember senator former MTV. Vijay. Now resting comfortably. Under the Iraq of obscurity next to Kennedy. And bill Bellamy. from a world of music Jeff cook Alabama. Is 65 today from the wrestling. A scene. Sergeant salt water is 66 diesel school. WWF. Action figure GI Joseph action figure inventor of the cobra clutch. Actress Barbara block. 67. Today she is they wife of former beatle. Ringo Starr bond fans that's bond James Bond remember her as the bond girl. From the spy who loved Tuesday well old actress is set any wine. who ounces celebrating birthdays that we remember the birthdays of novelist and author. CS Forester. As Horatio horn blower series born in this state and 1899 did you remember now you would remember money if any are not old enough or win now. When Hubert Humphrey. Senator from Minnesota. Was was pushing. For AM presidential. Nomination. He was introduced at the Democratic National Convention and that. And darned if I can remember who won a super. Introduced him now but Hubert Humphrey's name was hit the end which was Hubert H country right. Do you ever was introducing him then and now here is the next president of the United States humor ratio horn blower. And set you running jumper. Well you know the more things change the more they stay the same you don't hear that much anymore but I remember distinctively. When nine Joseph Biden was selected as Obama's running mate. The first time they get an event together and Biden introduced him. Biden and now here is the next president of the United States Barack America. How he yeah. And these are probably best and brightest among us. Born in this state in 190 speaking of Democrats Lyndon Baines Johnson 36 president. Of the United States. 1915. Walter Heller. Economist. Chairman of the council of economic advisors he's the one who suggested. A war on poverty. To president Lyndon Johnson. And he also suggested. Tax cuts to use. Simulate the economy. Always Jimmy Carter. The Oh shouldn't Jimmy Carter. Even better. But it next president of the United States you're issue no lower. Followed by a Barack America. Walter Heller. Was the guy who suggested that LBJ the war on poverty and suggested. Tax cuts to stimulate the economy. I wouldn't survive in today's Democrat party would. No chance. Born on this in 1929 I or eleven. The guy that wrote rose Mary's baby and the boys from Brazil two days to go until the Labor Day weekend. By the way I will not be here well I will be here on Monday on Labor Day. When best of show that money penny he is diligently. Slamming together. And that will be here on Monday. On Tuesday. Vince Will be filling in forming on Wednesday. Carry similar. Will be the guest host and then on Thursday and Friday Tony dale. Will be so we got a wide variety. Of guest house for you next week Sean Hannity I is also taking a few days off. And he's having congressman. and for him. Which. Prompts an idea in my fertile brain may be million on next time I'm gonna go on vacation all said. But maybe I next time we can arrange it you know entry host the show one day have. And by Jeff Duncan hosts a show on even want to have Jim Hosts the show one that would be great. Let's say we can do that. Two days to go to the Labor Day weekend eleven days until grandparents' day fifteen days until the anniversary of September 11. got 23 days until talk like a pirate day maybe. And today in which money won't answer. All the calls will screen all the calls as a pirate including wearing an match. I know it's radio but you know we got to the spirit of the thing. 876. Days the way we count remaining of hopelessness. And chains. back in the day. 1776. The Americans are defeated by the British at the battle of Long Island New York. That's lost a battle in the war 1793. million or robes Pierre. Is elected to the committee of public safety. In Paris France. 1862. As the second. Battle of bull run rages Manassas Virginia confederate soldiers attacked a Loudon county Virginia. 1881. New York State's pure food law goes into effect to prevent the de alteration. Of food or drugs. 1894 the US congress passes an income tax along as part of a general terror affect. But it is found unconstitutional. And 1910 the genius the wizard of Menlo Park Thomas Edison demonstrates the first talking pictures. Using a phonograph in his New Jersey laboratory. 1912. Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan of the first appears in a magazine. 1916. In no way declares war on Germany. 1965. The Beatles hang out with Elvis Presley for three hours. And elvis' rented Beverly Hills mansion Elvis later said he didn't remember meeting them. Today 1967. Brian Epstein manager of The Beatles found dead in his London apartment from an overdose of sleeping pills. 1975. Veronica and Colin scar of England complete. A tandem bicycle ride around the world. 181020. Miles. Wow. 1976. The US open tennis championship bars. 43 year old Rene Richards from competition because she used to be a gut. She's made doctor Richard Raskind. Renee Richards refused to take a chromosome test to prove she was a female. Richard grenade later did play on the women's tour for four years and then coached Martina Navratilova. And 19790. Lord Mountbatten and killed by an IRA I'm Irish Republican Army terrorist bomb. In his sailboat in solely go or is it's like. Ireland. Not sure. I 1982 Rickey Henderson of the Oakland steals four bases and game. Breaking at all Lou brock's record of 118. Steals. In season. He had retired from baseball in 20031984. President Reagan announced a schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe. Would be the first private citizen to fly aboard the space shuttle. Tragically as she died when the challenger shuttle exploded. In January of 86 however teacher Barbara Morgan. Who was McAuliffe's backup. For that flight. Now completed the mission. So to speak by being part of the successful. Endeavor mission in August of 2007. I was on this date in 1990 Stevie Ray Vaughn and members of Eric Clapton's entourage. Died in a helicopter crash. In east Troy Wisconsin where Stevie ray had been playing an event. 1992 John Lennon's handwritten lyrics to a day in my life sell at auction for 87000. Dollars. The news about that 2008 martyrs. Makes its closest approach to earth in nearly 60000. Years passing within 34 million miles. and it was on this date in 2008. Democrats nominate. Barack America I'm sorry Barack Obama for president first African American nominated by a major political party. For the office of president. Of the United States and now leader of the free world and dictator in chief and now whenever I twenty minutes after three I mentioned the president. Giving out the speech. Yesterday at The American Legion convention and they're receiving a out and less than warm reception. Shall I say I will play you the audio and judge for yourself. When we come right back twenty minutes after three now Bobby show why the local this Wednesday here on WORD. 106 story. And guess who in the background. Coming up Humphries 258. Wins the addition show. No time. I'll be on the books attending The American Legion convention in Charlotte yesterday. Had very little time for the president of the united I don't know. Whose brilliant idea in wives. And for anti White House. Two I have President Obama address. The American legion convention without those all those Especially given. All they. Revelations about the problems of the VA. Under his administration. We have a brief excerpt. From the president's remarks. To the veterans at the legion convention in Manhattan queen city of Charlotte yesterday. You'll notice. Conspicuous by its absence. Is any applause. For par the typical platitudes that roll off the president's And and Daniel also noticed they hooked up. The the voice of god. Echo chamber of the reverb on the Mike. Bloomberg a program Group. And went but with the the lack of enthusiastic response but that Barack is used to. And it sounded as if he was giving a speech in an empty airplane hangar. And I hear it here are here's a brief portion of the president's remarks. Yesterday we should never lose site. Our progress as people or the strength of her leadership in the world. No nation does more to help citizens claimed their rights and builder democracies. You'll notice that president keeps pausing. For the applause lines when they write a speech and they put it on the teleprompter. After reach you know little segment they'll put in parentheses. Applause. nation does more to help people. In the far corners of the earth escape poverty and hunger and disease. And realize. Their dignity. Even countries that criticize us when the chips are down they need help they don't call. They call us. That's what American leadership looks like. So why the United States is and will remain he indispensable nation in the world. And that's why I After incredible sacrifice. By so many of our men and women in uniform. We remove more than 140000 troops from Iraq and welcome those troops all through the right thing to do. Well. That's open for debate. As there are many now in Iraq. Who had to contend that not leaving behind some sort of security force. But for political reasons removing all American troops from Iraq cozy promised a that. Hasn't led to well where we are now. Now back to the press. As we go forward will continue to partner whether. Against some other country can never again be used to launch attacks against the United States. Yeah they just don't use their own troops somewhere over their training to kill American generals. Great. An agent should never lose right now our net minus and he. He did get in now little. Pity applause. At the end. The pauses as you heard him there by the way I didn't extend that out. Yeah this is on doctored. The pauses and there are these same land. As in the original video. Although in between. On the president's remarks you can hear. Well. Taken over. Apparently some members of the Allegiant. Are not to. A big fans. Of Barack the first hold a grudge against him maybe because he sent Biden does speak to them last year. And he skipped their convention entirely in 2012 because it would look good to the base. In Illinois go to the Democrat base of the present and after all is honoring. Veterans. Such as those of The American Legion convention itself. Kind of telling. Kind of telling I mean. I'm on the one hand is it allows obvious you know bunch of bunch of Mets are not fond the President Obama they think he looks down his nose of the military and I give self serving platitudes about him but Doug knew and Informix and reduce the level of the army to win in 1940. So not not really stunning but they gave him a cold centric annual manager and how steamed. As thin skinned as this guy is as narcissistic as I wouldn't know I wouldn't want to have them go to around him he re aimed. Whoever suggested he couldn't speak to The American Legion convention. You probably had to go on to the driving range and taken out on some range balls to get rid of the other and 330 years and this time ride back on the other side here on the body Mac show live and local on WORD. 106 there. I think to welcome back 336 now 24 44. Joseph Jackson group. I saw this story you may have seen it joining it was on. Think they did it on GMA and I'm not Good Morning America. Now lady down in Florida called 911 the other day and as she managed to. Lock her ten month old baby in the car. So sheep all 911 for help. But the dispatcher. Said now we can't help yeah unless the a baby is in distress and then hung up owner. The other mom's name is Shannon d.s and her baby's name is Jack. It they all ended well because few minutes later an off duty cop came by. He called 911 again and got another dispatcher. But before the cops came must somebody broke the car window where they wrench. To get the baby out the first dispatchers being disciplined this all happened in Tampa. The police to a police department there is already admitted that was badly handled seriously equipped. I'm from and including excerpts from both. Of the 911 calls that were made in this case so general that. Infant son is blocked or car in the parking lot so hot outside and and concern as somebody come out Eddie. Opened the door. Back to carve out a lot solid evidence of distress. She's a little distraught she she called my whole religion they're not gonna come out they did not distressed. Now on a structure Well sad to say the evidence is right down tape and there was true now there's a couple of things that occur to me about this one of course as is the obvious one. The the lack of response from the 911 operator. Here's here's. The something else that may be. A factor in this and how many times and we played on the show. 911 calls because somebody got. Mustard. They failed to put mustard on their hot dog or Mickey was out of wings. And people work on 911. Our Taco Bell didn't didn't have any I at whatever. I'm sure that if you a 911 operator. Q who. You deal everything. Very frustrating I'm sure can't that. Then again I know when somebody calls in and is in a situation where they do apparently needs some assistance needs some help. Not a not a real good responses at well we'd we'd love to help no a industry as we can do and hang up. On the other hand. On the other hand it it points up. Then we have been inundated with so much nanny state stuff. But now all of the other woman's first reaction just call 911. Because there she's a locked. The baby in the car locked herself out. And here's the here's the other issue of the hood do you know locking your keys in the car leaving the baby and there. But beyond that. How about the sense of personal responsibility and I mean she had a cell phone to to call 911. What is your goal locksmith whitish car dealership. Now you tell me I mean day it did did she do. The right thing calling 911 should she have attempted to do more on her own first. And I'd be into it and hearing him. Where you come down Ingles advantage stock one number is 80347. 1063 and attacks line. Is 7130. Cents. Twenty minutes now before for Bobby show why the local land WL RD 106 theory. Now Glenn fry. They they use this in. Are soundtrack music in the old Miami Vice TV series. You belong in the city. Million there was Obama you belong to the state. Drive and an army national. Quarter before 4 o'clock match up to this story from Tampa. With this this lady that don't want to keys in the car and and the baby ten month old baby was inside and the question. But did besides the obvious warning you know 91 wants and how will have to help yeah. But there's no and you request the a baby isn't distressed. did dad did the woman exhibit enough personal responsibility. And immediately calling 911 or should she have done something else don't see you what do you think about that beginning Judy who has and Simpson Mel hi Jenny and welcome to the club team action. Okay thank you so much yes I would like to comment and that so two point number one. Probably when anyone is faced with say an emergency situation he would seek the quickest. Most available numbers that you could think of or whatever one that. But another point she sounded amazingly calm. Yeah she like I would be you know they would have to Telecom down. India kept repeating. Myself but she the right baby in the car and maybe wish figure out that you get some money here. Beyond that that struck me as well you know if it was me and my ten month old baby is locked in a yeah obviously hot car. In Tampa Florida at that point I'm going to be hyperventilating. You know. Did exactly yes so that's the most my comments. I appreciate it thank you very hubby have a IBM and good afternoon. Richard is on next and he is on his cell phone hello Richard and welcomed by the inaction. My friend let you do so far so good. Where today you are not afraid to go to chick got the difference it's about political actually. Just you can't tell that that's enough. Well it I look. Morrow are now it is bigger difference between a moment that able that you yeah you bet you bet that doesn't kinks that kicks and I. And I'd hit it and help. You know in a situation like there. Factors that eat a lot total real and all of this been going on around the country about interest in children being. In course and begin result stretching. Yeah that's true enough I mean. Sadly. Hardly a summer goes by that we don't have. 23. Or more. Of parental either incompetence or. Something happening that results in a tragedy. Correct so the couple saying it even though you wouldn't lately complex its previous caller. You know it's stated my boat that was directing Barbie Q of to do you know I believe that the number two what do you certainly you. I don't blocks. You know I have sports all Michael to take I have to look at Spain to get there so look. That's what those men and women you know there. Who don't get enough the job they they're the ones desperately civil unrest in this country You know there there and they're police put emergency what the what you look something like yeah you expect the. Yeah that's true enough but that's that's true enough threatened them. The fact that the 911 operators and and I've I've made up habit of using. Some of these calls as the you know as examples of there's no cure for stupid. Of a you know people that. Could call 911. Because their there. Mickey Berger was not cooked to their satisfaction. Do you think the fact that these 911 operators have to put up with so much of that. Contributed to the attitude of this one. What they're under pressure to lecturing calls and they of course lying you know. Receipt was were Tutsis in the to make decisions as well as the officers anywhere is approximately they're responding. So wouldn't after that give them the pinnacle of the doubt looked there were looking into it being re enter H. You know on the difference between these TP COLT NB like to say it will be an eagle wasn't. Did you go say oh yeah let's raise some space are we gonna have to. We'll look at because it was cold comes into big that 110. Until I think cycled out. And Ireland what's anymore it was not in must be taken seriously twice. Or. Yep I agree I agree to call has got to be. Vetted for its authenticity and aunts and its importance or lack thereof. But the idea they they all should be. now and I think very much of the call Richard I appreciate it. Appreciate your thoughts 350. It's ten minutes before for a lot of people on the text line. About this one as well and we'll catch up those and and more of your calls are on the way to. Here on the Mac show why the local this Wednesday on WORG. 106 there. Marsha good call 91 line this car Wednesday. And first things go back. Allowing played right into my real last six minutes away from a 4 o'clock bobbing in the good old days firemen used to come and get the neighborhood cat out of the From my sharing that's true. Bubble lady did the right thing even if she'd already called a locksmith she still need to call 911 why well as a policeman social worker. Or Mac awake that's mother against children locked And a walk by and see that child locked in the car she would've gone to prison for being an unfit mother that's where we are. In today's society speaking of blocks Linda joins me on next year her says that her husband is a locksmith highway and then welcome to the program. Now I read contract you know that that we can't like that every now and then. Odd that things that I found out you know a lot that not all. It that most people don't know reluctant dozens. It's amazing got power but yet made yet on if that's possible for ourselves and our. They have no idea usually well it does that we saw a lot of other things open houses and we re Elop didn't shirk its balance heal your keys you can. You know and give so that you don't have to buy a lot you re seeing them so that it will eat out working to get You know something else just occurred to me in wishing GM. Telling that window and that is so many of the cars now that are new models and the computer chip Kate can you guys actually open those are ones that have the computer chip. Yes we can't. Amanda are the ones that are typical of art that are BMW's. Relay but beyond that the BMW. Was locked it's heat. And not by pushing the button that would three martyrdom or appreciate but now it's our close the door right. cannot be wow. Check out do you not get another cheat and I don't say you know he does she how BMW's. And you won. Holy yeah yeah I guess not not that and they don't know Q. A lot of people don't know but when you lose your tee and you have one of those as a transponder system that is it's programmed into the art if you. Appearance system. He to be program didn't and outside think they're very expensive to get other you know. The dealers not only giving people once he if you want another one charging like under our in my out for sure don't. How much he bumped up if you lose only one you have the out you know it could be pricey proposition. Yup and guess what the dealerships are are or seventy now they're not you know up and take our inform people that starts. And and so people I don't know what it's too late that they ship probably not the 300 dollar down. As they as they say they find out the way that many others learn life's lessons that would be the hard way. That you're gonna thanks for the go and I appreciate it three minutes away from his downtime and a comedian windy. In here she is on her cell highway welcome the program. I'm good thank you. That I make a comment about that and I want to call it the first responsibility. And state pat pat pat didn't eat. I not big on I'm on that you Wendell yeah. Write it and and that's what occurred to me as well I mean but you know we're in this society. They are busy re educating everybody that you don't have to worry about thing that state will take care of all your problems and in a sense. I think this is not maybe him and a marginal way. Kind of symptomatic of that. Now I'm like possibility that all your car dealership later did you ever when. Yeah exactly Gaza is substantially easier replace the window. Obviously than it is the ten month old baby around. My pleasure thank you India appreciate and got time for one more before the news and that is Tara who is in Spartanburg hello Tara and welcomed Michelle. Pinky are you bet. What what's your take on us so well eighteen years to get right to be exact same saying not right old daughter in the car a bullet. And I might want one but I did call our local police station. And take only the same thing they couldn't do anything about it really. Yet I get caught blocs met but it's in his era now are so I we ended up on. Being able to go after it went it would cut hangar and opening. It it's been done to look now in in the older cars. That was a little bit easier to do I don't even know if you can do that in the newer model cars or not. Yeah right out it luckily. I've locked so many things in the car that he had. Well my daughter not the only things that got locked in the. Laughs well hey look necessity is the mother of invention right. Are you alone are are you better are you better added these days than you used today. And then and yeah. I think keep are and well and based on what other lady was just saying whose husband has a locksmith and works in a locksmith company apparently. That's going to be a substantially easier way to do it thank you Gerri appreciate the good luck to you. Going forward. And take a break for the news and then now Rick from the nerve is going to be here with an update on what's happening in Columbia news time 4 o'clock.

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    Brown; CNN; Reporting history; Terrorists


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Good thing you think we needed another nice thing 1% sales tax increase. And even worst economy since the Great Depression. I once it's time. Well we'll know we'll see what happens tonight and connect county school where council meets. Assigned its proposed. Sales tax by 1% -- Be on the ballot next year and if it is on the mountain of course then. Name power structure the people that want to stick their hand through there and your wallet we'll spend a lot of money to convince Kevin. And I don't -- the road. Surprising him and tied -- in the school bus was having trouble. Some standard -- -- look back at the same deal that children. And will see accounting square will be -- -- beer tonight if you wanna be a long ways to demand. That council vote to. This whole business which -- commissioner. Hello how many greetings and welcome salutation is. Huge day do you Monday -- immediate. Oh I -- -- we get under way our number one Bob -- electric radio program in the air chair. Your genial host -- Ravaged shock jock -- whole -- and presidents. Of in sensitivity university. Where are speciality. Is non politically correct studies. I'd like to thank myself. For filling in forming yesterday. Since I. Since I've fouled up this -- I knew that I had to be off. Yesterday because I had a -- minor surgical procedure that needed to be done on my neck. And -- by the way thanks and thanks so much -- a doctor Jacques -- did the surgery for yesterday's sit right there in the office. You know I just no way down on me a surgical table they've put a little pillow under might TomTom. And then I hang my head down so they get to the back in my neck which is no problems bone chips and a bunch of junk floating around in there. So. Doctor Jacques -- send and Terry his nurse. I just you know sliced me up. I yanked to the John couch. And good to go. And I I -- learn something -- she -- after the surgery was completed. Yesterday Terry a doctor Jacques was nurse -- gave me a diet mountain due to drink. I guess so because I'm diabetic and wanna make sure that you know my blood -- okay. That's stuff is good. I never had a diet Mountain Dew who because as you know I mention all the time I'm a pretty much an addict. To my diet Wild Cherry Pepsi to drink of real men. It but the the diet to a Mountain -- it's pretty darn good I can see why junior. Promotes and stuff on the side of -- -- well I know I know -- -- promoted on the side of his NASCAR vehicle because. It's is really a game doesn't against small lot of money spent to do I'm not perfectly get to a bit anyway thanks everybody for the swift and out and efficient and and I believe. Not completely successful. Completion of these surgical procedure yesterday. It's partly -- the doc was getting ready to hunt and slice. Take the scalpel to the line Mac in my neck and he settled this is handing. And I said it would set and of course my facials -- -- 'cause I was into a hello anyway so all or truck and he said -- there's there's a lot. And there's a crease right during election I can just sliced right through there and as of -- I'm so happy for. But it went fine it you know an hour and a half and then that was into all of -- all the junk scraped out of there and I'm good to go. All right to the calendar pages we overdid it. Happy birthday to you here celebrating. Today what the heck is -- the fifth of November. -- I -- management Bryan Adams singer summer of 6950. Is 54. Today. Actor Sam Rockwell's. It's 45 Justin hammer and Iron Man two and a bunch of movies. It was enough confessions of a dangerous mind that thing about it -- -- the green mile Charlie's Angels. Galaxy -- have you ever seen many good ABC galaxy quest gets this money into. It isn't. Judy rail system -- is 46 plays -- on Scruggs okay I'll take the report. Tatum O'Neal is fifty former child star former mrs. John McEnroe. Hates getting hit on by her dad at funerals. You heard that story Ryan O'Neal is blitz and hit on his daughter did realize it. Yeah that's when you know you've gone through is also the youngest Oscar winner ever. At the ripe old age of spin that she won me back. Supporting actress Oscar for a paper move. As way back in 1974. How do you pronounce this funky. -- There right actress 49 -- next -- And was we in nations ex wife in -- taken. Movies that's a name I've never seen before funky FA MKE. Tilda Swinton -- another near weird -- 53 today she was the white rich. In The Chronicles of Narnia Robert Patrick is 55 the evil T 1000. In terminator two holes -- distinction of being the only actor to have been killed on screen in. By all three planet Hollywood founders. He was killed by Bruce Willis in die hard two he was killed by Sylvester Stallone in cop land and by on old. In 92. So distinction. Chris Jenner over lower down the Kardashians is 58. Under then get divorced yeah. Bill Walton basketball great is 61. -- She government direct 64 he played principal Snyder. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm Montel Peter -- Herman of -- permits is 66. Sam Sheppard. Is 78. Chuck Yeager in the right stuff. Actress -- summer 73 Art Garfunkel 72. We remember in memorial Ike Turner. Ike and Tina Turner would have been 82. And now Roy rogers' board in the state in 1911 and -- Prius actress Vivien Leigh. I've gone with the wind -- the state in 1913 23 days to go until Thanksgiving. Fifteen days until Christmas 1172. -- lying days remaining. A hopeless change back in the day. 1872. Susan B. Anthony was find a hundred dollars for voting in a presidential election women weren't allowed to. At that time she voted for Ulysses S. Grant you one I should never paid the fine women weren't legally allowed to vote until 1920. 1895. George B cell then of Rochester New York received the first United States patent for. And automobile. He later sold the rights for 200000 dollars. Which in those days as much money. 1911 cal breath from Rodgers completed the first US coast to coast flight. Flying a right by point and took -- 49 days. Or about as long as it takes you these days if you're flying delta. -- now on because he crashed. Nineteen times he had a train at the followed him with spare parts so when something went wrong -- patch it up and keep form. I could have been a Russian away he has a plan B. Always on the fullback position at the risk. 1935. They monopoly game introduced by the Parker Brothers company 1940. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt won an unprecedented. Third term in office after his fourth a constitutional amendment was passed limiting presidents to two terms. 58 years ago today in 1955. The first FEM stereo broadcast. Was made on radio. 1974. LAT Grasso. Elected governor of Connecticut. Becoming the first woman to win a gubernatorial office without. Succeeding her husband. 1977. George W. Bush married schoolteacher Laura Welch today -- 36. Wedding anniversary. 1994. At the age of 45. George Foreman yes the -- guy. But came boxing's oldest heavyweight champ he knocked out Michael Moorer. Not Michael Moore that one would have that I would have taken even last night in the tenth round. Of their WBA flight and it was on this date. Tragically in 2009. US army psychiatrist major. Nadal Hasan killed thirteen and wounded 43. In a terrorist attack at Fort Hood Texas it was the worst mass shooting ever at a US military installation. Supposedly of course that wasn't. Jihad that was an Islamic terrorism. That was workplace violence. Were told by the Pentagon. -- to the phones at a sixteen after three my body Kerry camp where from rhino on. -- on the phone I'm sure to. Encourage folks as I did in the beginning of the program to come down academy square tonight and express your feelings to county council you know if you think that a 1% sales tax hike is a good thing wolf well. -- -- I'll go and tell the council that as well but if you think that in this economic environment. Then a 1% sales tax increase is not such a brilliant stroke of genius. I'm pleased element to welcome here. Actually Bobby I -- my main purpose. Calling you today it is to express our sincere. Gratitude. To rescue vessel to you do. To -- -- war before helping us make the people the taxpayers. Aware of what is going all. Well. -- -- -- turn that right back around on you because much of the the research and information. That that we integrate into our discussions about this come from from your work so thank you. Well it's been my pleasure I truly feel it's my duty. The policy -- -- -- bureau counts manager today they're the -- or the II express two home that. You know what makes the upstate of South Carolina. So much different politically. And so he -- country. The fact that we have to be a warranty we would not be. Are the conservatives. Even that the county without you to -- some of the universe that that -- this this county -- ideas. In the poverty for that I am I'm very much are Grateful Dead and I thank you. Could Gary appreciate that you could kind words and now. I guess it's it's another example that -- us live on local is more than just a slogan. Absolutely it is it quite obviously it is Clinton. You get looked fantastic job and yes Soledad I -- -- to do -- talks to somehow so. You know the -- candidate to YouTube for the statistics. -- -- is gonna cost the average family two. 300 dollars a year or an additional actions. I'm not you know -- if -- if folks for a while didn't he get the rookie to -- 300 dollars just for show enough to -- it. At county council -- up six. I wonder how many people would come out there to pick up -- 300 dollars. Well and that's and that's exactly what they'll be doing if if this proposal to create this commission. And stands and it does going -- does end up going on the ballot next year because. You are of the opinion and I'm inclined to agree that if it is on the ballot that. They're a powerful forces that'll put tons of money behind it and -- get a pass a pretty much be a foregone conclusion. Absolutely I do agree with that all the in -- And I don't take it anymore of your valuable airtime I just want to have to have one last -- encouragement also. The folks who wouldn't want to come and king -- you can still. Go -- no tax hike. Best seat dot com and you can -- Shouldn't jerk on the council member stadium an email let -- know how you feel so if you can't come I understand the least at least do your part. In contacting bill and let nobody out. Gary appreciate it very much again. What -- would you recommend to show up down their 5 o'clock and counties where similar round there. Yes sir. There are my understanding -- if you want China to speak to the county council. You need to be there around -- -- -- corporation will go quickly. Our understanding is that you won't be given two minutes to speak and I believe it's a great oval up twenty minutes or. A public input so it is even attempted. Based on not twenty minutes about it but three. -- dozen people. In the -- and we -- -- does have the party Cuba to change no matter what either that or whatever are there are. You know even if you cannot seek even if you don't want to speak. Should we have a -- warm bodies that are should just update. You bet where do you think. They showed I MI correct in thinking -- the final vote last time to go forward with creating the commission was eight to four. Is that is that right. There -- some confusion moment probably know I I still believe that the that the Pope was. That in fact -- there was some confusion. But you know it's it's entirely possible there are no guarantees it is entirely possible that. The number of folks that are reached out to their county council members. Could very well actually some -- But we can't give -- we've really we've not we've got to show up and let them -- Malik. Our end and you know we we. If we -- much. -- You know what should cheer -- are all about which which council members need to be replenished. But there are actually right now -- this is it was a battle but she'll be warmed. We have the folks that take advantage of -- form a government that are Albers gave us which is representative republic not a democracy. Our end and let them -- that this is I look at us. Perry appreciate the the heavy lifting that you've done on this issue and them were were happy to to be able to keep people in the upstate informed about. How their money potentially could be spent on one think ended up. To avoid having the council reach even deeper into people's. Wallets and purses thanks on Gerri appreciate you. You you -- and Harry show by the way is going to be on a special time this week. Typically he is on an 8 o'clock on Saturday. But we have -- a couple of college football games where this week -- Nebraska Michigan starting at three -- show conservative voice will be on right after that. A somewhere in the range of 630. Is what we're thinking and then now we'll have the LSU Alabama game after -- should also going to be big weekend here 22 minutes entrants are we can't take a quick break here. And then we'll come right back however. We issued this stern reminder kids that dial. You'll have to live with that decision for the rest of you were right so there you go right back 23 now laughter. And young and. My all time favorite pieces of music a little intervention. Reminiscing. The -- after three balmy night. Program much to talk a mountain. In the obamacare business today and not enough. -- -- president of the United States wants to lied to the American people who willfully. Misleading them. Now they topped one Lyle tumbled another loan or -- and you can't help -- -- Alex was anything even if it hasn't changed a lot. Never wants. Did they say that I guess you know they think we're not paying any attention at all out here. Will will come back. Captain to -- and discussing more as the into the program progresses and sent him a first of all I ran a truck ran across this story today. And now I had this year and we hear from the file that we like to call. You. I guess. A a high percentage of people and at one time or another. Have been what sort I'm here for over sir. To the -- to the point where you wake up the next morning you're not quite sure what happened. However. I believe it's probably -- I'm probably safe and in speculating that no matter how. Over served slash drunk. You may have been and you had never gotten so drunk. That you woke up on a small mysterious island with no idea how you got. But. As they -- knew what happened to Stephen Coffey. Of Charleston. He would have been better off drinking -- names like 35 year old guy Saturday night. Drank so much and he decided it was a real good idea to take a quick -- Through freezing water to -- tiny island in the middle of a river. Drama island. -- than it is right in and in the middle and it's out in the Cooper river. In Charleston right. So we -- win there then passed out. Runners. Were out as they like to do early in the morning on Sunday. And spotted him called the cops when rescue crews got to him he was. This orient it. And had no idea how he'd gotten in the night. She is. He was hospitalized. Didn't get any severe injuries or problems because she's no you can't hurt drunk. Pretty impressive considering how drunk he was and how cold water was he is not facing any criminal charges. The worst derelict could've gotten behind the wheel of the car. -- She these implied swim out the drama island in the middle of the Cooper river. That sounds like some movie plot you know where. People are kidnapped and hunted for sport -- -- weird. AG's but apparently have no permanent damage why don't have the feeling -- that we may hear from Steve and hope it again. -- at some point. Hope not this statement now straighten -- fly right by 331 is news I'm right back on the other side here on the bombing Mac show why the local on WORD. 106 there. Speaking on night Jack. Just hear. -- called me last week. They're doing some. -- TV stations always do. Specialty things during a sweeps period when you do and raining and November's reading. Silva. Don't mind the way you hearts and and -- crazy on you. Jack coming into work we're doing this thing where I'm. Going down -- my area my bucket list of things that I like to do fly a plane. Rope a giraffe. Arm wrestle Barack Obama and -- budget -- step one of the things on his bucket list. Was -- being a radio talk show host. And so he said cannot impose on you rule. 200 to cross this off my bucket list coming in NB a radio talk show host for a few minutes Monday and -- a share. Come on and so not on this Friday's free for all the next Friday. On the free for all. Jack roper will be making his debut. Or -- as the case may be. SA radio talk show host a money penny so heads up for that -- you know TV cameras in the studios and and the whole nine -- two of those -- thanks impatiently waiting cliff. Is -- next -- he's in Malden high cliff and welcome to the program. And I'm delighted and very much thank you and thanks. Our company's first you know but I -- one of the main -- all volunteer was to trade target but how were away from the insurance companies. And Puerto -- -- government sort of government run every. My question there's. Why don't the insurance companies like root cause Belushi it'll. They had not met light. Why don't vote guys get together and just. Like -- they're all saying well for the people and get involved with the governor and all and just keep people optional gold through that. And not have let Obama care at all. That's it's a fair question. They have the answer is of course. They are regulated. By the federal government so. They don't have the power to do that in fact they have even less than they used to because as Limbaugh said you know these guys essentially went along. With the supporting the passage of obamacare ostensibly on the idea that they get a bunch of new customer right now of course. Now we find ourselves in the present situation there was this a news story at the in forum. Dot com web site last week the Obama administration asked north Dakota's largest health insurer. Which happens to be blue cross blue shield. Not to publicize how many people had signed up for health insurance through their online exchange so -- they're they're they're putting. They're putting the gruesome these guys talent don't you know don't don't let people know how bad -- really us. At this point it seems like to know they're getting pushed out of business. And the only way to you know to save themselves those two put himself back in the day and maybe I lower the premiums and elsewhere. They've -- -- that a little bit financially but in the end. Guilty of -- and maybe you know get -- -- -- would Obama pick Clinton essentially. You know the people they insulated not gonna work well it worked any. Sharon and I see what you're saying and I think you know that would that would be a good idea of the problem here again is the regulatory control. Of the Obama administration because written in two obamacare. Arm minimum requirements for instance Imus 67 year old guy. I probably don't need a mammogram. Or pregnancy insurance. But with the insurance company has to offer those things anyway. There and and that's part of the problem that's why Obama gives this bogus description of these. What he calls sub standard plans while they weren't sub standard for many Americans like did exactly the way it's. Well liked it it's official now that. Obama has edged -- and daughters being -- the worst. -- US -- so far back in the dust that the Georgia peanut farmers not even that doesn't. Thank you thank you glad I appreciate god I wish we could I mean there are a lot of simpler ways. To accomplish helping people with with health care. Then out then then obamacare and of course it's not a -- healthcare that's clipboard and it's about government control of 16 of the economy. And something that's vitally important to most Americans and their families mental health care. 341 it's nineteen minutes now before four. -- Yeah. -- hippie rock and roll in the background includes Springfield. Rock N roll yeah. 346. Now 14 before 4 o'clock I -- Mac program. In on me a text line 71307. Bob we're glad you're okay we were worried name. Had gotten to you by the way do you have any food taster. Yeah I do as a matter factor in my Davey O'Brien takes an awful except the meat because she's a venture. Bob Lemmon -- Mountain -- is great but it's super loaded with caffeine who needs Red -- About the Bob Bob -- my fifty somethings I go to -- crew go to if you go to awake a creek -- -- other sources of water. I have yet to see. In real life forms crawling out of the slime. Becoming apes. And then -- Major. Bob do you think the liberal leftist -- dimmer helps lacked critical thinking skills could read. Above them hey Bobby thanks for the plug Joseph the Pepsi -- Yeah dye mound is a Pepsi product at Bobby Mack the Fort Hood shooter asked to have his crime cult. Workplace violence instead of a Jihad. Because of these 77 virgins. With the Jihad they also come with 77 mothers in law from -- that would be a problem. Bump up. Oh yes and -- when Bobby -- county councilman -- Taylor was kind enough to return my call. Left a message with my secretary and said they were not voting on a sales tax increase tonight. He knows when I meant and it sounded like semantics. To me. About the insurance bobbitt's -- gender neutral insurance. After all you know you gotta be politically correct. Laugh out loud these twits Kilmeny. Bob I think the Republicans are missing a golden opportunity to introduce a replacement plan. For obamacare -- all these problems becoming evident the Republicans have done hold up a plan and say look we have a solution and it would be bipartisan. And a lot of Democrats are running away from Obama and Obama care of those certainly that don't face an election a year from now. I'm most concerned about two opposing us bring in Dan who is in a Simpson belt hello Dan and welcome to the bread. -- are arguing that I'm doing good thank senator. Via an area that was. Durbin that would -- about. Noticed that you you would normally felt like you didn't love it -- -- Burton. One would do it though there -- I don't aren't they're I didn't fall. But that didn't help that he. To show is now a rough economy is on everybody's era. Yeah I mean -- mom or multiple didn't hello imagine you know. Sure what. We're gonna get. Well. -- -- and I don't know DMZ the story in the the Greenville daily worker. On Sunday -- was all about the homeless in the upstate and had as one idea. The people that they selected to show a woman who was I think living under a bridge somewhere and talk about how she was -- peavy -- -- She's a pop panel and a cigarette you know -- -- okay all right great. Well I'm not here eventually those no different than those in Europe and we've got -- they've been very. And you know what -- -- five minute that it. North into the establishment I have to I'm not very politely ask my big -- you you taking BP. We couldn't serve -- the walk and -- And there was Norton -- from all natural products and everything else that people. We hear -- you don't tax payers money aimed to benefit benefit your business. And he -- both oh didn't help I understand now that you know hell. Well. It's -- why didn't go out and have a nice on the taxpayers. Their question. I don't think that it and then what was his response. Our he had absolutely no response that I got to let you know I have a night Dan I don't out so well I think I think one thing that we can do. They're at their their -- do. Appropriate name like that you protests opened -- up why or. -- the way it is easy team and say look that's -- -- -- bear don't do small boat you're establishment. Bright. Bright that I -- because I mean him that people can. But essentially vote -- their feet. And -- didn't look like that they're not going to like auto parts stores independent though during an up and they're taking BP. Yeah I know -- it's this crazy it's crazy I mean now they've they've expanded it. So much an expanded so much of what you can buy -- the money penny can you buying out alcohol. When the BC can't buy alcohol was from the basket can you buy cigarettes. Can't buy cigarettes -- what I thought. You're being provoked or anything that is that is cooked and prepared right the end it has to be creepy -- Adam. Like -- zip blocks images -- you out some of the coolers writings energy drinks can varieties. -- them anything that's packaged already right that's pre made it you can match play by all the junk you want. -- -- that's that's you know it's it's just crazy you know and and you see some of the headlines about the government waste. I got a couple on the right here -- yes. IRS -- illegal immigrants. Four point two billion dollars while stalling tea parties who were seeking non nonprofit status. Here's another one IRS -- on 132 billion dollars in bogus tax credits. Over the last decade so I mean you know but the level of waste is so out of control. And yet the treasury is bringing in more money than they've ever had but as you and I. Understand all too well. When you spend more than your Macon. You're going to be in the hole. -- -- It's crazy not gonna work now what they're worth and income Papa Murphy's what's the name of the vice. -- -- -- little -- is just it just struck me that in Al. It is usually you know you expect to hear some sort of Italian name. Associate to it and do the best of my knowledge no mercy. And correct me if I'm rob Murphy is not a name that you would find of Italian extraction. -- -- Yes sir thanks for the gold and I appreciated 353 at seven minutes now before four. I already here we go time again for another code word in the wind Christmas cash. On word contest here is this -- code word. It is finance. That's finance. If 5 am -- easier me to say. FI and AE NCB. Okay. Finance all you have to do now is go to news radio WORD dot com slash cash and enter that code word. To be eligible to win a thousand dollars winner selected randomly from all national entries received. Again this -- code word is finance. Go to -- area. -- Get a winner out of this one. And take a break get our number one is it -- passed on the other side we struggled without notification. Here in South Carolina and how you can learn more about that tonight. During green and try to stay right there back after the news which begins now sport club.