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Conservative Voice 11-9-13

Nov 9, 2013|

With guest Harley Staten

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Good evening Greenville. Spartanburg and -- South Carolina -- -- conservative voice with its. Very careful. Let me just never quite know. And conservative -- is gonna pop bowyer radio dial we just scheme seemed to move around business beneath that. Require. Well folks. A good looking forward to him to action for several reasons. One of which is towards the second half of the show were gonna spend quite a bit of time talking about. The largest tax increase in Greenville county history that is not. So anyhow we'll get you pumped up for that I wanna hear some calls command tonight let us know what you feel about the victory that we had over. Defeating the largest tax increasing -- history 65 million dollars of your money that you get keeping your bank accounts -- the the county -- bank account. But before we even get to that I have got a guest in studio with me tonight I'm proud to have to bring on. Harley Staten. He is a candidate for South Carolina house district by Abbott and Pickens County were able to -- on the air here in just -- second. -- -- give either call in numbers it's 2329673. Or 574. 9673. And before we even do any of the our callers or anything else Obama -- to you again about tonight's sponsor yes tonight's sponsor is the times examiner. Now Bob -- overtimes examiner has told me recently that it's quite obvious that folks that are listening to the show. Are calling him home and subscribing and that's wonderful. We appreciate that end I hope that there are some callers or listeners tonight. That that have not experienced the times examiner that we'll take advantage of that and I hope they'll give mr. bill call over the air. And become a subscriber. It's a lot cheaper then the tax rate the tax hike that the accounting was gonna give us. And you know it was the times examiner that broke the story about this sales tax increase. But I want to take a second. Then talk about the times examiner and a whole new aspect. There are some business owners out there that are struggling I know them I -- some level personally. You can't afford to advertise on W warranty you can't afford to advertise. In the the local. Mainstream newspaper. You know parlay -- years ago I took out a help wanted ad. For a position that I had opened. It ran on a Friday Saturday and Sunday in -- -- to cost me 900 dollars to -- help warn that while it's incredible. So I wanna talk to you business owners for second you have got a business you're trying to attract. Customers. Folks that are willing to patronize your business. Obviously if you listen to Debbie Doherty youth support conservative issues conservative calls us. You'll get a bigger bang for your buck. By advertising. With the times examiner then you will for any other form of advertising. A dollar for dollar. It is extremely cheap an extremely effective because of folks that subscribe to the times examiner. They're they're conservative folks and they want to spend their money with a conservative business so how would you be the number. If you own -- business and you need more customers. Don't we all. We'll call of their times examiner to 680576. That number idea and is 26805. 76. Or UK and get in touch with them through times examiner dot com. Ball in times examiner thank you want to be on for sponsoring. Conservative voice if you're a business out there in you would like to sponsor conservative voice. Give me a call get -- you know call me off the air called me on the air I don't care it doesn't matter. The -- the other lots of ways to get in touch with me you can do a conservative voice. -- the web site for conservative voice. You can call me on my cell number even 31386153138615. Two right now I wanna go we have because our shows a little scrambled today. We will go to a break at the top of the hour. For a the other top of the hour news but -- right now we've got a few minutes about roughly ten minutes not wanna get right to my guest tonight. -- -- First of all. Partly how could you not support. A name why Carly it's all American it is you know I -- You -- you know -- I wanna go to Colombia on a Harley -- the so you know having a Harley that we could send to Columbia. And it just seems like a really good idea so Harley welcome to conservative voice thank you for coming in tonight. Onshore that your name is a new name to a lot of folks this and so our wallets just start out tonight -- little bit about yourself. It you know -- just turn -- over to you and try to make you feel little well. The cut the credit finance as the last thing is actually state. So it actually kind of gives a little more political spin on his yeah hardly -- -- Little about me as you can tell I'm sort of the different specimen -- the average person that strives to go to Columbia I'm only 22 years old. I'll be turning. 23. In December. Actually three days before I get married to my lovely fiancee fantastic so. But for the most part. I religiously I really wanted to change bright and Pickens County. Hasn't had a voice they haven't had the the initiative the person that stand -- person I'm running as his name is still balance how he is like you said I'm running for the state house district five. And he has not had a challenger in eleven years -- and eleven years ago was his very first primary for that seat so I will be his first challenger. In this whole time period and I felt that this was seat that I can go for this -- -- that I could take in this was -- that I can make the most difference with right. If people wanna know even more the best thing to do is. The website it's www. Harley -- dot com. That has any updates -- in regards to campaign it has our -- Twitter feed from my campaign's Twitter account. It also has an issue section emotional personality issues I'm sure we'll get in the Somalia and a little bit. And one thing it really has that we need most is is -- the donate button right and that's something that. Can really make directed campaign -- absolutely the luckily for us we. Are in the town where. The primaries only and how about 4000 voters right. So our goal -- obviously 2001 yes. If even if the percentages round of 50% as long as I have more votes right that's that's the main goal. And really just getting into maybe about the 101000 to 151000 dollar fund -- range right if we can get into that. We know we can win right and that's that's the main goal is to win right absolutely. Well and I'm sure you also have a FaceBook page we do. It is FaceBook dot com slash Harley staying for South Carolina house district five -- it currently has about a 170 lights and keeps growing by the day -- it's awesome. Yeah absolutely. And you know of course you can you can always just log onto FaceBook and just put -- straightened. In that search box up at the top then in your your name and pictures -- pop up exactly folks. You know I'd highly encourage you just you know checked checking out -- become a FaceBook friend like his page. These types of things seem rather. Monday. But they actually mean a great deal so anyhow what Harley. What made you decide to run for political office owning your your 242 almost 43 years old. You know -- Obviously you're you're engaged figured you know out chasing the girls. But usually somebody in your age group. They're the most of them are not thinking about running for political office. So. What what pushed you over the edge what what caused -- to have to become a candidate for office. Willie Evans and -- thinking about running for office it stems last year but I didn't actually decide on running for a steak house seat until. About January this year. Really what the thing that got me the most was I was sitting home and I did well a lot of people did Alice sharing stuff on FaceBook I was putting stuff on Twitter. And I didn't feel like I was making the difference by news that -- all my friends knew my political views sure I was in a changing -- entry into the -- exactly. And what really shut me off says I I kept telling myself whether it was forced state -- CO whether it's for the nationals. Anything I kept saying -- somebody needs to run some -- around that I can put my support behind right. And really there was no one there now. And I can't tell myself somebody's there -- -- running as a run and one day is coming I -- why can't I do that you know why can't I -- I trust my -- -- And I feel that my views can really help say to South Carolina you know. And I told myself well. I'm not gonna sit here and do nothing I'm not gonna wait for the next person I come I want to be the one. Thank you start the change -- I want to be the one that can help citizens. In every category to get Columbia out of the way so everyone else can live their life whether it's. Personal or financially as free as possible deal. It how long has sort of representative Owens. -- in the seat. In June which is when the primary will be of next year 2014 that will be his twelfth year twelve years he's currently in eleventh so. Once the primary comes in June it'll be his twelfth year. They'll -- -- if I think it's a fair statement to say that the during the last twelve years. South Carolina State government has grown exponentially. More of our money continues to go to Columbia. Hum. We're seen harder times. Yeah tackle and you know maybe folks it's might just be time for change. It it's speaking of change on. What what would you do or how would you represent. District five differently. Then then what represented -- -- is currently. Represented. A big thing that really got me going and geared toward a house he was the fact that Owens was very inactive. He was basically just being -- place holder -- he didn't have any challenges he's continuing to run and he became a place holder. He's one of the represented is that he is. County delegation meeting at the first of the year is enough for him and he doesn't feel that need to get connected with the voters he doesn't have. The town halls and Q&A sessions that you can be seated good politicians have yeah. He he's just not there he's become. Like I said earlier place holder you know somebody set in stone dead hasn't. Hasn't changed anything right he was put in there and he continued to be a big spender. Like the rest of the biggest county delegation was right and I saw myself like I can be that change I can meet fiscal responsibility that the state needs right. Well you know speaking of a town halls and such you've hit on a good point. You know it's amazing that. The representatives the state senators. Even congressman. And US senators. Those that. Don't have anything to be ashamed of throughout the summer. Have held town halls and many of on the poll held multiple town halls -- But it's it's really. Quite telling when you have an elected official. Who does not want to hear. From the people that they were present as well it's a perfect example of that is Tim Scott Lindsey Graham absolutely Tim Scott had at least one town hall and every county in South Carolina. While Lindsey Graham spent the offseason in Egypt's via what he let that take that back as Lance to ground Graham. Did a televised town hall first forgive me for the FB IL is out where he could tell us what you know how conservative he is so. You know -- as it will probably have to wrap up with your answer to this question. We've got about a minute and a half. I ask every elected official and every candidate running for office this one question I may forget to ask him some others but this is one question. That just means a lot to me Harley can you -- -- to me what is the difference. Between a representative republic. In a democracy. Deal argue the more clear this gets to me in a democracy. It's basically mob rule in -- 70% wants to. Take out the other 30%. And moxie that happened in a democracy you can vote your way. Into money or say when it comes -- handouts and other gifts that they whether it's federal or state government. And that's how we get axes one of these scenarios that have right here for every one dollar South Carolina since the DC. They get a dollar -- 92 back right so that means that we're eight cents away. From doubling what we give out which means we are only increasing our -- severely yeah that's resulted democracy give you with. The other represented -- republic exactly -- this. You have representatives that you put in place. And they're supposed to stand by the constitution for you have the the constitution is mostly a barrier in this scenario move the constitution is suppose to keep that away from me and a -- in a representative republic. That's what happens rights and democracy that's not what. It's got -- in you know the way I always tried to get this point across it is in a democracy. 51% of the people make all the rules 51% of the people -- Herman what freedoms should you have. But in a representative republic if your freedoms are inalienable and it doesn't matter. What the majority want. The representation is there to protect you from the majority exactly. Hope you hear our music folks you know what that means it means it's time for a -- it's a little bit strange for me people want to break. At the top of the hour and coming back after -- that's exactly what we're gonna do I'd like to hear from you it. 2329673. Or 57496. And three -- or her area. This is Terry came through with conservative voice. We have -- state and candidate for a lot of house district I didn't come back with us on the other side of Fox News in the. We look forward to your calls. And welcome back to conservative voice figures circular. In studio guest tonight. -- -- Who is a candidate for South Carolina house district five. And before I forget to to mention it this coming Friday. We're gonna have a next Ryan yeah. It's Hampton boulevard in Greenville that meeting we'll start at 6 o'clock everyone in there in the listening audiences invited to come to the meeting. If you wanna meet Harley face to face. And ask him questions face to face that's will be a great opportunity this coming Friday night because Harley is going to be at the round of not meeting. A meeting where few. Politicians fear to tread. Because quite mostly they can't stand the heat exactly. You know. I I lit by a motto that first person told me this or that I heard site it was my friend actually Landis from South Carolina policy council. And I quickly adopted it and that is we need to stop treating politicians like celebrities. And start treating them like the employees that they York exactly in an all too often we put these people up on a pedestal. And we pretend that they can't do any thing wrong. In if they do you do something wrong we excuse that we ignore it we pretend it never happened. Because we want to have access. To these politicians will let me tell you some folks. Harry -- border doesn't care whether he has access to politicians. Very -- wants to be effective in getting politicians to do the right things. And you know getting invited to their stories in the governor's mansion. For Christmas dinner. You don't get things done. When that happens you become their puppet and done. I'm not a puppet and I can already tell just from the edge of the amount of time that we spent together. Even prior to tonight show. -- is not will be a puppet so while we're gonna jump right back in with -- if you wanna ask a question. On the subject or any other subject. 2329673. And 5749673. Is how you get in touch with us here conservative voice. -- we're gonna jump right back into questions because. Well it's the only way we're gonna get to know who you are the end in. What your philosophy it's bring them on all right. I I think we ended with how would you represented the district differently in him one of the key things that I got from your response was. But you want to stay in touch with the people that you were present. In in one of the many ways that you would be able to do that is by having town hall type meetings. How about something that is a simple as. Would you may be available to your constituents about telephone. Of course you know it's amazing you know because our reach out to elected officials quite frequently between rhino hunt and conservative voice. And it's amazing that in a similar to the ones that'll do town -- -- the -- -- actually answer their phone and the ones that don't do town halls are the ones that. You have to leave a voicemail if it's not full. And you never get a phone call back -- so while that's that's good to hear I keep my phone number on the website absolutely easy access. What's the number one thing that you'd like to see changed in South Carolina and there's probably Clooney in in if you've got to talk about more than one that's fine but what what would you like to see done different. In our state. Well it it's like you said there's a ton of places like at star. Since we're on the subject of the tax hike -- -- -- narrow it down to Texas. One thing that it's out in one thing is South Carolina -- worse than the people it's businesses -- -- and that's that's that's very evident. -- It starts with the tax climate and that is where it. You make or break a business right because if it does start up causes for the all the taxes are too much. And then running your business if you're getting eat out with taxes. And you don't have that profit your business is gonna fail right we don't want that to happen granted failure. Is a product of capitalism. Shore because capitalism has an up and down market -- It's a learning process exactly but you don't want the government to be in the way of that prospects you if it's -- business is gonna fail. It's gonna fail on its own at the business is gonna succeed. It's gonna succeed on its own you don't wanna give these big corporation these giant tax breaks exact and leave mom and pop out who can't come. And hire lobbyists or can't leave -- four day may go -- the Columbia and beg for a tax break right we don't need to treat these big businesses. On a better level that we do the regular once just because they can't afford this. And that's one thing that kind of really. Stood out win you mentioned South Carolina policy counsel I loved the South Carolina policy counsel to get a ton of information from them. And I love reading all their articles and one thing that they have taught me. Is that. We're not very good when it comes of the tax climate the Tax Foundation has a state business tax climate index. South Carolina's currently 36. On that index which is not that is in the bottom does something to brag about it's not. And interesting enough and one thing I'd like deceit on the South Carolina is kind of what was on -- North Carolina. North Carolina was behind us at 44 mean. But in one legislative year by pole vaulted they jump to seventy you know and it was easy stuff that was done. And when I say say business tax climate index edged judged on personal and corporate income taxes. Your sales. Unemployment insurance and property taxes. And what North Carolina did. They had a personal income tax those anywhere from 6% to seven point 75%. Well they did was they got rid of that and they made a five point 75%. Flat tax. For personal income which is great I'm in favor of a flat tax right I think it's great. Another thing they did was they brought their corporate income tax down by a lot. Six point 9%. Down 5%. And the revenue is right they're gonna knock it down a 3% in 2017. Right. And as some other little small things they did that cop there are cops caps they're gas tax. And also eliminated the death tax write which is unnecessary and really inappropriate -- yeah so that just small things like that won't. One of the things that that just really gets under my asking him is anybody who follows and in hasn't of basic understanding. Realizes that there are more jobs created by small business. Than any other height of business. And yet in South Carolina small business. Basically carries the burden of taxes. So that our state legislature. And yes our governor can go out and promote giving tax incentives tax breaks. To. Large business now I don't have any problem with large business coming into South Carolina welcome to South Carolina I don't care if you're -- or BMW or any other large business. But folks shouldn't. You know the moment -- let's try and run a convenience store or. You know some small business. Shouldn't get a break as well. I mean. Why is it that that small business Hester carried the burden. For large business what you do for one you should do for all -- you know it's almost like the grass -- how we have to carry the water. For the Republican Party. Because -- about doing the things that the party itself should be doing. But doesn't have the courage the fortitude that the desire or the ability to do. So we have to carry that burden for the don't small business seems to have to carry the burden this -- taxes. When it comes to large corporations. If we cut the corporate income tax in the state of South Carolina it was key 250. Million dollars a year. In the private sector yeah and the private sector is where the creativity and where the growth comes from that's that's where they're gonna take that 250. They're gonna reinvest that they're gonna expand business they're gonna hire more employees they may be able to give some raises something that most people haven't heard anything about raising. And -- they're talking about self rising flour you know the -- gonna raise. But you know. This isn't gonna happen as long as we keep. Not a shackle around small business. And in and we and we do something to fix this tax cut and the represented -- I'm running against Phil Owens voted to give the 120 million dollar. Panned out to -- don't you know. Very few representatives and senators actually voted against that in mind was one of the one that voted for -- absolutely. Look this that this will be a hard question or at least it and it would be a hard question for most politicians but I doubt that'll be a hard question for you. We know that in South Carolina the governor has virtually no authority in what she wants to call out the National Guard. There's not much the governor can do. It except go out and with a pair of scissors and cut yellow ribbons and take credit for creating jobs. Which she didn't create. That was our tax dollars that created those jobs. But we do have a very powerful state legislature. Both house and senate one of the most powerful and arguably the most powerful state legislature in the entire United States. Well when you start talking about that power structure. One of the key players in that is the speaker of the house. Speaker Harrell has been known to. Let's just say discipline. Members of the house that get out of a lion in actually tried to. Represent true conservative. Government. And for example when governor Haley was still a house member. She did something that Bobby -- -- -- and that was the roll call voting thing. And speaker -- removed her from her chairmanship of a committee. And she is one of many many examples. How will Harley state and if elected. How will you be effective. At the same time knowing that you're going to have to buck the system and stand up to very powerful leadership. In the house. Well. The first thing is I'm going down there with the mentality knowing that we have that corrupt leadership. -- know all about Bobby Harrell and he's not a good politician yeah he's corral that as a reason he's under police investigation for fund expenditures. Other things like that. He's corrupt guy and that's one thing I've always said if he tries to send me if -- when my primary a little. Money a little kind of sweet gift that does for the newly elected once. As long as he's on this investigation you can't take money from a man like that now because you have to assume. Just like the federal government -- any money they give you has some sort of string attached to it and you can't take that you know and that's something that Neeson. Change. That somebody as corrupt as him should not still be empower young man's. One thing I'd love to proposes I'd love to propose a bill. That it's one thing South Carolina policy council and the Republican liberty caucus has always supported. Is. Sending outs. The names the list to get from politics is that says -- income comes from -- Not necessarily the amount of the wedding income you can talk source exactly that if you know that and if people know that. You end a lot of the secret deals and corruption and voting for business big business that does. Absolutely -- -- the music -- going to break off in -- if you can hang on we'll come back the Q -- as soon as we gonna come back on the year. Culture listening to conservative voice. My guest tonight -- statement. House district five candidate from. And we're gonna hear more from him. Thank you very much the steel yourself for. Welcome back to conservative voice with Yahoo!'s Terry -- Guest in studio tonight -- statement. And has promised. We have head ball hanging out here on hold for quite awhile I don't know -- the ball into conservative baseball what does a monument. Yes I want to ask mr. state -- He has from a year or has any knowledge of the United Nations' agenda 21 on -- lower lips. The common core educational curriculum. Which is a again there's a third thing really Obama care wanted to know -- his thoughts are on each of these constitutional order. There about this type of thing. -- Bob we will get him to answer those questions I appreciate you calling him. -- Harley tell us what your knowledge is about agenda 21. While woods 121 it's it started you know back in the early nineties and under the Clinton administration and it was. A big thing to under score. The climate issues that a lot of people believe we are facing. And what it basically boils down to in today standards because lie -- a lot of people don't know about -- it's when he won. But this is how I explained people. Is. Take the big picture coming it's small it's a private property rights issue. That this is and that's the question I asked people do you believe that the government whether federal state local. Has the right. To come and take private property for what they consider the better good or all through the use of that price exactly. And if the answer is none of then you don't support agents when he won and my answer to that is now -- I've never been in favor of agents when he -- absolutely you've got a pretty good. The knowledge about. All of the aspects what it includes actually -- one of the Republican liberty caucus meetings. We actually had senator Shane -- there and he discuss he has an anti agenda 21 bill. That's currently waited to come up and I fully support his efforts and doing that absolutely has to my. Two go back to Bob's question tell us what you know about common core. And what do you think it's good -- we're not basically the common core is is a national regulation. Of education standards and what is going to be taught. The simplest way -- can bring it down is if you have a fourth grade class and their learning something on asserting day. Every other fourth grader in the entire country is going to be learning the same exact thing on the same exact day you know it's. It's cookie cutter design and as a one size fits all indoctrination exactly and the best way I can describe comical because I'm a firm believer that school systems -- local. Yes schools is so local because it tailors the needs and areas around and I'm also a firm believer in school actual stiff because I feel that if you want to go to a different school whether the school do more challenging her for an -- more programs. That you should have the right to do that yet. And basically with Colin -- the best picture that I've ever -- it's a teacher at a desk and in her classroom there's a monkey. There is an elephant there's a goldfish and a ball. There's a students. And I believe a rabbit and the teacher points to a tree outside as is all right you're going to be graded on how off. Hi you can climb that tree today and and that's what common Corus -- is a one size fits all. Regulation. That does not at all. Yeah it doesn't fit their students. Well. You know there may be some other callers that the one I ask you questions at 2329673. We welcome your calls to 329673. Or 574. 9673. And I believe Bob's last question was. How do you stand on obamacare. And I'll add to that. What would you do. To protect the citizens of South Carolina from this train wreck of socialized medicine. Called Obama care. Wolves to start this question off I really want idea of a chapter of represented -- and yes for his efforts that he done louis' age 31 on one. I was down in Columbia. For the house committee hearings on this I was a full supporter of the bill and a pretty by the dozen LH 3101. Was and obamacare nullification bill to make an old board stated South Carolina yes now certainly want to got to the house got stripped of a lot of its main parts yes. And that's when people -- what this is just political theater this as a negative as well. And goes to the senate and it's. My senator. Larry Martin is one of the reasons it did not get discussed because he voted with the Democrats to -- session yes. Rather than to protect the people rather than your -- yes because that was the next bill yet was that Obama can altercation and he was all of the other Democrats voted to end the session. And we have Republican majority in the senate in South Carolina and so and of that doing this. But. The nullification bill. With now with Tom Davis leading the charge and having these town halls that he had about a here recently. I loved it. And I've always been against obamacare I'm against anything that is a federal mandate and it's basically gonna turn into a tax write -- against either one of those yes. To protect it the best thing to do is to not take the money exactly. Federal money is addicting it is like a drug. And we haven't and our system so much that we start setting our budget -- well what happens federal government collapse one day while. You know what happens when somebody finally has the the audacity to tell the emperor that he has no clothes. And the value of our money drops tremendously. What what is that money going to be worse -- south Carolinians. You know it it's a mousetrap. It's it's it's while another way to describe it is you used the word addicting. It's like. You know most people that have ever been involved in an illegal drugs. This take care winner cracker or math or any other signings. The first time that a person uses it. Almost every single time it's given to them for free it. They they don't they don't they well they don't go out and buy it it's given to home for free. And when they get addicted to it is when they have to start paying fort and by the time that addiction is to the level that ideas. You know say they won't do any thing. Two to be able to continue that fixed. An -- Carolina state legislature. Is is highly addicted to federal money. You know we've had that the that the argument before. Back when governor Sanford was our governor and he did not wanna accept the stimulus money. And the state legislature took into the South Carolina Supreme Court Supreme Court ruled that the legislature could override that and force him to take the money. And a lot of them were saying well you know it's and it's well we're gonna have to pay it back. So we may as well take it well what they didn't tell people what the they weren't honest about was. There's a lot of strings that came with that money you gotta expand a lot of programs that you've already got you've got to implement some new programs that you hadn't even wanted before. In order to get the money. And as Mark Sanford says what what are we gonna do when the money runs out. Well guess what the money ran out and -- we're worse off now than we were before so. I think you hit the nail on the head if you wanna protect. South Carolinians from obamacare. The number one thing that we can do is reject the federal money because that's -- wrong with it. And Stanford was always a fiscal hero of mine absolutely and he was group he was awesome when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Another thing he taught about how the money has strings attached. I wanna share this because every time. This comes off and I love this a lady told me one time after a meeting decides that the safety to assemble the -- -- histories -- are kind of disagree the united. -- so why is that she says 'cause it's not strange she said federal money comes with a gross and there's this. A man now like that apple -- you hear the music again we're the -- to the bottom of the hour break for Fox News update. If you wanna be part of tonight's show you wanna ask -- some questions. You got comments it's 2329673. European Spartanburg periods. -- seven point 9673. -- back after the break from the last probably couple questions and we're gonna change gears and didn't hole a little bit about. Taxes. -- all these kind of things so well folks we're gonna be on the air tonight and -- -- 8 o'clock. -- hour or so let's stay with us we'll see you. After the Fox News -- they -- Welcome back to conservative voice your coach Terry kid -- guest in studio tonight -- statements. He is a candidate for South Carolina. House district five which is in Pickens County -- for -- -- that's correct all right folks if you wanna be part of tonight's show we're going till 8 o'clock tonight. So we've got another. 26 minutes roughly in the show give -- call 2329673. Or 5749673. Are they got a couple more questions we'll try to get -- fairly quickly because I watched change gears to something that's very local it's been in the news a lot. Which is the Greenville county council and the 01% sales tax the largest tax increase in county history it's a fun topic absolutely. Moving along here Harley what legislation. Would you like to introduce what. You know do you do you have anything in mind yet that the if if you were to win this election. In June -- the primary. What kind of things can we expect. Well there's a lot of different things. Talk about how I'd love to introduce legislation. That talks about. Where your income comes from an income sources Yang -- sources close mindset doesn't have to be a number I mean it can just be the location. Because that's -- you need to know whether someone's voting in favor of something and not try and we're all secret deals come from that really you know put our state. So Ohio on the corruption level yeah it does. -- Ton of other things hearts -- I'd love to one day be able to abolish corporate income tax yes I mentioned earlier -- 250 million dollars in the private sector each year. Money that is out of the public said out of government hands again at the hands of the individual there is a good thing -- offer is good if you are an individual or business idea that if you're a government yes exactly profit leads to corruption yeah absolutely. You know back to the income source disclosure you're actually right I don't hear we're an elected official arms and you know I'm sorry I don't care how much income -- firm. From from other sources other than the government. But I do care where they earned him -- calls. There's this thing called a conflict of interaction. For example to set up a hypothetical. Situation here. Let's say that. A decision has to be made about putting a new road. Whether it's through a county or early you know what that a state Brodeur county right. -- put a new record. If the people who were making the decisions about where to put that new road. If they -- let's just -- -- land development company's order or some sort of real estate company or. Maybe because they knew this issue was coming. They and their brother and brother in -- went out -- up a whole bunch of real estate certain part of the county. And -- him once everything was in place they decided hey let's put that rode through. My Brothers. Place you know war or were my land development company owns 80% of the land that has to be purchased to put the rodeo and folks that's a problem that's a conflict of interest -- the system that we've got right now is called the trust me system. But trust -- system says. -- I would never do any thing wrong I am is pure as the driven snow. Just trust me. Well you know how often wonder why an elected official would spend. Upwards of 200000. Dollars. To run a campaign. To get a position that -- 101400. Dollars a year. There's a reason for the we're not stupid. You know the trust me system has failed us exactly and the only way we're ever gonna know the truth is with income source disclosures on -- paper. The best example that I can give on the -- closure is that there is actually a politician that owns an asphalt company. -- and all of the big road projects go through his company yeah that's not by accident exactly. Exactly happens to be in the the Netherlands to the lower part of the state I believe that's true yes. -- what what political party do you associate with their -- affiliate with there are. What what political party are registering to two run as a candidate I will be challenging Phil Owens in the Republican Party primary account excuse. I have as we know there's there's a lot of different types Republicans and -- yes there is alive. -- better example I've never associated. With Lindsey Graham Norton I have always found myself more of day leave -- to build Chamblee. Type Republican won that battle is considered constitutional and truly conservative you know. And in my viewpoints that tied -- felt and that's what I think. Really needs be done in the time in a time where there is. A sovereignty issue right whether the federal government is the head or it's -- -- a state that's the head right this issue it's there's people that need to step up and it's true conservatives that are doing this with like I said -- bright -- only Tom Davis. And people like that. Those are the ones that are stepping up and saying. You know this we don't accept tyranny here you know it's it's our state we have the right to do this now. Well in other words it. You you would actually if -- from hearing what -- saying you would actually apply the Republican Party platform. To you were. To your time in office if you were elected yes. Thank you that's very important to make. We'll switch gears a little bit to the school leaders -- into. The the last subject of the night we've got twenty minutes roughly the 38 minutes. We're gonna talk a little bit about roads. Maintenance and funding. As you know. Greenville county. Within the last couple weeks had introduced -- eighty. A measure to 22 and a 1% sales tax. To all over purchases. -- a slew of the you know the groceries and what have you 222 full and road maintenance within Greenville county. A lot of questions were added to that by. You know it's apparently some of this funding would have been directed to toward maintaining state roads in state bridges with in Greenville county. And I got very involved in the -- One of the first things that I did in my involvement was I contacted as many of the Greenville county legislative delegation as I could get in touch with. I think I ended up with about him. And I ask them all series of questions number one were they aware of what -- mechanic was gonna do. Number two today I think that that that it was necessary. To have this tax this extra tax a 65 million dollar a year tax. Then I asked him you know do you do you think that the counties should be paying with county. Revenue for state roads and bridge repair. And then I asked of course do you support this idea. Well every one of them that I got in touch with -- Fault that this was a bad idea that we didn't need the tax they didn't support the tax they didn't think the county should be paying for state infrastructure. So I ask them you know what does the state. Does the state have enough money to take care of state -- An interesting thing came out of this lengthy conversation. The overwhelming response was yes the state does have enough money to maintain our state infrastructure. However some -- clarified and qualified their response by saying we're taking the employ any enough money. But it's not been appropriated correctly then and it's not being used Farrelly throughout the entire state so. Of course we went to battle with Greenville county council. And fortunately because the people spoke out. We beat that that the that sales tax increase that it's not going on the ballot in 2014. So I want to hear a little bit from New York perspective and and then up get some other things I'd like to talk about my time is running out but what's your perspective on. Roads maintenance and funding. Well it's it's just like he said the state has the money to do this it's not something that there hurting for. There was a major surplus last year in the amount of funds that the state had brought in. And as chain Martan has told us plenty of times that. They actually use that surplus instead of paying for roads. Are trying to pay off the debt they use that surplus money. Four and even bigger loan. That they didn't even see the terms and conditions to before they agree to it and they took that probably the somewhere between fifty and 75 million. And it brought in a 500 million dollar loan. That is absolutely absurd is big spending. At its best in the you have people like Bobby Harrell who say -- I was -- his -- South Carolina like a horrible idea. Got a big spending at its finest when it's that the state has a surplus. You know fifty millions. Fifty million dollar -- comment on whatever it is right. If she goes towards the appropriate things if Rhodes is one of those that's that's great to have. But as long as there is a state debts. Right if you like -- said even if you want to split that 5025 million erodes when it had been a debt that's how a profits and that. Tyson got a good that your government property is a bad or because province where corruption comes right. And he won it before a split that money 25 million rose point five meant was that I'm okay with that bright and I think with the money that's coming yen. There should be enough to. Pay for the roads and there should be enough to slowly wore off the debt you know that our state is accumulated and it's one thing that another thing that really got me into this race. People always say all the politician all well. We just all these mistakes that we made knowledge debt sending out we're just dumping it on our kids and grandkids well. I'm the kids they're talking about ya ya and -- and it's if all this debt is going to be dumped on us you know is on you exactly then. My generation -- one -- these are coming up with solutions. Because it's proven that the system now is not working. -- while sure you've heard the of the old adage that you know when you're in the hole. Quit digging exactly well but the quickest way in in there is no fast way to fix the problem that South Carolina is in his state. -- -- -- But but one of the first things that must be considered is cut the spending exactly you know. If if you if you're if you can't pay your credit card bills. Then cut up the credit cards at least quit spending you know don't make the problem worse while you're hearing Greenville county. Back to the county council. There are those of us that that like myself that that say you know what I don't hear any longer. What you tell me. This new tax or this increase is going to go toward. My interest now he's got one more -- I've had enough you've taken enough out in my pocket you've taken enough -- my family's. Ability to to pay our own way. Not one more pending the fact that there is a surplus. Means that there is our taxation absolutely and in Greenville county. Is sitting on a 58. Million dollar surplus. Now let's get this straight. But only on misunderstandings folks. The 58 million dollar surplus the Greenville county council has in their possession first of all it's our money. Secondly I do understood young and that in order to maintain the county's triple -- credit rating. That they need to keep about thirty million dollars in a a rainy day fund. So that if things don't go well for Greenville county they can continue to pay the debt service I get that. -- circle back to that a little while because I think that's one of the key things is we even need to look at how much did the county has got so that we don't have to have a thirty million dollar. Rainy day fund let's get it down to a fifteen million dollar rainy day fund. In other words let's start going the right direction with our debt even here in Greenville county but beyond that you've got 28 million dollars. That is nothing more than a slush fund in Greenville county. A 48 million dollar slush fund. This is money that the county cannot make a sensible argument of why they need to have it in their bank account -- interest. By the way I'm not a mathematician you may not be either but can we just agree that 58 million dollars sitting in an interest -- bank account. But be a lot of interest isn't a lot of interest on the most of us would like to go out. Tonight Saturday night by a lottery tickets for whichever one it is powerball -- Lotto. And in win 58 million dollars. And we take some of that money and we stick it in some sort of investment to get some interest and we could live happily ever after all for the interest. So they got 58 million dollars thirtieth which they claim needs to be in rainy rainy day fund but to 48 million that's left over is a slush fund. It's just sitting there. -- interest and the interest are right. I want my money back profit as -- bad or if your government exactly profit equals corruption I loved that thank you for bringing that up tonight. But -- what my money back so a few weeks ago. Meet a friend of mine Josh cook your you know Josh is he's been on the show many many times. We launched you launched a website called no tax hike in SE dot com. And we were flooded with support from tax payers in Greenville county that said don't tax me anymore. Well guess what we have now launched a brand new web site. Called cut the V tax dot org cut the tax dot or why did we do this because Greenville county. Has to county council members that are have introduced a -- warned that introduced but the number one that we know supports a Joseph deal. From the northern part of Greenville county up around travelers rest. Marietta area. Introduced. An idea. This past Tuesday at the council meeting to give the property owners of Greenville county a tax reduction. Eight to two mill property tax reduction. Not to mills on an average house let's say a 100000 dollar house that might only come out to be 3540 dollars a year I don't know what the number is yet we're gonna get those numbers and figured out it will be on the web site. -- the last time you've heard of any elected official saying hey we've got too much of your money we need to get some of it back. It's a start it's a start to OK so. If you if you want to reduce the size of government. It's kind of like if I wanna reduce my waist size. One of the first things you -- do this quickly and so much you know. Narrow it down a little bit taken a little less calories. And it's amazing what may happen to the waistline so if we want to reduce the size of government. One of the best things to do is to starve the government to the point that it shrinks. We need government UN I can agree we have to have government of course despite what Fred -- county councilman here in Greenville county said about me. Three years ago when I challenged him for county council and he called me an anarchist. I. Wolf you know pay for -- are still remind you that I'm not an darkest color of government we need government. But as our founding fathers understood that we need to limit government government's great if it's done right. Absolutely. And you know Fred we understand you've never met a tax increase that you didn't like so you know obviously you don't understand limited government. Look government. We need government we need police officer we need firefighters we need a -- to people to take care of our roads. You know that we can go on and on we -- we have to have government. We don't need government. Sticking their nose and every aspect of our life. You know we've got places in the country trying to tell people what sort of soft drink they can back. We've got places in the country that tells McDonnell GQ put it away in a bag with the food for child and called a happy meal. Another term -- -- trans fat out of their way to trans fat you know honey could you pay for Ed. Do you understand limited government that's all we want. So. I I just got promoted it I forgot about our -- so while we're gonna head into break you're just a second this is what happens when you're passionate and you do you just get. Wrapped up into things I apologize to rub my producer. We're gonna go to break and not come back right afterwards and we'll finish up on this. What about five minutes left in the showed tonight this is -- -- with conservative voice. We -- rather lively show tonight cut my -- hardly played here with me. I was trying to get through this thing really quick. Can't you know. Greenville county they made this attempt to take 65 million dollars a year more of our money. We because of the number of people that spoke out. We reversed that in and we protected herself from south representative form of government does still work. But it has to be. That they the people half to engage the system representative. Republic. Only works if the people speak up. And I'm gonna ask the folks in this audience tonight to speak -- we have launched a brand new website called cut the tax dot work. Greenville county council member -- deal has introduced -- measure. That would reduce your property taxes by two -- not a huge amount of money but it is a first step. In transferring some of them the money that Greenville county council has in the slush fund this 28 million dollar slush fund. Transferring that back to the people who gave it to them. So I'm asking for your support tonight I -- seat. Cut the tax dot work get flooded. With visits. I want to start tonight. You're gonna hear more about this as the week comes along. But also wanna talk a little bit about. Some of the things that that happened that that protected the people from this largest tax increase in county history. You know we've reached out to the the various council members that had indicated that they were gonna vote for a large tax increase. And and we shared with them while we fall it was not a good idea we asked them to please change their vote. And and we even told them look we're we're going to let your voters in your district know what you're doing. And we did we followed through with. One of the key people that was in the in the position of of voting yes but the previous Monday. For the largest tax increase was the chairman of Greenville county council. Mr. Bob Taylor. And I personally sat down with the mr. Taylor and in shared with him. Why I thought this was a bad idea I let him know that we were going to to come into his district and do a -- way. Just hold up signs and traffic know what's going on. And and also told him we're gonna come into his district in and -- his voter -- what's going on. And we followed through with what we said. And this week the Greenville county Republican Party chairman -- Gruber who has spoke out. Of locally that this was a bad idea. He wrote an article sent out. Basically chastising. Those of us in the that the that the grassroots conservatives. -- that that hey you know -- you shouldn't have done these sites notices this is politics at its -- going -- -- you know -- -- -- science and in front of the the the Bob Jones University which happens to be in the heart of of mr. Taylor's district. It's it's the busiest traffic area in his district. What were would you like just -- irons but mr. -- you know may be. On some remote corner. You know maybe it is our cemetery somewhere you'd like us to hold up signs in the cemetery in the middle of the night -- the middle of the night. -- what we did. Was constitutional. It was it was ethical. We did violate any any principles in doing this we used our freedom of speech. And it was effective. So you don't. Next week starting next week on the show. Our theme music is gonna change from Mission Impossible. To you ain't seen nothing yet perfect because. County council chat -- for you ain't seen nothing yet. The people have spoken we want our keep our money we want government to have less of it. We want to want to welcome you to come out to trying to -- this coming Friday night at 6 o'clock Denny's restaurant waiting at the boulevard we wanted to when you you to join -- There will have partly state and -- -- Don't attack and thank you so much being on the show you did a great job and I'm excited about the impact of thank you for having me is Ross and have little credit for business. This week. Just if I could -- every one of the -- says we need as much -- -- www. Harley state dot com. To donate button we need as much money as possible -- my candidate and any volunteers necessary to wanna know this much we appreciate it we love you come back next week.