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Nov 16, 2013|

Focusing on Greenville City Council and the tax hike effort

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Greenville Spartanburg in upstate South Carolina. You are listening to conservative voice with your coach Gary -- yes we do have some new theme music. But here conservative voice. According to song. We take politics. Too far. My response to that is. In the title of the song and you ain't heard nothing yet. Here we go out. Welcoming him to conservative voice. It's my privilege and pleasure to be here with you tonight. And I wanna talk to -- a little bit about. What is going on right here. Local -- county. Well before I get to that I just wanted to. Say probably the only thing that I will say about national level politics on tonight show in -- is. You know I got a text -- I'm sorry in the email. From the chairmen. The South Carolina Republican Party. Who seem to be very excited end. And happy. About the Republicans in congress he said that. The house Republicans had passed the bill. To fix obamacare. Well folks this may be a little bit on the crude side -- that makes about as much -- -- believing that you can pick up a turn by its clean -- and you know it's is it a fix obamacare how about let's just a repeal obamacare. You can't fix something that's started out unconstitutional. Regardless. Of what the Supreme Court sense. So. What is going on here in Greenville county. Well. You know this is an a very interest he's one of the last couple of weeks. And start out to show as always do. By talking about our sponsor for the show. And again tonight it's times examiner but rather than me just hawking about the the times examiner as a sponsor. I wanna talk about what is the deadline and on this week's edition the times examiner. Big bold headline. Quote council swings like a pendulum due. Greenville county council swaying back and forth between left and right conservatives and liberals. On tax hike the referendum. This analysis is by Bob -- of the times examiner. A bipartisan voting majority of Greenville county council find themselves in the role of the bull. In the league in a game of ping pong. Some writer Roger Miller might say quote council swings like a pendulum -- In their desire to satisfy conservative taxpayers. While continuing to please environmentalists the bicycle activist. In -- time. Combustion engine and alternative fuel fanatics and agenda 21 planners. They appear to stand for nothing in fall for everything. On Tuesday November 5. Greenville county council voted unanimously. To approve an amendment by -- measures to remove all references to taxes. A referendum. And other matters objectionable to taxpayers. From a proposed resolution. That would have paved the way for a possible 1%. Sales tax inquiries. The original proposal would have provided an estimated 65 million dollars per year. And designated slush fund from which a committee appointed by council would. Compile a watch list of projects. -- by special interest voting walks across the county to be sent to council for approval. While that's the that's the beginning of the article in the times examiner and I'll pick back up on it here in just a little bit. But folks does that sound like something you'd read in the in the other Greenville newspaper. I think non. I've got an example some of the stuff that you hero via. Other newspaper. Coming up shortly but. That's why I'm excited him and I'm proud to that that the times examiner is a sponsor. Of conservative voice that's why I recommend that you become a subscriber. To the times examiner. -- and if you are a business owner that's why I highly recommend. That you've become an advertiser with the times examiner. This is a newspaper. That takes the stage and takes a stand for what's right. You don't see that everywhere and I feel an obligation to support. Anyone who takes the stadium. For what's right. That's why I'm going to encourage you. Give them make call whether it would be to advertise with the times examiner or to subscribe to the times examiner give them -- call. 2680576. The number again is 2680576. Or you can check them out on the line and at times examiner. Dot com. Well. Times examiner kind of sets the the stage. For. Tonight show. Can counsel swings like a pendulum. Well you know even a pendulum needs something. Two. Holes the swaying. In the swinging. To begin. It doesn't start on its own so how did this whole thing started. Well Greenville county council. Had this idea. To increase taxes in Greenville county. By an estimated 65 million dollars per year the first year going up. To approximately 72 million the second year or so on and so forth. For an eight year period of time. Well I just didn't sit well with some of us that are conservatives and after all this is conservative voice. And by the way if you wanna add your voice too conservative voice here's how you do it give us a call 232. 9673. Or at 5749673. We'll put you on the -- you can add your voice too conservative voice but I can assure you. Tonight's show is going to be a a power -- show it's going to be one with a lot of passion. And quite frankly a lot of opinions. So we're gonna go ahead and we'll get ready for our first. Breakers were at a point. Where we can take that break and be prepared to come back on the other side. For some more. Conservative voice because you ain't heard nothing yet. We'll see you on the other side. And welcome back. -- -- -- conservative voice with you coach Terry -- the first segment of the show I was behind us that was very quick. Here's conservative voice I guess you could say we're taking politics too far. And I ask for callers were getting callers it to 329673. In Spartanburg it. 5749673. -- go right to the phone Hammel picked up -- Ron what's on your mind welcome to conservative voice. Well Larry involving these taxes. I was talking to a restaurant -- you know rest are small place. And he mentioned me in the you know can't understand why did I have any accidents all my equipment grills -- -- -- can't -- Every year when this stuff constantly depreciate. Them -- it is almost like. It could be me. Vampires sucking out the the writing. Small businessperson and the ability to produce. Supply services to the community and even job. -- the death of a thousand cuts. I think this is in. With between it was going BC spent any Republican thinks that it is a great thing that picked obamacare. Like he says there's always say that what we see is some of the highest level corruption. Of some of the most disgusting. Mickey in this. Both the devastate the local the federal level that I think this country had ever seen. Ron I couldn't agree with you more my appreciate your call. Please continue to to the end and helpless hold people accountable. That are elected to office. Thank you appreciate it -- folks there you go if you wanna be part of tonight's show. In and your voice too conservative voice you can do that by calling -- -- 2329673. Or at 5749673. Appear in Spartanburg area. Well you know here here we go here's here's the thing. Great academy council. Fault that they could just slipped this thing passed. That you know put a 65 million dollar a year additional tax on the people of Greenville county. In that nobody would really pick up on it or complain about it. Well folks -- reference you back to the times examiner because at times examiner is the this the newspaper that broke the story. It's how I found out about it. And we we we you know we said you know look we had enough. I don't care what this money what they're telling us this money is to be used for. That is not the point I'm not here to argue whether or not. You know our roads are in good shape whether -- Roger in bad shape. I'm not even here to argue whether or not we need to add bike lanes or bike trails or sidewalks. Whether we need to add anything. I'm just I'm saying is simply as a backing him we're taxed enough. You know fine and -- somewhere else in the budget to do the things that government should be doing. This is not how we run our personal lives and our personal budgets are household budgets. If you're a business owner this is not how you run your business budget. You you maintain the pay the cost of a product or service by cutting expenses. Not by always raising prices because I got news for you if you run a business and you just simply raise prices all the time. You're Michael stayed in business very long your customers will go somewhere else. Where do the people of Greenville county yeah what do we get. We have no place else to get. We're taxed enough already and bring in another caller. Mr. Veronica. Calling in from Greenville Veronica welcome to conservative voice what's on your mind. -- hairy. Alison it funny that you're talking about taxes and it actually talked -- -- -- earlier and I know they do you know why have a house. If you're always gonna be -- and poppy can't he can't -- -- -- They'll have the incentive to own property Elliott -- is payable or it. And then the other thing that he told me call you -- about. The company out work for -- they don't their office they actually raining and we actually have to pay property taxes every year on the furniture. Yes. And the light fixtures. Yeah. You're absolutely correct -- let me ask -- a question. It and I happen to know you all the year. But if you're in your personal budget. Let's just take for example. If you heads an emergency -- may be the engine going out of your Clark. That's an unexpected expense. Do you do you and your husband you got some cash cow light in around or stand mountain pastors that you just go out and milk the -- and get some more money or how do you handle things. Win when you have on unplanned expenses. Well first they regulate Freddie got a and then at least that tight in the built around into other areas so that we don't normally need. I mean that we -- is that something you have to -- caveat take care of it so. We don't have the luxury of taxes and other people to get money that we need. -- You know and and that's why I was say in Veronica that that my argument is not. Whether or not the we should take care of our roads. You know maintaining the infrastructure. So that people have safer roads. To to get around on. That is a function. Of government that that needs to be met to it's just like you know having the law enforcement fire service and EMS service. Those are legitimate functions. Of government. But when you look down the budgets of of county council and where they're spending money. And they have a thank you Veronica they have they have a a 58 million dollar surplus. Arguably. Thirty million of that should be kept as a rainy day fund. So that we can in fact have -- the cheapest interest rates that the that we can possibly get. For the indebtedness that the county has put us in. But that still leaves 28. Million. That that's unspoken for and so. Yeah I mean you know Veronica that would be like you know if if you had that unexpected expense. But you and your husband had a a 28 million dollar. Bank account somewhere. Going out and panhandling. In front of you know it at an intersection. To get the money that you need for the unexpected expense. Just just turn to the to the people and say hey give me some of what you got when I got 48 million certain in the bike. This ridiculous. Is that you take felt it. It's absolutely ridiculous Veronica won't give you the last word. What what -- she got. That totally uninspired to keep an -- on county council after the last text I bet sort of there's so they've they will be. Closely -- A man I appreciate that very much. You've got my best and I hope you'll continue listening and coliseum. Thank you. All right folks. If you wanna be part of tonight's show 2329673. Or 5749673. Until we've got another caller actually lined up on wanna continue through this. You know you heard the that the the tone of the article. In in the times examiner. It pretty much. Was it was like a razor blade going through the the activities of county council. But you know there's always another sad to to the story. In the green -- journal. Came out the let's see here updated November 14 2013. Is an article by April Morris. In it's dealing with. The chairman of Greenville county Republican Party gentleman by the name of Chad Gruber. And he says that we're taking politics too far. And while we're line -- up some callers. I wanna go ahead and read what what this article has decided you can see you can see the difference between. Well mr. reverse. Opinions and the writing of the green -- journal. And compare it to what the times examiner has to say. Says is that agreeable GOP chair. Protesters should not have targeted county council chairman. It and they did debate over a potential sales tax increase in Greenville county. Anti tax activists not only held a rally at county square. But picketed outside the former employer. Being on the church of Greenville county councilman chairman. Bob Taylor. Chad Gruber recently elected chairman of the Greenville county Republican Party said he disagreed with raising taxes to fix state roads. And said those who protested quote. Have taken politics too far in an effort to smear a good night and in quote beaten. Gruber called for addressing disagreements with a spirit of good faith negotiation. Void of contempt and threatening behavior. Gruber said this week that he supported a group's freedom of speech. But objects to protest outside a Christian university or -- house of worship. He added that he felt raising taxes was quote a bad policy. Taylor said this week that the protesters who picketed in front of his former employer Bob Jones University. And put -- hands in front of his church Hampton park Baptist Church were calling for him to eliminate the possibility of a referendum. And last week -- volcanic council meeting the council voted to create a citizen advisory committee. And excised mention of a sales tax or referendum. The eighteen member committee will be drawn from the twelfth council districts and one representative from each municipality. Him. Despite the removal of language for a referendum. Quote in a sense not that much has changed council can vote to hold a referendum or not said Taylor. He is leaning away from supporting a referendum and toward having the states stands up to their off. He used their funding to repair state roads. The added. That he felt discussion had garnered state attention. Quote it is elevated the can so conversation among the delegation. Well folks you hear the music we're going to be going to break here in just a few minutes on the other side. We've got a couple of callers lined up will get to them as soon as we come back. You're listening to conservative voice where we'd take politics. Too far. And welcome back to conservative voice where we are taking politics. Too far. Well as promised I've got callers lined up and wanna get to those homers over and pick up gone. In Greenville I believe John -- talk about the tax hikes Lou John welcome to conservative voice. I have my first call in here yes I don't want to tell you the story. True story. And immediately you'll. You get the point. Of body you're goal -- Randy duke and Butler. And as we talked that you disaster neutral money and it was obvious that he had had something to drink it's not August. Any city was broke had wanted money for food etc. And I it to him. Wolf -- is getting money to buy alcohol liquor. All what you're saying you have no money for release at. I keep my drinking money in that pocket nineteen years I think people about good that this is my drinking money. But I can not -- hit this out of pocket he pulled it out it would increase it is that this does that money for other expenses food and such. And that I I added -- -- he says it I have some money but all that was allocated. From my drinking -- is reality of the most of the drinking and and this south. But mighty mighty to money is all on -- I -- some well I could not get -- and that. That is how. Dear politician's word yet we have a surplus after drinking money that's. So that our our pocket -- spending orbit saying that people. And usually it come back to the well yeah. Yeah that's it that is that's a that's a great story John in it and it really puts things in focus and in your exactly correct. That's that is what we're dealing with. Yeah and -- just one other quick thing you don't normally been thought of as we look forward to. Election in the future. They're very few candidates that are viable talking about it the upper levels president etc. Our -- because a most of the guys are compromised. Or willing to be compromised. -- in those who are not going to compromised are nice people. What you need is somebody who is not compromised is unable to be bought is no interest and money or position. And mrs. ruthless the junkyard dog. In the name -- what is right. Well John I don't I don't recognize your voice I certainly don't think we know each other but I think you ya think you're talking to that a junkyard dog right now on conservative voice. Yeah well I I I think junkyard dog restore a continued. The half pack a memo where we're gonna -- or just -- John thank you for listening I hope you continue to do so and give us call back -- -- -- -- All right folks you know picking up all -- we're gonna pick up in the in travelers restaurant just the second. But you know that's one of the things that I I just wanna throw out there is you know when I got up this morning and yesterday morning in the morning before and when I get up tomorrow morning. I don't give up looking to make France -- if if I make a friend that's all that's all well and good. But you know. -- give up in and I tried to do every single day you speak the truth try to be instant in season and out of season. I tried to tell people what they need to hear vs what they may want to hear. And sometimes that is very uncomfortable. For people to hear. But you know what. When we wanted to win a war. We didn't send somebody like. You know Lindsey Graham to go over negotiate winning World War II we sent -- like Patton. That went over there. And what we need today is more patents in the last. Lindsey Graham's and speaking of Lindsey Graham. We're gonna bring on. Eddie up in not travelers rest -- welcome to conservative voice while. Like thank you remarks army unit dog parent governments in just few minutes ago a -- -- you're talking to your basic patent here's. Apparently you're the only bright meeting -- -- -- -- earlier yes and they have. You know I was inspired by him a little bit -- same time. Come out I've got some concerns about some -- Is a state. I guess manager. It may she says the year that they were not we're not going to be negative here we're gonna gonna play nice. To meet it sounded like the -- rhetoric that got John McCain not voted in that got Mitt Romney not voted against. Things along that line here I'm like the other got it just called you a lot of nice what I want to be -- bush -- if they're gonna get below the belt we need start to incite. Well and and I agree with you Eddie in in. You know knowing. The the fight. That is way down in the belly of senator bright. I don't think you'll have anything to worry about it's -- is his willingness or his ability. Two to take some blues. Where they're needed. I think. I think the the -- may have misread it and I hope you I hope you misread because. I can assure you. I plan to be a patent in this battle for freedom and in it sounds like you do too. Yes -- that that effort Greg you know it out out shortly here. A speech at a at a is that managers like like that figure -- -- -- Yeah there are. Well not my favorite Patton quote just for the record is when the when he told the the troops he said -- your job is not to go over there and -- for your country. Your job is to go there and make that poor gas over the -- dive for he has. And there and you know that you know they they they didn't wanna shake hands in in talk about some type of peace negotiations. They they were their to do what had to be done so they can get back to two to living a normal life. So what any you got any last vaults. I've noticed more safe first time caller and like -- on here let's go get somebody -- beer let's hear it right now. Very good one appreciated idea appealed continued listening end tell your friends and please call back again art. World. All right folks that we thank you Eddie in the you know one of the things that I wanna go back to. Is that he is a quote. Album this green -- journal. Or Nicole quote from from chairman of the green wool Republican Party. Chad Gruber. Says a group were called for addressing disagreements with quote a spirit of good faith negotiation. Void of contempt and threatening behavior well. You know. Unfortunately we don't have a patent. Leading the Greenville Republican Party we've we've got what appears to be a a compromiser. And when I just want society to the to the chairman of of Greenville county Republican Porter a party. He has. Chad my freedom in the money that's in my -- -- a little bit there's god than I've got laughed. It's not up for negotiation. As you can talk about a spirit of good faith negotiation all you want but that's that's code to call for. Let's not be too hard on these people. You know in in the title itself. It says protesters should not a targeted county council chairman well you know. -- personally met. I personally met with the chairman of Greenville county council. Several days before. There was a sine -- now they can use inflammatory language and call it picketing if they want. But I noticed that this this week wins the Greenville Republican Party. Did a sine wave in front of the handle bar. They didn't call it picketing. At the handlebar they called the sine wave. And they were doing bad. For to make an impact on. Senator Vincent Shaheen who is running against a governor Haley. So you know it's it's funny you know -- that that you know win somebody is is doing something that. That you don't feel comfortable if you don't have the components. To do. You use inflammatory. Rhetoric -- call it. A ticket to pick it. But when you do it it's -- way. Well let me tell you we -- a -- and wave in front of Bob Jones University. Why did we pick Bob Jones University beat calls Bob Jones University happens to be right in the horror to. Right in the horror of councilman Taylor's district. Why would we wanna go to. You know been travelers rest. -- people know about what Vaughn Taylor was doing on county council. That makes no sense whatsoever you go to the heart of the district where there's a lot of traffic. In the district of whomever you're trying to explodes. And I'll take another step here. This is his quote. Chad jive group first quote that we've taken politics. To four in an effort to smear a good mind. Well let's talk about a good -- Will wrap this thing up because we're gonna go to break here and second but it. -- him it's not somebody who violate his oath. But couldn't -- and doesn't take an oath. That that he's a Republican and then turn around ends in the support. Increasing taxes. But there you have it folks. You know this is the show conservative voice where we take politics too far. Thank you Chad I'm glad you gave me -- -- -- tag line we'll see on the other side of the break -- now when on the other -- We're gonna get spiritual. You've heard we're gonna get spiritual right here. On conservative voice we'll see on the other side of the break give us all to 3296734574. 9673. Welcome back. Too conservative voice. Where we take politics. Too far. You know. A quite a few shows ago. We did we did a show about. French Republicans. We turned up the heat and we did it again. Last week. And for those that think that we took politics too far. Enjoy this theme music he calls you ain't seen nothing yet yes welcome back to conservative voice I am your host Harry Keebler. You know I've spoken to some friends are in studio with me tonight and I just. Did a little confession you know I I I took the Dale Carnegie course how to win friends. And yeah I failed the course but. If you wanna get on the air with me in and try to help me out at winning -- -- good luck to you that you welcome to do it 2329673. Or 574. 9673. For -- Spartanburg area. Ya wanna talk a little bit. Just real quick about Samoa French Republicans. You know -- that the Republicans that are willing to wave the white flag of surrender. And and you know for for the the comments and and stuff that were put out there by the chairman of the -- Republican Party that we took politics too far. And that you know. Waiting sands in in front of Bob Jones University the heart of drug doctor Bob Taylor's district. Was somehow taking politics too far. I would just like to say that you know there was a time when preachers. And when churches. And when Christian colleges. Like Bob Jones University would have taken a public stand against the corruption. In government. And yes that includes the corruption in Greenville county council. Of a leading people to believe. That they need more of our money when they're actually sitting on 858 million dollar surplus of our money. Well when I had lunch with mr. Bob Taylor. It was on Wednesday a week ago. You know I said you know mr. Taylor. We don't have a fiscal problem. -- -- We don't have a problem. With with finances in Greenville county. We have a spiritual problem. In Greenville county and here here you go folks this is what I mean by this. For any of anyone who who claims to be a Christian and who has read their Bible. You would probably quickly understand and agree with me that there or more verses in the Bible there's more passages in the Bible there's more discussion. In the Bible about money. Then there is any other subject. Must be pretty important. So are two meeting with mr. Taylor. I looked up a few -- dealing with money. In Luke chapter ten verse seven it says the laborer is worthy of his higher. But debts and -- the laborer is worthy of -- higher and that is you know. Let the -- hand of what he or. Don't taken away from don't cheating -- don't misleading. In first Timothy chapter six verse ten -- for the love of money is the root of all evil. While some have coveted after they have erred from the faith and his pierced themselves through with many sorrows. First Peter 58 but if any provides not for his own and especially those of his own house he has denied the faith. And is worse than an infidels. And lastly second vessel means three to end for even when we were with you this week command did you that if the and he would not work. Neither should he eat. You know folks. I'm just fed up enough that I believe. That government -- here if it's city government county government state government or federal government. They're not going to be satisfied until they -- us all in two infidels. Because as first Peter says if any provide not for his own and especially those of his own house he's denied the faith in is worse than an infidel. I say we have a spiritual problem on Greenville county council. They're gonna harness all in infidels they're not going to be happy until they have every last penny and we cannot provide for our families. And we must harm to government for our very existence our food our housing our clothing and our medical care. And this is coming from a person that the chairman of the Greenville county Republican Party refers to as a good man. -- normal pickup -- in Greenville -- welcome to conservative voice thank you for calling in and what his monument. Getting -- -- -- -- all this year a couple things. New York City county state and federal governments of course no -- institute government. And government is good. As long as the people that are in government. Are good salary and -- history -- out of proper. Proper 491 June 1 well. Just went in the right -- -- look -- The people were Jewish. But when the wicked. Eric rule. The people more. -- perpetuity. Righteous people who recognize first got the story and they recognize that. The American people had given in this sort. And they walk in here. But when a wicked dear ruler of the big difference between. People who are at forty people or more we -- now. If people that are very rule the nation good morning. Then verse -- says it or ruler -- good -- All of this -- are applicable that described our president got a result. Is that -- a pathological liar. -- and say operate -- every day. And all this servicer -- And is there anybody can hit it that we've seen. Did in congress and in the senate and house. They wanna do right other main street or people those standard and fight because they're brainwashed. And realized this when -- like you assert authority people -- George. When the wicked better era rule there's quite a difference when you look and got -- do different orders. Rule. Authority recognizes that somebody. Already has a higher or. When a wicked wicked don't care. -- -- -- yeah absolutely and -- I think you're actually correct denies and I certainly appreciate you sharing that with -- Jane there's there's a verse that I think. But it is is often times taken out of context misquoted in in missile applied. By by a lot of folks that the that a Christian and there's a verse that says that that we should be a subject to those who have. Authority over us but I. It's an issue script you're exactly right. You know our form of government. Is a representative republic which means that the people. Always maintain. Authority. Over government. The government. Do you grabs its authority. As the cluster bombs -- the declaration says the -- just powers from the consent. Of the government. Well if you can give consent. To be governed you can carry -- consent. And when when wicked people. Abused the authority. That was placed in the -- by the people it is up to the people to remove that consent in saying no. We did not consent for you to do this to us. Tiger and there's you know actually it goes so far is it even that the Bible. Lit. The actors they're saying that are greater yes and yet -- the equity. You know you have witnessed. And now we're living in a day which works people become what the Bible said. Spiritual wickedness -- goes to the -- -- the soul yes and so you know our government is not corrupt. The people that are any government can become corrupt than just -- bit corrupted themselves. And they -- the most is day. When you want to get particularly from god yes and so this is what's taking place and so what your quoted below bookmark. Is the root. Of all pay double. Her work covers everything. All. Yes yes. What changed help me out I was looking quit trying to look it up quickly and I. I just -- get it done there's a -- that deals with the calling good evil and evil good. You know it it's it's. What. -- -- -- -- -- It -- Pressure on the side they were talking about why didn't they didn't call it's and I think that. Five Detroit has warned them that call evil good yes good evil that put darkness for light and light for darkness. That put bitter for sweet sweet bitter warned them that are quieter I. And prudent here on site warned them their -- drink light. Mental strength in the -- strong great. Which justified a wicked for reward so what we're seeing in this week she -- just the fighting each other for reward though they don't do all this week. We know that we can see the Montreal everywhere yes it did you enjoy a way to right is that Iraq is strong. Stealing everything they can't let Iraq. Shane I appreciate it we've got about a minute and a half left in the show and I've got a couple things I need to wrap up but I certainly appreciate your calling your was the -- Thank you. Hubble folks. You know calling evil good. You know I want to thank. The chairman of the Greenville county Republican Party. Chad Gruber. For giving me the opportunity. To. Hopefully. Help him understand. That when he -- thins. Bad. In and -- evil good. And no I'm not. Calling. Bob Taylor evil. But I am saying that his actions are wrong that they are bad. Would we as Christians we shouldn't defend that behavior well folks as you can hear by the music we are quickly coming out of time. Laura one last thing I want you to check out -- a website called cut the tax dot org. Instead of giving Greenville -- more of your money let's take some of it back this that cut the tax dot org and let's find out what we can do. Two to actually get a tax break. Once again wanna say thank you to the times examiner of 2680576. That's how you get in touch -- -- folks -- subscriber or to advertise. And until next week. You ain't heard nothing yet and you haven't seen anything yet we just begun to fight. Yes this is Terry Hitler with conservative voice where we take politics. Too far good life god bless.