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The Yard Pros 11-30

Nov 30, 2013|

Carolina Fresh Farms

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and Greenville Spartanburg western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina and welcome to the yard pro show brought to you back. You're on a fresh farms on -- grant one of your house this morning. And we have a guest host this morning we are laughed about the way I'm sure there are plenty. Of repeats -- and not only on radio but I would imagine television shows. The whole gamut. There are plenty of repeats out this year because it's a holiday weekend and guess what today is a fabulous -- ladies the penchant. It is a fabulous football Saturday. Lot of rivalries all over you know they started two days ago or yesterday especially that was several long last month. But there organ Oregon State game last night was absolutely phenomenal. And -- many things on on the television there or or football wise so there -- a lot of repeats to guess what. This show was laughed and we have a special guest on my holiday weekend we have Scott Carlson what's minor -- care. Has what I don't Scott can we can't you suggesting a longer I mean after like you may be on the show was marchers maybe more than I am here's Clayton -- -- Well I always enjoy the invitation yeah this is -- -- three or four times this year and I enjoyed I feel like you know when I come army we have began recovered from. The grass. -- situation branch. Trees everything is covered so what a wonderful show that we expect to have this morning if you like it was a call -- Feel free at 2329673. In -- or 5749673. In Spartanburg we would love to hear from you if not I'm sure Scott Mac can think of many things from fertilizer to each pruning trees. That we can bore you to death com and if that's what you would like for us to do I'm sure that it. You know -- hit two of us together yeah talking. On -- I guess for a horticultural science there that you and I can really I'm sure put some people sleep -- -- we can -- all sorts technical jargon which literally the but no we're not gonna do that instead I want everyone to remember that this is brought to you back cure a lot of fresh farms -- during the week we've will resume normal hours are -- officer certainly closed for a yesterday or Thanksgiving Day Friday and again today but we will -- -- re open on Monday. And we will be open Monday through Friday from might -- off deer in the week and from eight to noon on Saturday and as always you can pharmacists they're simple at www. -- want a fresh farms dot com. So while he's away dishonesty in the week if you have questions. Perhaps the best thing to do is give us call. On Saturday morning if you have a question or issue here followed -- in the something you know that use -- while what is that about. But no way out Scott not had talked about this several -- ago. And I'd ask -- to come home in and you know give tossed out of Scott that's with Carolina freshman and Anderson Enron as well liked. Guess there are spending the weekend -- their families on Scott beard actually. He is a huge North Carolina and it grew up in north. So he is on his way to the deep. North tomorrow. And I had many people last -- -- -- -- you sure you're not gonna go out there clips in South Carolina and Clinton. Think almost like -- house and I watched that thing on TV and obviously on the -- -- It's one again and I can't tell you verbally yeah we're both -- and incidence pollen excited yet -- -- several years ago was a robbery was an Auburn Alabama fine. Com which is one sometime on the -- -- -- -- for 830 it was at Alabama campus of Auburn campus got the rock hall where the tree was killed did you hear. Yeah. So I did in fact I was some are their talking about that. That was Auburn. I believe and yes they had trees out front that or actually poisoned. -- And a half term arm and in the chemical us put on the trees but is it. And it and the effects that it has on the treatment is something they and he was put in at a lethal dose fifty times stronger than. You know what it -- on the ball and -- the trees are still struggling -- -- and unfortunately that was -- really. Big loss that they. And they're still doing there a couple of trees are still there but it's it's pretty -- listen now. Are realists host took it one of those things that's how long term. And tightest hole over appears Tom I guess you know much like -- drought. And we've seen that in recent years with the dryness and drought we've had them and -- certain we have those. I guess the environmental concerns such as how wins every -- where we're seeing trees toppled probably a little bit higher right than you would typically see. But then you also just -- that repeated drought year after year after year to. To really -- -- mosques houses that root ball. That the tree begins to clients. And and this was induced by chemicals and we need to make people aware that I think the young gentleman or actually -- grown man which set aside is this. Was actually prosecuted -- -- I remember correctly was found guilty Madison scholar Colin and I know more about it but armed. But yes our common interest and things about treason -- for a week I guess. You know and is closed to fans we currently has talent the vandalism of the rock that took place you know that took place earlier this year and you know for that for the and the trees are the same thing that's -- again I was actually gains you know that's for celebrations were held. Today they -- those trees held this you know a lot of similar. Your feelings and emotions that Barack holds for that or. Caller that I out and it's saw and I guess -- much not a tree care. That's why you're around because if you have that three. In your your -- aura and human landscape. And and maybe it's -- yes some people think about it even older tree -- to have a piece of family property up in the country or an old homestead and there's a large oak tree there. That yelled to provide a lot of service some of for a long term health of of your trees especially. Trying to make certain that you do some things proactive on the front end. Debt you know we're gonna help the tree in the long term said the -- it'll be their few to enjoy from many many years I'm you've worked a lot -- off. Believe it's foreign their campus over the years and them. Because it's very important that the and the have been shut him looking campus Kilgore -- -- -- thank him. You know past years she's been out -- -- -- their avenue of oak trees and the girls -- the Spartanburg campus there and now our -- what can campus and -- are imposed. I'm and that's frankly in our freedom they're absolutely an enemy because there really is it really is an -- in and I think a lot of that are no end in in years past it yet. It wasn't just employees there who enjoyed it it's been the community. We've enjoyed that. That avenue trees and like you said the arboretum. Feel where there's a little bit everything on the property -- Lot of stuff on the blog but I even go out there there are ceilings are shipped over from California. They're planted out here to see how they do and our environment and they send or ten every year and they're playing in experimental area. -- there are some neat things out there that you don't get to see here. Well you know Scott one thing house thank him as a lot of folks. Here in the next coming week and -- you know we've got a -- to bottom with our excuse me that first right here in the second. But will we come back from them right there are a lot of people not want. Kind of throwing on the boss might entice people to listen up or maybe even calling what their tips or something -- worked for them. A lot of people don't come in touch with tree. You're in the next week or two which would be a Christmas tree right that's right and I know for millions of horticulturist there are few things that did. To not Christmas tree when it comes then. All of us when it comes in -- mail order -- I guess you could own law and order Christmas tree now. But we actually don't cut a tree it's a fun fun family event. But there are few things about it. My Christmas tree to ensure that its eyes as healthy as possible during the Christmas season. Because since that my house so maybe that's something that you know we can discuss some of the public here it's. Curious yeah. Yeah it's all sorts of things that affect what you know what mine are all -- relies -- -- come back from the bright. Won't discuss that you are listening to the art Prussia brought to you back here on a fresh farms. We would love to hear from you this morning apparently everyone was out to light Black Friday shopping because we've yet to get a phone call phone lines are open. 2329673. In -- a 574 not 673 in Spartanburg. Stay -- we'll be right back. They can. Welcome back to New York press show brought to you but Carolina fresh farms on -- -- Scott Carlson and -- tree care hey there we -- and we are laugh here on the -- at the front lines -- -- I don't. They are typically they're gonna watch the Christmas tree at this point in Russia. So yeah am I don't. Maybe it's the -- weekend. I think everyone's either stone dead or. There buildup on Turkey's still -- from Turkey now I think they're all Star Wars in they're probably all out a must or this morning -- one of our stores and their clothes and yes probably fifty people in line on the -- -- -- your Black Friday special you know what it would never have a special. -- Enough to think about how did this something to think about so without further in the you wanna know before the -- we're talking about Christmas trees which. You know I had to throw you under the -- but we do have an harbors tears with a bounce some ideas off every once. My Christmas to. The thing that I did. In I think a lot of people main records are cut much refresh button but you and I know the minute you cut a tree you cut in any branch on a plan. The minute you cut it it begins to heal. So especially if you're down close it trot so -- that tree in North Carolina. Get home you know 8910 o'clock that night. And I'm the guy. Cause you and I live across street from who fires of -- salt and thirty not -- and are doing is I'm removing about three inches from where cut that treaty earlier in the day so that I have fresh cut. And then immediately place it into water so that I and its war movement the tree. And then it sits in the five gallon bucket until the next it's and it when he more Korean to. Then I immediately moved into the house as quickly as possible I met Hamas in essence. Once I get a home are cut that bottom offset in the store taking up the -- that water again I'm minimize the amount of time that it's out of the war. So that I can keep that continual flow of war and I think that's where a lot of people Michael -- is. You have to check that water once or twice today it's amazing how much water as Christmas tree can transpired here and it died inside Apple's -- And if it's dry and it -- -- as little with -- if you run out of water as little as one hour. To me it's things like it begins healing process. And you get to a point where you're not going to be able to -- or get that Solomon flow home following that water up that tree. Yeah dancers calling enough that that vascular system you'll lose that uptake in employee they can really suck -- more and that I mean you're talking about a young Christmas -- them IP. You know eight years older ten years older hopefully that becomes a big oak tree in your yard how much more complex water that you can take up I've heard numbers of fifty to 75 gallons of water a day. Or -- and nurture a tree can take you are counting on us soil there. There was a study years ago -- I remember Clemson and one of the turf classes and mature oak tree in the peak during the summer. Can transpire up to 1000 gallons of war Burnett if given that amount of war so if -- -- -- -- explain when people you know contact me inside knows I'm really wanna wall underneath this tree. An incident when when you know everyone thinks this shade issue -- as part of it because many grass is no loans will not grow on that have shared environment. But the thing that really concerns me. And and that's what -- tellem is forty wounded four more -- what do you -- for water because who's gonna win. Yeah is the tree don't win or Stallone Leo grass for the full -- root system gonna win and we know who's gonna win this tree and what we need to be careful of is how much more wished her. Are you able to about that law and especially that tough fortunes. Well we ramble -- far enough we now have a caller phone lines and our -- found a single angle has a question about a -- sounds like a question for Scott right. -- -- More hours are long have your Turkey. Lord march. Next year. -- -- -- matter much so -- you really can't talk to you didn't know -- -- your backup on Tuesday now right. I don't I am actually a lower adult you grandma part Molly was part it's all a -- And his particular tree. Two sections at all. It is separating out the very bottom of the tree up -- issues -- worry. Pulled up a little -- around and just follow. Little part or -- disease or herb. That made -- look. These things are about 3040 feet tall. K. Well lately snipers have a relatively shallow root system first policy as trees gathering there's a thirty to forty feet tall. Some textbooks -- play they'll actually get like sixty. Eighty feet tall. And sometimes that that route system because I've seen plenty of them operate and they don't have really large acreage trees they have more of a -- -- system which don't hold them very well on the soil. Now. These can never. The one you had that this happened just recently. The warden that I just showed up it was. Against Tuesday night. -- or maybe Wednesday when it got real windy. -- and and then we have all that rain beforehand. We had a -- terrain air and I hear it and I -- and Sheryl when Larry and that's what I'm registered Ronald. So. Pretty I mean this section of result green. But said he did not break stepped righted. Not the very bottom pulled up some little groups. Come. -- -- -- the issue resisters got a common wood or is that they. This is is not that uncommon. And -- is that Adam and asphalt completely over and we look we've cranked instead of back up and they just kept right ongoing. -- If it's in an area where the soldier early century and certainly with the wind that we had. Yeah that is common -- staking the tree if you can get it kind of back upright -- get hit the tree state -- might need to stake for like the next year or so. Now the biggest problem I see with Leland cypress after race and after an ice event after wind event and they they fall over they start to -- A lot of people staked them up high and around the trunk. Put stakes in the ground and forget about the ties. And I come out key 34 years later and that's that that. That row that that it's -- around the trunk is now currently in the tree and I find that a lot so if you do you stake if you do have to tie it up. Make sure you monitor it make no loop that's digs of the tree can -- -- Leland cypress group quake. And it should be fine -- really it's really not. There's really not a root issue. Yeah and an after a period magic six months to a year Kenny Abbott test the stability of that tree. She had at stake in the removed that stacking system as quickly as you camp wants she felt like it's re routed. And its -- stride again let's get that steichen remove it because most homeowners forget about it. And -- -- what Scott said it's what we called hurtling to -- In an essence the tree begins to grow ram home -- -- that strap or that piece wire that you use. And that disrupts the vascular systems so now we don't have a wide trans look at nutrients water from the pole all to the top of the tree. Aren't and and yet that the Leland speed you know Scott it's in -- Soros thinks about. Kind of a quite this wide and I tell people this especially -- Brett for payers and why. Is there very lost of triggering. It's like a huge win sale. And there's some environments where they're just not appropriate because of that because once -- -- 3040 feet tall. That become a little -- top heavy because of roots system is not huge and extensive. And they have attend the -- won't topple over especially after heavy Reinsdorf would get a much to earn a. About -- Well I certainly appreciate it brought. Well we've heard judge Thomas and you can listen and we might bring up Leland cypress a little bit later on -- had a lot of questions about Leland cypress amber office the last few weeks or says on my cuts lately and ultimately in the Asia. Object based remote job. You -- Thanksgiving. You know wonderful call and arm for forum for many many reasons and you know -- I have. A beautiful -- prepare animal off looking the one tree that I do not like. That mouth beautiful wife Heidi refuses to allow a -- to remove and it's gotten I have this joke that I'm gonna go wide. On some summer vacation and I -- mysterious phone call about Wednesday authors say hey man -- -- terrible thunderstorm last night and had to tell -- -- -- Bradford pair split in half would you like for me to remove that at a New York. I really would like to see the street and now Abu Al will -- this you know in defense of my wife it is that beautiful tree. In the spring of the year for two weeks if we don't have frost and is absolutely gorgeous tree in the fall. Yeah in Iowa plant -- is there the they bulletin -- the first to get their leads and then lastly is themselves and and when I did lose at least a prior to it the brilliance of re dead in Burgundy is that I have -- -- Our in our landscape is really pretty. But one thing I've always told folks. We have Brad first and one reason what is a couple reasons ma has been successful and you know my -- for how big it is one. -- sit down talent. So all those prevailing winds coming to -- over the top but to ask him at camp you know with a little and that's hard to do. But I keep that can't be fan and -- prepare often and out once you're in the years at least at a minimum. So that wind can blow through it rather than making it wins the brokers and their. If if -- not reckoning SA thing whether it is one. They're just hire me this year than just your car more -- -- on a regular -- on a regular basis and yet and that's what keeps this aren't exactly so wonderful call this morning from Canon and had a phone lines are up and if you light found us this morning just can give us a call. 23 to announce 673 in Greenville a 5749673. In Spartanburg. The phone lines are open there's no doubt about it yet and we are here to -- your calls from grass to trees you name it will be glad to discuss it. I want to thank Scott -- quickly as we have about twenty seconds back bright. We get a lot of phone calls this time a year Carolina freshman certainly would slow down and distance but we get a lot of phone calls I -- we still plants side. Get out next question we get along and yes we still sell side was selling your -- -- -- missile risk but when we come back from the bright. Don't talk a little bit about legal Cyprus and some of the phone calls you're having and we're gonna talk about some of the issues -- with planning sought the -- -- -- X -- team will be right back. Welcome back to the yard approach show brought to you back -- on a fresh farms on your house this morning -- grant and we have a special guests. And it's quite obvious we have a special guest because. If you ask they will call -- the phone lines are now lit up like a Christmas tree you don't have to hold off on your grass I enter into your employer that's -- -- -- or talk about grass today after if they didn't that's why invited you only -- But our special guest Scott Carlson where it's not a tree care. Thank goodness you're here because the board lights up and we get usual comments. And -- -- river birch -- Michael Japanese might well yeah yeah. -- -- not -- county -- gets about Christ. It's like a miniature arboretum is on -- board right here. Everyone wants talk about the -- so Scott asks I've -- we delve right into -- we have a bank full callers here we're gonna start when Maryland angrier and more American. Norton this morning how are you. Say it again. Let's familiar -- How it got late of -- out that one -- and it is is back and. All those. Tree -- is turning dark -- we have terrible. And it he -- little Bart Starr is still literally until they did in the dark about Dylan and now. Okay is this a large mature triggers -- -- -- tree. With -- for about six years. Okay that's this relatively new. -- citizen had multiple trunks is -- -- and as today's times they have 34 trunks is that okay. Out. We have two days there there crowd and they just don't want it. Probably about four years -- had multiple dropped but that -- down. Com. He said OK obviously you mentioned leaves are falling off that it's without having earlier. It out they discovered. OK. Okay. -- normally. River versions will drop their leaves somewhat in the summertime because of drought stressed now this year we didn't have a copilot child we have plenty of water. So -- nice that the birch trees and sycamores. And Naples were really happy to have all the water its interest in a year. That you had nation now we did hello leaf leaf spot issues. Out of -- you know mom river birch even though we were wet this year it's still drop -- beliefs. Have got it. That one. And now -- -- the snap those small twigs and make sure that they're really brutal are not necessarily the tweaks because that's another thing with a river birch. -- a lot of that new growth -- also kind of and it's now. That if they -- -- Yet they are barely adequate to brighten their day. -- -- Well it sounds like if there's something on there's a few disease issues that purchase yet. On the leaves and with different insects and stuff but none that really kill the tree. Chances are there's something going on below ground and the trees -- in for six years depending on how -- planting planted. It could have been a planting issue back when the truth put them. On trees typically take a long time to show. Issues. The Bank of -- back our -- On the well certainly since the story winner I would say wait till next spring you might as well you know leaves off trees are knowingly see how lease on the spurring. If it's not leaking out very well. The best thing to do you know we can talk about fertilizing and all sorts of different things but really it's hard to diagnose 100%. Over the phone or over the radio would be to have us come out and take a look at it and we don't charge to do that and so. There's not much to do you could you could put some fertilizer on it this fall that helps with the root growth fertilizing right now especially with. And some phosphorus. Would help with permits regret over the winner and then let's see what happens in the spring. But at 3 -- -- still a little bit what I don't understand and. Yeah and that's where you know what Scott said Maryland it might come back to an issue -- Powell was planet. Especially with a river birch you know was was that planet to the is it too much soul opera round. You know that crown of that tree on and around the -- that tree. So I would -- got -- boom in -- tree care upon their offer and you know take advantage of their service which is had we don't -- to come around title if we can assess what's going on. And then discuss is this tree were salvaging or should we remove this tree and plant another tree and its claws. Are in the -- pressure on in Maryland territory have a great weekend. And so you know and that makes sense Scott you know we kind of the same thing in all situations where. You know it doesn't cost anything other than our time so take the time give back to the community go out and help assessed its problems help figure out. What's going on. And then make a decision based on that is it is it worth. You know trying to salvage this particular -- home or shall we just storm you know not -- -- -- with a wall it's fairly easy. If you catch it early enough to kind of reverse in the ill harm the chief. That's someone's calls -- environments calls to harm every drove -- -- with a tree your shrub -- small but they have yet to me it's always come back to. You know let's assess what is the value of this you how old is this how long's it been here. Can it be replaced. Less expensive than it would be site absolutely any river -- -- fast growing says yes replace it you know. And get a new implant right it'll take off exactly extremely fast and sometimes it's for -- just bring inside yes and if you have two trees we need to look at those. The proximity of how close to -- maybe a situation wise you know what in ten years when they mature out because of such fast growing trees. One trees and -- need anyone that -- they could be that situation so it's well worth going to visit those jobs sites because those -- there. The answers that you questions you can have answered when -- -- so we're gonna stay with a phone constantly we have a and enough time for at least one more right quick and we might get both of -- but we have -- and -- has question about a Japanese Michael important giants important. -- about my question is is orders -- district -- To determine -- Japanese -- looked up -- -- -- from top adult might be 1215 foot tall. Also this little time -- question about the great morals. What's the best -- trimmed limb and some of those uptrend and I -- or -- cut a -- -- that don't solve my problem -- an important new limbs come out and important about bet. That's got -- Pakistan james' question what's best -- to prove. Now we're talking to trees that are decision was right here so my thoughts -- this decision was it drops asleep giants mob rule farm just watch robbery. Is we need to do that in the data -- some point then you're pretty much side you know we wanna do that prior to. Almost two -- now there's certain plants that set buds that that he you know -- his eyes they've -- Merling springs we don't -- -- -- this time of the year. But Scott and mark threatened citing that James Matty wants to prove that treat you and the one months. You know I get a lot of questions was the best time to turn. And yeah -- winner certainly -- time to -- insect disease -- down it's not gonna get into those areas. But we did pretty year round and you connect it depending on your objectives he -- in just about any time now. In the early spring during but expansion. If you cut on a river birch tree on a maple it's going in Narnia and said he typically -- stairway from those -- a year. But EO -- good. Change your question as far as in celebration is that you -- and they've died back. Beyond that point there -- some good rules of thumb about -- The the couple rules are one keep the branch caller intact. I'm and we can go into the scenario a whole bunch so you have to look online maybe a little bit there James but. You make sure you leave a -- collar and then if you're cutting a -- jury if you're kind of back reducing -- a little bit. You wanna cut back to another branch another lateral branch that's at least a third in diameter of the -- -- cutting. So that way when you when you cut into that bridge after leaving another terminal that will keep that -- alive if he cut back to a -- little sprout. The average we'll just continue to dive back. -- -- -- -- Don't understand or except I actually don't work to be wrapped body sports -- music -- -- the great -- ultimate kind of -- -- actually do it -- RT just got these great polls gonna. I've done that you know people not about doing that what you can say -- delegate buying packaged pretty deadly. It's that brought -- sum -- just about border total -- brow prompt. And I guess that's what database -- I don't also take whatever fighting back up and they're debating about it just what it's not -- just do -- you just -- it. -- -- and -- many wouldn't with the cardinals wanna things ally the white -- the pronoun from more of IA's. I guess I not a tree since both from our cultural. -- cents is allied to merely clip. Last year's bugs are blooms all for the cried more. You know upright moral -- hopefully it's planet somewhere where you can growth so that she can enjoy the beauty of that tree. And let's remember it right -- is I treat not a shrub. And what we wanna do -- just click the tips you know of them the very end. Of every branch where blowing this past year is we just won't put those off -- -- all -- bicycling all he wanted to on the -- aren't. I thank you. The attack from Lamar -- Mary. We have. Mary and the problem is I don't know if there -- you think -- hold on for about a minute and Mary if you like if -- hang on they'll be great I don't wanna -- yeah I'm afraid you have to -- -- -- -- -- a great moral question in my wife's before I left the store she's like that you'll get calls and -- morals what every time we -- this. Admirals are big question yes you're listening to New -- Prussia and married. Please hold on and we have Fred right behind just. If you -- he gives called -- on the bright feel free at 2329673. In -- were 5749673. In Spartanburg X nineteen will be right back. Welcome back to the final corner of the yard approach show brought tee box here a lot of fresh farms. -- -- -- And Scott Carlson yes. Tree care -- asleep -- back here you know this -- a warm in this and his -- his eyes as to what a beautiful Saturday November 30 getting ready for all of us guys for a wonderful -- college football rightful. On a vegan diet watch football. We're gonna stay with a phone lines dot we have Mary who's been waiting patiently to ask a question about a great moral -- says Christ yeah I'm hoping maybe it's a food question you know and I'm that would -- it. More Amir and writing -- not a I was how you were often in Mexico crisis and bring them appear to the studios and a. You wouldn't want my great. So luckily I -- myrtle. AK. Crepe myrtle in the ground is mare B iron ran. Four years ago. And the bridge here with signs. The second year it would it was we had a like a drought and now I found at camp not ordering them enough as it got all of the -- -- and they would read. And read in R&D color and follow up he said Atlantic here we have other rain and -- how they do great this year right now. Same -- I don't. I don't know what to do it I mean is growing. And I about it I don't. And the bottom branches and things like that and that kind of like the element of our my neighbor does nothing with -- but his pink has way he does -- Doesn't lottery doesn't do any paralyzed -- and they're gorgeous. Up and hello I'm doing wrong. I think you're having issues with the blending in the summer the fall color. In the fall. It it your days at K it not really bland. About the -- About the last week of July 1 week of August hopefully get around the first week of July -- believed start to turn and -- NG. Read and start the ball off not that -- all the slaves but it was about maybe 45%. And then -- boredom but you don't get as many -- split time. Are there are I don't know and now. I think you stop stop -- today is stop -- -- well there aren't there -- differently diseases that are different things don't -- leaves of the crepe -- so we need to address that first apparently he's following all. On prematurely and if it did this year obviously it it was a lack of moisture along because moisture can actually have an effect either way. Yeah moisture you get -- fungal diseases and -- involved. On the -- can get aphids and other things that feed on believes. On that also caused police to fall offs that we need to make sure that there's new phone bull. Insects diseases that mess with purely. A all right as far as blending guys is the tree in full sun. Yeah it's an album but more so on the back of the -- they -- at. Now is -- plant and an area. That is consigned by -- sidewalks and drop wise or have his account in open ears were. If I marry a bit on the corner of the property but it it back about maybe. Funny but the. Because that's kept coming around sat around and I question I would ask is -- do the roots have plenty of rumors that. Getting enough root growth says sounds like it is now. Yeah it it's where my bet down and yeah our first. Yes I do. But I was there added in the spring early. Okay and I thought of putting neem oil spray on it for eighth -- good pay and Japanese -- means of attack -- And com. Put up front side on it. When it start to look like believe that the bottom returning -- -- -- It that did not sit -- -- But can't seem like a couple weeks later here we were early you know we were back where airlines. But -- you do a lot of the right things oil is great the fungicide spray is great especially this year although this year -- -- kind of -- enough can't let us when we need fertilized. -- the trees growing enough let's not use and I don't know -- make sure you're using for fertilizing a lot people you know you talk about -- and -- on the -- nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and usually that first number is larger because -- they want things to grow -- -- you go with a high nitrogen fertilizer and let's not -- a high nitrogen -- this year let's go with. That's -- numbers at the end. Being higher than the first number that'll help. You're off postures -- cast him out with regret and with blooming. And let's not push as much top growth because of all the energy's going toward -- along geisha and and so forth on. We might not want to penalize nitrogen lines have. Let's -- let's slowdown that -- she's a lower first number in the fertilizer are prospering this summer and see if that doesn't. I am what I'm appeared to think would be best -- And. You're good you're good actually to -- just about any time until we get into the heat of the Somerset Craig hurdles. And you can get enough. All -- it accomplishes different things that say. Do you like an early spring and and I would deal late spring. On fertilizing and B let's say me home. That was in March remained equity amounts and are -- Pataki run. I have a right time and it -- -- You know another great. Call about cried models and it wasn't about. Putting of the -- In next to it -- my -- murder story. And cut them back but it. I'm Craig girls like you said before a tree and you know a Cramer should be -- like. Hundred Euro that -- in your -- you're exactly so that sent. We're gonna stay with a thumb on the site we have France who's been waiting patiently and more than a ghost taught what Fred about a pound brand into wanna -- -- Good morning gentlemen -- are -- today. Beautiful weather yes I have what I believed to be in in this summer right factoring just. Those wanting to win the best time was the best method for trimming them back. What's a patent that yesterday. Decision was talked both -- guess all high rises are so outside you pretty much and clear now with these sites on that live in that blend all summer song right -- -- endless summer -- endless summer so now that you've got the leaf drop and it's begin to go dormant amend your good now until probably like February. Yeah you probably won't leave some light on it over the winter just to protect the plant from the cold weather 'cause there's you know. Trees and shrubs have their own kind -- -- for -- that they keep in the stands and -- to protected -- the winner. And so there's kind of -- role of -- if things bloom in the summer usually you'll -- and as in February march. -- you know get won't go for the winner in the as an early early early let's say late winner early early spring. And then things that bloom in the spring like -- Nailed it and yeah. On you wanna open is right after -- -- -- product -- the one that's a good rule of thumb and all sorts of things just put that out there for once your summer I mean I drink yeah. Let's let's get through Warner and after the first year. Or march or February -- march you know light February admit it's kind of a good time and -- -- that and if it looks a little squirrelly right now -- times she gets kind of some dead -- mass that just won't fall off if you want tight you know the top three or four inches often -- branch a cynical to try to clean it up to make it look good -- -- -- dissect stopped. But as far as heavy severe pruning and probably put it off today in the February. State grimmer thanks for -- question -- thanks questions on you when things -- winds at this time through exactly. Great question and finally. Always grab it looks like our last caller of the we have a few minutes left in the -- and we have the one -- -- About grants to morning James. Good morning thank you for helping me out making a phone call progress this morning. A lot have a spot in my yard it's under at -- gain entry. To its full shade all summer. I have always had a little problem -- Greg -- there. It would it was almost but there are -- we're all summer when we get all that rain. It stood in water. Now it's completely owned there's just they're they're -- -- would -- suggest it. What kind of grass well you said you for shouted yes signature and tiger -- Iran god -- monolith thing. Com. Your best bet -- giants are are going and digress for 12 is. I thought about that this morning us to do not want to mention much about the robberies and -- but unfortunately there are two clinching grants in the studio today this is a show about agriculture. And it is agricultural institute in South Carolina it's a we know how the that are blood run -- orange in the studio this. I know tiger's arm the other thing that I have seen a lot this summer is just what she set a lot of standing water and this year with the amount of rang the frequency ranked. You really got the city. The kind of the effects that a root system of the tree compact -- Rick Klein -- of what it does to our souls especially from a sub -- -- -- Arm now this. Doesn't happen that often see you may not need to correct it it may be as simple as replanting the grass. You know it is now in the future and get a growing and but if it's me -- we're going to address subsurface -- some drainage issues there it was standing in water. So we know that she'd have a bowl area may -- you can bring some top -- win. And and kind of get to borders shut off or perhaps she need to do some subsurface trying to be able typed Atwater like before you -- plant that long. And now what I would do was probably -- pretty deep before Reid did that long as well that -- help with the compaction. And some of those top surface -- and contrary. Be careful of converts analysts it'd -- excess -- -- up a little bit in the market by hand. You get pitchfork sometimes they're great tool yeah stake in the ground work it back and forth especially after that's exactly. So we're pretty -- -- giants have a great weekend it thank you -- A number of wonderful show on the books dot I. I enjoyed it thanks again for. I appreciate coming down on -- -- you know it kind of like you say bring something a little bit different to the show that -- -- -- that's why we're here to share from a patient's and we always get a lot of calls you're listening to or have a listen to New York -- will be back next week from nine until -- Thank you for listening and -- tigers.