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Nov 30, 2013|

Harry discusses if our politicians are helping or hurting our country, what someone would do if they wanted to cripple our nation from within, and gives away a one year subscription to the Times Examiner for one lucky caller for Christmas

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And good evening the Greenville Spartanburg upstate South Carolina. Welcome to conservative voice I'm your host Terry -- work. Glad to be here with you today. Once again show was then moved to accommodate this sports. And we know a lot of folks are excited about the -- Carolina game. But we hope that we can keep your attention for tonight show. I think we're gonna have a good chip. Well first ball wanna say. I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving. And you know we're looking forward to Christmas coming up of course -- got a couple of announcements about that here in just a minute but. I just wanna remind folks that conservative voice. You know this is the shows that while according to some. -- politics too far. Thank you Chad appreciate you point that out to us. Well listen. If you wanna be part of tonight show. We'd love to have your voice here with -- -- conservative voice in the way that you do that as you give us call at 2329673. Or -- in Spartanburg area 5749673. We've got a guest in studio with us this evening. And we're gonna bring him on here in just a minute but before we get to that. I want to. Remind you that. Today show is being brought to you once again by the times examiner. Times examiner is a local subscription. Conservative newspaper. You will see things in this. Newspaper that you will not see in the well let's see houses of politically correct way of saying that the propaganda. Newsprint. That comes out of the the other newspaper in -- But the times examiner is truly. A unique. Publication. I'm very proud to have the times examiner as CO. Sponsor of this show we appreciate the element. For use that may be listening and heard me talk about times examiner time and time linking him. I wanna give you an opportunity -- not a subscriber to the times examiner. Later on in tonight show when we come back from the bottom of the hour. News story. Conservative voices going to do little giveaway. So stay tuned for that what we're gonna do at the bottom of the hour is. We're gonna take a caller and that caller will worse he will receive. 81 year subscription to the times examiner. As the as a gift from conservative voice so stay -- will you be more details about that the minute but. I want to remind you hadn't announced this last Saturday. The South Carolina confederate museum. Is going to be having a Christmas performance they're going to be a three week -- that this is going to be going on. Every Friday in December which would be December the sixth the thirteenth in the twentieth. All performances will start at 6 o'clock and run until 9 o'clock. These performances are free this is going to be an environment that it's wholesome you can take your family to it in here. Real Christmas music a Christmas message. This is. This is something that they're not afraid to speak about Christ in Christmas. So if you're looking for something. That's wholesome for your family to do I would highly encourage you to check out these performances at South Carolina confederate museum. There are located at fifteen Boyce avenue in Greenville. And those dates are every Friday that would be December the sixth the thirteenth in the twentieth from 6 o'clock until 9 o'clock PM. And we appreciate. You know somebody in the community doing something that is not ashamed of the name Christ or Christmas so. Anyhow. In tonight's are doing tonight show we've got to a guest in studio. And you know I'm I'm sure that many of you have asked the question as I have numerous times. You know our you know the question is -- our our elected officials are they trying to help. Our nation are they trying to hurt our nation. Are they trying to uphold our constitution are they trying to to surely our constitution. You know. Our guest tonight. Is is a phenomenal person. Obviously theologian and historian philanthropist best. And a Christian. That just loves his country I wanna bring on the year. Jack Davis. Jack you've been on the show before we welcome you back the last time you were on I had a lot of positive. Com feedback. People were just. Really excited and and engrossed in and what you were bringing to -- so while welcome back to conservative voice and talked to is just a little bit oh we got about three minutes we have to take that mid hour break. Or mid halfway through the the first part of the show break. But the talk to us and set us up a little bit of of what we're gonna talk about here tonight on conservative voice. -- thank -- and I'm proud to be here. New program goes beyond a little conservative talk programs in that you tell the truth and you don't back golf when you get to the real truth you know. I've heard a number of programs where. -- The MC would cut somebody -- you -- liked to heard what that guy had so it yeah. Though I thought tonight. If we wanted to examine whether our country is being destroyed. George Washington. Made some good point to sit if you see one thing going wrong it might be an excellent. If you see several things going wrong somebody's running an agenda only bright -- thought tonight we would do some reverse engineering. And go over the things that we would do if we wanted to destroy this country. And now. There are about twelve before including two that I think -- And you know. Monica through make -- a list it looked like we have -- -- thing you know yeah I was plumb scary yeah. Absolutely. Well that's that's a good primer to work to kind of set the stage in I think what will do because what we delve into this we're gonna run and want to get a running start. So that it all ties in together so Jack. I won't go ahead in and we're gonna take our what we call quarter after a break. We'll take it just a minute early. And then when we get back we're gonna built right into that reverse engineering. How to destroy. Our country folk you're listening to conservative voice with your coach -- Keebler. If you wanna be part of the show 232967345749673. Thank you. All right welcome back to conservative voice what we got through that break fairly nicely camera as promised we're gonna jump right back the end. Jack Davis. Who analysts after the break with talking about you know. If you wanted to if your goal. Was to destroy this nation. How would you do Jack given the right back to you. All right. Napoleon was -- territory. And when you asked him questions you've got to answer was some lead and he made a couple comments that stuck with me he says agriculture is the heart and soul of your countries keep its strong. And he said manufacturing. Brings look -- in Wales -- countries you so goods when it comes back mature economy go around keep it strong. One of the highest compliment I overheard him when podium this European general. Sort of -- Napoleon for a couple minutes is real shortage of that 26 years old and after two minutes I realize that Napoleon was a real general. And our arsenal man wearing a general's uniform. That that's a compliment there while in the anyway let's look at agriculture. We used to export food. We'll then we salute the EPA on our aforementioned column in places that can't part of the dirt -- -- tree. To use -- -- think you're getting. Cut the irrigation office in California and California. Is listed like a separate country that that they grossed much food and turned back into the desert. It doesn't look like they're following Napoleon suffice it to him. And we used to make sixty some percent of the goods in the whole world. And that money. Money came back in here and made our economy -- Well back in the -- they said the United States won't give up its -- to the United Nations to listen depression famine and displease. So that took down the trade barriers. And simultaneously so that the EPA on our manufacturers were told would loan money to build offshore. And then we make lists and 8% of the goods in the world. And that -- was the one thing. Those two key things that we're not doing. Another thing -- incident -- one of the best ways to to destroy our country is to just destroy its currency then you have to take us. And we're we're destroying our -- so we're printing so many green backs. Do there -- come and worthless. The people that a sellable. Used to -- had to be paid for with greenbacks in the people selling all. Don't want our greenbacks anymore. We're buying them up. Just to get him out of circulation. And now all these other countries are talking about the greenback not being the major. Reserve currency of the world -- -- to German towards a more ahead about some greenbacks to purchase or with well now they're gonna let him. Use a basket of currencies wolf when the demand for a dollar is -- failed. If inflation goes up. -- extra money causes inflation. And I would also you know be part of the reason why our fuel prices or gas prices and all prices arise they're not necessarily going up that much in other parts of the world number it is of value of the dollar goes failed. Goals over a -- Going up you know because it it takes more money about the same you know. You don't realize what wells a little bored coach with three groups at wholesale -- retail for nickel to back caiso wholesale for certain -- cents. I don't mind you know -- the the coax not really more expensive the money's worth cliffs and taxable money about the same you know. We have this currency system is called Fiat money system. Here's the way it works and one of these systems has not lasted a hundred years before we're on a hundred year plan -- When the government needs money -- -- from the Federal Reserve. We never pay those loans back off the result is we Pate could restore all money in circulation for ever. All of your income tax and death tax goes to congress to Federal Reserve for Puerto Rico and they profit offshore corporation. None of that money goes to ruin your country. The government borrows all the money it runs on it does that every year. I don't wanna balanced budget this -- is when you spin what you borrow not when you've been what you collected -- This does not step in then you're going to do is ridiculous stuff about. Freezing the debt limit. If we're live -- all the credit card you would go cut off credit card. Apple calls chaos you know and I think we ought to get out of that system but we've got to ease one and ease into -- -- would you do it quickly we don't need short jokes now. And our economy. Well. What George questions and avoid foreign entanglements. People used to have to read his farewell address. And now look at us instead of avoiding. Foreign entanglements. -- About to -- upon sovereignty to the United Nations. Algae is the Communist after the charter for the United Nations this but trials like OJ Simpsons and went on for months. This about the same constitution is Russia's. Something's not right you know. Our immigration policy used to be. If you short. Few engineers and let a few we certainly don't want anybody -- competing with our people for jobs right now. And you can check those engineers and make sure that'll have tuberculosis was -- bad diseases right. What time -- unemployment rate is really 24%. And the reason those figures don't jive with the government news if you if you lost your job in colonial and employment. And still don't have a job that'll count you anymore then. Well. You're still -- you a little -- wire to wire us figure you know. -- time when we have 24% unemployment. We have opened the floodgates and let everyone in here and we put animal welfare and which further burdens. Are kind of -- -- absolutely. In the Communist countries there's no middle course. They -- and said it's necessary to make people -- -- point to -- software so that you can control. Well. Every society has a pyramid. We have a lethal top we have -- middle class in this country and then you have some. -- have nots. In Communist countries you have the league and have nots. And so it looks like what they're doing. If you or destroy this country get rid of the middle -- the government -- tough they don't pressure. More rules more regulations more taxes -- the people angry. And they really angry that they -- but they only have access to the middle class right above them. That's the bottom up pressured to hear those both work two part one guy and Obama's camp says the house that time for the people to get up. And do the bottom up pressure right. That just planned to destroy your country. Not by accidental. Disarming the people. Since a French revolution. Any country to the gunk from its people when effort so people. I know they took the the guns away from the people in the UK the reason I think they have gone after those people if they did that before they got the goods from us. People would say wait a minute they went after those British. That's too close in time you couldn't keep a little let that probably won't. Go after the British people and Fuller got the guns from us and then they'll go after both of us -- that the -- it. Police things certainly are. Are happening M. As you pointed out. When there's a bunch of things happening at the same time it's not by accident it's by design and. If we get too many things going -- -- -- and yeah. Mark Twain was fluent audience more cohesive. If you don't read the paper uniformed and if you read it you misinformed. Well. In look at when he says it and its fifty times were split yes and we knew he made that comment. We have a private club co counsel formulations of those 4000 members. 09 news and radio TV newspapers and magazines in this country. That's why you see the same thing on every channel and you don't hear real news and you know that's wars Marta slings. That -- do yeah. And they also use it misinformed you know a lot of stuff is showed. -- given -- like it affair they got three cups and so they got us focus in on bin Ghazi while -- runoff -- constitution that for example. Well. Let's don't down these people. New education oh my goodness back in the -- lot of stuff was going -- it next. They came out with a new education program. After five years look like a dismal choice -- -- not to worry we have a new plan to take care plan. In this world or just flat. Well it -- new plan that was assigned plan with a new night. It is kind of like those companies where there's five your places -- well. We figure out why that latest five year plan didn't work but we've taken care of that this time it's gonna work five years later it's a -- storm -- we felt the person responsible for Avaya. Well it's never the plan itself they never. They they keep change in the -- that plan every five years it's currently called core curriculum you know common core and I talked to a woman that's been. Teaching -- for forty some years. She says it used to that page would have fifty problems on has a problems a lot of pictures. And looks like they're separating. The -- pluses. From everybody knows more of the they -- and have not something. And also one of our -- teacher organizations was founded by the Communist Party. And they had tenants -- that thing like don't oil in deep rule and put selecting text books or books that children who have read. Or having anything to do with the curriculum. Parents all the ones. That have the greatest thing in the children. And -- think think of many things federal can be doing better by the states in fact the more local control better it's going to be don't. As a body wash and is not playing good -- tension. To how much child as soon as I turn it won't. Parental input. Please. Police used to be just wonderful. Serve and protect serve and protect that police employees that are right twenty tickets and make to rest today. It takes discretion out of if I got a chance to write somebody assumption that it more of that when he want to -- And as a self perpetuating excellent now. All press -- Cantonese and state organizations or short or term influence. And they -- just fleecing people. Right tickets Virginia state of Virginia frightened 2500 dollar traffic tickets -- incredible. Destroy the moral foundation of this country. Let's destroy christianity. Are found in policy and this is. It pretty limited formal government we have here there's not too many loans. It it will it will work if we have a moral people -- And so if you destroy the morals in this government will the end. One limits. We -- took over that country to which Troy christianity -- to do that we have to destroy the family unit. Or how they doing that well. It you don't see it kind of storm of hopefully. That's being promoted now. On we'll come back to others. Yeah absolutely go folks there you have it you're listening to conservative voice of my guest. Jack Davis who. We do have callers on -- -- I appreciate your holding on if you hold tool we come back after the news we will pick you work then continue with the conservative we show. Thank you for listening conservative voice. And welcome back to conservative voice with your coach Terry Kidd who we've got to Houston studio and Jack Davis but before we go back to Jack wasn't clear these phone lines because we've had folks calling wrong hole. Callers and when I ask you that should be brief and to the -- Jack and then. We also got a contest that we're gonna do here so well Bob welcome to conservative voice what's on your mind. Hey Larry thank you look at the show -- Hollywood and distort the struggle of good and he goes -- minutes reflect directive without all this retreat. Alexander Hamilton who wanted to -- banks and credit. And Thomas justice and all out speed this up so trying to like where we are today. Yeah there was a book written. There was about accelerant still fiscal creature from Jekyll island yes and it's about how the Federal Reserve Bank was spotted 1913. And if anybody wanted to buy a book this year. As a different somebody else the other -- the most votes to creature project block island so. And -- that's sort of an Australian dubbed baby yeah but to Davis took the elaborate on net. All right thank you appreciate it Bob appreciate your phone call. All right Jack will come back to the to the book Jekyll island we're gonna go and pick up Chris and I am not a -- welcome to conservative voice what's on your mind. Thank you area appreciated missed the legislature here you're bringing. Bringing out a lot of things -- just point out what well I think most of us thought for a number of years now that that we are being attacked on all fronts. I'm kind of wondering if our if that caught up our conversations. Now should not be. A little different than they are wishing to be in a mode where we're we are complaining about it no question about it we have been for a number of years but. So we're. We're complaining and I think the question is not is what they're doing constitutional. Is what they're doing. Legal or not the I don't think there's a question about that I think the question is why are we see. The people of this country. -- this is our country. What are we going to do about it what is. -- -- step forward -- I know I know some of the things you brought up mr. Davis racially I don't want to hold up I don't watch what you had to say is very very important and I don't want to take that away from. By the time here. But I'm just wondering you know we need to get out of the complaint mode. We need to get into an action mode. This is our country into a week. The people in Washington all we have there is a group of people who look like they're standing in opposition to what's going on but when you look back. Acting you look back carefully there is much a part of that as is anyone. Actually Chris I think you know what your site and is what I what I believe and that is that. You know we got we got a sporting event that's going to be coming up shortly after the show we got a football to be a game that's going to be going on. In order to have that game you've got to have an offense and a defense and I think what's going on in Washington DC. Is they're playing offense and defense but they're both trying to score goals. And and it's not for our benefit. Absolutely that very good analogy and mr. Davis but I appreciate you being here today. I've been listening for awhile now I just want to jump -- and make my statement. I believe everything you're you're talking about is something we all felt for many years so thank you for being here Gary thank you for what you do I know. What you people do is a very difficult job and I appreciate your efforts I just want to say that. Maybe that although our conversation needs to change a little. I don't know. Absolutely well Chris thank you for listening and but you're calling. Right Jack you couple good points there in. You know to chris' last statement about you know what are we what should we be doing. When you when you get your bureau your points -- I think that hasn't beautifully with the notes that I talk to you about earlier for some things that I wanted to share towards the end of the show. But before we get into that as promised I want to encourage folks to consider. You know it's Christmas is coming up. Times examiner. Is a great newspaper. And it would make a great. Christmas gift and to set the example. Conservative voice would like to do little contest here tonight a -- -- Call screener to to be prepared for this. The third caller. Two 2329673. That is 2329673. Or 25749673. The third caller I'm going to do you view a one year subscription. To the times examiner says the third caller in two the show the lines are cleared. The call screener will take your name your phone number in your address and I will make sure that you start receiving the times examiner. So that's one thing that I'm excited about because I do believe in that newspaper. -- you said earlier you know is that that's a newspaper though that does publish the truth and things that nobody else we'll talk about. So Jack while our call screeners it screening those calls my hand it back -- you and in let you finish archer points so we can move won't. We were talking about christianity vehemently attacked. You don't see them attacked in most homes to go -- stop attacking Muslims. The there mainly attacking Christian cute kid can have a play born Koran on his desk he had he can't have a king James Bible that targets but try and now that's bottlenecks -- -- And now. Mark said Michael was dethroned god. You know in these people of person -- there. They'll they'll correct in -- -- affair. The distinction is lost only yes young. Well. The largest nonprofit in the United States is now they Muslim population. While the -- something incredible and in their. That they're using that money that they've got about 6000. Legislators. Nationwide on the payroll of certain. Christianity is absolutely under attack absolutely a lawless Pam stone Bill Clinton. Freedom for religious persecution. Establishes a government office for religious persecution monitoring provides for licensing the pastors and churches. And for churches and it's got his one true goddess of -- give money to that church if we're just a huge in the craft from a churches in a absolutely. And they've they've shut him up supposedly with a 501 C three that the tank -- politics but they really king. I think they don't wanna rock the boat being in the past true medium and large churches and -- world brilliant job. We had its -- Who was so -- Angeles about a hundred years ago. If we get up. We get up or you have to preach the gospel sermon about what -- -- this guy took responsibility for everything he said it. And morality prevails in the halls of congress the pulpit responsible. And if two people don't know who to vote for the Pope responsible -- not offended any whales now if you if you can't get the truth and your church now in India. We're this close to lose in our country -- you hear is always have to do is preach the gospel now. Control vote. One of our Communist fathers live or who is not who votes accounts isu council votes campus counselors and among other things -- say. Voting machine company and Florida. That tallies the votes for tourism sites including this one. And before the last presidential election -- up our whole bowl my vote machine company and explain that got bought by George Soros. Who put Obama in office. And if a bat to -- companies like that tally the votes of those but it didn't matter who we vote for a threat. But you sure can't don't seem to be would do any thing was get rid of these electronic vote machines and think it was Ohio put it. Team computer expert. On a bunch of those machines all privately owned privately -- See which ones are more secure secure was the wrong words. On a scale of one to 102 and have some credit music got with some of if you buy our machine you'll get the result fuel was the salespeople and we have to get rid of these electronic voting issues. We've got in the no controls. There is little video of -- voting commission. Over all of these voting processes. But everything they do seems to be subjected. They found one of them we're 30000 votes have been miss Canada instead of declaring another election exit penalties to -- we can't do anything about it sort of been sort of -- through sort of five fraudulent. And we -- places where. About a third of the people. It used the substances everybody's living there. About a third of those usually register to vote and we -- places where 120% of the substances body you know. And they don't do anything about it -- -- say hey wait a minute you know. We don't have to political parties we have -- here 22 parties. And they both infinite world government as hard as I condemn. Him. Another thing. War brings -- that brings taxes. We're in perpetual war. Taxes are gonna we're printing money our currency is going down is destroyed those civilizations besides analysts. We need to be spent and money home. Since all the -- comes from the Federal Reserve. That is in its borrowed. The times when we -- booms and our economy when it was when the dome was borrowed money it's been into the home. Right there with the cost inflation but at least to fuel your economy. Right now we have the worst of both worlds were -- the money and spending at a brawl so we're getting inflation. But we're not fueling our economy. But they destroyed our economy. Was probably the -- I don't know. -- -- On the US won't give appears already to the UN doesn't repression famine and disease. Followed oppression and look at famine and disease yeah. May have brought up a question about what we needed to be doing among other things. We need Christ lord our enemies more powerful than us with a novel powerfully and you. And -- ethnic Erica there from you and if we need divine intervention we were so far down the tubes -- even if we got the right person in there that want to deter us -- I don't know if you can do. We don't make anything anymore. We've been importing their computer chips going all out war machines from China. Who looks like their limit on harassment is being our biggest threat right now. In the countries China is not doing that is our one world person to build and all those plants over the that my Kindle money. But there's a big slackened slightly. The money is going out of the country and it's not coming back. -- In his are talking about freeze in the debt limit here we are living on credit card room. The other thing I wanted to. If you don't want to add anything to this. -- we do and everything to destroy this country. Can you think any thing else to destroy this country that we are already doing -- lot healthier. Yeah absolutely. Well it's going to take our final break of the show. And we come back -- who kind of wrap this up we'll talk a little bit more about the the question of what can we do. We'll go from my. Folks you're listening to conservative voice where we take politics too far I am your coach Harry Kim was. Other where it's known as the chief troublemaker him Greenville county in the throughout the state of South Carolina. Jack Davis been on show with us and -- will be back on the other side of the break thank you. Welcome back to conservative voice coach circular guest in studio Jack Davis. First thing we'll say is congratulations theme Greg Campbell will be winners of the contest we just sit here. Glad Greg was listening week break -- promise you will get your information over to run ball that looked at times examiner. Come Monday morning and you should start receiving your subscription to the times examiner if not this week. This coming week it's certainly be the week after so thank you for listening and we're gonna do this to him periodically. As we are approaching Christmas solo. Just keep listening tell others. Welcome him to. Conservative voice. All right Jack we're gonna try to wrap up because you've had some blocks and watch a great points. You know we that this whole notion that all these things are just. A series of coincidental. Accidents. You know people just not knowing. What they're doing. In other words we just chalk it up to incompetence. You know. It's not it's not incompetence it's it is it's an actual playing them that's being orchestrated. In the the blueprint for that plane on. Was was created. Many many years ago. And in slowly but surely we've just been getting a step closer and a step closer to point now where. You know many people are starting to see and feel. Something's just not right you know there's that red flag moment when you've when you've sensed danger. Which you don't recognize. What the -- injuries yet and I think that's where many people in our in our nation are at this point. And and of course we've got to move the -- hires that. That just say -- well -- it's been like this forever it's just you know it's just just a modern spin on the same old problems we've been facing forever. But you went down a beer racists linked list. Of things that if you had set out to. Destroy this country. These are the things that you would do to destroying this nation. And you know candlelight that OJ Simpson case you know if it doesn't fit we must acquit -- folks this glove fits perfectly. There is a plan and we've got to do something. Back caller that called him. But it was Chris. The severe what are we gonna do. Well you know one of the things that I was gonna talk about tonight an animal now expand on the -- on this during the the next show which by the way next. Next Saturday we're going to be doing a best of conservative voice I'm going to actually be in Florida. Getting some training on how to become more effective. Also known as becoming more confrontational. And you know taking politics too far. I'm gonna I'm gonna get some additional training. Professional training. On. How can be more effective -- yes yes if they think that we were taking politics to four. Before quickly get back from a four day training workshop. Concentrating we have seen any -- yeah yeah we've seen nothing yet so. But to answer the question. You know the -- the following shows two weeks from tonight. Will be talking about. Consent. And we'll give you a little bit of I guess baiting the hook. You know. I like to refer Jack to. Our declaration of independence. As the Y. And our constitution. Was the house. Before I ever talked to my daughters about what I want them to do. Com or how to do something or one of my employees that work. On it's important that they understand. Why. Is if you don't understand why you you lack the motivation to perform and how. Well in our constitution. Arms or in our declaration of independence. It lays out why. For why we needed to be independent while we needed to be free. Why we needed sovereignty as a nation. And I'm one -- just point out that. You know in that declaration of independence there's a sentence that says. That we hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal that they are endowed by their create her. With certain unalienable rights. That among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And that to secure these rights governments are instituted among me and deriving their just powers from the consent. Of the government. Beloved Jack doing. -- studies just pick a world. In in sometimes the more. Com and the -- he is the more interest in the world study becomes. And I started looking that this word consent. And you know. We give consent. To our government. Sometimes we do it by. Going to the polls in voting. And we voted for folks that are not doing the right things. But in our voting for them we are giving consent for them to continue. To trample. Our constitution and our bill of rights. We have other folks that sell only part of that all politicians -- crook is this that the other. I'm not gonna vote on not registered to vote I don't wanna vote I don't wanna be involved in the process well guess what that does not. You alleviate the fact that you are giving consent. Because whether you vote or -- you don't vote. You are giving consent. There's different types of consent and we're gonna cover those types of consent. In the next live show. Two weeks from tonight. But one of the things if you're living here in Greenville county I'm just gonna skip forward to this -- calls it's very. Time sensitive. In Greenville county. We've talked about on the show that the Greenville county council. Made an attempt to get a a 65 million dollar per year sales tax on the ballot. A lot of the folks in the grassroots. Conservatives. We stood up against that and we had a temporary victory. And -- temporary because we all know how government works. Whenever they don't get the first trial and the first time around though you know. To come back and they're gonna try to give. Well there is going to be another attempt at the 65 million dollar sales tax. Of the game plan isn't fully created in in the in the works yet. But -- they are planning on how they can do it but my broader point is this. Many on county council. Are making the comment that they're not necessarily in favor. And an additional 65 million dollar per year tax lingering accounting. They just won't let the voters decide. Hey you're educated me on that one time referendums. Flavor of the all interests groups because they'll spend money on togethers through. Also those soaring toward that where you can't -- to where you vote reform or against a trying to touch it it will go after the person that words floating in hole. The people that put him in office responsible. And go after -- get personal. Right absolutely. -- nothing yet. But you know here's an opportunity folks because I spoke to a couple of county council members that that certainly. Seemed to -- right to 99%. Of the time. And one of them has introduced the ballot initiative to county council. That would allow the voters of Greenville county to decide. Whether or not. The property owners angry -- counting should get some property tax relief to actually get a reduction in property tax. While this coming Monday. At I'm sorry Tuesday. Government they -- Tuesday December the third at 5 o'clock. At county council. They are going to have a committee of the whole meeting and this proposition of the property tax relief. For Greenville county is going to be only you know -- good. Lowell lecture you yeah you know that then you know it's all right for people vote to raise their taxes -- that will be short -- vote vote or what -- -- put that to the test some of these to watch the crimes allies like that -- some of these devout Christians that are on county council. We're gonna see whether or not they speak with fork tongue. Whether there are sincere in their belief of allowing voters to decide. Panel will tell kiss alive which itself tickets to that yeah I believe might just have my video camera there we can at least get it to YouTube -- -- shows the -- the frauds. For what they are they -- go into executive session that's behind closed doors and no not they they could give for legal advice things like but. They're gonna have to vote on this in the public. So what the Jack we got one minute left we got to wrap up the show. I wanna say thank you again for being here it's always enlightening. To -- to have you as our guest. Certainly won't you come back tedium. Your courageous. Well I appreciate you very much. Appreciate your friendship. Well folks I want to remind you want to him tonight show has been brought to you by the times examiner. How do you get in touch with times examiner I can get too excited beginning in the showed even tell -- the numbers 2680576. That's 2680576. Or you can check them out online at times examiner dot com. And Greg Campbell will futures subscription started for you as the a complimentary gift from the time are from a conservative voice. We like to use that say Merry Christmas we'll folks thank you for listening this evening I appreciate it I appreciate all my callers and listeners. -- issue we want to. The UYRDF fans.