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Is W wired the offense and -- bill W wired he -- WOR decent parts in very good news talk. Sports. News radio I'm Richard Johnson this weekend's cold snap has -- immobility for hundreds of thousands trying to fly or drive. Interstate 35 north of Dallas has been closed off and on for hours same story on I forty near the Oklahoma Arkansas line. In Dallas at least a 1171000. Customers are without power. More than 350 flights to and from DFW have been canceled. In Gilbert Arizona they're working hard to save the letters crop. There's always a risk for crop bust through lots of different reasons that this is one that we can definitely take a proactive stance in my McCartney of angry Toby farms whether putting covers on the crops it'll be even colder tomorrow in Denver but the Broncos fans are worried we would -- anywhere don't watch the Broncos play especially the -- patent. He's South Africa they're coping with the news that so many expected for so long but it's finally here the death of former president Nelson Mandela. Hearings -- is that the family is sped and out for the best times since then Diana's death. The -- -- in general tend that maps and -- says a great man has been lost. As the food. When he learned from him. To appreciate the values that made him remember that wasn't recognized by. Or people hang on deeply affected by the death that befell the president's. But -- paying their respects in the form of celebration. But the -- time Thomas van outside Mandela's -- frame in the black township also Wednesday and his last name on the other side of town. Flowers and handwritten nights some lining the streets in -- is that Emily with a -- ready. All smiles 45 year old Merrill Newman this morning as he got off a plane in San Francisco thank you all over. The support we got. And death. Very much appreciate he made a long nonstop flight from Beijing after the longer stay in North Korea authorities there suddenly released him after detaining him since late October that -- the specials forces veteran of the Korean War. The -- Fox News radio. Fox News early -- breaking down business. -- and its impact on your bottom line your world with -- That's how I do business that's why I am just hold positions and fresh opinions on the topics America is buzzing about the pop. How do you think that both that and whether there. The whole nation watching -- inside and political know how from the best in the -- Overboard with the red bay epicenter of the political world is here number one placed -- -- guy. Fox News -- What's wrong with working hard as a lender alliance and our kids lives better -- -- mean nothing -- -- business we don't have and problems and sense -- we have a very big problem -- -- -- in the way and we'll come out of the -- fast she. Guys who make money just the politicians stealing and the bureaucracy. Just -- The field on the floor with the -- -- moves forward and so we Fox Business the power to prosper in check your local listings and -- chilly night I had across the upstate temperatures will drop into the upper thirties overnight with scattered showers even some heavy rain possible. And then -- Sunday -- it's going to be a cold rainy day mostly cloudy high of only forty with a 90% chance the brain. By Monday gets a bit warmer high of sixty to 70% chance of showers that it gets colder again by Tuesday and Wednesday join -- weeknight on fox Carolina and chief meteorologist -- for -- on WORT. 16 period. -- this is John Green at the CEO of Paris -- it's believed that great smile improved sure looks more than losing weight and I know how important a great smile lives during the holidays if you wanna have your aunts uncles nieces and nephews in all then tried power -- in five minutes you'll see an average of two shades whiter teeth -- now and try it risk free 1802013416. At 1800 to 134161802013416. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kansas football as a new radio in the -- You aren't you tomorrow that's going to stick on the saints at 8:30 PM the Carolina kickoff for the guys that starts at 5:30 PM. Every game is on rock will no longer WR OQ. How William -- here -- the news and flavored Robert tumbled one to 100 have rent boy you have the lowest prize isn't. -- -- -- Hang flags dale Clark play smarter there's copper iron and maybe an -- if you won't just save up to seven neighbors and all you navy shock value which needs to our initial -- and not -- -- -- per day when no critic -- hardest to -- my retirement that's -- good news and insulated and bloggers on the 120 -- back. It's an easily South Carolina. You used alcohol pornography drugs anger or food to cope with life you're not alone there is help celebrate recovery and -- -- church of the Christ centered twelve step program -- freedom from my search and habits call 6808200. Or visit Brooke would church dot org. The frozen tundra of Lambeau fuel -- the rock even gets away. 2001 bit Williams -- total horseshoe in Ohio. From burns time to do with Kimberly. From arrowhead. Happy valley where everything shadows of cool blue sport it's time for what. All. Football is back. On WORD. And it's the scoreboard. With a 10 part of. That's real big match. High school college. And the pros. Get your football -- here I was six -- of those persons first. Just look I am Alonso -- long road back for another. Great football Saturday on the Saturday it is championship Saturday. A lot of games going on right now live on TV and before getting further would tell you we are carrying. The SEC championship Missouri vs Auburn that comes on right after we do at 4 o'clock we'll take you -- any kick off and the following now we go right into the Big Ten championship. Ohio State. Vs Michigan State too big games a lot of things riding on these games can't wait to get to those we also are gonna talk about the ACC championship. It's a bowl projections. NFL people try to squeeze three hours to show in the one hour may not happen it might you never know. Before getting phone numbers so I wanna say happy anniversary to my wife. I guess to myself. 21 years we've been married are hard to believe I'm -- congratulation -- we've we've been married that long but those big yeah it is 21 years and I. There's nothing special you have to get on the 21 this Tony -- I don't know what it is what she gets a shadow on the radio what she does you know and who else. Can say that I mean you know that that's a big deal what. I love you all my heart thank you for staying married for me an odd to me and now putting up with me as these guys know it's not an easy thing to do. Well Nancy is that the is that where were where you hit the all sound bite yet while they'll have -- ready do use that. No I don't know for -- -- anyways sat there wasn't aware it was Suzanne yeah I know well I didn't Doug thank guys happy anniversary to my wife Lisa. And let me give -- -- phone numbers now if you -- to pay we haven't been on since Clinton Carolina happen if you wanna talk about that anyone talk about the -- be disappointed in your season. If you're excited about what happened to look forward to what's gonna happen and a bowl games anyone thought if you want Thornton NFL. Go right ahead to 329673. -- price of -- 49673. In Spartanburg. VW Norton takes like 71307. And believe it or not there -- games going on better just basically regular season. Went down with you have a big big week in no matter -- what you're job -- folks you're radio dial is that the right place if you're a football fan W ordeal is your home for football here. In a managed conference championship day last week it was bribery. Now -- conference championship weekend meant so many exciting games going on with so many big implications happening right here and we're gonna -- those games live for you special justice of the big ones so stay -- -- a 63 FM news talk sports right here. And Alice jump into these scores -- we have a lot to get to and so little time to get to it so we're going to start to make history does nor the score is going on in the world of college football. It's the Big 12 Conference championship Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State you think it's a little bit of a rivalry going on between that would monitor my little feel a little bit -- -- a little bit. Oklahoma State in Oklahoma close games so far the sooners lead twenty to seventeen I hear that Oklahoma State's quarterback may have been injured in the first half and they're going into the second one without them. It's able to -- to play in the fourth quarter and Oklahoma leading Oklahoma State twenty to seventeen. The sooners have the football and I guess that eight minutes left to play we'll keep you guys posted. Big implications and -- we're talking bubble projections later in the program you don't wanna miss that and but we'll tell you what the big game Marshall is trailing -- 24 to 415 and is set to play in the fourth quarter conference USA championship. Game right there. Also look at this UCF beat southern Methodist Methodist university seventeen to thirteen UCF. A move to 111 overall eight know in the American conference they're ranked sixteenth in the country and possibly on the way to a significant bald -- -- know on this game early on -- -- was losing to SMU by I think it was ten and nothing. For a little while and then after halftime. You -- -- was able to come back and if you watch any of the game and or snow piled up everywhere while nobody at the game obviously because they were all snowed in. But you -- about a lot -- play for in this game and they came out -- lackadaisical I think because they're from Florida and it was really cold. We know those conditions could mess with the especially when you're from Florida but they were able to come back and win this game and it's a great season for them a great season for the coaching and good shot as you said you get a really good ball game. And maybe two million PCS maybe even a BCS game I'm hearing some people all around the Fiesta Bowl perhaps against Oklahoma State that they can win this big twelve match -- so -- -- -- lose the big moment to mostly so UCF. Possibly even on the way to BCS bowl or focal of the normal move -- more about that as the program. Gets on -- couple of other scores let's rewind back to Thursday we saw a great game go and overtime between who. Teddy Bridgewater and Louisville going up against the Cincinnati Bearcats. Louisville won 31 to 24 with a touchdown and OT. Surviving. In they moved to eleven and one overall with only one loss on Teddy Bridgewater is record for this. And you know UCL -- was watching that game them because Louisville warned UCF end up winning the conference. The first championship in that conference and in Louisville leaks the threat they're gone they're gone they go wherever they go. They go into the ACC -- -- move -- -- they CC could pick up for the ACC well we might be a little bit worried because of the way more Eagles played pretty well the last few years ever would have gotten hurt you. Yeah I don't wanna bring in bad teams you always know I agree I agree trust me since the Big Ten give Maryland. But you know you didn't -- windows should at least jump into the middle of the AC CQ do you agree as far as but I think I think talent wise. They should be at least in the middle and I don't get -- as far as level overall level program goes yeah I would put them in the middle -- not even thought maybe -- well we'll see I don't you can go up five -- six can't go any lower than -- a lot of teams that they're better than in the ACC right now are also in northern Illinois. Taking a loss. First one of the season. They had so much riding on days and really did a Cinderella they're gonna they're gonna get into the BCS they're gonna do all as a watch a couple of other games. They lost to a team that that that probably additional loss. Northern Illinois is BCS hopes ruined by Bowling Green 47 to 27 they -- on Friday. And let's see coming up at 330 we've got Furman. Taking all interest let's see who's -- have you -- can get this thing to scroll up right here. North Dakota State North Carolina and exact. And -- Ohio State taking on Michigan 817 kick off we'll have that game alive for your right here on on WORD. Also but ACC championship duke and Florida State you know it is Florida's there's HS -- the loses game I don't think so we may touch on the little bit tubes. You know miracles do happen there's once -- and army won one game going on rather in the big south coastal Carolina and Montana. Are all tied up at fourteen. And those are your scores will keep you updated on those throughout the hour right now we wanna do -- we set re gonna jump right into this thing. Tonight at 8 o'clock you know. Of course I have something personally riding on this lived in Ohio State the majority I mean in Ohio the majority of my life in Columbus. You know not too far from campus. Big buckeye fan and you know yes on the game cup fan but I was born I buckeye fan and when you move somewhere else you don't forget your team. And what I hate. For the last two years is how much disrespect to Ohio State has gotten. They haven't lost the game since urban -- been there all the schedule all this all that they haven't lost a game in two years. Why can't they get some respect that they you know people don't want Ohio State to win they don't. There's a lot of until they lose more look at the longest winning streak in the country. But listen but look it number come down -- bureau of course you don't push you on our club tell you that I had time that I want to take the wrong way we don't really could I. I was going to be surprised that you wish I don't think they can you take these things about their vote in the 4000 American. Yes you know the argument behind that is the strength of schedule or lack there of a look at Ohio State's schedule and you can make some pretty strong arguments that they don't really play anybody that doesn't take what I -- well. I know I know. And I did it I really do but here's my point if you world the other side of the fence you Alonso were on the other side of the fence. I would be willing to bet that you would be screaming that argument about the lakers' lack of strength of schedule more so than you would be point towards their accomplishment. Hit here's the thing you know I'm also an SEC fan so I -- -- do understand the SEC argument. But I'm sorry if Ohio State beat Michigan State okay if you beat him by one point or by thirty. They are undefeated. And there is no reason why an F a one loss SEC team to jump them. Into the top two they know if one did. I would vote for Alabama not Auburn not Missouri. Yet there's no question that one law also -- SEC team should jump them no -- they should not know they should not be. Tell me. Because that was an easy and you -- strength he's got a lot of volume goes I go with that what would you not go with that if -- measure if you're measuring stick against two teams and you -- figure out which -- the better one loss -- look at -- one must look at the -- and it's an easy picture to -- -- in Ohio State doesn't belong in there stacked up against one loss SEC team now here's the thing at Ohio State wins tonight and I think -- -- -- -- -- -- that game live right here on word. They've got ago they've got to go to the national championship they've got to go. And this is the last year we absorb it you know DN if you really sit there and they -- the last -- we have the argument goes one boards going next year. And into the playoffs and then there's also on the field. But for the final time we have this argument. And I am among the Buckeyes tried. Now they lose of course they don't deserve to play for we'll talk a little bit about the game you know it's disinterested because that you know Michigan State Spartans. They've got a point to prove you're you know they're not coming into this came expert leader rolled over it I think they have something's going for them -- rush defense. Might actually be -- the best in the nation look at this the Michigan State Spartans allow a comically low 64 point eight yards per game and two point 23 yards per carry so you run the football against Michigan State no running back an average over 2.2 yards per carry. They can do they can't crank it out against his defense so Ohio State on the other hand. Leads the nation in yards per carry all office with seven point 05 yards a pop so you have to you know colliding forces here come into play. Can Ohio State establish the run came Michigan State stop the run that's going to be a big big showed it you know everyone. Talk about this about this that the big time offense -- the big time defense if you look at Ohio State's offense the least amount of points they scored this year 31. That's the lowest they've scored against the team this year. 31 points and if you look at Michigan State's defense they about a couple games where. Even though they won the game they allowed twenty points from Indiana they allowed twenty points. From Nebraska if you allow that many points from my house state you're gonna lose Michigan State when I mean there's there's no way. With the with the talent that Ohio State has -- on all that but then it's still comes down to here's what everyone's saying. Michigan State's offense. Against Ohio State's defense. Who's gonna win who's gonna win this because if you're in the shoot out if your defense cannot stop Ohio State. You're gonna have to have a little bit of a shoot out he gonna have to score more points how State's biggest weakness has been their defense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not until after I gotta disagree I think I think the story here's opens the other way around might not pick Ohio State's open but no this is the story where I'm staying in the game as one. Will be. Ohio State's defense against Michigan State's offense could you could hold Ohio State the fourteen point but if you don't score any you're still gonna lose. -- yeah bombing here and are here to send. A method is what -- look at you know there's a couple of a couple of key players doing the we will look at Max below man we're the best linebackers in the nation. You know keep an eye out for him. You know Braxton Miller you know you get like let's give the guy some credit here you know I will I'll leave the strength of schedule. Argument at this what pat him on the back this for the sake of it. But he really has been a magician quarterback for these guys I mean what what he's done has been -- video game type stuff he's actually played I think. But only nine games yet to see a knee injury earlier Bryan and if you remembered to begin the year he was -- he was one of the guys. Had for the Heisman he got us so fact that it is only had nine days but he said 17159. Yards. A 65 point 7% passing completion ratio 21 touchdowns. He's a quarterback rating of a 164 point 3891. Yards rushing. Every time it carries the ball gets six point eight yards or more he's got people on the ground that in nine games he's a monster Braxton Miller isn't -- the key element here -- and I'm telling you. -- the story and what how this game gonna play it will play out is whether or not Rex Milliken engineer. Drives against this doubt Michigan State did. I I need to make it a compares in any game expression everyone's minds in the the -- Carolina -- All right Clinton shut down my -- to bring that no other reason Clinton shut down Mike Davis. But they could not stop Connor -- now at Michigan State defense keys on stopping. Carlos Hyde. Did you gotta worry about -- to nor can they shut -- -- -- what I've heard is is they're gonna try to make Braxton Miller though the ball I'm sorry. Braxton Miller is a good quarterback he's not just a running quarterback he can build a ball that that's what they wanted to go right ahead and he'll beat you through the air. I still you know I have every confidence in the -- Buckeyes the win this game. Well you know on national championship game birth is close at hand for the Buckeyes that they can pull off their only -- what is true remaining undefeated teams in a major conference of course Florida State. -- being the other one. And but at stake here or not only -- urban Meyer's 24 no record at Ohio State is on the line here and this is Ohio State's first opportunity to play in the Big Ten championship in the last -- upon the national. -- -- actually -- not a big deal of this Bill Horn for a day it's 24 then I -- how many other coaches can you -- came and hit it to -- that they've never lock -- -- the broken record approach -- image you've got to acknowledge that their schedule has been weak do you notice any easier schedule this year in Ohio State. Two of them before -- just -- exactly the Florida State is that an easier schedule maybe maybe even numbers bear that out there if you look at if you look at Arnold ranked -- ranked teams they've played. Whose border state. Oakland's super what does that mean. -- Is closer than it ever met -- that I'm sorry Illinois rattled airline -- comes down to do with what they've been doing that jab right there I'm sorry I don't. What did they do this year to -- Georgia and then nothing. By one a and BCS bowl. Where they'll -- -- And what looks about the no we will talk about who they may play and if they play who it's been projected they don't want none and there -- -- -- -- predictions coming up folks we do you know what I hate to wrap Ohio State up so quick. But we're gonna another minute or two you got so much stuff to get to when it comes down to you know I'm gonna be a home. None in my house state stuff fits anymore -- -- gym is only blocking the -- I -- Jamison. If that discussed you I don't care. And I'm going to be cheering with my family who are big to big time buckeye fans and we're going to be going nuts may have a voice by tomorrow. I think the Buckeyes win I think -- win. By double digits I think they win. Let's go 3414. That's what I'm going with I think Ohio State they know what they have to do. It -- the one finger factors then there's a neutral site I think if they were playing at what the homes you can do that there is home field advantage where the plane. And I gotta go with the Buckeyes. Yup I think they went to the -- is the big good Gilligan after all that you can you look at the buck on to win. Yeah and it just doesn't mean even though I still don't have a weak schedule that doesn't change anything yeah I think the win the game I think the though they will be able to run the ball and that's the free up Braxton Miller to have a good game in the win by probably a touchdown until -- -- that. Although the last ALC 2723. I gotta tell you when all three of us agree on something. They usually comes through. Unthinkable has a lot -- hokey religions state by chance not a -- who's Brian hook up. You're listening to the school one IM liabilities match Zack and they're taking your calls. We come back. We are going to concentrate on the SEC championship which will be coming up right here on W or B 1063. At 4 o'clock. And still got time to get phone calls in 2329673. In Greenville. 5749673. And Spartanburg. To the one loss SEC teams deserve to give him over Ohio State we wanna hear from you this kid. The school. You wanna talk some football called 2329673. In greens bill or 5749673. As Spartanburg. A chilly night ahead across to -- state temperatures will drop into the upper thirties overnight with scattered showers even some heavy rain possible. And then for Sunday I'll it's going to be a cold rainy day mostly cloudy. High of only forty with a 90% chance to break by Monday it's a bit warmer high sixteen. With a 70% chance of showers that gets colder again by Tuesday and Wednesday. Join me week -- on fox Carolina and chief meteorologist -- for -- on WORT. 16 very. I want him all -- -- -- the news and flavored walker tumbled one to 100 -- and boy you have the lowest prize isn't. Actually lying flat stale Favre play smarter there's copper iron and made him our -- -- won't just save up to seven neighbors and our DNA to -- -- -- -- -- our initial leg and -- -- -- engineers per day when no critic -- -- just -- -- -- retirement that's that good news and insulated and -- on the 120 -- back. France and Easley South Carolina -- -- America remains the greatest country in the world. That's because America is defined -- us. People like you and I don't believe we make the United States wonderful not the politicians. The good crowd Americans -- team together to keep a strong. Like a man can just nearly one million members. -- believes in traditional American values and believe in god and country and family in America. They believe it's worth fighting for. -- matches one million Americans over fifty working together to leave our children and grandchildren and Americans need to be proud of that's why I'm joining -- -- you should -- its team together. Join today at a Mac dot US that's a Mac -- US. And please remember this you don't need to ARP to get the benefits you deserve Amax -- and a Mac is better. Better for you better for America. This is a critical message for a listeners who need to actually lose thirty pounds or more for legitimate health -- personal reasons because for the next five minutes the makers that they are plus or giving out risk free trials of their incredibly effective weight loss supplement. It's proven and can cause dramatic weight loss still only call if you need to lose thirty pounds -- more -- hold free 180501091. Because it's so potent take no more than one capsule once today you can expect to experience maximum weight -- pounds in days it's all natural safe and healthy but if -- weight loss with -- plus is too dramatic. Please. 180501091. Phone lines will be open for the next five minutes 180501091. Hi this is -- and your -- dietitian and we hope you've noticed how many gluten free products we haven't Ingles Markets. We also offer many resources for our gluten free customers. From brown and white gluten free tags on our shelves and a list of gluten free products on our website and also we post links to local Winfrey's support for. And national resources on our website and of course you can always contact me most dietitians. I did your kids. I don't life then you turn the radio it's the scoreboard. All right folks we are alive. Looking out -- Woodruff wrote in the glory is WOR studios. I'm -- Tomlinson he is Alonso. And angry sex and the producer Bruce taking your phone calls and this is the scoreboard. Your home for everything you need to know football folks you've come to the right place. We're the poll numbers real quick to get all the program it's 2329673. -- Greeneville. 5749673. Appearance Spartanburg. Where you can send your text. To the text. -- 71307. -- should check -- settled FaceBook the scoreboard with Matt and Alonso. And you can listen to us live at the home page news radio WORG dot com. And -- -- -- used to -- already 1060 -- -- sixty dot -- new and improved in his -- -- and I can understand that. That kind of -- this is still take -- a little while to get that we've just changed over. -- have some big big games live on the airwaves today for you definitely wanna keep your radio dial -- to a 63 FM we're gonna take you right up to the Auburn vs Missouri SEC. Championship. Of course the big twelve match up Ohio State Michigan State right after that folks so keep it tuned. We're gonna talk about -- SEC -- break it down is there a chance of Missouri can knock off Robert -- have to do we'll get into that just a second but first we're gonna get over some of the scores that are happening right now in the world of college football man let's take it to the big twelve. Good game so far Oklahoma State leads Oklahoma 24 to winning the sooners have the football -- a chance to steal this one all day. Have the football and forty seconds left to play in the game. Looks like they may be owned Oklahoma State side of the gridiron so this one could still go either way if the -- who get a touchdown. Big implications here we'll talk more about that we get the ball -- so much to get to today's -- huge huge day we've. More time never always always the problem if you turn up with the -- -- we've got can't pay our listeners you know the score I don't know and I needed to understand that's that's the sense. Scoreboard zero UCF beat southern Methodist university's seventeen to thirteen -- game but the Central Florida getting the -- they moved 111 and overall and -- known American conference Connecticut's beating Memphis 31 to 105 minutes up to play in the third quarter. Well on Thursday we saw Louisville moved to eleven and one with their win over Cincinnati in the American conference 3124. For Teddy Bridgewater in the gang and also northern Illinois taking their first L of the season to Bowling Green. Who won 47 between seven on Friday. And then the big south one game going on coastal Carolina. Scored a couple more times ago they're up 27 to fourteen. Looks like they're going to that is in the second quarter with about three minutes left. But no -- -- gonna switch gears a little bit talk about the other game that we -- carrying right here on the purity by the way we are carrying the SEC championship before. And then right around 730 or so we will start carrying the Big Ten championship. And get into the SEC championship you know looking back at the began here. No one would have expected that this would be the match up because the space of Missouri just came and and Missouri was you know they didn't do so well -- look like -- didn't belong on the SEC Auburn. Horrible last year get a new coach they come in and now it's all reverse Missouri. No I'm -- you gotta give you gotta give. You know you hear a lot of critic get don't whether to go -- on what he's done with the Auburn program he deserves it I mean this guy runs an incredible offense that. The the close -- offensive coordinator is a protege of Gus mills I'm but I would've mentioned Gary people this guy is this is done great things from Missouri. He's has a chance to become Missouri's all time winningest coach. With a victory this Saturday and you know this is a big big game for these guys and it's actually not really the first time Missouri's found themselves here to back in 2007. Missouri had a huge season they went up rise in the top of the BCS standings in the we're going in the big twelve championship against Oklahoma. And they fell flat on their face so you know. Here's Gary people with a chance to take the surprise SEC east champions and put them to a place they've never been I think -- like 44 years and that's a conference championship -- -- -- You something here's something that that meant that. No one's giving Missouri a chance and I think that's a weird kind of -- I mean they did they'd they'd be just as many. Top 25 teams as Auburn has they both of -- six they both of beaten five. Of Missouri has done a lot the only team they lost to. Was to South Carolina in overtime and you know what it and it came down to their kicker missed the kicker who knows what happens there. It's just I mean Missouri needs to be given a little more credit. And all learned. Let's face it either I've talked Bob -- about this and he thinks the blast. The dead hand of god is is on their side it would seem with a couple things have happened for them to be able to. To beat Alabama and beat -- And that's the way things going college football I think that if you take a look under the hood of this game you Missouri has a chance to win and I think they do the US meat when the segment's overall pick Auburn. But if you look at the teams have taken Auburn to the wire this season you get Texas say NM. Georgia and obviously Alabama they make their big plays in the passing game they churn out yards through the air. And you know they they do it by limiting Auburn's pass rushing creating a little bit of the space that quarterback. And that's the that's the way teams have gotten big plays up against the all over tigers if that's the way to do this I think Missouri is gonna have to. To really be sure they throw early throw off and broad deep and get that passed him establish and take advantage of what might be a weak secondary. All right we we have a caller before we get the car wanna talk about the play on the talk about Alabama Auburn. You know it's going into overtime Nick Saban decides to keep a really long field goal. Allred how big guy back deep in the end zone to return it in case it's short. He runs it all the way back for a touchdown. Miracle Indy for all burned but if you're an Alabama fan you're probably not gonna like it and on the phone right now. -- -- England I would always knew you lose the that is brilliant and now. I can't can't get -- architect the best thing for -- people can get the goods yeah. But Tommy you know -- -- in the hall what do we don't need to do that's not to -- summit that you're you are no Alabama fans have my family Alabama fans. As far as but you know loud Alabama bears go man you're not that bad time I gotta tell it got very bad man. And that was our lab right now well I believe why don't rock the very least give them credit they're they're aware of their net and you know I don't like mr. -- they're inevitable that they got speakers territory Jordan hare stadium located at I pay botnets -- send. Maybe not it's which postings emigrate are -- it will be nothing like the ball game he's seen last Saturday afternoon everybody. -- -- No comment I made I I hear you say the dessert needs to get some credit. Are you a place where you can give any credit to Gus smells sounds tricky offense are you today is that enough time gone by two or you can you can say that. Has -- -- what we're gonna become a -- -- don't know what -- -- -- equipment that well yes I am only a couple. Let's -- Ilunga-Mbenga Ben's man pulled. And then -- -- -- -- happen until you're gonna get bad putting. We Indian and have a backing contingent that didn't think he could do -- -- one year but you know I don't want to -- any doubt Brenda I don't want to go hey you know I have a lot of bank -- it's barely. I need to be there at the BCS. And then report the -- comfortable about party in the what the -- about this big the F. You're yeah you're absolutely right if that happens in Florida State deserved to win but right now. Both teams undefeated they deserve to diverted for championship then I don't -- -- even after this -- just us. You know done and over with -- still have a whole another day and argue about next -- -- that I had picketed at par argued about talking about what will will be sort of you know. Quote I don't have one of the Belmont -- -- in the period that Palin no doubt the greatest radio show they wouldn't reveal hardy was -- wouldn't it better understanding. Solid -- are those guys. Got a little bit about where I don't. I thought feel bring us Thomas springer is a co hosted the upstate outdoor show you can hear that right. Here on W lord get twelve to 2 PM him enough Philip gentry. A relatively new company showed to the Atlanta amend those guys do it and also Doug never had instituted the upset outdoor shows guys there who yet check it out. All right trying to cram everything in the way we are we need to take another break before we do when need to go ahead and finish up. The Missouri. And L Alford talked here's on the go -- get my prediction I think this is going to be a close game I think these guys are pretty evenly matched. Aside from another miracle I think Missouri wins this game and and all that talk about an SEC team. Jumping into national championship is over no matter how much the coach wants to say they deserve it it's not it. The right of the SEC to play for a national championship especially if you're not undefeated but there also Missouri still wins by three. Missouri -- but they -- I think Auburn wins I think Missouri could wanted to get -- like I was saying earlier in the segment you can get -- off the deep maybe dole -- mess up on special teams keep special teams a boring day everything's boring as bush did nothing crazy happening. But look Auburn's gotten his beast of an offensive line they can do so many things behind it opens up so many ways for them -- -- -- you on that offense and that's gonna let them get this -- -- game going -- -- Mel's sons must establish is that the trickery is gonna come out he's probably been sentenced up to this game I think Auburn takes it. I'm gonna go in Missouri I think you'd be close but among -- Missouri. There you go there's our our -- for the SEC game we put the Ohio State -- earlier. Those two games coming up right after us starting with Missouri vs Auburn in the NFC championship at 4 o'clock. We'll take you right up to kick off you are listening to scoreboard would not go back. This is the scoreboard with a one so when -- A chilly night I had across the upstate temperatures will drop into the upper thirties overnight with scattered showers even some heavy rain possible. And then for Sunday I'll it's going to be cold and rainy day mostly cloudy. High of only forty with a 90% chance to brain by Monday gets a bit warmer high sixteen. The 70% chance of showers that it gets colder again by Tuesday and Wednesday join -- weeknight on fox Carolina and chief meteorologist -- for -- on WORT. 16 period. If you own a business you know incorporating can be a Smart way to protect yourself and your assets so the question is why -- you incorporated your business yet my business mr. small. Wrong no matter how small your business you run the risk of losing all your personal assets your car your home even your entire life savings if you're not incorporated incorporating his. Very complicated. 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Is -- for everybody most everybody wants the finest pieces -- they can find at a price they can afford reveals a fun place shall we do yourself. Best pieces of tour and we also have something for everybody to 150 years of making Christmas is memorable. Else and he would rest a little south of the mom. Real. Foam fingers attitude and a whole lot of body patent. It's the scoreboard. Welcome back into the scoreboard we are doing it man of the fact is we've ever gotten done with -- Can you so much knowledge -- I don't think. Three of four hours to process -- -- but hey that's what we did I hope because recording this just shows like we do listen to it again and arrest you get done -- -- and a masterful presentation. And the widow says so ours so we knew coming in we know radio so we don't know you don't ever underestimate our ability to pat ourselves on the back. Do you like to respond back from anywhere from this and so what I'm out of here is Matt reviewed two scores normally talk about bowl projections all right let's go ahead and kick it off Oklahoma. The sooners your big twelve champions of 2013. Boomer sooner listen to this Oklahoma was down to 4420 with forty seconds left to play in the game and they scored the touchdown made it has been. Winning just 133 to 24 so Oklahoma. Are your big twelve champions graduates of those -- and no seat price. Beats Marshall 4120 for a conference USA champions. UCF over SMU. Southern Methodist University falling to Central Florida seventeen to thirteen. At puts UCF rank sixteenth eleven and one overall they know on the American conference it's a tie game between Texas and Baylor also in the big 1200. -- game just now kicked off. And re wanting to Thursday Louisville beat Cincinnati in overtime 31 -- 24 and northern Illinois takes their first goal of the season falling to Bowling Green 47 Tony -- -- in the big south coastal Carolina has scored again 35 to fourteen over Montana. Let's talk about bowl projections really quick now today's games -- a factor into what happens national championship obviously. But if Florida State beat duke and Ohio State beat Michigan State. Chances -- that it's going to be in national championship game yeah there's also a chance to Auburn is able to squeeze in there if they if they win against Missouri. I think Purdue at Ohio State wins the football game today than they're gonna get it that's my opinion I think we'll see BCS national championship game in Pasadena and its number one -- to Florida State gonna kill duke. Ohio State gonna keep it undefeated that's that's those two go at it right after that you've got the the next BCS bowl lot of Orange ball. Down in Miami and normally you have the ACC number one burst at large number one. Bush is an SEC number -- members that large number one with so you know you're expecting to see. -- Alabama and here but this could wind up being all burned and they beat Missouri and Clemson. Might be Florida State's replacement they CC. As far as state you know we would be in this game in the ACC championship but assuming we're gonna win that game. But if they're not there and they're playing the national championship game they need someone ACC replace some clubs is the best guy knows Justin and. The scenario where it's Ohio State vs UCF TCF one today that would mean at Ohio state laws on tonight's game but Clemson vs Alabama do you really. Really want to face Alabama after that loss I gotta tell you saw -- body double walk on FaceBook saying he couldn't wait. So Clemson faced Alabama Clemson does not want to play Alabama they do not. USA. You know playing. No it definitely is going to be a tough battle if if Clinton has to take on the Crimson Tide but you know what I would read a week does exactly what was said about Clemson when we had to play LSU. Let's say don't we do the exact I don't know if that guy knows that you would of course you are or are not even close to being on my side on this one but I'm telling you is that. That I'm sorry I felt like a bill and I apologize that I put a little angry you today. But the truth is this is the exact same sentiment this is the exact same thing that everybody was saying -- -- -- -- LSU in the bowl game every single but if you. We Alonso everybody so all I'm saying is that strange in this strange things happen and I'm not count Clemson out of the loop of you know beat Alabama. All right well Zach has to answer the phones really -- -- -- -- that put the fire back that would let me have you if you are is we got we got to move on here all right. Now there's a scenario where in the Capital One Bowl. Wisconsin. -- South Carolina you know a lot of people are saying that was going to be I think South Carolina could take. Wisconsin pretty easy and I've also seen Clemson vs Texas a and M in the -- the label them. Well you know another Oklahoma State has beat. -- Oklahoma's beat Oklahoma State. That would put them in a spot where they might go into the Cotton Bowl big twelve number two -- SEC number three I can see South Carolina going up because Oklahoman that one. We'll see you know no matter what shot. Carolina's probably go to get pretty much messed over because like the BCS can only take two from a conference. You know there are other teams ahead of them end. The BCS rankings but you know you end up with a you'd -- beat your rival who lost a couple games you -- a loss but it's another ten win season with it a chance to be in an eleven win season. The I'm pretty happy to. One -- you've probably point two isn't certain is in the Rose Bowl also in Pasadena that you know this would be. Big Ten number one -- number one but if Ohio State's in the national championship you're gonna need Michigan State nick so Michigan State could win tonight and they'll still be in the Rose Bowl they'll lose tonight they're still in the Rose -- it really comes down to who's going to be opposite them and I think Stanford has a pretty good shot I think it is Tuesday it -- they thought the win the -- The pac twelve to try and -- Which it is going on pretty soon as my headphones is completely went bottoms and then you've got the Fiesta Bowl we talked about UCF earlier possibly. Find their way to a BCS -- this. -- they may they may do that in Glendale you -- get the big twelve number one verse at large number four Oklahoma State. Right there for the big twelve and possibly UCF sliding in there and there is all of the Fiesta Bowl. Well what we gonna do now we need take a break. And there there are some bold predictions it will be able to tell you exactly where who don't -- next week. When more on after the army vs navy game. Right now within a break and come back when zoom through your NFL picks for you. You are listening to scoreboard when bonds -- For the zombie apocalypse. Months go and match. Chilly night -- across the upstate temperatures will drop into the upper thirties overnight with scattered showers even some heavy rain possible. And then for Sunday I'll it's going to be a cold rainy day mostly cloudy high of only forty with a 90% chance to brain. By Monday gets a bit warmer highs sixty to 70% chance of showers that it gets colder again by Tuesday and Wednesday join me weeknight on fox. Carolina and chief meteorologist -- for Kent on WORT. One. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- not upset with you rarer. -- elite -- here. Yeah. Yeah. 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Attention WORT listeners the conservative voice with Harry -- cool air at a special time this Saturday afternoon from two until three that's the conservative voice with circular area from two until 3 PM this Saturday afternoon right here on WORD. How William Walker here at the news and flavored Robert Arnold 121 to bring back rent boy you have the lowest prize isn't. -- -- -- And pledged dale Clark play smarter -- copper iron and made him our -- -- won't just save up to seven neighbors and all -- -- shop -- which needs to our initial leg and I'm glad my engineers per day when no critic -- hardest to -- my retirement that's that good news and insulated and bloggers on the 120s very -- France and these. Like South Carolina wanted to talk some football Greeneville 2329673. That I -- Spartanburg 5749673. We're back. Scoreboard. Met Alonso here wrap it up giving you the scores given you have they would all the bowl projections. And of course taking you ride up. All over. Missouri. Live -- 163 FM if you're a football -- -- the right place I met some of the news -- scoreboard phone number's a 232 and 973 to get on the program you're in Greenville 5749673. Gets you on the program. You're in Spartanburg. And now -- get some scores go fast in the we're gonna talk or NFL picks coming up for Sunday at northern Illinois beats western Michigan 33 to fourteen. Hormones are helping them -- week. Thought about two seconds. You know let me tell you what the big big south score is right now at halftime. Hit coastal Carolina. Who by the way eleven and two on the season one of those losses to South Carolina so I mean they've done really well they are being tune into Montana. 35. To fourteen. And you know that's not bad because Carolina pretty good team those spaces they. Play and a good place above the play. Not on the coast couple of the games going on right now Connecticut has beat Memphis 38 to ten. Baylor. Over Texas right now early early in the first three to nothing of course we've got Missouri in Auburn coming up right here on W or -- Yeah and by the royal -- quick correction I mistakenly said that Oklahoma Oklahoma State was the big twelve championship earlier so did -- -- for the sailors and Oklahoma State falls to Oklahoma 33 to 24. Bryce over Marshall 41 to 24. And UCL -- defeats SMU seventeen to thirteen on Thursday we saw Louisville. Defeat Cincinnati 31. To 24 am Friday. Bowling Green upsets northern Illinois 47 point seven right now we're gonna do our NFL picks got about eight minutes left in the program. And before we take you to Missouri vs Auburn. Last week. -- -- week for me Zach and Matt did pretty get I would certainly sent -- -- went to him for exactly does Lebanon thirty. And there's about six games separating everybody who's picking right now. And so it that's not bad not bad. I hope I can recover after being number one for a long time I cannot I have the will not recover don't -- -- you have failed I have -- failed. You know if just I took your word for things I would even come around the house probably aren't just get to those states. Indianapolis to Cincinnati can tell you menace to our game pick is I don't know what's going on with Indianapolis. But I you know I was gonna pick them just because accident -- I think it's a toss up I think everyone's taken Cincinnati to win and I'm just gonna on the book -- one more week. I don't think it's also -- pick the Bengals -- think did you know chuck got to make it clear you protect your quarterback that's his mission and he hasn't been able to do it okay. Has got to banged up O line is going up against a stout -- defense since he has -- front seven they're playing downhill right now looks already banged up too. As always Andy Dalton doesn't just completely stink it up -- he -- okay. Then since he wins this. -- I appreciate you take in nineteen but even I'm not taking my team this week I got to go to -- Ingles. It's pretty sad note it's okay going to be your last -- go with your heart isn't that. And maybe I want you to design a lot fallen the last place that let every day Atlanta pulls off a win last week. Green -- nowhere Rodgers this week. But Atlanta I just don't think they're good enough and -- going to be yet Green Day it's going to be snowy conditions probably so I'm gonna go with the Packers. Possible but I don't think you rule out -- hello -- -- don't -- I think it could be -- game even if he's not -- -- Eddie -- steps up. You know it could be a good game -- at home. But after watching Roddy White Stephen Jackson Tony Gonzales last week all the feel -- each other all playing good -- Palin is gonna have enough in the tank to speak over this one close game though. -- Detroit keeps playing around and losing games Green Bay is still behind I'm now -- take -- -- win this game. Whether doesn't matter -- it's -- they both play in those those kind of conditions doing wind is doing what they usually do at the end of the year. Preparing for the playoffs and here's another game where they do it again knowing when together when the weather's supposed to head home Tom Brady keeps ago. Patriots. RI jets at Oakland hitters have a hard game to pick I mean because both teams are so up and down you don't know what you're gonna get in his game. But because whether I I -- like -- -- -- -- the weather comes into it comes into play West Coast playing East Coast that's the only reason why wanna pick the jets. Yeah a moment to the raiders may actually hear jets fans are calling for Rex Ryan to bench geno Smith haven't they learned anything. This is gonna make a more stubborn but look at this the raiders of the worst road team in the league to win over the last two years they've lost twelve straight games. And the eastern time zone Darren McFadden is sidelined. Despite all of that I'm still going with the underdog raiders Terrelle Pryor may be back in the mix in the jets are just that. She knows -- really bad I can't I can't take it the jets another game this year probably a go the raiders. Right Detroit Philadelphia here's if this is probably one of the games of the week. Own Philadelphia nick falls has been on fire. I don't think he's thrown an interception Detroit's defense is still pretty stout. I think Phillies who stumble I think I need to do to stumble I think Detroit has a lot of play for they wanna win that division I think that Detroit went. You know nothing -- as a quarterback controversy like wins and that's why you're not hearing much. -- a Philly right now nick -- is playing incredibly has not thrown an interception yet. In a filly to win this turnover battle I think that might be enough they play keep away and they don't let that lions offense stay on the field. I think Billy could win I think they do and a big playoff implications for the -- Philly seems like the better team but Detroit needs this thing got a star opens some distance between them and the other teams and I think alliance. But I -- -- Tampa today. Tampa Bay doing a whole lot better than what they have been doing buffalo I don't I don't know about buffalo fits in Tampa based on the go with bucket. Yeah it is Buccaneers -- know they're up and down there's still playing tough for Greg shallow end it is at home they've got a little bit of confidence going on behind him right now I'm not sure of the bills have that on the go attend the best. Buffalo has an engraved on the road don't take the bucks. All right Kansas City nothing. You know cures what ails you when you just lost three in a row like. Playing that Washington. You know concede even that that the defense is not a suspect as you would think the games they've lost have been pretty close. But I think they've. Destroy Washington pitching -- thinks that I do think the question has come a shabby defense RG three seems to be playing a little bit better it's not gonna be enough chiefs get back on track with the Seattle Washington senate one more thing and a game. Prince Avery he can't catch any event. You know they can't see Denver game would be totally different the some of the receivers. Actually you're on the -- if they cut the bar right. Minnesota Baltimore I'll go with the ravens but to the ravens on this Minnesota's -- five and and one of the past six road games. Ravens -- in the -- and they need this I'll take them. All right let's let's move this thing quickly now. Tennessee and Denver I'm gone Broncos Broncos got John thugs back on the sideline they're gonna do it for him and a -- summer right well planned well in the Bronx. But -- Tennessee Peyton helps the colts won another division title. All right let's just get some winners here Saint Louis and Arizona once they -- -- -- on on this one Arizona home all right -- to San Diego envoy in San Diego found that in San Diego Chargers San Diego home right Seattle San Francisco Seattle sweeps series they Marshawn Lynch -- -- that here in does some great things the other ones that come -- take the F says San Francisco. All right Carolina at New Orleans this is for first place on the line. And I'm going to Panthers you know if this phone wasn't in the -- would probably go and -- Carolina the saints are ten and -- at home in primetime over the past four seasons. That's a tough environment on the go Orleans Brees in the dome all right Dallas or Chicago here's a tough game to pick. I think Tony Romo gets it done this week Dallas -- I mean I think so too the guerrillas playing a little bit better the bears. We're still look so bad slump without color -- not Cutler it's the defense. The bears' defense helped to be here that this is pretty shabby side -- like cowboys in this one. I'm gonna take Chicago all right final game this Thursday. San Diego Denver. Broncos yeah Broncos got it -- we skip the Pittsburgh Miami game we knew in -- okay I'm going. I'm going Pittsburgh I think in the Steelers Steelers as well that's how we got screwed. The NFL you more on we look a I feel 100000 dollars and upon doesn't want to extract oil and Tomlin will tackle -- NLV's but they give big play you know you got to do what you gotta do they could -- scoreboard. The SEC championship followed by the Big Ten championship coming up right now we'll see you next week after army navy. WORG.