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The Russ Cassell Show 12/16/2013 Hour 2

Dec 16, 2013|

Salvation Army donation turnaround; Russ's bird feeders torn down by something big; School shooting in Arapahoe County, Colorado; Obamacare; Caller claims Exxon supports Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is their rust castle show soured and charge my batteries specialists Seattle man there was so much news over the weekend. I hope we can get it all covered. We're gonna do our best. But in the meantime. No matter what story I'm bringing up what I'm most interested in is whatever is going through your mind right now. If you wanna share it whether it's a -- like to offer an opinion an observation. That's what makes the most castle shows so popular. -- show that people listen to and they say you really -- what's going on around here and elsewhere -- advantage strong winds or for you to share with us on the air. If you like to. That number in Greeneville was 232. WOR defense 2329673. Spartanburg. 574 WORD. Or 5749673. If you rather text than talk. The WORD tech -- number is 71307. And again. Was out at the. The Christmas center Salvation Army TV conventions that are on Friday. Delivering an observing and I can report to you directly from the wonderful people. At the Salvation Army. Some of whom were in tears at your generosity. How much they appreciate the response of the listeners of this program. It was a phenomenal sight to see folks. That's a big area they have out there. I've never seen so many bicycles in my life. All kinds of things and major -- Davis was kind of she's -- Russia will show you something. She said you know before -- called you last week this is the before picture and it in just 24 hours this is the after picture. And it was just astonishing. So thank you what -- all. Very generous contributions. Thank you -- again. And -- everybody who's participated remember. You can still participate to us through today everything has to be turned in by Wednesday because. Melanie was explain and explain to me they start the whole distribution process. On Thursday of this week. Man they have got a well oiled machine they got it figured out I -- one. Government could learn a lesson from these folks totally organized. And there's going to be a lot of happy children and families next week. Just. It just -- it confirms what I've said we are blessed to live in one of the most generous parts of the globe. Right here in the upstate of South Carolina so. If you were out and about shopping over the weekend may be picked up a few things -- Angel tree of course is still right there they would mall. Remembered the deadline now is get a their -- camp but you have to be there by Wednesday because the stuff starts going out on Thursday so. That was that was amazing. And then I was out trying to Saturday it was raining like crazy. I don't know what happened. I guess in my old age since I can't play golf anymore I've. I didn't I I love being outside. And I hate to admit this. But my grandchildren love it. I have all these really nice bird feeders. And I finally found a couple that were literally squirrel proof. That the scrolls can't get in. So we're coming on in the rain Saturday. Ample in my driveway and two of my most prized bird feeders are gone. It is -- I thought somebody stole. And I got to looking. And they have been ripped from the tree. And got to looking further even in the rain on Saturday and then again yesterday. Some some animal torn down. There and -- the first thing apart and in my mind was a Bayer. Can I live in the Paris mountain area and I I'd. Now. You know immediately if you think OK. There's been a -- and your property. But what are the bird feeders. All over I just told my four year old granddaughter I am teaching her and she loves it she had the help me -- the bird feeders on Friday. And so they were full. And -- when I found them I found one right there are close to my house -- -- I've found another one on an expedition. Out in the woods nearby house. And of course there were totally empty. And -- -- part of you were broken but I gotta take back together yesterday. And it. If it wasn't I I got when Terry was -- I thought maybe I'd be able to see some tracks or something like that but they were up -- pretty well so I I know the squirrels can do that. And I don't think even a raccoon can do that. So I've narrowed it down I think it had to be either a Bayer. -- I think -- coyote could do that but here's what I don't know. Does anybody know if coyotes he bird -- 'cause on the on the big bird -- themselves there are teeth marks. Like like big got to write it in these -- pretty big you know and you've got to get to bird feeders in their mouth and they were trying to busted open but eventually they just not to topple. But they're kids marks. All -- are out on the bird feeders and it looks like elect pointed teeth. Now you're right I'm trying to -- bear would have just destroyed it -- right. Unless he got the top often only really -- it was a -- but something drove one of the -- they're pretty big drug and all the way out of the woods. And I generally and by tree out there but I didn't have met -- guy got a patched back together but. I don't need does that sound logical what -- what do you figure in their shake and heard Chris what do what do you what do I think I was I was definitely thinking I don't think -- it easy bird seed. But they're still don't accepting cartoons. -- the two years to think I have these really nice wrought iron hooks. That you know -- -- above on the -- on the trees with. And I did put some pretty good galvanized. Screws you know to put the bird -- into the tree. And the -- were about you know I don't know three inches long four inches long. And on one of the bird feeders. They -- the entire hook out of the treat. Now the other one. Part of -- the hook and actually grown into the tree it's been there -- so long and so they couldn't get that one out of the trees so they disbanded rope but even to bend. A wrought iron like if I'm not very strong these days but I heard that you have to bend it back but to rip. A -- Out of a tree. Only I'd put it up takes some forests that takes enforce yes it does. And I I was thinking the bears probably would have like he said. Stop once they got an open. You know once they've gotten to what they want the F focus on that right there and assuring the the object what that would fit the bill here that I think I think it was either that or. -- Well you know I -- we had a story we actually had some they've claimed last week to week before a foot and -- Tony county. So obviously they're they're which we -- a lot of calls about no I didn't I thought you know. I've seen some people in Seneca that I am pretty sure are my nephew Margaret -- -- are relatives of bigfoot might remind us senator and really excited about that he's an avid big for. Anyway that's how my awakened went -- -- an exciting weekend. But a lot of news was made out there including another school shooting and here come the gun control freaks. Already vowing boy they just they just don't wait and they jump on this we have also had a shooting at a mall. In New Jersey because a lot of folks in our discussion this morning in the first hour. We're bringing up the fact that even when they go to the mall even when they see -- know concealed weapons allowed side that people carry them anyway. And it just makes the case man that. Gun free zones are an idiotic idea they don't work I mean the shooting Colorado Bruton on Friday in a state that just passed. Restrictive gun even more restrictive gun laws that were all the books and people hated it so much even had a recall election. And yet it still didn't stop this guy and then -- -- -- to New Jersey might not have heard about a man shot dead in front of his wife. They they went out Christmas shopping. And they were all finished and they were in the parking lot in short hills New Jersey. Last night. And authorities think that this may have been an attempted carjacking. We get more from. The city reporter Teresa. Prioleau here's here's some of the details on this -- -- store. There evening was not supposed to and this way they were just trying to finish up a little holiday shopping. Here at the short hills mall in short hills Milburn New Jersey it. The incident happened at a certain level on the parking garage according to the acting chief prosecutor here in Essex County. This incident occurred just after 9 o'clock last night this young couple in their thirties were walking back to there. 2012 -- Range Rover when they were approached by two men from the wife got into one side the car and the husband was shot in the head. -- in the driver's side he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. Now young couple in their thirties. They're trying to -- And they get to I think she said the third level in the parking garage. Getting in their car and just. Shot dead now. As most of you know does have talked about it so much. I am a strong advocate of people being armed. I just just ask yourself just based on that horrible story. Of what happened in New Jersey. I I I'm what your feedback on this. How in this DNA match. Here he even you know locally. Can you go out. And not be -- Now I noticed some of view. Or afraid of guns. Who had been brainwashed by the way after the guns -- the real problem. I know what I just said probably doesn't make sense to you. But I know too many in this audience it makes perfect sense. And so today on the program. I -- have this conversation again. Let me start with -- question. When you're out shopping Christmas shop. Or just out in your daily life. What is your mindset when it comes to being armed. -- and those of us who seed I think with some clarity what's going on in the world today. We -- we wouldn't take up. We wouldn't think of going up there and not being -- 'cause you never know it could be in a parking garage. And then. With what happening Colorado on Friday. How could you ever more clearly make the case that gun control laws and gun free zones. Or just an invitation. For more. Children to be killed. -- What is it what is the argument against what I am saying. Gun free zones. Invite these sorts of things a -- -- -- high school. In all places Colorado. The shooter -- -- Not quite what we've seen in the past. He was of student. This really remind -- I guess more column to column -- and new town. Arm the attack sympathy Washington shipyard. You -- came prepared to. He certainly had thought this out he wanted to kill a lot more people than he did. He brought a pump action shotgun. He had plenty of extra shells he had several Molotov cocktails he even had a machete in the end. Course to -- one gravely we pray for her safety. -- even lit a fire. In the school library. Before taking his own life. Now he's dead person is dead. So we made obviously and never really know students though who witnessed this. Think it was the school librarian and the debate team coach. Identified as Tracy Murphy. By KUSA in Denver who was the target. ST miles an English teacher who taught Pearson as a freshman -- AP. That person had recently been cut from the debate team. Arapahoe County sheriff Grayson Robinson. Told reporters he thinks revenge. Was the motive. It may have been just that he was sick you've been seeking revenge. It may have -- he wanted to get his name in the news. His intent was to carry out mass murderer. That would arise. The moment he got there. Or when alert personnel. Responded. Largely by making -- the students on available. But still you have to try to. Understand is that human nature. He was. He was truly. I think it's safe to say at this point. Into a liberal world view. He made a lot of disparaging comments about Republicans on social media. He had a self professed love for keynesian economics. 11 student. That the media talk to. Just came right out. And and said that. He he was a socialist. The student's name. This was on MSNBC the this. Well I don't have her -- but -- here's here's what she said again in case you missed it. This put another student had to say about it. Okay crowd and Venus -- it's. He was very out yeah I'm outspoken on his political views while until she's just men have. The economic club more economic equality. So it was all about. Income inequality. Now as soon as it got out. That he was a very as the -- her name is -- marked by the way -- she was speaking path to MSNBC on the weekend with that Alex -- woman. And she said he was very proud socialist. Now as soon -- that started to get out the media pounced meteorite. Says the Denver Post was was busy making sure that it did this guy didn't come off looking too -- to the left. I here's what to Denver but in a profile on the shooter. Focusing on a strong political -- several Pearson's classmates. Offer their impressions one of the shooters classmates. Described him as a very opinion -- social shortly after the Denver Post was published. That description edited out. And the story in the Denver Post according to media guide describes him only as very opinion -- they edited out. What you just heard that he was a very. Proud socialist. And then immediately the left vows to make this the elect the issue of next year's election. Calling for more gun control. I mean here here's the facts folks this guy didn't have a criminal record illegally purchased a shotgun. He got enough shows to do what he thought he wanted to do. This in a state -- very restrictive gun laws no background checks or any kind of ban on a gun -- magazine. Would have prevented what happened yet the left calls for more what gun control. So. I'm here making an argument that I've made many many times before. I think it's more important for people to be armed -- ever at any time in my lifetime it. And I sure think. Then it is time for those of us at least here in our little corner of the world in the upstate of South Carolina to demand. And end to gun free zones. Demand it we paid for the public schools. We love our children we understand. That they don't have a clue. About the safety of our children. Every school every school in the state of South Carolina. Should have people there who are trained and armed. Because obviously. Their idea of gun free zones. Is a very very dangerous and I'll say it evil idea it's evil. And the only question is how long -- the public. Gonna send their kids to public schools that are safe. And I I have spoken about this before so much so that I'm almost hard to hear myself say it. But if we have any leadership in this state left. And not just a bunch of stupid politicians. When I get back to work in January they will put an end to the absolute idiocy. Of gun free zones at schools. Are we take a call here Bob and Simpson -- I'm Bob. Very good morning and I do a medical history yes -- OK I won't everybody interiors and grow and upper division Serb television -- public pressure problems that what what what what would mean. You can you even you even touch him when you take the trash out. -- absolutely -- encourage. Everybody when I go to the bank in their problem at Martinsville America the remote weapon and Nicole are you that. Yeah about but not about what about actually burns. And hospital. And now you ought to be very and you have a weapon on the property and not below budget -- -- unhappy. Frustrated. Old soldiers in there that. Or not do that -- -- -- they just don't want one so. I initially. Now how can we get all the lefties or are the people who are afraid of guns to understand. May be they'd never will Bob until something happens to one of their children or something happens to one of them like this couple in New Jersey. Are we do this out of concern. For public safety. Not because just that we support the Second Amendment. We understand that you don't have a chance you're not armed. And that's why everybody should be armed and our children should be protected by people -- schools who are trained and armed thank you -- 925 now. This is the -- castle show in Broward and charge my batteries specialists. And some of the text messages that's 71307. Is that number -- I won't defend my family and myself -- deadly force if necessary. I knew concealed carry I carry to protect what I value. And pray it will never occur we have every right to do this situation awareness is not just to Christmas but applies your round. Merry Christmas that's remark in Blacksburg. -- Christmas shopping our first thought is on situation awareness of parking lots and any area that I'll be walking my second thought. Is truly not -- thought. -- -- on with a gun control in reference to the New Jersey shooting. Had the assailants have been armed with a a machete butcher knife or a ball bad the outcome would have likely been the same however. Had a husband and or -- and armed the outcome. Would have been much different. Ross no doubts big -- a check your bird feeders will no doubt -- might -- -- husband and -- are working on free zones. We had discussed. What -- talking about we have decided to sue. If anything happens to -- we don't believe in suing anybody. We believe in self responsibility but to make a point this is what we planned it any thing. Happens to was lower in a gun free zone rusher caller Bob tell him to change banks there are banks in Simpson bill. They'll allow CWP holders to carry inside really. -- understood my C WP -- yesterday to protect myself. No one in this administration is protecting anyone so we have to take it upon ourselves. All right Ellis talked to Bob in Spartanburg hi Bob Merry Christmas. -- could address good morning Q yes -- I've carried a gun look Gary B 45 years. I would think you know I -- police also won every quiet. I had a couple of lip when they ask me why do you still carry guns are not required as I said well you have like insurance. And of course they say yes. Well I haven't double policy. I could I protect myself and everyone with the might fail like. IPO I I have a severed that wherever I go -- there. To protect the people around me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- I some people when I've said this before and people who think like I do. They call -- -- common names you know they think we're trying to be cowboys are tough guys or maybe -- just overly paranoid. Really. It is is that is that how we come across in the day and -- in which we live evolving stories or is that just you know bunch of BS. The F I think I I carry it I know people the twentieth they didn't even though I haven't. And we should just as a -- involved. When you when you're going around or or or or your wife school went out with -- kids are really you know. How how can you beat this is what I wanna talk about how can you be in the mindset that somehow it safe. Just to be walking around and not feel. I don't know I don't understand it I act and maybe somebody can help me understand maybe somebody has a different opinion on this but really. After what happened in New Jersey last night we've had other stories and after what happened at this school in Colorado. I mean we we have to end and it's sad that it's come to this. In in in our modern society. But really I just don't understand the thinking of people. Who still refuse to own a gun. Even have what in the house are Kerry won in their car or carry one on themselves I I just don't understand that anymore to me it's like here you're inviting. Someone. To shoot -- -- him main viewer rob you were Blu-ray pure but I do I just don't understand -- -- -- Exactly it never be. Exactly right. Because you never know are in thank you sir David agreed -- hi David. I just wanna be more specific -- -- -- you're talking about as far as the great look at his tools people will rise up in arms around here in close. -- exploit Latin -- period in -- quote unquote doing away with these schools gun free zone especially indiscernible county -- -- Harry's school board about this a year ago and according to just give overall. -- -- do it. Yeah I -- what is their. Now usually you spoke to them -- it. Did they offer a counter argument I mean did they listen to you or. Well let into the collective agreement that street runs right every bit as you better have your -- side -- -- -- -- your act together right around. Trying to kill more action. But I didn't say it very idea of protecting the kids established school resource officer. Moving around and -- school. Are going to separate schools -- I didn't. All that's that's just crazy. We're gonna call that is prohibited to lose NBA development followed throughout school resource golf. But again there's an answer to -- there are people but I got news for and there are people. Who worked for school districts who already have CWP's. Their feet. And and this has been tried in other states. He's even local sheriff's departments offering to help train these folks because the cops can't be everywhere but you're already got people at the school. -- -- -- But could have put these are great we're committed to prohibit this sit bottom line -- it's like Kerio aspect of it then you can but you're -- Kerry in the board room because it -- OK don't. Now how did this whole concept. Of a gun free zone. -- to be so widespread. I mean the only thing I can think of David. About this logically. OK if you declare yourself a gun free zone what are you say you're in essence saying. Then I have fallen in that into the trap of thinking that guns are the problem first of bald -- people it's it's the guns that are the problem. And second of all. I mean did they ever have the thought that if somebody is a criminal or somebody who is mentally ill or somebody who's wanting to come in and robber shoots somebody. -- -- you think they're gonna pay attention to a sign on your door. -- in effect that's like putting -- open a bank saying no bank robberies allowed. -- you open up and your granddaughter and scope I hope you'll keep. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I'd -- it at this point in time it may change for this point I mean she's going to be one -- in a public school. But printed our David thank you very much I mean. Again. If there are any. True. Conservative. Leaders in our state. If there's ever been -- time to step forward I mean the legislature gets back to work here pretty shortly I think day. I think didn't free file bills I think that's happening tomorrow. I think officially tomorrow. But my goodness if we love our children if we love our teachers if we love all the people who work at a school. Why would we want them to go there are no third day. And MB sitting there in a proclaimed gun free zone. Can anybody answer that question. Saying this. Just for the sake of argument I'm trying to think common sense wise folks. We shouldn't you lefties or even maybe not left. Maybe just have concerns. Just explained to me why. It is safe. To my children and teachers and administrators and everybody else volunteers work at local schools why why is it. Safe in your mind. To let him go another indebted. Into an area that has been proclaimed. A gun free zone. We've seen where this kind of thinking -- It did in that time to do something different. -- 943. Clinton. Additionally this time is here hi everyone I'm Lisa -- from WL RD -- -- -- news talk sports from our -- take yours are very Mary could. Christmas. -- here's an attempt from a text her -- scenario. Man comes into the mall shooting people where they handgun you come out of one of the stores with your concealed weapon. Only to see about twenty others with their guns as well one of which money is the crazed gunman what do you do. Nothing. If all I'm looking dad is a bunch of people with guns obviously. I do nothing. Because you don't do we any thing -- you can be reasonably certain you're text says one of the twenty is the crazed gunman. Let's compare that with a real life scenario you view are at a school. There and you get an alert that a gunman is on campus. And his already shot two students. If if I see somebody coming down the hall. Then yeah I am gonna first -- demanded that person stop and put their gunned down. And then if that person starts coming toward me then. I'll do what I think I have to do including shooting that person. So at David's in Belton Dave what about that scenario dispersant just says so a man goes into a mall shooting people. Where they handgun. You come out of one of the stores with your concealed weapon only see about twenty others with their guns as well one of the twenties the crazed gunman what do you do day. Not permitted to take care. But you don't do anything and I -- this texture is suggesting. Then that would result in a mass shoot out -- -- and it's -- -- a lot of people around here are walking around with concealed weapons and that's never happened. It is such ignorance but you don't just have to a bigger borer unit said that the let says -- more school shootings are we gonna have so hyper and intends to bring. -- -- Well -- -- -- a little bit we have a cop. Right care right right or didn't get to re elected could -- cut uneducated voters. You don't you don't at Concord would love to thank you don't have the right of okay. So what we start they can people go to school board and learn something about the constitution or we give underprivileged about it. Then you are -- neck down feet and a whole thing and well people will think what you said is ignorant or are controversial. But you're absolutely right for example in this -- in the states you know you do not have the right to vote for a president to. Because what you actually vote for in the Electoral College issue you vote for an electrical war. -- guns are cast a ballot at the Electoral College so -- you're not specifically voting for a candidate on the ballot. But I major point of course that that's never gonna happen because the left also has been very successful. As saying you know why doesn't matter how educated or uneducated person is. You have the right to vote and by the way don't ask me for a photo ID I mean -- they've been very successful. Thank you sir Dan quickly -- -- He had two quick. Comment first I would I would encourage people to boycott picked throughout Oreo. Everywhere possible and called their friend. Incursions or boycott act on these. CEO of that firm. Was making. Threatening. Suggestions through the state of Pennsylvania if they did not support. Common core. Are we expect very huge supporter. Common court therefore. I say. Let Exxon report. In their pocketbook by the citizens prepared coming -- or economy. Second comment here to do with Obama care -- recent. You do it from -- Obama. -- -- feel that insurance companies. -- claims. Where people who have enrolled but they have not paid or their Obama care. -- that the insurance companies cover many. Basically big insurance. During this process over the last few years it jumped in bed. United health care. Some really command a big jump in bed where little blue Obama administration's problem fortunately they're finding out. That being in bed with Obama created a incurable commute -- eight that they got from Obama. And unfortunately. They'll probably go down because. Of -- -- Obama which many people believe is the ultimate goal anyway bit and then the government takes at all over thank you Dan by the way mentioned obamacare -- the story out of Washington State. People that went through the website and signed up in their bank accounts are being trained to Jerry about that over the weekend. A hopeful. We'll get to that coming up just stay right where you are 953 now. I'm hitting to the station here you can't walk -- Korea and -- well let everybody know back home in Greer South Carolina my Brothers my step mom my step dad and all my family -- friends in my gorgeous fiancee that I loved them in this and very much and have a happy holidays and make us. God bless -- son and be safe. For our to our troops for a -- Merry Christmas to him. All right folks at fox new lower peninsula there are unconfirmed reports of explosives. Having been found on the campus of Harvard University. So unconfirmed reports explosives. At Harvard. Authorities in Massachusetts. Are investigating. And it looks like from the picture on the screen here there's some folks are being evacuated I guess as a precaution. Well get the latest on this coming up right now. From Fox News in New York local news on the way to leave it right here live and local WORD 1063.