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Maximized Living - 121713

Dec 23, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to maximize the living -- was changing the way people view and manage their health. For the next hour we'll keep -- alternative way to getting healthy and that you know maximize life. Iberia hold up the Jeremy Wilson and doctor Joshua Bell. Who. Welcome everybody listened to maximize the radio where we're changing the way people view and manage their health on doctor Wilson's numbers -- a great show for you this weekend. Obama has always are going to be talking about health and healing doctor -- myself have two of the largest alternative health care clinics here in the upstate. Being maximize an entire breakers were teaching people. How to get healthier market sicker if you look at our country nowadays are targeting sicker and sicker as a country more more medications are being. Taken every single day. And they say on average almost 34 million medications are taken every single day in this country and so we're we're getting sicker and sicker and being put on more and more medications. And don't get me wrong I would completely agree with taking medications and it actually made people healthy but. Or finding out is people are still dying of heart disease people are still dying of cancers people. Are still getting diagnosed with diabetes in neuropathy. You know people still have. Allergies every single year we still see the flu outbreak every single year. We -- Airways -- getting bigger and bigger and so obviously were not getting to the root cause of the problem and so. Well we've developed and in our offices are to maximize living hell senators here in the upstate is as a way to actually. Palmer reduced amount of medications -- on reduce that waistline and actually in the in the best shape of your life. Through what we call the five essentials of five essentials of Max I was living is what. Helps you guys get healthier every single day is and getting sicker and sicker every single day so he went to share more about all we're doing in our offices helping people through the five essentials. Hamas and maybe some breaking news -- lower finding out about. On diabetes heart disease cancers and stuff like that so we can actually did she has the right information so you guys -- -- of the best possible decisions about her health. The united talk about the before -- five essentials -- -- -- talking about the the 34 million medications that are prescribed -- read every year in our country some oracle while Bakken discovery magazine. It set -- -- -- 34 -- sit -- of that -- at 34 riches and socialist countries around the world. Our United States when it comes to health. We were dead last -- -- 34 out of 34 when it comes at a richest industrialized countries around the world. In yeah we take we will look at this guys were only 5% of the entire world's population the United States makes up only 5%. Of the entire world. And yet we take 85 to 87%. Of the world's pharmaceutical drugs. So we took all those drugs in those 34 million drugs are working in India where the richest in the best of everything we do -- this country set when it comes to health. In a corner Harvard researchers publishing discovery magazine. While we -- 34 at a 34 when it comes to riches and socialist countries are on the world's. Health care okay we have now we have the best sick care much rather be here than anywhere else in the world -- -- had a heart attack or acts or something like that when it comes to your overall health. We -- the sickest. He we take the most medications we spend the most on our health care we spend the most in the doctor's offices we have the best daughters the best hospitals everything else but we're still. Sick very very sick. It is not health care you should be called sick care I. And said in -- state in the country there were run out and I don't have to sit here and beat a dead horse I mean everybody noses were sick country. And we get sicker and sicker every every every single year. And so would talk to -- -- our redundancies explained. Is maximize living chiropractor as we develop the five essentials of maximize living where you can take these five key principles. And actually reverse your diseases you can get off the medications you can get healthy you can. Reversed things like diabetes. Heart disease some top of cancers. Get rid of neuropathy. Five miles -- ladies I mean it -- a number of different things simply by applying these five essentials so. If your first Tom listener or just now tuning in I'm really gonna quickly tell you the five things. You need to do actually there are necessary to get you healthy and keep you healthy. And -- it to help you get off things like -- have met former if you're diabetic to help you get off your insulin to have to get off all these you know. Pills for your neuropathy urology all the to a different things in these are the five essentials right here the five things you need to do to get healthy and stay healthy. -- number one. Is maximizing your mind. Understanding that all healing comes from the inside out the way god designed it okay. It doesn't come to form a pill -- either reward of health is he'll HE KL it is not LL. So understand all healing comes from the inside the way god designed it that's from the brain and the spinal cord which leads us into -- number two. Which is your spine and nervous system. This is the part that everybody overlooks nobody ever looks at the respondents a spinal cord and they're nervous system as this is what. The system they got put in their for the brain to control everything else in the body. And so he is as simple as a fox cut the nerves going to your heart your lungs you eventually would die I mean there's no communication back and forth their right and so if you if you. Cutting you die if you put pressure on at two and an accident and injury your distress or life over time it decreases function and that's why it's very very important. Two. Taguchi nurse just looked at and that's what your doctor Wilson must self will be giving out a number here shortly see you actually can sign up for. A a tests our office we can check your nervous system because he's never had that done that's what you need to do that's that's that's number one right there sensor number three. Is -- maximizing. Quality nutrition sugar is the devil quit worrying about fat and calories were about sugar. Since number four maximize auctioning lean muscle. We -- build the program we can work out -- the twelve minutes a day in the best -- her life just three times a week. -- an assist number five is minimizing the amount of toxicity or the amount talks as you have in your system so you can absorb good nutrients you can absorb good supplements and things like that. -- through those five essentials you can be a completely different person. So you can imagine if you were applying those five essentials every single day. How if you were on blood pressure medication if you're on cholesterol medication if you're on. I'm stands if you're on Matt Foreman glucose fives insulin pumps if you were. Overweight if you implemented those five essentials how easy would be to actually start changing the way that you look in view it at a your health in general and how you manage your health because really what are most people doing when they get sick. They're gonna go to their doctor the doctors -- -- Marie prescription. And they -- just hoping that the prescription we'll get rid of the symptoms. Right I mean I I completely understand if you were constantly in pain if you have high really really high blood pressure I mean there's a time and place for medicine to take care of that stuff. But when it comes actually being healthy the rest your life you can't be on a medication. If you're on blood pressure medication and rest your life your chances are still a year of still having a heart attack or heart disease is still this still there just because your blood pressure's normal. Because your team medication doesn't mean you fix the problem. The reason why you had a headache in the morning is because he didn't take enough to leave. Unless I was as a realize that there's that there's some sort of inner fears of that. Amazing god given healing power in your body that you just have to remove if you remove their fear that your body will heal and we see in time and time again. All you have to do is refine the interference remove it. And the body heals naturally it's just like a cut on your hand if you're not sitting there telling that cut on your hand he'll he'll he'll. It's doing United's -- you don't even have to think about it. And so that's a problem is that we're trying to heal things from the outside they were trying to. Dump things into our body to make this -- when we already have a tremendous healing power inside our body that would seem to help facilitate even better something. I would open up the phone lines for those out there that have not had their spine and nervous system evaluated. The number to call 8643262909. Again 864. Three to six. 2909. Grab your phone's call that number. Leave your name and telephone number and we'll call you back to schedule an appointment with you so we can actually sit down to look at your spine and nervous system. We can look at your five essentials will -- nutrition will again. How toxic you are will be -- -- at the where the biggest inner fears is on your health. And that we can really drill -- of what you have to do to help get yourself better and -- look at what your locals are I mean what do you want for the future for yourself do you wanna. Beyond a bunch of medications do you want -- the nursing home and looking at a bucket of pills or do you want -- be out on on the beach running around with her grandkids and enjoying your year your later years of life. You know and it honestly that's -- two units at you whether -- -- -- -- call us right now. Or you just keep going on the same road leaving going down in and out of doctors' offices in a more more diagnoses. Or if you really wants -- sure answers so again. Call a -- 643262909. Leave your name and telephone number and we'll call you back as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for you. We have two locations one as Woodruff road offices -- where Butler tees in the Woodruff road back then they'll meaning steak house. I'm in the other one is over and -- -- which is -- north side of Greeneville. -- out towards Furman is -- by the cheerio movie theater so two very easy locations the fine and really all means is. Picking up your phone leave your name and telephone number will schedule the employment. It takes about 1520 minutes to do the full evaluation of your spine nervous system -- essentials. And clearly that's all it takes its really that simple and just take a little bit a time out of your game. And things can be hectic this timing here take a little bit of time out of your day. Towards your health. Locations -- three or four months he's off all of them. And he's happy and healthy. And he's no or fearful wounds are so good he's not had -- anytime soon because he's applying the five essentials he's doing what he needs to do and got to put him here to do. In his body's healing from the inside out whether -- designed. -- I think most people out there and especially you listening you believe I have that. Innate feeling deep down inside saying you know what I could be doing more I could be you know doing more for my -- I don't you don't necessarily need to keep going and doing everything that I've been doing. And really just looking for some answers looking for some hope. Looking for some direction in and that's what we're here for we're here to give you some direction give me some hope. On the teachers the tools that it takes to actually be healthy nowadays I feel like all too often. We almost except the fact that we're gonna get sick you know its its its flu season we're gonna get sick kids as heart disease runs in my feeling I'm gonna get -- and and now obviously. I understand that says you know if you investor mindset that's what's gonna happen. But that's what we wanna do -- help change your mindset because in you know I'd I'd. I know that that's our I wanna end up I wanna end up happy healthy. You know I don't care what happened in my in my family's passive they've. Had a digested issues in and colon cancers in and breast cancers. I'm gonna make a difference I'm gonna change the what I'm doing on a regular basis so I don't ever end up down that road and same thing you know ending up in a nursing home. If you don't -- end of the nursing homes don't do what everybody else was doing before they ended up there and that's when 95% of Americans are doing. They're they're just following the rules are doing is as to what the doctors tell nadu. The next thing you know that's her they announce something really encourage you guys -- -- -- phones at the numbers 8643262909. Again 864. 3262909. Call and leave your name and telephone number will call you back as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment with you so we're -- quick commercial break you're listening to maximize living radio where we're changed the way people view and manage their health. And we'll be right back. But you're devoting more welcome back my putting doctor. Called validate the port 326290. -- six. Do not do all night to make -- appointment with the help maximize living get a New York they'll. If you're constantly learning more about the maximize but the doctor. Called validate support -- to 69 -- about 564326. Do dogs and I could make the book good to see how maximize living get a New York bill. Welcome everybody you're listening to maximize living radio will change the way you manage their health -- we'll. -- -- -- And we're we're talking about health anywhere really means to be healthy in this country and I don't think a lot of people actually sat down and -- said. What -- health and human is a lot of times people think that. If I feel good if I. If I'm not sick if I don't have any symptoms if if I'd take my physical once a year and the doctor says my numbers look good then unhealthy. Am here to tell you that that's so far from the truth. We see it all the time where people feel good look good and they still have stage four cancer nobody look at someone like Lance Armstrong yeah. He can take someone who you know looked good felt good. And it and one day and the next day they drop dead of heart attack. And you look at Tim Russert who has with -- MSNBC. Who. I was taking the right medications station did stress tests on his heart they said hey man near -- healthy as can be. Do you there's zero chance of you having any sort of cardiovascular. Accident over the next year. And what happened six months later. He has a heart attack. -- so all these things that we think are are making us healthy or. Judging their health are terrible judges for help the best thing you can actually do for your -- this to check your nervous system. And this really as simple as this -- I took the nerve that went to your heart if I cut that nerve your heart immediately shuts down. So and that case the nurses in this the most import to some in the body. If you think about it it's only system that's completely encased in bone your spinal for people column your brain. Completely cases the system says are extremely important -- -- checking this is the matter regular basis to make sure that there isn't any sort of pressure on the nerves. There's there's -- -- pressure on the spinal cord. That your body is actually able to communicate with the self properly through the nervous system so. If you S and not -- of the phones yet. However a handful of claimants available free new. The listeners in numbers 8643262909. Leave your name and telephone number will call you back as soon as possible substantially you deployment for either our -- for office orchard hill office. So doctor -- or myself could actually sit down a look at your five essentials. Check your -- system so again the number 864. 3262909. There we we always -- questionable call there or on the street or some -- tomorrow serious out about somewhere Republican the last Douglas for myself the same question is how in the world. Do you guys get the results you get. How do you takes a -- been diabetic their entire life. Within months they're no long or diabetic and he takes somebody has been in -- have to live with farm Raza and they're over in pain or how'd you -- -- neuropathy. How do you do this how do you have the lose weight so fast and how do you share the matter read. Two to correctly reversed -- congestive horror fare there remain all these. Numerals things you know digest of issues how do you guys doing what is the secret what's what is the and the churches are not giving anybody any pills okay no medication whatsoever -- -- yes we may recommend some supplements here and there. That are very very important when it comes down to it. The secrets or successes at the -- -- power game these people off these medications and give them so healthy. Is were simply looking at what god did and begin within that is the nervous system. As doctor Wilson says that's -- thing that controls everybody. And if if you never had that look to had been you don't know any different and so by looking at that nervous system we can actually see where the root cause of your problem is versed is given you a -- To treat your symptom or your disease for the rest of your life we can find out what's causing them by looking at the nervous system that controls that part of your body. That is -- that forward that -- -- that disease you have -- by -- for about removing any difference. To a series of adjustments and things like that we take the pressure off that nervous system. In your body can heal the way god designed it and it's that simple it's it's not rocket science it's no big secret he's just people don't. I guess it isn't -- jar was XP would guerrilla cell easy healthy is only when you think about and nobody else is looking in those areas let us so. So that's all we're doing that's how we get the results him but the only way to get those results for you to pick -- the phone call -- scheduled performance so we can look at your nervous system. So look. We'll take a quick commercial break and now will be back shortly Richardson to maximize the radio where -- change in the way people view him Minister of Health -- we will be right back. If you have good. Or about to maximize the doctors. Call validate the sport reduced that do not vilified. He supports three to six. Do not do all the way to make the point that this. How to maximize. If you're comfortable. Learning more about the fact my -- doctor. Called validate to score 3262909564326. Do dogs and I could make the book good to see how maximize living giving me. Welcome back everybody listened to maximize and. You manage their health on doctor Wilson and doctor -- And so we're talking about health what the real definition of health it is. A lot of times that people think that well if my blood pressure's normal if my blood sugar low sugars normal if I have a good heart rate that means unhealthy. Unfortunately these aren't very good precursors to what the true health is in your body. What doctor -- myself being -- I think firefighters we actually will look -- nervous system because it's the most support system in your body and if you think about this claim. I mean you can go months without food you can go days without water you can go. Actually minutes without having air but you can't go a single second without a nerve supply as soon as you lose nerve supply to an organ seller tissue. That that organ seller tissue will immediately start to shut down as -- this is why it's so important that you're looking at your nervous system on a regular basis. To make sure that you're healthy. Because here's the alternative if you think about it what -- what else is there out there that's gonna make you healthy a lot of people think it's medications so if you take. A medication for your blood pressure or your blood sugar or your cholesterol and lowers that number whatever that number is for you. Are you truly healthier now because if you have. Say diabetes in your blood sugar high. And they put you on insulin pump and now your pushers normal. Do you still have diabetes. While technically your your blood -- back to normal but you need a pump to keep it that way so there's still something wrong with your body. The bodies still not functioning normally and this goes for any other sort of medication whether it's blood pressure cholesterol anything else and so here's the scary thing though. As when they actually did -- she looked at come over 9300. Patients that were impaired. Had a glucose intolerance. And so what they found out of these people are surely to and keep their blood sugar levels -- normal so a lot of them were diabetic. And what they found out where there was a lot of these people were actually chronically taking stands in dire -- for their blood pressure and cholesterol. And this is an amazing thing is so now we're finding out there and people know this because I mean any time he -- drug -- Though they'll talk about all the benefits of this medication. But then those in the next four minutes talking about all the side effects. But unfortunately a lot of times people -- the doctors don't -- tell you about the side effects of their drugs they just wanna tell you about the benefits which I'm sure you wanna hear. You know if you take this drug it's gonna lower your blood pressure. If you take this drug in a lower your cholesterol. But on the side note they don't explain view that along with taking this drug it's also gonna shut down your liver it's gonna shut down your paper's discussion on your kidneys. And so there with their final with a studied over 9300 patients. That when they were actually taking stands and I erratic on a regular basis and actually increase their risk of actually developing. Diabetes down the road so you can and you can you can imagine you're seeing there. Thinking okay I'm managing my cholesterol through Staten drug. I'm managing my blood pressure by taking directs but little of the you know that your body is actually. Developing an even more detrimental disease called diabetes. And so this setting yourself up the idea I mean so -- is leading you down a road of more more medications and so this is why we wanna find the answer. We wanna find what's causing that's the problem was caused the problem in the first place. You know. We always talk a caller cells doctors of the cost. We don't wanna just make your blood sugar look we don't want to just make your your blood sugar or your blood pressure your gear cluster all look good on a test. We wanna make sure that your healthy and what's your butcher -- way it's supposed to be your body knows more than than we could ever know about your body and how is supposed to function so. We've -- it removes the interference. A lot of body -- and function normally sell if you have yet to calling in. And and schedule that employment to actually have your spine and nervous system with dad had your five essentials looked at. I'm grab your phones now the numbers 8643262909. Again he's 643262909. With three appointments available for the next three callers. For complementary nervous system analysis we'll check your five essentials policy was going on with your -- we'll see what's gonna take to actually gets you healthy. And as the great thing we can actually see if we can help you get off to somebody medications for some years you've I've been told you have to be on this medication and rest of your life. -- we're gonna actually sit down with you see if that's actually true is that really true that you have to be on insulin pump the rest your left as we've seen it's Chinatown again. When people get so healthy making an author insulin pumps thinking get off their medications. And they can get healthy and they can lose weight that they've been told they can't lose so again grab your -- 8643262909. It when it comes to diabetes so what is continue on that that chart right now you know this something and this is something that diabetes. It it takes about 250000. Lives per year. In our country loan and the sad thing is is -- these two are for 2000 do with a dive -- because of diabetes. It they're not they don't die because of the diabetes day they die because of the side effects that diabetes causes are right. So -- your diabetic you're taking you know met former what Douglas says insulin pumps and things like that. And that's regulate your blood sugar. But you still have the disease in and then the -- diabetes is it affects the kidneys okay just so just because you're taking a -- that regulates the blood sugar so it looks good you think you're you're happy and healthy now because your blood sugar. Is under 150 or whatever is your doctor what's that. The disease is still there in the disease is still affecting other parts of your body all right but no one thing if Texas is kidney in your in horror iso. Yes your diabetic and you're no longer have -- what your your medication but you're developing kidney disease -- developing heart disease. You're issues choose our risk of strokes. I mean long term diabetics and no blindness on limb amputations. It of those and neuropathy and your diabetic you know this at the numbness and tingling your hands in your feet. All of these things are signs of diabetes still there even though you're taking medication to lower the sugar that's really doing nothing because the disease is still there and it's affecting other parts your body. And so we have a completely different approach would diabetic patients. And we wanna get you Sosa can help the you don't need the medications and we actually can show you how to. And things like diabetes and accomplish her or -- blood pressure of the cases. -- living a lot for the five essentials and it's not that difficult you know we lay out laid out for you. Develop a whole entire plan. And I mean in before you know it you're when you're doing yourself all the medications because that that the that the the scariest thing about being diabetic is the medications I mean come on. Took a big side effect of Matt Foreman is weight gain I mean who wants to gain more weight when you're diabetic Richard taking medication that causes weight gain. It's -- doesn't make any sense I mean. One of the big side effects of metaphor also an -- talk about metaphorically this the most popular one out there right now. Is -- the big side effects of reform is it causes neuropathy. It's about -- deal with neuropathy that they give you neuron know these other different drugs took to combat the neuropathy and says -- to -- essentials to our program. We can show you how to correct it actually beat this disease vs treating it. And spending all your hard earned dollars are in bed at. Diabetes alone cost or because your 174. Billion would have be 134 billion dollars a year. 179 million people there actually consider pre diabetic and our country right now. And Tony -- morning mayor Archie full fledged diabetics at that staggered after a hundred million people will will be diabetic if not diabetics soon. And so I I want people realize that. A lot of times when people think that well I'm going to the doctor on a regular basis that there's something wrong with me right so there's something wrong. But if I'm taking a medication on a regular basis. I'm okay. Right and so we have this this strange thought and our head that well as long as I'm taking my medication I'm going to be healthy I'm gonna be fine. And overseen. If -- if you don't realize nowadays is that were getting sicker and sicker as a country so really this isn't. This isn't helping you at all if anything it's hurting the body making it worse. What we want to -- understand that a lot of people ask -- -- -- why are you going to the chiropractor wire you going to hell senator. It's so I can get healthier and it's not like something's wrong X possess a -- people think well. I have to go to the doctor when something is wrong well actually I mean a lot of people that come into our offices they are doing the right thing it's kind of like. On me you know why do you go to the dentist is there something wrong no you know they usually go Richard teeth cleaned every once awhile because that your teeth are important to you and in the better you manage your teeth of the longer the be there for you and the same thing for your spine. Then the more the you're having your spine and nervous system look -- taking care of the healthiest going to be for you and healthier you are going to be and I mean just like going to the gym I mean if you're going to the gym on a regular basis. You're not doing that because your sickening year on a much of medications a lot -- you are going to the to the gym to actually prevent disease and so we wanna get people over this concept of a had a new -- the doctor only when your sick. You know we really wanna make sure that you're so health the arts and you're not going in and out of doctors' offices and not being put on a much of medications. So realize that. Really sickness is when you're taking a bunch of medications and every single day to keep yourself healthy you are what you think is healthy. So really being healthy is managing -- taking care of your health on a regular basis it's as exercising -- eating good foods it's. It's making sure your your spines -- proper alignment. I mean there there's a there's a great study that shows that. Something called Scully doses was and I'm sure a lot of listeners know what's goalie hostesses which is that as a severe curvature of the spine. What they did is they actually show that people was going doses and actually took fourteen years off their life. On the lot of people with Scully doses are led into the military because they're such health liability. And so this is the interesting thing is that we know from science and having -- were shares of the spine having blockages of the nerves causes the body to shut down. Unfortunately. And the medical field has yet to find a medication that corrects the spine. And of those so that's a great thing about will we do in a way to where. Doctor -- signer of the -- how this is such a secret because a lot of people don't know that you can actually improve the health of your spine. So page is really a matter of seeing where your -- now where you wanna be you know do you wanna keep going down that same road. Of managing your symptoms you wanna keep covering up your symptoms you wanna keep taking that oil later that check engine light on your car and and taking a piece of duct taping covering it up. Party wanna find out the problem and that's all we wanna do for you guys we wanna sit down -- -- the problem what's causing your body not the human function normally. He gets you back on the road of health and healing so. I gained -- phones we have a couple appointments available on the number or call 864362. -- -- -- -- and again 864. Three to six. 2909. Calling only your name and telephone number will do as a call you back as soon as possible so we can actually scheduled that appointment for you. To sit down either doctor -- or myself. We can look at your five essentials look at your health and healing look at where you wanna be. 510 years from now and we can give you road map that's gonna give you their mission to where you wanna be in your life so again he's 64. 3262909. This is definitely at some years are doing this I mean it's coming up. The beginning of the year everybody's getting in the health or my eyes won't lose weight or might want to help you make their New Year's resolutions and all these things so. Now is the time to pick up the phone and call any NC would. You plan on doing Tony fourteenth -- -- -- fourteen does end up like it's going thirteen. You actually can take charge of your health and your entire fame itself and do something about that it all starts. With that that nerve system analysis for where doctor most of us up to sit down look at your responding you're nervous system we can find out what is causing. Your symptoms your takes your -- your diseases. And in not just give you another pure to take it actually find out the root cause they removed that interference. And we do them by looking the first thing we do is look at that nervous system because that is a system that god gave you that controls everything in your entire body for your. Park to beat for your lungs to breathe -- digest food for your Pincus a regular publisher for your heart to regulate your blood pressure. All these things only can function. From from the nervous system in the brain tell militant -- via the nervous system in the spinal cord. That is why it is so -- really important to get your spine -- system look debt. Because you can have slight damage on their from an old car external fall. Stress I mean toxicity. Old sports injuries birth -- is a number different things. And so the whole entire time. You're sitter taken this -- more more disease is growing and developing inside you because simply it's. One part of your body is beginning to shut down because there's damage -- respond according and our system and you don't realize it. And so by looking at that nervous system we can find their interference removed that interference. In your body can function in he'll have 100% the way god designed it's as simple as this. If your spouse is. There -- system is functioning FE 2% in your urged pierced your systems functioning at a 100% usually has 61 policy the spouse would. That's why it's so important to you knowing you -- your spouse looked at as well even if they're eating good even if their actual size yeah I mean eating good and exercises -- don't give your own but. That's nothing to do with health. And on the same side of this on the opposite side of the spectrum almost a mind that -- horrible they drink they smoke they do drugs a immediate formerly -- mean. They live huge. Horribly bad lifestyle and their store a hundred years old -- and around taking any medications. And you wonder how come they can get away that I camp it because it all bulls down to the nervous system. It's the system everybody always overlooks we always look at our blood we will check her blood pressure. Do blood tests -- me all these things blood work but we never look at the nervous system and and that's why when you have that nervous system forcing a 100%. You can live to be 9000 years old and now we're about taking medications vs some -- feast your six years old taken ten -- thirty medications because their bodies not healing. And that that's the answer how come some people can do stuffing it awareness of people can't is because some do have a stronger system some people don't. In no way no if you have a stronger system -- -- is actually get a look debt. And the only way to get it looked dead in the in this town is still doctor Wilson or myself as a you have to pick up the phone and called Erica great 643262909. That's a 6432629. At 09. Get that -- -- -- that. Get all the medications. And George Tony fourteen. Yeah and we're obviously not into owning your drinking and smoking and doing all these things if you had a clear nurses and obviously you still wanna be putting the right things in the body so we'll we'll teach you about. Proper nutrition will teach about how to detox -- body properly depending on what kind of talks deceived and exposed to would TCU -- -- exercise programs. You know and that's and that's what we wanna be we wanna be your health coach we don't wanna be your sickness coach and I'm pretty sure most of you out there. Are you have a a sickness -- -- medical doctor and they take your lawyers sickness is. We're gonna take your all your help we're gonna show you how to build so much helping your body. But you don't have to have a sickness -- don't have them at a sickness doctor. And that's a beautiful thing by implementing the five essentials it's so simple it's so easy. And -- so much more cost effective and really if you really break down the numbers and look at what is costing Americans every single year the average American spends 9000 dollars. On their health care every single year. When all it would take is a couple of hundred dollars a month to take care of your own health. This obviously can you realize that that there's a huge -- value a huge investment that you can make -- that investment is in your own health. They'll -- tens of thousands of dollars and on the road most bankruptcies are due to medical bills so. Pretty quick commercial break you listen to maximize living radio where we change the way people. View and manage their health stay tuned we'll be right back. They more welcome back my putting doctor. Called validate the score 3262909564326290. And I could make the point that -- -- help maximize living good. New York they'll. If you're constantly learning more about the -- my -- doctors. Called validate support -- to 69 to about 564326. Do dogs and I could make the book good to see how maximize living getting from New York bill. Welcome back everybody to listen to maximize living radio where -- changed the way you manage their health and doctor Wilson about doctor Vera. Now he has enjoyed the show this weekend we're talking a lot about health and healing. How to get the body true definition of -- yeah how to how to get the body healing and functioning back to normal back to a 100% a lot of you out there right now listening. Your -- -- functioning at maybe 405060%. In -- wondering why he he -- taken medication and try to make it -- function and run better. And so we wanna show you a better option out there in the five essentials to maximize -- How to increase -- healing in the body did you healing and functioning at 708090. Even a 100% -- you can you imagine. What your life to look like if your body was healing and functioning in a 100%. Every single day. Humbled and so that's what we want offer you guys a chance it. Human function normally like you're supposed to so if given a chance we have a couple Clemens left the number to call 8643262909. Colin leave your name and telephone number to call you back essentially an appointment. Yeah I saw a really neat illustration of the day and it was have just charred -- it was selling and explaining how are symptoms show opened the body. Between zero to 60%. Of health so if you if you look at it like a scale of 100% her seven being. You have the the best you can be a life and then zero being dead. Try anything -- below 60% of life. There's their symptoms OK so if you have a symptom you're somewhere between zero to 60% of living -- nets were your health as. Anything above 60% there's no sense of between say 61% to a 100%. You're living the good life you have no symptoms there could -- -- could still be something underlining but when it comes to symptoms. They don't show opened the body it's a 60% of the the decreased function. And so so what that means if you're having these symptoms and your between 06% and you're either moving toward the harvests are you moving towards your necessity -- moving towards life for your moving towards death. And so if you're having the symptoms Europe under the -- 2% and the only way to get that. To remove that interference and live happy and healthy as you get to respond nurses looked Jesse can move towards 100%. Because your room one way or the other either way. So until next week you're listened to maximize the radio or change the way people view him minister helpful if you have a great week -- -- season. Thank you what does that to maximize movie we'll return -- the way people view and manage their bill. Colleagues report streak to six tonight -- all night to make the appointment but you can start living up maximize the life. -- again next week for another edition of maximizing their.