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Jan 4, 2014|

Brought to you by the Times Examiner. Harry and his guest, Talbert Black, discuss the importance of getting involved in local and state politics and how you can go about doing so.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon Greeneville and upstate South Carolina. You're listening to conservative voice with your coach Terry killer. Or you notice that. When the outdoor show was on everything was going along just fine but you let me walk in the studio announcing the mess things -- well that's because well. I take politics too far that's what I've been told in we're gonna see what we can do about that today. Well this is the first time that I have them all -- at the this time slot in the know that there's probably going to be. A lot of listeners. That that -- never heard the show before. And I want to just give a brief background of who I am and what am -- doing. Coming out of your radio. Speakers so money -- -- and quite a while back about a getting close seven years ago now hi. Became involved. In politics. What got me involved well that's a long story I'm just gonna do you view the the 32 version. Com. You know I have been voting in every election since I was old enough to vote that's every general election every. Primary every special election. And quite frankly -- fault that I was doing my patriotic duty. In doing so. And I really thought that that was about all that I could do as a private citizen after all I'm not elected to office I don't. Have a real desire to be. Elected to office and -- -- -- this is all that I can do well back. Towards the end of 2000. Eight I guess it was. I somehow managed to get on an email list. But from the speaker of the house of the state of South Carolina mr. Bobby Harrell. And I got an email from him. Telling me what a great job that the Republicans have done in the South Carolina legislature how they'd saved us millions of dollars and they had cut spending cut taxes. All these wonderful firings and then he elaborated on a few things that were not so wonderful. And -- them on Democrats. Well I mean I'm a conservative Miami Christian constitutional conservative. And I thought well you know he probably needs more Republicans down -- him Columbia. So for the first time in my life I found the South Carolina State Legislature. On the web site and I made a list. I took a piece of paper put a line across the top on the land on the middle allow labeled that Republican and Democrat. And I started checking on my house and -- found out that. The house. The South Carolina house has an overwhelming majority of Republicans. Com -- -- well you know mr. Harrell speaker herald must have been talking about the senate. In those rationally Democrats in the senate are the ones that screwed things up. So I did the same thing on the South Carolina summit. And what I found was that the senate also has a majority of Republicans. And not only a majority but I looked up some rules and they have what is known as a filibuster proof majority. In the South Carolina senate. And I knew that we had a Republican governor back then it was Mark Sanford. And Nassau looked at this whole thing in some way the second now we've we've got an overwhelming majority of Republicans in the South Carolina house. We have a filibuster proof majority. In the South Carolina senate we've got a governor that is a Republican. How can we blame anything on eat anything negative how can we blame any thing that was liberal or expanding government are spending more or taxing more. On how can we blame this on Democrats. In so. I start looking into it and what I found out folks the cold -- and honest truth is. Yes in South Carolina we do have a majority of Republicans. That are serving in the state legislature. But we don't have a majority of conservatives. In that really upset me. I felt like I have been lied to and misled. So I emailed the speaker of the house back. And in my -- I told -- that we don't have a Democrat problem in South Carolina we have a rhino problem in South Carolina. And that I it was going to dedicate my entire summer to fixing the problem. Now -- to tell you how naive I was thinking that I could somehow managed to help fix this problem in one summer. And now we are well into our seventh year of trying to fix this problem and there's a lot of work yet to be done. In South Carolina. If you are a conservative. And so that's that's the real quick story of how I got started into politics and the the the quickest version I can tell you how I get started here at WORD. I was offered an opportunity to two guest. 2222. To be the person behind the microphone. For this show called conservative voice. And I really didn't feel qualified to still don't feel qualified I wish and I hope and I pray that there will come along somebody. That is much more talented than I am somebody that can lead. Better than I -- But until that happens. I will stay behind the microphone. And when that does happen I'll be glad to assist whoever can come along. So that's that's just a brief introduction into a conservative voice and who lying -- And I -- loyal conservative I am a loyal Christian conservative dynamic constitutional. Conservative. And we're gonna go ahead as most people know our shows are. In fifteen minute segments and we're gonna take our our first break just a little bit on the early side because when I come back I want to introduce to you. A friend of mine from Lexington county. In and we'll get into some conversation and if you wanna be part of conservative voice I would welcome your voice on the show. It is 2329673. PM if you're in the Spartanburg area it's 574. 9673. We'll go ahead take first break in when we come back I'll introduce my friend then we'll move on with today show thank you. And welcome back to conservative voice. Yes this is their -- The data is known to some of these more entrenched. Republicans. Notice I didn't say conservatives but the entrenched Republicans. Known as the guy that can take politics too far between city folks. I believe that all is fair in love and war and there is definitely a war against conservative -- -- in Christian values. But you know for for conservative voice to be on the fear. Is it requires that we have a sponsor. And our most consistent sponsor of. Is once again on the times examiner the times examiner is a local. Conservative. Newspaper. It is a weekly publication. And in this. Times examiner you'll get news and information about what is happening right here in Greenville county the up upstate. Areas of South Carolina you'll certainly get news on what is happening in the state of South Carolina and even some news that is happening in in our nation. But the thing that you won't be most surprised about is. That is actually written by a conservative and it is a newspaper and that's something that's a very rare these days. And I would highly encourage you to check out the times examiner the folks over there have dedicated their lives to you know defending. Christian conservative principles and that certainly worthy of view checking him out. And you can do that on line at times examiner dot com times examiner dot com. Or you give them a call at 2680576. That number -- 268. 0576. I appreciate the times examiner for sponsoring. Conservative voice in keeping us on the air now. I've got a -- that I wanna bring on the show. And the person from -- I'm gonna introduce to you is Albert black. Calvert has a similar story to mind as far as how he got involved in the politics. And and why. To Albert is currently the state director for an organization known as campaign for liberty. He is also the founder of palmetto liberty pack conservative. Organization that supports conservative candidates. Palmetto liberty pack. Has a scorecard. On the voting record of every South Carolina legislature pork. And they don't like that too much but I'm certainly glad that how over puts in the time and effort to. Prepare that force because many folks do not have the time to follow things as closely. As what some of us do and to Albert welcome back in two conservative voice from ledger were able to call him. Thanks very appreciate -- -- -- look forward last. Absolutely -- welcome glad to have you. To Albert you know we are at a different time slot today and I have a feeling there's going to be some listeners that. That may not have ever heard conservative voice and so take just a second in Kurdish self a little bit more tell folks more about who you are in him why wire you're involved in politics to begin with. And and in. We'll go from there. Sure so long. As Terry mentioned I am the state court -- campaign for liberty and been doing that and been involved campaign -- -- since 2008. And organization was first put together. But my involvement in politics goes back a bit further with a bat. -- And it has to do with self defense and second amendment rights and can also. Start started. You know as you said earlier here you are a -- -- Popping up ever missed an election that I was eligible to vote against Obama turned eighteen. And -- how much yourself while thousands are. But then I got involved with state your rights group called the aggressor is certain rights. Back and let early nineties. And got to see some of the inner workings of our state government. And how. Devious these guys are. And you know as saying one thing around election time. Which was not lawful gun rights but then when it comes student. The actual votes and -- English relations. There's a lot to be done behind the scenes. To kill your gun legislation. And there are really -- up to doing that. So I became very dedicated to all -- working sorts -- All of lawmakers I don't care what they're Republicans or Democrats. Where in the when they vote against our liberty and freedom but I can't limit government lawmaker voted for. For higher taxes. Four more regulation. They vote against our gun rights and against the -- lies from me saying and it -- much more than votes. Bet -- -- behind the -- dictate to. All of my spare time on account of the airport throughout -- felt that they work full term. Or are companies that bill spinning machines and so -- have a regular stage. But it must bear arms and logistics present status so that -- -- voters their constituents can know exactly what they're doing scorecard. What are those words that we didn't would do that email list. Bet that we use and that's primarily focused Seoul's state government. I'll let people know what's going on let -- nowhere and they can caller yeah marrow to influence things -- that society. That probably is the most effective thing that child. Over my years of experience and state government and most effective thing to change. The way it's sitting legislator is behaving. Is when they get emails and phone calls from their constituents. They change and they change quite quickly must. But are these governments that you know we are important that we. We work given. You know out of office the -- that's what I do and and you know I appreciate all the help that we get from Israel the statement that happened. Yes absolutely. Well you know to Albert. -- there's a lot of -- a lot of work to be done if if you're conservative or pure Christian conservative in in you your passion and you care. About things like protecting our Second Amendment -- First Amendment or Fourth Amendment or you down the list. Our tenth amendment states' rights if you care about protecting the unborn if you care about. The tax and spend runaway government that we have even right here in South Carolina with. Every year our our our state budget increases dramatically if you care about any of these things. It's it's good to not do that there is something that we can do about it. I happen to be of the mindset that you know my dad told me along time ago you know sweep your own porch before you're sweeping your neighbor's porch. And other works take your business closest to home before you go out and and try to take your somebody else's business. And you know I happen to believe that if if if this conservative citizens. If we can't market reach out to our local government for you know for us here in the upstate that's -- county Spartanburg county Pickens -- whatever if we can't. About reach out and touch and effect our local government. -- how it is being handled the and we probably will not be as successful in dealing with our state government. And if we cannot reach out and touch the the legislators. In South Carolina and get them to do the right thing. Then we probably had even less of a chance of getting our national government under control. And quite frankly. You know from him when the show is is airing at its normal time in the evenings I get a lot of calls from folks that. That understanding on -- writes in the limitations that are placed on the federal government. Well if you believe that the federal government is limited by our constitution. Then please ask folks to dig a little bit deeper and asked the question. If the federal government is supposed to be limited. By our constitution. Then whose responsibility. Is it to limit the federal government shortly our founding fathers would not have. Designed -- system. Where the very people that are supposed to be a limited the very. Government structure that is supposed to be the limited. Would be counted on to limit the themselves. And I believe the answer is that our founding fathers believed that the states. Who -- parties to the contract folks understand that that our constitution is a -- -- contractual. Agreement. It was agreed upon by the states guess who was not present at that contractual signing of that agreement. The federal government because they were not present the reason they weren't present is because they were what was being created. By this contract so no one. Would allow. Of the creation of a contract to incorporate the contract and to enforce the contract. It was up to those who created the contract to do those things. So there again it brings me back personally. That if in my opinion Albert if we want to save this nation. We need to spend less time focused on Washington DC. In spend more time focused on Colombia the calls Colombia is where the the power to. To limit the federal government's involvement in to our personal lives. Colombia is where that power rests now I believe that our legislators. Have given up. Voluntarily. Given up much of that power over to the federal government. And the reason for that is the federal dollars that flow in to South Carolina South Carolina being a recipient state. We receive more federal money than what we pay into the federal government and because of that. That federal money that flows in to South Carolina our legislators are more than willing. To accept the federal money even when it means that we must give our state sovereignty even when it means that we must give up our freedom. As south Carolinians. Albert in my in the right direction here are. I think you're absolutely right now that you mention a couple of things what comment don't want to limit the money. That comes into South Carolina from DC first evolved -- our mind to start with -- send it there and they send it back let's -- strings attached. But not all -- -- not just that they're sending. Our money back to us with -- that. Really what we send a BC. News is real money in real well that we've spent our blood sweat and tears earning. It goes to DC. What we really get back from DC there's a tremendous amount of debt to with strings attached to it. Sort of get people need to remember that unit you mentioned the discipline. Folks that are really begins at all -- it said that it exactly that you mentioned that has in my parents'. Said this from the get the -- right and that means. Like sheets salt belt local politics you're county. The city's school board. You're State's way before you get -- to settle but it also refers to about. We don't already that we belong -- -- we can't hold our own. Republicans -- -- refer to them a girl because are -- despite public part of politics. If we can't hold them a couple words they say they're going to do and what point we have. Are what would get visit to go over its start well and don't Democrats no Republicans are. You know it's selling its. Down the river so it's been. So we really got to pay attention to not only. Our local politics aside politics for our own party. And would really if we're gonna -- our system DC. What we're holding our upper hand out of money from DC there's a futile effort I think the only the only way we're gonna get up underneath. Federal politics. Is a federal mandate. Is to stop accepting money and people say well. We'll get past this if we don't take it in other states are gonna take it. And there are a lot of that has com. -- understand that we send money there or take our tax money regardless of whether we hold our and it -- -- to. Back so they're playing -- we're -- we're not what -- give it -- free so which you record. It's you know I have that money at all. But still have our freedom act the way we sees fit act mature or are we just gonna pick for that back and then find ourselves through the rebels appear in these seat. In the process of you know getting our money back -- you can't say I'd let them happen to -- has just -- with -- and you can keep our freedom. Yeah I'll choose freedom first and then we'll figure out -- -- we're we're at the bottom of the hour work if you can hold overthrew the bottom of the hour break I'd -- -- -- -- come back all we got a lot more talk about. Are you folks well here we go we're going into the bottom of the hour break in we will see you on the other side you're listening to conservative voice -- Harry -- worked. Thank you. And welcome back to conservative voice with -- host -- cable. I appreciate you all listening today M hope that the time that you're spending listening to the show will be beneficial that fuel. You'll hear something maybe that you haven't heard before you hear something that motivates you to. Dig down a little bit deeper in the do something. Positive -- you're. Convictions you're your opinions. Get involved in the so. We have had all on the radio with us here today my prince Albert black. Who. Is very active in has been very successful and in numerous. Attempts at getting good legislation passed in blocking bad legislation here in South Carolina. To Albert you know welcome back first of all to the show thank you for being here with us. -- you know here it is this is the first Saturday of the new year. Last Saturday ended a show where. You know I asked folks about what their -- New Year's resolutions were in the shared some of my ideals for New Year's resolutions. When it comes to political stuff. There there's a lot of things that are in front of us here in South Carolina for the year -- when he fourteen. Legislative session. A host of things and one of the things that I and ask you to talk about with me today is what are some of the things that the that you would say or at the at the top of the list if we if we work to prioritize the things that the that we're dealing with. There area appreciate -- so you know in a very generic sense of the word. You know my goal is to live in the free state anywhere. And so that that's in the top model just it has to -- South Carolina the first state in America. And so then the question on -- what we need to do to let that happen. Cannot say I can't take credit for any of these narratives. There's a great organization that (%expletive) (%expletive) written many of your listeners probably are shoot all the South Carolina policy council -- -- SC politics helpful dot com on the Internet that person that checked out. -- but they have it about a war. Not court. Problem. They have done a tremendous about a police -- they are a a nonprofit nonpartisan. Organization. And their sole purpose is. Two researched took barriers to freedom and less special they say their purposes. End and they have done a tremendous job. At doing that may put together a list of items. -- Are barriers to freedom and things that we need to do. But you know before we go into any kind of list items -- effect if she does -- -- the minutes. Outlandish character listeners what -- I don't. And encourage the arts council researching them watching what's going to hold out of the state house. Very -- against their provincial that is true. -- -- -- Our founders. Gave at the federal level the very. Billy balance government. And to limit itself -- self limiting so you've got three branches of government right one that makes a lull. That would be the legislative branch one that it forces the law that's the executive branch and what that judges whether or not all Republican pressure judicial branch. Then -- also separated power -- fervor in combat the power of the purse which is very very powerful right you have. The source you know all the money determine how the money's going to be spit at how much -- it ought to be spent and where -- -- let's let -- students. So our founders -- that so that in the legislative branch they appropriate the money they decide how much is going to be steps. And then you have the executive branch actually doesn't spend the money right the contract determines where that money is gonna be spent. And so we have that position. Of power. And then we've also got the judicial branch. Which has checks and balances Somalia from the other two branches as well they're appointed by the executive. With the advice. And consent of the senate. So there's a lot of checks and about this throughout the federal government to make sure that no one branch. Being double power and the reason further at Madison stated really clearly and not just Federalist number 47 this is what he says that no court. Accumulation of all powers legislative. Executive and judiciary. In the same hands whether one of few -- many. And whether hereditary self appointed or elected may justly be pretty well the very definition -- hear it. And I have to tell you here you know -- yeah we live in South Carolina in here and it's not hear any of an executive. The security of our legislature needs and that says this is what the policy council has still hurting and it's true. -- First of all. Power. Legislative branch to general assembly unilaterally. Elects the -- They have country complete control over to judiciary branch of government not only do very elected judges but they also of course corporate money. Four the judges. But it works and that's because these candidates for judges have to be screening. But analysts in people's problems judicial merit selection commission I think it's. So you can't even run to be a church in -- restraint. This can member panel well guess -- points. The team members to this panel. Well its members of the general assembly in and it's actually forced to start the race specific members of the general assembly. It's our speaker of the house it's our president parts in the senate. And it is our judiciary Senate Judiciary Committee chairman there's street people point. All ten members Bobby Harrell -- to speak about it points. And the other Robert about it most of the two. Members of the senate. We'll get to Bobby Harrell one of its appointees that boarded. Yeah its its proper. Right we have a law workers is that golf gets nepotism he can appoint a member of your family. Two. Appointment that you have control of course -- has. It's it's really works and that. Because the general assembly not only did they have complete control over position judiciary. They also control a large portion of the executives were etched through appointments to boards and commissions in the executive branch more than 13. For both departments come from the general assembly and that is 13 of the most important. Opposition that have to do we're. Corporations money and things like that. It's even more -- that because. How our money is spent. Are -- Artest and South Carolina is largely controlled by. What a unique instinct after that -- ethnic thing like this but it our budget control -- And they control how money gets. Yeah I don't know its general assembly. -- great money I also have people on that budget control board of -- people. It's our governor lieutenant governor -- our our with our governor our. Usually treasurer. Our comptroller. And then it's -- speaker of how I know it's the ways and means chairman. And -- And it's -- finance chairman of the senate. The guy that you were in charge of appropriating money in the general assembly also. Have to -- corporate debt so that say -- -- -- money gets spent -- to be some sort of element against bet. Do you have a bit actually even worse than that you know because of the members of our general assembly. Are not subject to the state Ethics Commission which every other elected official at South Carolina is subject to. Everybody except the members of the general I would guess what. Take it to judge themselves where they're not paperwork in any of the ethics law they have their own health is the media center that. They've got. Your buddies in -- judging yourself or your if your enemies that it happens to big -- there's no real beef processed there. So general assembly has a concentration of all the -- powers -- one branch of government. And and they're really on the restraint. And it's really cut focused in four members of the general assembly hall or which has been Republican. Who basically controlled state. So yeah we live in a legislative tyranny of -- people wonder why are they can't yet. It -- I wonder why they can't get. You know protect the life of the unborn I wonder why we can't get tax reductions in South Carolina. Well it's because you've got a few people who run the state and none of it. So there's there's a couple of people who are living their districts -- you live in North Charleston and yet you didn't vote for against Robbie -- If you live in Portland before having -- -- or against you Letterman. -- -- -- -- -- But there's somebody's 6% of the state. We have -- say one where the other in what these four people did so. Yeah it's a tough state -- -- and. Yeah in the you know other issues that I know our near and dear to the hordes of of many that listened to WR DR things like. -- for. You know getting common core out of our public education things like school choice. You know things like registration by party to protect our right of association so that when we. Go to the primary. Ballot box. In were trying to select the most conservative candidate to represent us that we the person in front of us are behind us. Is not a socialist or a Democrat that just trying to choose the weakest person to represent our our nominee in the general election. You know we've seen school choice bills come -- -- we've seen. Right to life legislation. You know look -- they come and go we've seen all of these things that that we say that we care about. Come and go. And yet. You know we we just keep sticking her hand back in to the to the grounder in -- -- -- maybe next year. Next year will be able to get this thing passed. Well in -- -- -- right take our our quarter two or break. While we're on break be thinking of some things to -- that maybe we can do differently because. I'm not a big fan of of just doing the same thing over and over again and in hoping for. Different results though. On the other side of the break folks we are hopefully will be bringing to use in my personal things that we can do differently. Albert can you hold on throughout the break. All right very good our folks well you are listening to conservative voice with your host -- cable -- the -- that. Takes politics too far we'll see on the other side of the break thank you. And welcome back to conservative voice the final segment. This Saturday show I am your host -- similar. I've got on the line with me and my friend tell replied we've been talking about. Conservative issues in in in. -- here in our state of South Carolina and Albert you've done a great job hopefully now. Leave the the system of. Tyranny here in our state. You know we typically think sometimes of tyranny is things like you know -- Hitler and in the death and destruction. Mussolini all these various people. But it doesn't have to be violent. Stuff against but the people to -- to be tyranny in in what we've got here is. In fact the very definition of tyranny in our legislature. With. Almost all power legislative. In executive. As well as. The creation of -- walls being made by our legislators. In sour we you know the time this is the faster -- in of my week and as you as you know that you know were. -- world run out of time very quickly I always want to give people opportunity to. To know what they can do to make a difference it's one thing to get on the radio. As some do and just tall tall -- about the problems and doom and gloom of what is wrong with our our county or state or our nation. In the Indian the Indian are you in the show in you haven't given people anything to do. Anything to -- and so tower. Take a look at sure that your time in -- about five minutes if you would. And give us some ideas from from -- Albert as to what we can do to live in the free estate in the United States to -- -- torch. Great thanks Eric first of -- afford it and took the pills because. There's not a lot of time left or let everybody know where relation where they can go to. Did you continual updates -- you two in the future where they can do so much if you a couple of people vote. A web addresses water and is that I've mentioned before SC policy counsel Bob -- There there are becoming a member of the policy council get on their relevant list. They have the special resurgence. Facts which you were getting worse after some number suit. Is how -- at liberty dot com. -- liberty dot com that's the -- started -- is on the board. You'll get from. Emails telling you specifically what you can do. Two makes after a lot of free as stated that OP legislators -- stuff. Yes and -- -- there to campaign for liberty. Or. And that you don't -- no list there. And and get updates. And that will include national stuff well then of course there's a lot of hard dot net you're definitely going to be part of pat. Problems so. Restoring judicial independence probably is one of the most important things we can do. It has -- real quick example. Last year or two years ago -- now -- we have to more than 200. People who were challenging incumbents. In our state for their position. Or -- up about it. In what was the most ridiculous ruling that was after our Supreme Court to protect the and come to why would this after Austrian court being that. Well it's the incumbents. Who collect them from the general assembly to their positions. And rarely rarely and re elected on every ten years. Right exactly and so. We've got to restore judicial independence because without that it's going to be very difficult for us to do anything else. So that's number one. -- Number two. We've got to in the lawmakers' ability to police themselves. When they can go out and spin their campaign money. To go -- proper air play. More reimburse themselves for that private airplanes use Bangkok governor playing like our speaker of the house is doing. When they're able to -- it come to borrow from their daughters into their campaign account into their personal expenditures. That's got to stop and when they're able to well there before they're old house ethics committee in her own senate ethics committee. And to have their friends -- ruled. You know -- problems same here move along there's not normal here that's got to stop. Our general assembly has got to be subject to an independent of body when it comes to war in Britain that the ethics -- Under several more. One of the things that we have to be done is we have narrowed. Where our lawmakers are making their money generally gets paid officially 101000 dollars or so from the state. They're making a lot more than -- Support themselves and their family. And as long as we don't know where that's late summer Providence South Carolina they don't have to disclose their -- income sources. And we don't know what and they are voting on legislation that's going to enrich themselves which is against the wall itself here. Are you end up with things like Gilda Cobb hunter who problem a -- plateau in the budget that was 200000. Our leader and 200000 dollars to a charity that she has paid nearly 100000 dollars a year to manage. Exactly I mean I don't know how you can get any more direct take in this state taxpayers' money and putting it in your own pocket. Luckily it was the after our policy council and there are investigative reporting -- -- or disclosed they had and we got that fall back out of that budget. But it it's a lot more worse than that it's not just little heart valve and there are you know -- you -- -- leatherman. Whose floor concrete company is making millions of dollars off -- the state for construction contracts you -- this stuff got stopped and there's more. But that think that that's a good faced with a bit we've got to do before -- ever going to be successful list. All the other things that are important to us like how important that all of the right to life -- little thing if we can't attack the power structure in this state. So while our legislators. Two do basically whatever they walk with impunity. -- -- what the bill to get the other thing that we want to get different. Rice in October if I understand you correctly that the things that you just listed all of the judicial independence and income source disclosure. That all the stallings. If if we take care of business like mature adults if we take care of business in -- and we work towards. These things for coached. These things first. Once we get these things taken care of what we should find is that. The the ground. Is now softer it will be more. Likely that will be able to get the other things accomplished in South Carolina. What if that -- true. Then the contrary to that would also mean that if we continue to -- to try to do the same thing over and over DM. And expect different results then we are the very definition. Of insanity. So. You don't tell it it appears to me. That if if I make a phone call to my state senator and my state representative. And that's one phone call. That's probably not going to really raise any red flags with that legislator. If they get three or four calls probably still not. They need to get swamped with phone calls emails a personal visit to whatever the case may be. But in order for that to happen on a scale large enough to make a difference. People in this listening audience people here in the upstate since that's where WORD is that. They need to get tied into one of these organizations or all of these organizations. So that they can be educated on what is happening. In real time you know. So that the that they don't have to read about it two or three days later in the newspaper. Even if they could read the newspaper. So I think. The the most important thing that has been said so for today on this program. Is that people need to get tied in to the information source. In that he is the South Carolina policy council that SC policy council dot org. Palmetto liberty dot com. Rhino hunt RI in -- UNT dot net. And I'm sure I've missed something. But if if folks will get tied in to these sources of knowledge these sources of information. You will find out in real time. How to make a difference. Otherwise were out here with the lights turned out in were just poking around that it. -- we're not going to be very successful to -- I've got about a minute and a half before it got to wrap the show up -- we'll give you one minute -- it to say whatever you need to site. What are reinforced which just say that the way we have been so successful over the last five years. And forcing the legislature to do saying that they don't want to do it by sending out that email alerts and in the phone trees. And and through May help but primarily it's email. To let people know what's going on this year as you know with the -- what other groups in people in mass. Call and -- their legislators in delegates walked and they get Arafat and they're gonna lose in the next election. And they do what it is that they need to do they should've done anyway. But they weren't gonna do until people demand and that's the way were having success and understand perjured lists -- please get bumped into one of these groups because we all share information. And you'll know what it is that you need to do and it won't be just shoot there will be hundreds of thousands of people from across the state do it at the same battle same day. And and it works if it works. Absolutely what Albert once again thank you so much for for being on the show with me I appreciate it very much. God bless you happy new year to you and your family. There all right Betty thank you so much all right folks as we wrap up. The the last ninety seconds or so of today's show I just wanna say that once again that. You know I'm here almost Saturday. Certainly not because I'm being paid to be here I'm not. I'm here because I care I'm passionate about Christian conservative values on passionate about our constitution. Quite frankly I would rather be able to be out enjoying things other civilian being here. I'm not here to self serve. Or anything like that I'd much rather be out doing other things help me. To make South Carolina in the free state so I can actually get back to a normal life of a human being in enjoy those things. Get in touch with one of these organizations are all of them. SC policy counsel Bob -- palmetto liberty dot com for rhino hunt dot net. We welcome your involvement I want must take time here and thank the times examiner once again for being a sponsor of today show. You can get in touch with the times examiner great local. Christian conservative newspaper. A you can get in touch with them at times examiner dot com or -- call -- 2680576. That number -- 2680576. Become a subscriber. That you have a wonderful day god bless we love you.