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The Russ Cassell Show 1/10/2014 Hour 4

Jan 10, 2014|

Economy; Unemployment; Advice for an aspiring politician; Jim calls from Chile

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This is the Russ castle show our bag charge my batteries specialists and we -- them breaking news I think it's pretty important from foxnews.com. As predicted earlier this week by fox and specifically Catherine Herridge. The State Department has done at the State Department today for the first time. Blamed specific groups and militants. From the eighth 2012 bit -- attack. And has designated these groups as. Terrorists. I don't we didn't use that word anymore anyway but this is a move that. Absolutely destroys. All those claims that this was spontaneous. Can I get a comment from Hillary Rodham Clinton the former secretary of state. They department announced just a little bit ago that it was labeling. And -- Al sure Rea in -- Ghazi and and south and our culture -- in dark and a officially now as terror. Organizations. In part. Over their roles in the big Ghazi attack. And applied the same label to and -- Al sure -- in Tunisia. -- separate attack on Americans in tunis. Where is Hillary Clinton. This is our State Department. And of course this dovetails. Was something. I talked about with a caller last -- Catherine Herridge she's got to be the best reported that fox fans. Couple of days ago said that the State Department was gonna publicly designate. These groups and a former gitmo detainee. Sylvia and Ben Ku mu Hu and his group ensor Al Sharia as foreign terrorist entities. Because we let this guy -- gitmo. He goes back to Ben Ghazi and he was involved. In the bin Ghazi terror attack. Carriage the designation which restricts travel it allows the US government to freeze financial assets. Includes three branches of Mansour Al Sharia although they only have only done two to this point. By the way -- or how sure -- means. Supporters of Islamic lol. Now I'm just Wednesday the State Department tried to minimize. These groups' connections. To al-Qaeda. In Pakistan and often referred to as the core. Jen -- of the State Department spokeswoman said there's no indication at this point that core al-Qaeda was involved or plan these attacks. And these are not official affiliates of al-Qaeda grow no. But. That's a -- That's that absolute lie Washington Post reported on this red -- was all over it. This guy's background proves that their liars. Did you I mean -- -- this guy was Indian Ghazi on the day of September 112012. He is a former Osama bin Laden bodyguard. And a career. He -- career were we were implicated in the assault that killed. Those four Americans in the Gaza and according to his Guantanamo base -- He has historic ties to the al-Qaeda network at one time training. And Osama bin Laden camp. But now the State Department just commands it okay yeah month. So what would happen would this wonder what will happen with this. -- -- nine minutes past eleven receiver Emory in Gaffney high rate. Hi how are you know. I am black pray god. I didn't pretend I'm proud America I'm saying you can. And that's kind of shape is being run and I perpetrators. And so I hear how well these men and women. There are old Russian general had not been playing through that and they -- Very good friend -- time has -- based polish things happen. Who do you think that is by the. I honestly don't know. I wish -- George Soros the phenomenon they lose you know people behind the one world order of. Well I heard that I don't really. Bad and don't have I can't understand. Well I don't read opinions -- to pretend to exert our great debt to we're. I'm not kind of I was watching intent. I met him when I different look back -- -- imagine or whether they're Democrats -- Republicans. Coming in mainland and coalition -- and I think -- -- there and rules and I have been there for thirty years. Got it to the I'm pat. -- -- if there are Big Ten and Democratic Party if they don't have anybody -- attention. And it can be -- these packages to. I think. I against I can't see how we can't. Smush. Proof of how how many you -- cable static and pick it actually they don't let anybody -- against them. Oh absolutely that's the strategy is has has been fit. Remember and -- Graham. And I -- I'm really infinite capacity. That it didn't treat people maybe defend our technical amendment and drill program. Well I have not gotten any more. No there there of their running. I mean there's still. From different hour. I'm OK you guys who didn't look we -- -- why did you run into. Yeah. Okay you just don't hear so many different Q you mentioned that -- that I can be good. -- -- different kind of management and he's gonna get commencement. But wait a minute rate maybe you're right but maybe you're wrong when you're going when you're going to a primary but one thing that you wanna do is to keep. People like Graham from getting one vote passed 50% to. So obviously the more people that are involved. It double boards at the greater the chance. That you can keep him from getting 50% plus one vote now if you can do that in in the primary. Then it goes into -- -- off and and more times than not. In the wrong all of it it will be one person that will emerge it could be too. But it but more times than not it is in my memory in it could be wrong they -- you finally do get down to between. Just two people. And I don't know how it's gonna shake out. The. The three and it's -- They had back there I -- -- -- I just didn't have an amendment on the political process he's got a good idea action. Oh absolutely out. Don't -- -- -- topic but McNamee I shouldn't I -- I'm not that good either replaced fish don't know we United States. Perhaps this kind of paid particular magazine McConnell also it'll tell us who believes. In and many others. Never knew there. Yeah you can primary venom which is is you know here in South Carolina is horribly flawed. -- because here in South Carolina and the crazy thing is. The Republican Party. Defends this even though local chapters like -- have fought against this for a long time. They fight -- when you bring up what I think is common sense why would you let Democrats -- your primary. I mean Bob Dole had written extensively about this but that just tells you what they're really really all about our broadcasters. Are brought this up so many times. And I have said publicly and I stand behind it until the Republican Party leadership in this state. -- gets the real message. That were onto your game. And until you participate with us and stop this insanity of allowing the Democrat party to vote in a Republican primary. Then we're just not gonna support you anymore -- fight fire with fire don't give them money don't give them your vote if I -- I'd rather just different Christmas revelation. Well actually this the national party. I never got on the bottom I do not intended to mean anything I really well I don't agree that bad knees bandaged. You there live plus you back to this primary thing. If you just took that one issue along the Republican Party in the state has no credibility. They have no leg to stand up. The insanity the -- that this is how Lindsay this is Lindsey Graham strategy and is the godfather. Of the Republican Party in south wanted to he controls all blacks. And -- the only way he can win. I think. The only way he can get reelected again he's got to win all the moderate liberal vote below Columbia. And he can see he doesn't have a lot of success here in the upstate particularly in Greenville and Spartanburg so he has to do that any has to count on Democrats. To vote for him to get reelected. That's just the way the game is played an NY. I know a lot of good people who still call themselves Republicans but my goodness you have to look at yourself in the mirror and go what -- my really supported. What am I really participating again. It's crazy. Thank you rate have a great day guest artist or to Jonathan agree -- I Jonathan. You're more for a married or I'm sure you're all right excellent for you very much you know -- Barack Obama listened to people salt. My whole life freely but today and -- -- a lot of people have complained to nobody really cute or having your children do what we can all parent. Nobody's -- you know. I've been so frustrated for so long the last couple -- -- researching starting power restored in a political career. You're a young man of 25 our home. Our little hard life so I was born -- -- wish -- -- -- almost before a similar option before home. But I did bless you a couple of guests -- he may be intelligent enough and it. Took it to be able to make away. No matter what position now than I've always been able so. On my way out of it without. You know I don't I don't do welfare or food stamps and those entitlements and they're called but. One of the other party -- -- -- -- to speak to people I don't think it's -- in front of big problems you know -- It is sent away talking of people and have always wanted to push that into. It helping. You know -- I don't know I've been so frustrated with the way this country -- has been moving from a very patriotic person -- what our country -- -- what soldiers and and I love god and you know what looked to see this country back to what it was before I was born I was born in the wrong generation. -- -- So what can I do for. We're very intelligent man and you've been in this. Well the business you're in for a long time -- new deal politically and I was wondering if you actually advice because I've just brick wall after brick wall. So I don't know what you look what would you run for. Well I don't have an expiration politically minor operations -- to get into something where -- can help you know I have a lot of issues with fingers. You sent a political career what what what does that mean what do you think and jobs. I wanna be able to make some changes well the start here at home. I live in a great district you know trade county it's one of the people a lot to watch and listen to. But it but our store -- -- -- happy with the way our education system is even here you know here home home that I remembered high school. These are the most common core where we don't care what potential -- and -- you can chill -- get it when I was in high school state care bike up arriving at certify could chill my work I got a failure. I mean you do want to reiterate our editor Dan I think I think the first thing you have to do is narrow this down I mean if you don't wanna be a candidate. Do you wanna be a consultant do you wanna love -- there and nick activist group day -- I mean. I don't wanna be an actress I would look to be candidate because I feel like I can -- -- people and I can have a lot of people relate to -- -- you saw that -- so what are you run for. I don't know -- -- I think you've got to start with the basics decided. You know set your sights on something and the formula usually is start with a you know a local office first. Gets to get your get your legs get your sea legs under you and then you know. It's good to see what that opens up after bad that's kind of the way the formula the way it's -- and quite frankly I'm kind of sick of the formula. America America is really just so eager for leadership and I think you know me I I think it's conservative leadership. My advice is. Simply I say it all the time. You have to think about Jonathan about what you believe. And then you have to be able to articulate why. You believe it so people -- I hear people all the time. It's easy for them to say what they believe. But then if you ask them one question about lol why how did you get to that decision why do you believe that. Many times a big they've really don't have any idea I I think that's important -- I try to practice that. Here all the time of course -- that's. This year will be my fortieth year. And it seems to work well. I I think that come to Jesus moment is. You have to decide what your core values for and I would start. -- -- three thinks three things. That you believe in so strongly. That no matter what no matter what the pressure is no matter what the party leaders tell you you make it clear right affront to them and to the voters. These are three things that I believe -- and explain why you believe them and say no matter what I don't care what happens. I am not gonna compromise on these principles. Yeah well. I don't know I think the jury's still out on trigger it I don't every leader I really do. Column. But I he -- decide whatever those three -- universe or give an example at the top of my list is I'm pro life. I don't believe in exceptions. When it comes to abortion. I don't believe -- I don't think there's any argument to be made that an innocent child gets the death penalty and I believe even if there're a product of -- And people think all that's that's harsh. Think about it in simple terms. Rape as a horrible thing is is cancer one of most evil things that can ever happen to a woman. But when you think about it why should that child to. Paid the ultimate price for that. I I am pro life -- it and I think children are a blessing from god almighty in and out what one of the things our country is done so assembly. Is we have -- valued life. The second -- out. When it comes to money. We're gonna mess -- In an absolute mess the insanity. What is it the congress right now is putting the finishing touches. On a new budget that still spends over a trillion dollars a year and we're seventeen point three trillion dollars in official dead. And when you throw in all the promises that can never be kept it's in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. Do you have to believe this and be able to explain to people why that just that makes it that it doesn't make any sense and you can do that even in their own lives. Everybody's been through this you know people have overspent on credit cards they can't -- -- they spend most of their allies making the minimum payment. And that they wind up paying far more for any item -- days you know the price tag said. And then you you just have to believe. Number three of my core values. Issue have to believe in the founding of this country. You you have to read the Federalist papers. You have to study the constitution. You have to understand what the constitution was based on. What it's all about you have to understand the bill of rights yet understand what they were careful to protect people against the elder abuse and overreach of government. You have to be able to articulate. Even here in 2014. That the principles on which this country were founded are still valid and still work if we will just remembered that men embraced them. You have to look at the declaration of independence of what we were declaring and what we were trying to get away from and yes you have to compare that to where we are today. That when a government becomes so abusive it is good of the people to throw it off. And form a new you have to be able to articulate core values that there are many more. Let's start there. Know what you believe why you believe it and then decide really what you wanna do that's investor by -- gives us. Thanks for the call are 81123. No quick break back with more after this. Stay on this Friday January 10 sweet jump down to South America. She -- to be specific where we have a call from Jim hi Jim. I am what they're and so there are wrought -- when our national radio -- panic a -- well I think Lindsay I apologize. -- NG today. So global leader -- this summer and it's it's a cool summer but it spectacular here what part of -- -- UN. And I don't get too specific belt when I got -- where I am so mom and argue with Edwards -- No no technical -- prologue. People spot on from here that are there but work from there I understood our own. You know Michael if you are not you know me from Spartanburg on the ball and springs -- former may be submariner. We talked before left and there are no six straight from the the past your -- here. And the indecision I did with my -- my. It is you can't stay there and have a -- -- children at this week because it's it's too many people on welfare of the person. Our -- so really got his rights and Arctic have you moved. To -- -- you have different you you pulled her -- she took her family from Spartanburg and you can you moved out of the country have you here renounce your citizenship. Now okay it's not about aren't I love America America. Doesn't blow me. Prominent white and -- this appointment. And I wasn't in the stand for that anymore and actually -- still on America and South America. But it. My thing is is that. I didn't see a future for my children there and I have an obligation to them in their souls. I was not gonna have my tax dollars and for the patent for abortions. Four or be off the outcome of the ultra promise sexuality. This is my -- Thomas More movement on my family income model willing to Tutu and the -- spiritual. Will and members of my children to the homosexual abortion industry I wasn't willing to do it. -- -- the actual thought it would of employed guys are on a future for nine and it's just gotten worse. From my children there this year man the economy's booming they they can't beat it up people here but could fill jobs. Yes I have a manager Jim but how difficult how difficult. Is it to make such removed. Saudi brand them all ought to fix. Cost -- 8000 dollars. Did you leave a lot of belongings behind. No no I brought my stuff in and people you don't do that. But your herbal doctor open unfold the things that make you don't like its own you have to shoot down their home gym to ship on there. Yet okay Dutch language you can buy container and you bring it down don't rent by. I think you have a garage when you get -- here I live in the country. And hears gunshots I don't not I don't hear sirens but I don't hear from the police -- money in my business certainly expect that. The people here gentle and kind -- it's not for the world its first world. And the tax structures pretty favorable. Particularly the United States like -- sell everything -- -- around the world it's coming here Kirk. -- that -- better than they -- significantly because there's a lot at 19%. So don't like that but I don't get paid charge taxes on other stuff but it is pretty inhaling and expand like -- -- now might just don't pay US taxes. Too but. It it just mom is that the true but it spit out all over the past aren't they have a public stated they go to the airport some. They're beaten up and patented that the mobile or altered like hey how are you doing and eaten query in its foot in nineteen fit here. And I cry -- this week for the US there's people there because that is. You listen to the people that were supposed to meet on our side and they're not anymore up there or not they're just want him there in the job in their for the job. And if the no way to change it's not an -- so. You can picture in the sand or do like me and protector frame and we've got a I want to want to let. And war sitting there and that's what think kind. This -- things from Jim let me proms I'm I'm really fascinated by your call. We check in from time to time whatever you can't. Well I'll love -- your golf loved culpable for Spartanburg hello on my friends there -- I have friends and it works but there were pretty incorporated -- Like its military almost friendly they're. Well and the best to you down there in Chile. A thank you cannot all of -- Mark my product all you like OK I am a minute turned over to Chris hang on 12 here. Right person you will it's 1131 quick break for news and back right after this. This is the rust castle show powered and charge my batteries specialists. While the quality of. Phone calls today -- just been amazing. Appreciated more than I can ever tell you folks text message trust. Once you know -- a lot in common with Jim who moved to Chile and I completely understand why he did what he did. But after doing some thinking I think he's the type of guy that we need here to stand up and fight I'm gonna stay and fight for -- I haven't given up yet. -- my -- on hard times just had DISH Network bill eliminated I was thinking next on the list his vehicle insurance. As far as got to have. To live. I don't understand the last part of this text. -- truly expatriates living outside America you expect America to go down that's why you left but. If American does go down living in chillier -- -- New Zealand will not help you win the horror. That will overcome the world without the United States protection. Finally happens better to fight it out over here because if it ever ends it will end. World. Why. -- you're young caller talk and in need your advice for political career. He's engaged into education he should start running for school board -- -- most important positions and yet the hardest one to get conservatives to run for we have the most trouble. Recruiting people for these types. Of positions. A great start to Lloyd in Greenville. -- -- They've rushed it in enjoy Europe extended format here the last several my church -- drove Ben did a year now. Definitely yeah yeah time -- blog news -- I'm just listening to the to the news there are protests from your station on the unemployment figures. And every time these speakers come out -- it's like Chinese arithmetic. The unions didn't speak yet. 350000. People lose your job you unemployment rate goes down and Obama takes credit. And I just don't understand that but I didn't look at -- I looked -- -- numbers are sorting -- like future opinion I'm sure. Well you -- that was broke the basic. Faction from the US census. Well and drop these down the population in the United States in 2012314. Million. If you have the population under eighteen. -- about 74 million. The people over the age of 65. -- about another 43 million. So that gives you about a 197. Working adults in the United States. And I simply don't. Under 797. Million working adults so let's get boats. Let's so there's full time students were about fifteen million according to their Lucent just. And that give you a total of 482. Million. Well adults but it could be working the United States. Now they're saying there's ninety million people. That are not working on workforce -- -- workforce. So. Ninety million not working at a great workforce potential 482 million usually you have 50% unemployment rate. Well. Gotta remember of the government the number that reported this morning to six point 7% lowest in five years down from 7%. They. How they get away were this they do not include. Those who had given up looking. For work and so. You got ninety what is -- 93 million people now since Obama out of the workforce. It's it's just think it's just gobbledygook Lloyd I mean you people listen to these figures in the here these percentages. I mean the thing that always pops into my head and has now for a long long time. It's just propagandist just spend. You got very characteristic beauty -- number -- six point five and then the huge ships numbers and -- -- minutes. 14%. For. Eric and it's even worse among young people eighteen to 29 -- six. This fifteen point 9%. And it and they use three number for eighteen to 29 Urals is not gonna have percent. I mean it's a -- either way you cut it I mean. It's an absolute mess and so what yet you have to think for second here and take pause and say what is really going on in America now a lot of things -- and in my -- Lloyd. Yeah we have some people who were just given up moving to Chile yes we have some people who retire. Yes we have some people who were long term unemployed. And they just get frustrated and they give up in -- -- -- get a check. That then they figure OK how are in India and is a part of that you have a lot of people. Who I think more and more going to an underground economy Lloyd. And and there are out there and they're they've figured out a way they're working for cash. Working under the table. There so just being so important in just being yeah just being self employed. I don't know an -- It utterly dependent who comes up with -- ninety million people that are. That are not being employed. Well -- the Labor Department. The Labor Department but again it's it's all in how you. Look at the numbers skews numbers I think the big picture I think it's safe to say Lloyd. Is is -- America is changing I mean it dramatically. And it it's going now and an accelerated pace. I mean it's wanting to go to a recession I mean the economy is cyclical we have -- we have done a year would you remember Jimmy Carter. You'll ever went there I do get a mortgage it was 18%. -- -- Seventeen from our perception. First mortgage I had I I think I was look at got a 15% mortgage. 15% folks. Hum but you know and and we thought it was horrible. But I gotta tell you even those levels it's still not as scary. As it is now nine of folks won't understand that. But just the level of propaganda of the ignoring of the law executive orders. You know all all this stupid stuff over Christie and ignoring. What Obama has done and continues to do every single day it really. The whole country. It it's it's just not a very pretty picture right now. And five cents and every day doing this program people are frustrated they're scared they're given up. They say god why we talk about this stuff it really doesn't matter a sense that every single day. And yet despite all of that. I I asked mourners to get -- come to work every day. I you know I still try to spread truth as I see it people seem -- really appreciate it. -- of the sponsors love it. But I but even with that Sundays I said her going might just spin my wheels might just wasting time. You know does anybody really care anymore does it everybody get the point that they realize. Where we are. And the jury's out on the answer to that question. It's a -- I'm retired. Attleboro and hotel complex you know it's -- -- hear these numbers -- they were so admirable level of debt. The level of unemployment. And that we don't want him in one ear and out the other I can understand why apple and you can't really believe it well you -- challenge and. You throw in the social part of this you know where society is going and the culture is Jim I understand why jam. Turkish barely out of Spartanburg and moved to South America I I get that part I'm fascinated by his call. And yet did people respond I got this from Ross I I refuse to run like those who have already left. I'm ready to fight those who dare to take anything from may god bless America because some bright angrier I get that part too. I really do. But what a bizarre week did you ever think you'd blown up to see the country turn into this where's my country. -- -- -- 1144 down for break back right after this. All right folks I got about five minutes I'm played on this but I that was Sebring get a comment on this again. London locals here. State senator Thomas Alexander represents a colony in Pickens County. Has pre filed a bill. That could potentially raise the age requirement for a child to be in a booster seat. To seven years old and get this could keep children out of a front seat of a vehicle. Until there's thirteen. Years old. And he says quote really it's all about safety trying to protect lives. Really. This is from fox Carolina dot comer news partner Alexander says statistics show that ranks of the leading cause of death for children. Under nineteen. By having them in the backseat then obviously. It is a safety feature from that standpoint. He said right now the bills just a proposal based on national recommendations. Set by the American academy of pediatrics. If they've got children in their car. These are what the recommendations are Alexander said. So he's also working with administrators. With the children's trust of South Carolina on these recommendations to think about it. Does that make sense to you is that is that really all about -- viewers again. It's just more governments many years of. You know -- have small grandchildren. Standard that we did we do what they say do put him in a vaccine and of course -- my granddaughters for my grandson is they've console. This argument whether renewed for a minute a child and a booster -- seat until -- seven years old. And you couldn't it would be if it pastor would be law. That you couldn't have one of your children in the front seat of her vehicle until they're thirteen. Years bolt. Is certain like -- limit here this -- -- line here is that it -- it -- -- you right corner the car right now with your children. You think we need this law is just thought what this all be important to you or is it kind of strike you the wrong way okay. One might available at the moment I've I'm looking for an opinion near Greenville 2329673232. WORD. Spartanburg 5749673. -- 574. WOR DW ORD -- like number is 713. 070 right so who's going to be for -- that are just what pops into your head. I was talked to John agree Bo hi John. I know rush. Mike quick comment there an ultra -- all -- your. I just know all. Just the bought your bureaucracies do it does particular artist -- -- -- very. When you are evident for all went down I mean that is due to multiple Bartlett's ultimately do what the water that. I'm playing my leg on live as you mr. moto upbeat get caught up by eight outlook table. You don't have to work we do individual long bet if you just to get up extra help the year and they are those that are. Either unemployed or all whatever. -- -- -- and so and he bit they can go to. Post your numbers. Whatever from different people in the community. Did make some active they might be -- somewhere under water aren't they. It is called a bit a bit but another they. And and that all goes back to a unit or whatever system that. If given everybody's did anybody. Fair and even T tell me what sounded. Batters there's our girl that got to a three these are children and she'd only met -- There's there's no look. Are you -- -- going to. Or CDs or whatever it right it's somebody that won't rush cute. There okay exactly what's going don't read it yet people draw unemployment checks didn't work can only -- -- actually working or not the company. And and -- but it may go to the hospitals are. Under one such -- number I don't quite debatable eldest son of somebody up to 98 at all what. And you you you say there's a lot of iPad from Brooke I mean spirited in your voice you know if you feel you've seen this firsthand. Well I haven't actually stated -- but I know little -- I actually worked. -- How are -- she cultural standard of living in the area of the Tibet. Brilliant victory within church at -- but so you know. Oh bears. A lot of illegal people -- purity here there. -- you're a whole lot more because. John Boehner says it along with his friends of the chamber of commerce the 2014. Is the year of immigration reform at the same -- the chamber of commerce. Has declared open war on the -- -- So you don't get get out of -- it just took apart from now do you have certainly United States but he did of this very very rage but. Eight total leave guiding people out there at the end a year didn't -- very proud all of our contacts all molesters -- you're not. Now it's crazy. -- what is called in from just the about this car -- thing I -- quickly. I guess that's I think it's not a bad thing to do it right -- bat control. Another -- it comes demand is that they won't that children are separate from the parent. They don't bet that way they can because the parents that -- more. The other how -- from the how bad -- bad. Then check out used to -- my children need to get rid of don't -- -- -- -- many in Khobar. In front -- that I get to pepper right to children from the parent did not protect the at all. And are right thank you Linda. I -- -- trust what's the name of this guy who introduced this got to contact his -- state senator Thomas Alexander. Represents Pickens and a coney counting. -- we have enough flaws give everyone a government body guard and safety is such a concern of theirs however I can afford taxes as they are now. -- what about parents with five children under ten they can afford a banner or seven passenger SUV -- and they. -- my opinion total idiots and our government especially South Carolina Ross another example. I spoke to lord knows there are enough examples. Of of many is that of many ism. I I tend to agree with that. -- an example of overreaching people don't have enough common sense to keep kids safe thing god help them. Russ what would you do in a truck that only has a bench seat seriously. When these are getting rid of laws that make no sense instead of creating more they don't make any sense that's just a small sample thanks for your quick response. 1154. Now. And thank you folks. It's been quite a show. I got this text message pros have been listening to you for years. Today. One of the best shows I've ever heard you do Bobble this one up. You know they'll get down off but I kind of felt that today guys I don't know what it is about the -- of the calls were just fantastic. But I hey Chris I can do that there is a no they'll come a time and I'll put that in the best -- -- need a best of and remember folks if you missed any of this. Wimbledon podcast we have Chris. Should be up in just a couple of hours and actually we're -- right now. And what the web senators now W awarding one of six -- 1063 WORG dot com and -- after -- -- Did a WORD 1063 have a great weekend.